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Oh -oh. Hillary and Obama have pissed off Alice Walker

Mr. Olbermann, I thank you, and so should CurrentTV and Al Gore

Mr. Olbermann, I thank you, and so should CurrentTV and Al Gore

Mr. Olbermann, I thank you, and so should CurrentTV and Al Gore

DU, I need some help donating to schools.

Xpost EE: 38 years of nuke profit up in smoke?


Corporate shell company HQ - Cheyenne, Wyoming

Bachmann's husband runs a mental health clinic. Isn't that a conflict of interest?

Keith appears to be mellow this time around.

David Barton is the Tea Party's historian, but this book by S.I. McMillen is becoming it's doctor

A Simple Idea to Transform the Life of Our Cities

Today in the news: Bristol Palin says Sarah Palin has decided on presidential bid

Taliban Attack Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul

Does MB think we don't know HOW 100s of thousands of our tax $$$ going to her FIL's farm BUY tons

Does MB think everyone who wants a skills upgrade should receive it on my tax dollars? I hope so,

New campaign song ideas for Frau Bachmann

Reid Brings Freshman’s Filibuster to Swift End

Here's a scary phrase: "Twenty thousand barrels of plutonium contaminated waste"

Georgia School Board Bans 'Theory Of Math'

I have with me the 1974 Almanac of American Politics

Did anyone here see the Countdown segment on election reform...

Justices to Weigh Union Fees

On michelle bachman and government grants

Holy shit.....this woman on with Reverend Al is an idiot......

Freeps apoplectic: Poll: Obama beating Palin in Alaska

Cancer Clusters Among TSA Workforce (Potential Risk From Scanners?)

Bachmann is a welfare queen!

Are y'all watching Rachel???

GOP Pres. Candidates Campaign on Demolishing Minimum Wage

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I am not going to be nice. Michelle Bachman is an ignorant, deluded, shit for brains motherfucker

Chemical in plastic containers makes male mice act like females

I want to thank republicans for not all getting in the race yet. I just placed bets against Bachman

‘Demon of Underworld’ Worm Found in Deep, Dark, Gold Mines

We need Bachmann to get the nomination! Romney is actually not insane.....

Jamaicans would have been better off British - poll

Please help! I need your votes!!

GOP reluctant to sign anti-spending pledge unlike anti-tax pledge

President Obama and Wall Streeet: Still Best Friends Forever

My cousin's daughter just let us know that she is an "American" and not

Write-in a Progressive Democrat?

Connecticut gov proposes layoffs to shut deficit

Which Petty song did Bachmann jack? RUNAWAY TRAIN ????

Kansas blocks abortion clinic licenses

Is the role of President of the US so dumbdowned that a dicebag

Driver charged after pedestrian's body found in front seat

Is the role of President of the US so dumbdowned that a doucebag

OHHH, how I wish Hpward Dean was our President! I support Obama,

The Hill: "Bush rates are kept safe in debt-limit talks"

Funniest pro glbt protest signs:

Katherine Harris aka horseface, Sara Failenquitter aka horseface and Michelle Crazyassbotchman aka

And even when people are not confrontational, they lock our threads!

Michelle Bachmann using "Hail to the Chief" - Imagine if Candidate Obama Had Used

Michelle Bachmann using "Hail to the Chief" - Imagine if Candidate Obama Had Used

sarah palin Movie Review: 'The Undefeated' Is 'Not A Good Film'

Yuman $12 Over Limit For Heart Surgery Due To Cuts - YumaSun

An idea on who should play Michele Bachmann on Saturday Night Live!

How Low Can You Go?

the REAL GOP agenda...

Students for a sensible drug policy dot org

"She's giving hypocrisy a bad name."

Bachmann Confuses Ass, Hole in Ground

2 dogs dining in a restaurant (No, really)

Goldman Sachs Is Firing Employees In The US So It Can Hire 1,000 In Singapore

Bachmann "inhabits an alternative universe...Bible-bashing, Fox News-watching white America"...

CSM: Is immigration behind wage, income inequality? Not so much.

Water decontamination restarts

Republicans LOVE The False Equivalency Game

Flickr photos of Los Alamos fire.

Flickr photos of Los Alamos fire.

Commander: Special operations forces under stress

FEC Lawyers: GOP "Super-Duper" PAC Is Illegal

The Jungle - 21st Century edition

Debt ceiling: the nuclear option. Just blow it up!

Debt ceiling: the nuclear option. Just blow it up!

Jon Stewart v. Fox Round 3: Stewart Plays His Own Offensive Accent Highlight Reel - VIDEO

I had to go back to re-read this billboard just so I could share it...

Surgeons in Medtronic trials ignored complications, got $62 million from company

North Korea threatens 'sacred war' against South

Ray McGovern told "that White House officials 'would be happy if something happened to us.'"

So the Prez has a press conference at 11:30 est.

Linda McCartney – Life in Photographs (Bonni Benrubi Gallery, NY, USA) June 2 – July 29

I want to keep gambling,-- , that Dodd Frank Bill is too much so I am

Casualties of the Iraq occupation

AP IMPACT: FBI terror profile merges identities

Republican mayor in the South becomes unlikely advocate for immigrants

Even tweety gets it?!!!!

Lawmakers seek to freeze pay, end automatic raises

Woolsey makes it official: she will retire from Congress next year

Google makes friends and creates social circles with new social networking platform Google+

More Evil in One Wyoming House than Dick Cheney?

