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Animals being dicks: Silly gifs

Since the Republicons want to crash the economy further by refusing to raise the debt limit

Conservatives & Liberals

Thailand poised to elect first female PM.

*On Lawrence, great interview w Alan Simpson,

"Wine of mass destruction!!"

"Wine of mass destruction!!"

Ohio House approves anti-abortion bill that challenges Roe v. Wade ruling

Fuck you Alan Simpson

Most Far-Flung Known Quasar Offers Glimpse into Early Universe

Jelly fish clog down cooling water tubes for...

CPI (consumer price index, social security raises, etc) FAQ

Campaign Reformers Say Stephen Colbert's FEC Joke Has Gone Far Enough

Bringin’ crazy Bach

Why does the Chronicle care what Meg Whitman thinks.

Why does the Chronicle care what Meg Whitman thinks.

I went to see Transformers after work, just got in (no spoilers)

Editorial: Eight myths to chill an old-school Republican soul

Um... what republican, closet or not, could write Imagine?


Milwaukee schools to lay off 354 teachers

Does anyone know why Al Sharpton is doing Ed's show tonight?

katrina and Empire

katrina and Empire

Was the corporate jet references in todays presser a slam on Eric Cantor?

Bravo Ohio -1 Million Signatures Turned In (5x The Number Needed)

Protestors plague GOP fundraiser

ohn Lennon was a closet Republican, who felt a little embarrassed by his former radicalism

MInnesota: 6/30 Rallies and Vigils at the State Capitol. Eve of the Shutdown

Marcus Bachmann discusses homosexuality

DU'ers need to Netflix or FIND way to watch "Hopscotch" the Movie.

Marcus Bachmann

Obama Won’t Declare ‘Mission Accomplished’ on the Recovery. Should He Defend It at All? - Time

Roe v. Wade

In Obama's heart, where do you think he stands on marriage equality?

A Union Plan for Financing Construction - NYT

Maybe John Lennon was a Republican that only seemed like a hippy, like John Mackie.

It's 10:07 CST, June 29th 2011.....and

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

No more cave dwelling or caving in general.

Amazon to Cut Out California Associates over Sales Tax Dispute

CAVE: 'Administration Halts Survey of Making Doctor Visits' - NYT

Note to American Exceptionalists, in Triumph of Will, Adolph Hitler says,

Federal Reserve Raises Swipe Fee Cap In Victory For Wall Street

Whether He Wants It Or Not, Bobby Jindal's Got David Vitter's Endorsement

Can someone please explain something to me?

Rethugs want nothing short of complete destruction of American society and government

Bristol Palin's stolen virginity offered for sale on E-bay

Nuclear materials expert: Los Alamos lab is potentially vulnerable to this wildfire

Roots and bullying... (and how that affects us even decades on)

Bachmann and the Women's Vote

Is consolidation the answer?

Bush v. Gore: Is It Worse For A Child To See Pornography Or Graphic Violence?

Rachel excited about turtles crossing runway at JFK!

Scalia got reversed on Monday over a cigarette ruling that he made

I've heard about "Turn Right"'s way past time we get people

Top 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Texas Governor Rick Perry for President

Atomic power to stay, Kepco tells investors

brief interlude: larry david on leno>>11:15 PM, CDT

We need a West Virginia prosecutor with some guts


One Year….

Damn. Al is rockin' as a fast Eddie stand-in.

Bravo Public Sector Workers in Britain

Judge: Prison can forcibly medicate Tucson suspect

Judge: Prison can forcibly medicate Tucson suspect

Bachman Selects Artist Approved Campaign Music

Hundreds Of Economists Call On Congress To Raise Debt Ceiling

Have DUers seen "A Better Life" yet?

Obama Using the Word "Congress" Repeatedly

Are rib bones rebelling against Alabama right-wingers?

Should the words "In God We Trust" be included in the new Georgia license plate design?

Morning Joe viewers

"Make John Boehner Cry"

Is Heath Shuler Stepping Down?

I went outside for a second and Joey Scab is APOLOGIZING

Party like there’s no tomorrow

German Unemployment Fell for 24th Month in June (this is what happens when you keep your factories)

Wyandotte County (KS) abortion clinic seeks to block new rules

Former Lehman Investment Bank Chief Says His Arrest For Forging Oxycontin...

Current has a 7:00 a.m. re-run of "Countdown" each morning. The

Halperin just called President Obama "a dick"

What did Halperin say on Morning Joe that he is profusely apologizing for now?

A Simple Thought Experiment

In 2002, claiming Admin was lying about Iraq WMD was a "conspiracy theory".

WI recall, "Poll: Kapanke trails Shilling by 14 points":

Why is the MoJo crew apologizing profusely?

Something I just read in a book

Is Media Matters being DOS attacked?