Ted Rall: Justice for Bush and his Torturers

Ted Rall: Justice for Bush and his Torturers

Ghaddafi war crimes charges show double standard

Disgusting Newsweek Cover Photoshops 'Diana at 50.'

The "kook" lefties get laughed at, even by those supposedly left of dead center. The "kook" righties

Now to the slightly tin foil hat and michelle bachman

Alcoa Plant Shows What Manufacturing Could Be

At End, bin Laden Wasn't Running al Qaida, Officials Say

North Korea shuts down universities for 10 months

Chavez Appears in Images, Video Alongside Castro to Dispel Health Concerns

HOLY CRAP! please VOTE for our film in the Possible Futures Film Contest

Top Democrats reject new plan to cut Medicare spending

The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Wednesday, June 29

The real causes of the economic crisis? They’re history.

Big Pharma helped save my life.

Three people now I've had this conversation, and it basically ends, if the far left & the far right

Tom Toles- Sermonette!

In China, Silencing Opponents With A Trip To The Psychiatric Ward

8 foot bronze statue of Chuck Berry pisses off St. Louis "critics" because he "spent time in jail"

International DNA protocols not followed in Amanda Knox case: Court-appointed experts report

Corporate Media - Up is Down - "Job killing taxes" Talking Point

Dick Cheney's big fracking mess

On April 4th, 2009,, he killed 3 cops because he was afraid Obama was going to take his guns away

Constitutional lawyer suggests a way around the debt ceiling

Bachmann & Taitz. BFFs...

Letter to the Wisconsin solidarity movement: Where we go from here

Cost of US wars since 9/11? At least $3.7 trillion and counting

BBC: Toyota's Flintshire (UK) factory exports cars back to Japan

Happy days are here again! BoA pays off investors!

From Conan O'Brien: The Michele Bachmann History Channel on the Founding Fathers

War of words rages on between Jon Stewart, Chris Wallace

Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds

Michele Bachmann, hell's Barbie, By Mark Morford

I was wrong about same-sex marriage - David Frum

Fukushima Spews, Los Alamos Burns, Vermont Rages and We’ve Almost Lost Nebraska

Court-appointed experts file report in Amanda Knox case: DNA results are unreliable.

Greta Von Xenu: "Alleged" neck-grabber Prosser was set up by Justice Bradley

Odd Letter From Corps Upsets Property Owners

Just watched "Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes and could not stop thinking of the conservative

U.K. and N.J. have nuke plant events

"ALA vigorously promotes homosexuality and other deviant behavior by children."

Majority Don't Want Christie Re-Elected

Abstinence-only Sex Ed: Still a Failure

New poll in Alaska says if Palin ran for president against Obama

I think there should be a tax increase. I make barely okay money, but I'm willing to pay more.

Towns near NM fire, nuclear lab wary of smoke

How broke are state governments really?

The Nuclear Gang Regroups - Meltdown as "Speed Bump"

Bachmann's husband runs a "Christian Mental Health Counseling Center?"

2nd UPDATE: BofA Faces $20 Billion In 2Q Costs From Mortgage Woes

If you had the opportunity to leave the US, where would you choose to live?

In Case You Missed This... Or... This Is Why We Don't Trust Your Industry Propaganda...

Glenn Beck's Bodyguards were giving Moviegoers a Hard Time

Kentucky politician Nunn gets life for fiancée's murder

Is drug resistance in humans coming from chickens?

14th Amendment: Democratic Senators See Debt Ceiling As Unconstitutional

Fire chief says Los Alamos lab is safe from wildfire

Apparently, civil rights aren't newsworthy enough today, per Obama

Corneal Ulcer. my 13 yr old son went to bed with pain in the eye saturday night.

Officials: W.Va. Mine Operator Kept Two Sets Of Safety Records

What will be the Republican response?

In other news, here's the World's Ugliest Dog for 2011

Crow is now being served in the lounge for the everone here who doubted Obama's goals.

Obama is going off on congress' inaction on the debt ceiling.

Bachman's Rises Forces Opponents to name Their Favorite Serial Killer

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's News Conference

Sinclair Lewis' 1926 satire, made into a movie in 1960, and showing now on Turner Classic Movies

Corporate Jets...... Bachmann's presidential campaign starts with a slew of off-base claims

Obama: ‘Fuss’ Over Libya Is Pure Politics

To the uneducated straights: You got a pony and never had to ask.

Goldman Sachs Plans To Hire 1,000 In Singapore While Cutting U.S. Jobs

OK, the essential differences between prototypical Republican politicians

A letter from Alan Grayson

If Obama allows a kamikaze default, people will say "he was an hero".

If Obama allows a kamikaze default, people will say "he was an hero".

Some big news in the Wisconsin recall elections:

America’s Lethal Admixture of Politics and Religion

Janet Porter's Heartbeat Bill Passes Ohio State House

Obama Capitulates to GOP and Withdraws Labor Protection from Colombia Trade Deal

Letter to Congress RE TSA.... and theater

Michele Bachmann discounts federal funding as husband’s clinic collects it

Please vote in this CNN Quick vote. DREAM ACT

Amanda Knox's crime? Killing a potato.

Kucinich in Syria: Media Has 'Wrong Picture' of Uprising

The DCCC is taking applications.

The DCCC is taking applications.

All the recent bad weather and accident and be the fault of one couple.

Push to Repeal Ohio Law on Public Workers Gains Ground

First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

Obama: Companies should have freedom to relocate

Another story about shitty behavior by Wal-Mart:

S.F. arts director under fire for commuting to Rio

It's the first Tropical Storm of the season - Arlene

They are comin' for Lennon now, those revisionist m-f-ers

They are comin' for Lennon now, those revisionist m-f-ers

Alan Grayson: Accompanied by a little girl with begging hands

The Broomfield Film Will Drop a Bomb on Sarah Palin’s Undefeated

Col Dispatch: Pro-union coalition to deliver more than a million signatures for SB 5 referendum !

All rapes in Olso Norway last year were by "non-western" men

State OKs petitions for initiative to block new marijuana statute

"the GOP has “won” time after time through vote suppression and election fraud"

"The Crumbling of America" - Thursday night on History International

Poll shows Alaskans would vote for Obama over Palin.

Church leader jailed, raping, strangling, photographing and burning 14 year old girl

The Absurdity of the National Security State

Thom Hartmann: Obama Gives in to GOP on Bush Tax Cuts

Finally! Someone is asking the right question! Can a person follow Ayn Rand and Jesus?

Getting "Invalid URL" when trying to log into DU

This is why it sucks to be a public school teacher in New Jersey.

The Republicans are holding Americans hostage.

What is the penalty for ignoring the "debt ceiling" and paying obligations, as opposed to ...

FBI Invited Controversial Church To Talk To Agents

DoJ to appeal bankruptcy court ruling of DOMA unconstitutional.

I said it before: He's got the negotiation skills of Melvin from Jack and the Beanstalk.

So now that Bachmann can't use Tom Petty's song, what song should she use?

Bush cut taxes for the Holy Moran "Job Creators" and we lost 8 million jobs

Senators tell gay kids: 'It Gets Better'

Heath Shuler (Blue Dog-NC): from Congress back to Rocky Top… as Vols AD?

Judge Scalia Rescues His Faithful Sidekick (TOM THE DANCING BUG)

Love, love, love New Yorkers!

What "the American people" say that BACHMANN, Palin, TeaBaggers, et al., don't hear

Breaking news Bachamann's gov't. handouts much bigger

I remember a time when this place wouldn't allow a rag like Politico to be used as a news source.

Two off the cuff remarks Obama made today struck out at me (gay marriage)

Who remembers rape scenes back in the 70s?

Teabagger comments on Bachmann getting money on the gov. dole

Young D.C. principal quits to bake cupcakes - dysfunction, stress, parents, not enough pay,

Poll: Texans prefer Obama over Perry

Democrats catching up in US election spending race

A couple days ago I posted "I love Bernie Sanders" today its I love Alan Grayson

Around 6,000 people marched with a truck carrying 1 million signatures calling for a SB5 referendum.

Obama admits he will cut social programs and entitlements during press conference

Bios of the six DreamAct youths arrested yesterday in GA

Rinderpest has been eradicated

Perry "s h o o t i n g blanks"

It appears that we are all hosed

Blue Dog Heath Shuler might be stepping down.

True Conservative

Rove, Dean spar over healthcare exchanges

Funniest Tea Party Protest Signs:

NHL player fires agent after anti-gay marriage tweets

US helped France go nuclear to keep Europe divided, documents show

Full Tilt's offshore gambling license suspended

Govs. Perry And Scott Go AWOL During State Emergencies To Attend Secret

Food Stamps For Fast Food? Yum, Say Restaurants

Cost Of Wars In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan To Reach $3.7 Trillion: HuffPo

Cost Of Wars In Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan To Reach $3.7 Trillion: HuffPo

NYC posts info on new Marriage Law details

Medicare Payment Advisory Commission - June 2011 Report to the Congress

Study: Roughly 1 in 15 adults lie about SSNs, DOBs on credit applications

Wednesday Toon Roundup 6- the rest

Are the Republicans terrorist?

It wasn't long ago that we had to endure Dubya's press conferences.

The Melbourne Zoo’s newest primate baby - pics

The Melbourne Zoo’s newest primate baby - pics

Sebelius' husband gets abortion case

Brit Hume admits Republicans will CAVE once the President CALLS THEIR BLUFF... :

Republican Governors Caught Sucking Koch

Red Bull crewman fired for homophobic tweets

US Cost of War at Least $3.7 Trillion and Counting

Bank Of America's $20 Billion Subprime Moment

Anarchism and the modern GOP

Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution

Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution

Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution

Texas Gov. Perry urges US attorney general to act against pro-Palestinian protestors (he's running)

A Democratic Crist Would Crush Scott

Pakistan tells US to leave 'drone' attack base

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, potential 2012 candidate, to hold private meetings on West Coast

Bachmann and Palin are incompetent and can't recognize their own incompetence… Here's why:

The crazy US healthcare system is not just bad for people, it is terrible for businesses.

Greek Protests/Riots

NYC Airport Invaded by Turtles, Delaying Flights.

Bachmann also offers US Jewish voters common cause

Jimmy Kimmel's take on "Michele Bachmann's Story of America" - Watch for clips!

Thank you DU.

Is Obama or anyone else asking that the Bush tax cuts expire in order to raise the debt ceiling?