Planet Earth Doesn't Know How To Make It Any Clearer It Wants Everyone To Leave

Koh is My God Pilot

(WTF HEADLINE?!?): Los Alamos Fire: Why Nuclear Waste Is PROBABLY Safe

Toon: An 'I' in Republican

Toon: Family Budget

Another unionist goes under water

Is Rev. Al Sharpton maybe being groomed for a possible show of his own on MSNBC?

Los Alamos Fire: Perimeter of Nuclear Lab Set Ablaze...

NPR: Mistaken Baby Homicides in Texas

Catch Predators' Chris Hansen caught in hidden camera sex sting.

Which would bother you more, and why? Which should airlines protect you from, and why?

Toles toon- You're Sitting Closer

Morn Joe is running repeats of earlier.

Mark Helperin Called President Obama "kinda of a dick" on MSNBC, Live (Clip Here)

contact info for m$nbc...time for halperin to go

The Bush/Obama Tax Cuts For America's Richest Citizens

The Bush/Obama Tax Cuts For America's Richest Citizens

If congress passes a deal, the economy will stabilize and....

at least he didn't say bl*wj*b...

Luckovich on the Debt Negotiations

Does your state have a "Choose Life" specialty license plate?

Does someone with "jet access" hate Gates?

Is the President of the Unites States a dick?

Wisconsin: GOP Candidate in Recall Election is twice-convicted wife-beater.

Thank You Lawrence...

Noh theaters to present English performance

Damn, I hate it when someone tells us not to worry about something

Sarah Palin crying about her victimhood yet again

Texas Republicans say Obama playing class warfare with corporate jets

The Republicans are dicks every f*cking day!

ohhhhh yessss...........

ohhhhh yessss...........

Will Keith invite Mark Halperin on his show to discuss his

NATO says Haqqani commander killed in Afghanistan

Need help with information re: Wisconsin (R)'s cutting education costs to refute a friend

Jihadis threaten to attack 9 key Pak installations

Darwin turns to sterilization as a means to weed out the stupid...

Terror crime rate increases 35 percent in Russia

The media is exaggerating Obama's attitude yesterday

David Axelrod: President Obama booted me from Osama bin Laden briefing

From Twitter: Halperin has been suspended indefinitely from MSNBC.

"The Bill of Rights", in video by Time....looks at the first 10 amendments. ..

What Voters Want Is Someone Who Likes To Put Up Youtube Videos Of Him Yelling At Them (Gov.Christie)

I've never liked Haperin, but how could he

Western sanctions have no impact on Iran's military advancements: commander

Ignoring Liberal Dems, Obama Endorses Longer Social Security Payroll Tax Cuts Through 2012

Iran Arming Iraqi Groups Attacking U.S. Troops, Gates Says

Plain Dealer Follies:The Dumbest Columnist On the Planet puts forth his best comedy yet.

If you had to pick one statement that concerns you about President Obama most, what would it be?

The Russians are correct: Russia decries French arms drop to Libya rebels

Washington Okays Attack on Unarmed U.S. Ship

I have some questions regarding wars in the Middle East.

Newly released records show Republican members blocked FEC probe of O'Donnell

The repercussions of the Amanda Knox case will go far beyond her

College is a Scam!

Rick Perry: Economy crashed because it's God's plan to return USA to Biblical principles

This might make you laugh, too. "An All-Purpose Apology" by William Falk

Please explain to Morning Joe why Health Care Costs INCREASE

The World's Greatest Commercial...I kid you not...

NYT: Finally, Nurses Are Set to Vote on Unionizing

Who will let Michele Bachmann use their song? ...

Oops - Sarkozy almost knocked to the ground by attacker

Oops - Sarkozy almost knocked to the ground by attacker

Oops - Sarkozy almost knocked to the ground by attacker

Premier Wen boards bullet train as Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail starts operation

Chemicals hospitalize 173 Tyson chicken workers

Financial Times: "Top dogs take bigger slice of spoils"

Senator Calls for US Special Forces to Attack the Gaza Flotilla

TODAY Thursday, June 30th, is the LAST DAY of Glenn BECK's show !!! Thank goodness!

Great New Radio Ad Campaign to Protect Social Security and Medicare

About Kansas and it's ban on abortion.

Mark Fiore Previews a New Video Game "Supreme Slaughter": Don't F$#@ with Nino "The Enforcer" Scalia

I want the President to be kind of a dick.

Mom cited when her two children hold a sign in the Wisconsin capitol (Video)

Scottish nuke plant still battling jellyfish

The American Dream Film - short animated film (about a half hour)

Inouye takes hard-line position on cuts, non-security appropriations should not

If you could walk in a school and change how it's run

Bachmann And Government Money

Priceless: Birthers Sue Esquire Over Satirical Article

"School Choice: Taxpayer-Funded Creationism, Bigotry, and Bias"

The Rude Pundit - Dave: A Lonely Glenn Beck Fan Contemplates the Future

The Rude Pundit - Dave: A Lonely Glenn Beck Fan Contemplates the Future

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Judge Scalia Rescues His Faithful Sidekick From a Nefarious Attack!