ESTIMATED TOTAL: $3.7 trillion to $4.4 trillion ADDITIONAL interest payments to 2020: $1 trillion

In South Korea All textbooks to go digital by 2015

Katrina and the Waves Join Tom Petty's Fight Against Michele Bachmann

Katrina and the Waves Join Tom Petty's Fight Against Michele Bachmann

Arkansas governor dashes hopes of Stonewall Democrats in first ever meeting

Amanda Knox's accuser and co-defendant, Rudy Guede, admits in court

Lies Become Truths: The Demise of the Newspaper Leaves Americans Dumber, Blinder and

Michigan Senate approves new congressional map

We're winning in Wisconsin

Dumbass (Johnson- WI) threatens to tie up Senate

Cost of US wars since 9/11? At least $3.7 trillion, study finds

Birfers sue Esquire Magazine for $200 million

What's the story between Rick Perry and the Bush family?

Regarding murder trials and the idiocy of the American public

So if I was a serious politician and one of my opponents said things like Lame-stream Media...

ALEC, Koch and the Conservative led "War on the Middle Class"...

Well, it's been 4 days or more since the TSA "diaper outrage"...

Obama’s Labor Board Defends Workers, Conservatives Freak Out

Obama’s Labor Board Defends Workers, Conservatives Freak Out

Watching NewsHour. CAN'T STAND seeing repugs, mcCon,Barrasso.

Hmmm. What to make of this? Romney folks tells Faux News he has raised less than $20 million in 2nd

Hmmm. What to make of this? Romney folks tells Faux News he has raised less than $20 million in 2nd

Michele Bachmann Defends Medicaid Payments To Husband’s Clinic

Meet One Of The Good Guys: NY AG Schneiderman: I’m Not Signing Onto Foreclosure Fraud Settlement

Curfew imposed in Columbia, SC, after teen attack

Offered without comment: Chris Hansen caught cheating on his wife... by hidden cameras.

Whats wrong with communism? - - - (And now for something completely different)

Call-in to Bob Fitrakis' FIGHT BACK radio show tonight! Wayne Madsen

Obama WILL concede......

Obama Prepared to Sell Out Rank and File Democrats on Medicare

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- rights

This is my original work. Thanks in advance for listening.

Koch Bros. Secret Meeting in Colorado

So, if I choke someone at work, I can't be investigated by a Repug Sheriff?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- More republicans

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- Corruption

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- war

Wisconsinites: Please sign the petition and demand David Prosser resign.

The IRS Mileage Rate is going up!

It's time for Clarence Thomas to resign

Usually when we have a Democrat in the White House we

Has anyone been able to find a transcript of today's news conference anywhere?

Map of the Day: States Banning Abortion Coverage

Biggest and most complex banks are "fundamentally inconsistent with capitalism."

Dog Droppings Costing Condo Residents

Working Women the Secret of Norway's Prosperity

Ignoring the debt ceiling is the 2x4 we need to deal with the republican bullies

Sarah Palin's man in Iowa says she will run for the White House in 2012

Goodbye Republicants


Why do people confuse fear for respect?

Special Report: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains SHELL GAMES: A Reuters Investigation

June 28, 1969 A police raid of the Stonewall Inn

have any of you guys wondered why all the blowhard senators are either named jim or john

9 gigantic bonuses that make yours look like chump change

**Live Obama Press Conference 11:30am Eastern**

The Killing of Henry Glover: Who Else Knew?

Mr. Fish- The Tick

Legal immigrants lose aid

Bachmann’s Christian Counseling Clinic Receives State Funds, Plus Rumors Of Gay To Straight Therapy

"Don't Talk to the Police"

Democrats pass austerity budget for California

Does anyone else think it's time for Jon Stewart to bring out the choir again?

"Lennon was a closet Republican: Assistant"

On the issue of the 14th amendment, the "debt ceiling" do Republicans EVER honor the Constitution?

‘You can’t spray Jesus with Roundup.’

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people

Come on, Arlene...Texas needs some rain. USDA declares entire state disaster

Conservatives need an official "songbook"

Diet Sodas Increase Your Waist Line!

I just got into it with DLCC rep calling for money

The present-day brand of conservatives have no committment to democracy.

Father comes to son's aid with pit bull

Iconic Picture Of The Struggle We Are ALL In, One Way Or Another

WATCH WHAT THEY DO... they got a leak in NM

Why Do People Believe Stupid Stuff, Even When They're Confronted With the Truth?

Memoirs of Torturers

MySpace sold for paltry $35 million (great investment, Murdoch!)

All of you - stop it! Stop the fucking infighting!!

Who do you watch, O'Donnell or Olbermann??

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- crazy is as crazy does

Tom The Dancing Bug : Avenging The Unoppressed

Michelle Obama denies supporting gay marriage

CHART: Lower Taxes On The Rich Don’t Lead To Job Growth

Are NATO Attacks In Libya All About The Oil?

you won't believe what Former Bush Speechwriter just said!

EXCLUSIVE: Poland to vote on historic bill banning all abortions after massive grassroots campaign

Ex-banker gets 2-3 for 7th DUI (newest victim almost died twice)

Minnesota shutdown: friend got a call from state regarding a test she

Obama today (6/29/11) "Right now, Congress can advance a set of trade agreements that would allow...

It does not take a genius to fix the deficit and drastically improve the economyu

Just experienced nature's bliss in my yard

Texas sells the stuff "willfully surrendered" by passengers at airport security

Bachmann: People want to see me 'mud-wrestling' with Sarah Palin

2010 Walton Foundation...$16,652,436 to TFA, $12,533,526 to The Charter School Growth Fund...

Photos of Greek riots 6/29/11

The America we knew is gone

Clarence Thomas vows to keep profiting from the bench

Home Rule

North Korea shuts down universities for 10 months

Should a Nebraskan put a RECALL WALKER sticker on his car or give it to a Wisconsonite?

Chinese Workers in Africa Who Marry Locals Face Puzzled Reception at Home

One step closer to a mandated monopoly for the insurance industry, Protect your access to safe and affordable prescription drugs

Rich People’s Taxes Have Little to Do with Job Creation

Tax Loopholes For The Rich

Finally! Someone is asking the right question! Can a person follow Ayn Rand and Jesus?

Question about this Christian Counseling Clinic run by Bachmann

WW3 Fearmongering: Questions & Speculation, among other things.

Teen victim of mob beating: ‘I don’t know about forgiveness’

Greece: Is anyone watching?

Who are the far left in the United States.

Who are the far left in the United States.

CNN Breaking News: Obama tells congress "no vacations"

Airlines Considering Child-free Zones & Flights

Anybody Watching Rachel... This Is Genius... Reintroduce The Equal Right Amendment...

Progressives do not hate this President.

Kiva microloans coming tomorrow to DETROIT! That's right, ... Detroit, Michigan

CNN: Floodwaters closing in on Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant , 10 Mile evacuation ordered + much more

Obama kicked ass today.

I just got home from burying my 38 year old nephew......

If Nader's voters had instead chose Gore, there would not have been Bush* tax cuts.

Robert Reich: "Can I Be Blunt? It's The Demand Side, Stupid."

Racist killer of 3 Pittsburgh Police Officers gets Death Penalty

U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting

Is it strange to say that I have absolutely no idea what the Casey Anthony case is about?

Is it strange to say that I have absolutely no idea what the Casey Anthony case is about?

A bunch of bullied LGBT teens got what they deserved.

RE: A&F threads - Race/Ethnicity/Color - What Practices Are Discriminatory

I think that Casey Anthony is guilty of murder but if you have been watching the trial, she has

What's the funniest show on Comedy Central?

Should I go get one of these?

Anyone watching 101 ways to leave a game show?

Why is that guy so happy in that Trojan Commercial....

My cousin's daughter just let us know that she is an "American" and not

It could happen here: Rainfall reported in Sierra Vista

Remember the ThunderCats? Well, they're back next month

Tom Petty & Eddie Vedder - The Waiting

Madea's Big Happy Family

Evidence that attending your own funeral can be hazardous to your health

2 dogs dining in a restaurant (No, really)

If ALL Advertising Was Like This

You can find anything on the internet..

First evidence that birds tweet using grammar

This is the song that will be stuck in your head all weekend

Can you guess what Emeril Lagasse's children's names are?

I heard Old Crow was being served in the lounge...

I heard crow was being served in the lounge...

An idea on who should play Michele Bachmann on Saturday Night Live!

My cat just let me know he is an "American Shorthair", not

Was Shakespeare a Stoner? His Grave Could Hold the Answer (not Aristus)...

Help me pass the time while my printer is installing on my PC laptop

Watched "Gnomeo and Juliet" last night - MUCH better movie than I expected!

R.I.P. Brother..

Funny Facebook Group Thread

I am posting this specifically to provoke you


My new goal in life: never own a cellphone

It's almost July. What are you wearing?

How you know you're getting too damn old...

Sinclair Lewis' 1926 satire, made into a movie in 1960, and showing now on Turner Classic Movies

Yay! I got a job at Borders!

What is your favorite country in the world to visit? I like Italy. I've only been there once but

Looking for "christine odonnell" Products? Other customers suggested these items: (from Amazon)

Why Women Are Better at Everything

Post a link to one of your favorite 80's songs...

Would you watch a mud wrestling fight between Palin & Bachmann?

Bachmann Confuses Ass, Hole in Ground

Arrest warrant for ex-Afghan bank chief over 'fraud'

I'm bored. What can I do that doesn't involve caffeine, beer, or kung fu fighting robots?

AP Sources: Goodell, Smith Meeting in Minnesota

Spring buying boosts home prices in 13 US cities

Spring buying boosts home prices in 13 US cities

Lawmakers Seek Inquiry of Natural Gas Industry

Well, that was different.

Arlington Cemetery’s mishandling of remains prompts FBI criminal probe

Ohio House Approves Abortion Ban After Heartbeat

2 Kansas doctors who perform abortions file federal lawsuit to block state’s new regulations

Tell me a joke

Attention KMart Shoppers - we have a live one in GD - get it while it's fresh

Taliban Suicide Raid on Luxury Kabul Hotel Kills 12 People

Battle breaks out in Tahrir Square, once again

Oh YES YES YES YES! John Lennon was a closet Republican, while Noel Gallagher is Labor Party!

California lawmakers pass budget deal (and the deadline is July 1)

Debt Ceiling Clock Ticks Down as Talks Heat Up on Capitol Hill

Google makes friends and creates social circles with new social networking platform Google+

Apparently THIS cat likes cereal. Really, really, REALLY likes it.

UK must not support World Bank's 'dirty' power subsidies, say MPs

BART settles with (Oscar) Grant's mother for $1.3 million

(Obama) Administration Halts Survey of Making Doctor Visits

Propaganda or pornography?

Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds

Michelle Obama denies supporting gay marriage

Monsanto Raises Forecast as Net Gains 77%

Giuliani Broke His Vow to Wed Us: Gay Friend

Greek parliament passes key austerity bill

Special Report: A little house of secrets on the Great Plains SHELL GAMES: A Reuters Investigation

Pro-union coalition delivers 1.3 million signatures for SB 5 referendum

Star Athlete Killed Hours After High School Graduation

Push to Repeal Ohio Law on Public Workers Gains Ground

What is your favourite comedy movie? I loved "The Ref" with Denis Leary.

Justice Prosser was asked to get help for anger, sources say-Bradley made request after clash with P

Horn of Africa sees 'worst drought in 60 years'

French Journalists in Afghanistan Freed

Los Alamos Fire: EPA Testing for Radiation

Feds say lawsuit against Holder and Mueller over warrantless GPS tracking should be tossed

(Wisconsin) (Repub) Candidate in Senate recall has disorderly conduct convictions

Utah tea party leader rails against Hatch

Top ten countries you never went to, but really want to go?

Feds extend controversial Medicaid project

Sebelius' husband gets abortion case

Nine U.S. Law Professors Say Federal Judge Acted Improperly In Trying to Block Environmental Judgeme

Billionaire said to be under U.S. investigation in dealings with Jordan

Obama: Congress should extend payroll tax cut

Chemicals hospitalize 173 Tyson chicken workers

Failure to Raise U.S. Debt Cap Seen Idling 800,000 Workers

Republican FEC Commissioners Stopped Probe Of Christine O'Donnell

Fire chief says Los Alamos lab is safe from wildfire

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Officials: W. Va. (Massey Energy) Mine Operator Kept Two Sets Of Safety Records

Six Moldovan 'uranium smugglers' arrested

Health Care Reform Constitutionality Upheld In Federal Court Ruling

Mexico issues hurricane watch as Tropical Storm Arlene strengthens

Cyber Attack on Gannett Targets U.S. Soldiers

Animals being dicks: Silly gifs

Sixth Circuit Upholds Individual Mandate In ACA As Constitutional

Coburn, Lieberman seek to raise Medicare age to 67

Colonel guilty of Ecuador military revolt

'Tau day' marked by opponents of maths constant pi

Obama: GOP position on debt limit not "sustainable"

Greenland ice melts most in half-century: US

Corneal Ulcer. my 13 yr old son went to bed with pain in the eye saturday night.

Cairo street clashes leave more than 1,000 injured

Greek parliament passes key austerity bill

FEC Lawyers: GOP "Super-Duper" PAC Is Illegal

canned bean sprouts must be the most disgusting food product EVER

What is your favourite holistic remedy? Mine has to be eating candied ginger to

PHOTO: I know a resturant must have rules, but this one's a little strict...don't you agree?

AP to open news bureau in North Korean capital

While Fighting To Block SEC Investigation Of Goldman Sachs, Rep. Darrell Issa Bought Goldman Sachs B

North Korea issues threat to South amid joint talks

Venezuela to investigate role of US diplomats after critical report on human trafficking

Aung San Suu Kyi 'must end political activity'

Katrina and Waves Join Tom Petty's Fight Against Michele Bachmann (Bachmann Defies Petty's C&D)

U.S. Senate passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to Palestinians

U.S. Senate passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to Palestinians

Emotions run high as Jerry Brown vetoes farmworker bill

My Goal - to listen to all my music on my Ipod in one years time

Raise taxes on wealthiest, Obama challenges GOP

Airlines to check babies in cages with pets for first class.

Who is the couple you most admire? Right now I think it is the Obamas. They

France Admits to Arming Libyan Rebels

North Korea shuts down universities for 10 months


A Union Plan for Financing Construction

Cuomo Takes Tough Stance on Nuclear Reactors

U.S. cost of war at least $3.7 trillion and counting

Amazon Cuts California Affiliates After State Approves Internet Tax

14th Amendment: Democratic Senators See Debt Ceiling As Unconstitutional

What was the loudest sound you ever heard?

Outstate outrage: (WI) Grass-roots energy beyond Madison fuels recall efforts

Violence and Being Bi-Polar

Syria Pulls Armed Forces Back From Some Areas

What have you done in defiance of the aging process? I grew my hair out really

Post a number between 1 and 995 and I'll post you your lucky album

NBC News: Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds

Jonathan Capehart: A thank-you for retiring Defense Secretary Gates

Out of all these Congressional tracking polls PPP in my opinion is the most accurate

Priorities USA (Democratic "Super PAC") launches ads attacking Republicans on Medicare

Poll: Obama leads all potential GOP 2012 nominees

Bachmann's husband got $137,000 in Medicaid funds

Rep. Akin (gobshite--Mo.) Apologizes For Comment About Liberals

NYT: Could Obama just ignore the debt ceiling?

Marc Ambinder: Why Obama May Stall the Debt Talks

New Roku channel: White House Video Stream

61% Of Voters Blame Republicans Not Obama For The Recession

61% Of Voters Blame Republicans Not Obama For The Recession

While Fighting To Block SEC Investigation Of Goldman Sachs...Darrell Issa Bought Goldman Sachs Bonds

Anyone know what this Obama press conference is about?

Anyone know what this Obama press conference is about?

and right back to the Casey Anthony trial (CNN)

POLL: Majority in New Jersey Don't Want Republican Golden (Big) Boy Christie Re-Elected

BWAHAHA! Freeper "eaglestar" feels that "MSM" is using Bachmann "to keep Sarah out of the picture"

GALLUP POLL: 72% support Obama's Afghanistan troop withdrawal plan.

Which states that Obama won in 2008 would he lose in 2012 if he supported marriage equality?

My Moment of DUH on Sharia Law!

I'm sick of watching Micheal Steel

The Nation's Chris Hayes: Are Republicans deliberately tanking the economy?

Bradley Manning and his Gay, Drag Queen, Boyfriend...

My open letter to President Obama

Isn't nice to have a job where you can work one week and get the next week off

POLL: Obama +4 over Mittens, +7 over Ghouliani, +12 over Bachmaniac, +9 over Perry, +26 over Phalin

The Hill: Conrad ready to present Dems' budget as soon as next week

Raul Grijalva: Conservation Wins A Big One At The Grand Canyon

Consumer group backs White House's aggressive fuel economy plan

Free Press Action Fund Applauds Senators for Rejecting Backdoor Attempt to Hamstring Open Internet..

At last: America's wealthy will have a voice in the Obama White House

Obama Urges End of Tax Breaks for Millionaires

Pelosi, Reid respond to Coburn, Lieberman Medicare slashing plan

Obama picks fight with GOP over tax cuts for the rich

it makes me so mad that the dems don't go after McConnell

Obama the confrontational...Comes Out Swinging

The CFPB is a Win for the Unbanked


The current criticism now is that the President is 'too nice'??

Mr. President: Call. Their. Bluff

Texas prefer Obama over Perry

Did you see Eric Cantor's response to Obama wanting to eliminate tax benefits on private jets?

Four excellent actions/initiatives by the Obama administration

Obama to Americans (paraphrase): "Sorry, suckers - I'm with the GOP on offshoring your jobs"

Tweety's on a tear! 'Give 'em hell, Barry!' he says--twice already!

Co-signers to Bernie Sanders 'Shared Sacrifice' letter to President Obama over 71,000 and climbing

Did anyone see The Tree of Life?

Andrew Sullivan defends Obama on the gay marriage issue!

Flash Mob Maine's People Alliance on BOA

Obama Caved On The Budget Problem When He Named The Simpson Bowles Commission

An Open Letter To All Mankind

Pickard and Riker crash David Koch's secret meeting in Colorado over the weekend. Responds to anti-Obama "Recovery Summer" Ad from American Crossroads

PBS NewsHour: Violence Erupts in Sudan as National Split Nears

PBS NewsHour reviews the 2010-2011 term of the US Supreme Court

Channel 4 News: Details published on British volunteers in Spanish civil war

Kabul Attack

TYT: Snipes In Jail, Corporations Evade Taxes Legally

Demetri Kofinas reporting from Athens

Bernie Sanders

TDPS: Conservative Media Defends Judge Accused of Choking with NO EVIDENCE

2,000 Corporations in Tiny House, America's Very Own Cayman Island

TEDxObserver - Cory Doctorow

Lagarde's corportate colors nail IMF flag to mast of sinking ships

Thom Hartmann: Proof that Rich people aren't the job creators!

Athens protests turn violent

TDPS: CNN Asks Psychics to Predict Economy...Not Worse Than Some

Keith Olbermann w/ Ryan Grim Regarding the Debt Ceiling and the 14th amendment

Violence Erupts As Greek MP's Vote To Sentence Generations To Debt & Sell Off National Assets

Thom Hartmann performs an Exorcism on the GOP - Really!

Phony Tax Exempt Complaint on Media Matters From Fox News

Obama: DON'T Cave on the Debt Ceiling!

Thom Hartmann: The story of the 5 Kings who rule America

Michele Bachmann's Secret Revealed!

News Analysis with Max Keiser – Greece Debt Crisis: Back to the Drachma

RT: 'US going down next after Greece'

TRMS:Shameless, Craven Republican Hackery, Flip-Floppery & Rooting For America To Fail

Anonymous launches RICO Class Action Lawsuit Against the Federal Reserve

Young Turks: Angel Rape?! (Pat Robertson on Gay Marriage)

President Obama News Conference

Lieutenant Dan Choi: Upholding the Mandate of Service

Doomed Whale Redeemed

Michele Bachmann's Story of America (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

Senate Democrats Message to LGBT Young People: It Gets Better

Thom Hartmann: Did the Supreme Court just kill public financing of elections?

Joyner: Hurricane Katrina Was God's Judgement For Homosexuality

TYT: Dems Appear Set To Cave On Cuts

Papantonio: Climate Change Deniers Watching The World Burn

Bachmann’s Husband Calls Homosexuals ‘Barbarians’ Who ‘Need To Be Educated’ And ‘Disciplined’

Brit Hume kindly lets slip the secret of getting Republicans to cave on the Debt Ceiling at 1:30

Obama:labor and management should stop fighting. Companies should have freedom to relocate

Martin Bashir: Has the TSA Gone Too Far? 95 Yr Old Adult Diaper Case

Labrador swimming with a dolphin

Hartmann & Sirota on American Corporate Exceptionalism

Michele Bachmann Insist "The Founding Fathers Worked Tirelessly To End Slavery"

Al Sharpton Pwns Lynne Torgerson for calling Rep. Ellison a "Radical Islamist"

Fischer: "Liberals Hate God" (LOL!)

Greeks Increase Protests, For Reduced Protesting Time

Complaints about Sun News interpretive-dance interview overwhelm watchdog (Quebec)

Lingering lessons from a warmonger

Guess How Much More Wall St. Spends on Bonuses Than on Penalties for Torpedoing the Economy?

Situation in Worldwide Agriculture ‘Continues to Worsen,’ Jim Rogers Says

U.S. Bone Growth Studies under fire for alleged bias...Yahoo News

Justice Prosser (WI) was asked to get help for anger, sources say (new details..

Don't Look on the Bright Side: Pessimism, Not Magical Thinking, Is What Will Save Us

U.S. war cost at $3.7 trillion and counting

Protests on the streets of Greece LIVE

Obama Should Support The Audacity of Hope, Condemn Israeli Naval Blockade

V.S. Naipal says no woman writer is his equal

Bernie shows backbone when Democrats falter- steps up for Shared Sacrifice and the working class

US State Dept. Slams Israel Over Human Trafficking


Press Conference preps progressives for disappointment

The Bachmann campaign of hypocrisy off to a good start

Bush-appointed judge rules for Obama healthcare overhaul

GOP commissioners blocked FEC probe of Christine O'Donnell

Surging China costs forces some U.S. manufacturing companies back home

Amy Goodman: ‘Food Terrorism’ Next Door to the Magic Kingdom

Who really benefited from QE2 anyway?

Rep. Paul Ryan Budget Plan Would Increase Health Care Costs: Bloomberg Study

Take A Seat: To Catch A Predator's Chris Hansen Busted Having Affair On Hidden Camera With Reporter

Walker says he should have prepared public earlier for his sweeping changes

"I'm Not Gonna Answer That... I'm Not Gonna Answer That... I'm Not Gonna Answer That..." Herman Cain

Republican dealt blow in Wisconsin recall elections

Researchers discover how human cells take in nuke-crisis contaminated plutonium

Drumbeat: June 29, 2011

NPR—Officials: W. Va. Mine Operator (Massey) Kept Two Sets Of Safety Records

NOAA climate report: Array of indicators demonstrate global warming

Hansen: Tar Sands Means CO2 Game Over

2010 Greenland Ice Sheet Melt Greater Than Any Single-Year Loss In Past 50 Years - AFP

Shocking! ExxonMobil Kept On Funding Climate Deniers After Pledging To Stop Doing So

Dieoffs At 3 Major BC Shellfish Hatcheries; Collapses May Be Linked To Acidic Upwelling Events

It's Sustainable!, Says Indonesian Palm Company. Pay No Attention To That NASA Sat. Image Of Fire!

Noukachottt - Mauritanian Capital - Beginning To Sink; Below Water Table W. Sea Levels Rising

USFWS Searching For Clues On Eskimo Curlew - To Determine Whether Endangered Or Extinct

Groups urge caution in water use needed for Green River nuclear plant

Recycling: A new source of indispensible “rare earth” materials mined mainly in China

Images - "Turquoise Dragon" Among 1,000+ New Species Found In New Guinea

Fish & Wildlife Service Checking Endangered Status For 2 Bat Species Reeling From White-Nose Disease

The Nuclear Safety Paradox

Global Temperatures Warmer Than 20th Century Average Every Month For Past 25 Years - NCDC/NOAA

Sanders Blocks NRC Confirmation (Vermont Public Radio)

Perfect Storm: Climate Change Meets Nuclear Disaster

Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change

GM working on sexy new all-electric car for every country EXCEPT U.S.

Nuclear Energy Institute spent $545k lobbying in first quarter

Inkjet printing could change the face of solar energy industry

Nuclear dry cask have vents to keep the spent fuel cool. When the bottom vent is covered by water???

Ex-skinhead, former Islamic radical open summit against extremism

Dutch MPs vote to ban religious slaughter

Flash Mob meditation - 02 June 2011 - Trafalgar Square, London, UK

VA cemetery accused of censoring religious speech

Christian Militants Discussed in Congress

Religious conservatives have a problem

An Israeli algorithm sheds light on the Bible

I will not hide my true self to be a part of any group..

This is what happens when a religion is hijacked for political gain

Tajikistan's god-less children

Christopher Hitchens - your thoughts?

Oregon gay marriage opponents seek to discourage 2012 ballot measure

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network joins "It Gets Better"

Austinite Could Become First Openly Gay US Attorney in Texas

This GD post needs some attention (apparently some straights don't get the importance)

Warehouse 13 (SyFy) gets new gay character in Aaron Ashmore (Smallville's Jimmy Olsen)

State tourism officials launch LGBT website

Time Running Out for Binational Married Couple

HHS to collect health data in gay communities

Senators reach out to gay youth

Obama press conference: President stays in closet on gay marriage

Broken Vows: Giuliani May Break Promise to Preside Over Gay Friend's Wedding

Rhode Island lawmakers to vote on civil union bill

Here are your answers/rebuttals: Six Big Lies

Gay Couples Losing Perks

Redistricting: Gay population spreads out, assimilates

Upstate NY town clerk says she won’t sign same-sex marriage licenses

Free Torchwood: Miracle Day Screenings Nation Wide

U.S. Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO) , partner to become parents this fall

Getting married in October (upstate NY) and...

7 NJ couples file suit demanding gay marriage

Obama: " .. in a matter of weeks, not months,..."