NBC News: Hacker attack cripples al-Qaida Web communications

My dating website experience looking for a left wing guy but finding a right wing one instead

The Economy is like a Motorcycle.

The Economy is like a Motorcycle.

Border Patrol finds 5 bodies in Arizona desert

Libya Mission Becomes a Burden for Obama

To Catch a Predator Host Caught In Own Media Sting

S&P Would Cut U.S. to D Rating on Default

Are the Bush/Obama tax cuts for the rich a good thing or a bad thing?

Airlines to check babies in cages with pets for first class.

Nobody ever got suspended for calling Nixon a dick

Scarborough blames producer for Halpernin "mishap"..

Pew poll: U.S. Seen as Among the Greatest Nations, But Not Superior to All Others

Monopolies and maximum wages...the guest on Hartmann is all but fun

Monopolies and maximum wages...the guest on Hartmann is all but fun

Johnson makes a point on the Senate floor by Don Walker (6-29-11 Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)

What am I missing re: repukes game of chicken about debt ceiling?

Robert F. Kennedy's first great-grandchild born Monday

Fukushima Residents Peeing Out Radiation

Two Sets of Books Hid Upper Big Branch Safety Problems (killed 29 miners)

If Obama reverses his stance on gay marriage after the election?

Obama To Congress: I’ve Been Working, Why Don’t You Try

Real Time (where MANY are called rude names) vs "others" who show blurred dicks

This picture says it all about Murdreck's handling of MySpace

AI: Bahrain - Investigation into rights abuses welcomed

Today's Oakland animal horror story: Malnourished rabbits

California taxes internet purchases. Amazon and withdraw business.

Halperin Pictured Obama As A Dirty Rat

Halperin Pictured Obama As A Dirty Rat

It's time for Obama to do what he should have done last December,

I wish Obama was "a dick" more often

Florida GOP Legislature rejects millions more in federal health-care grants

So today's Orlando Sentinel has a poll: Are Liberals full of hate?

Michael Stelee on MSNBC

21 malnourished rabbits confiscated in Oakland CA

21 malnourished rabbits confiscated in Oakland CA

Selling gold teeth to make ends meet in Greece

Okay, here's a question that will be called flamebait, but I am honestly interested in the response:

OK - at this point we have but one option

OK - at this point we have but one option

Kansas again - Sam Brownback, Likeminded Lawmakers Recast Social, Fiscal Landscape Of Kansas

"Delta opens a ticket office in Uganda"

On the debt ceiling

The Idea Behind Fox News Channel Originated in the Nixon White House

Obama Tries and Fails to Brush Off War Powers Problem at Press Conference

A sobering reminder from Thom Hartmann:

It starts here, now, with me...

Hey John Cornyn leave Obama

The 14th Annual Muzzle Awards

Toddler used as weapon on Toronto streetcar

25 People

John Kerry Gives Fishermen Their Money Back

What was the context of Obama being called a ****. Cause I think it is great. People

Obama nominates Magidson for top federal prosecutor post

Beck on Republicans: ‘I hate them’

Six Wars?

For Tom Petty. :)

Hispanic National Bar Association Commends President Barack Obama for Nomination...

Oh Say Can You Seethe..

Oh Say Can You Seethe..

Scott reportedly did go to Koch brothers’ Vail event

4 year old thrown out of car. Spends several hours alone / injured

with all that's going on, I'm gonna watch "1984" today.

Would Halpernin have called a white president a *censored*?

Fukushima updates June 30

Nigerian stowaway had at least 10 boarding passes, none in his name

U.S. Monthly Combat Deaths in Iraq at 3-Year High

U.S. Monthly Combat Deaths in Iraq at 3-Year High

Pakistan stops US from using 'drone base'

All about the sperm...

3 U.S. Soldiers Killed in South Iraq (14 this Month)

If all political commentary was in e-prime, we would have avoided the "dick" controversy.

MSNBC suspends analyst (Mark Halperin) for remark on Obama

MSNBC suspends analyst (Mark Halperin) for remark on Obama

Newspaper chain fights for copyright troll's survival

SEC probing Monsanto's incentives on Roundup

There's a reason that Halperin's on MJ exclusively and NOT on other MSNBC shows

Are future debt ceiling battles going to be like this one?

Dave: A Lonely Glenn Beck Fan Contemplates the Future (parody of "Stan" by Eminem)

YEAHHHH: NYTimes Breaking: Rhode Island Lawmakers Pass Bill to Allow Civil Unions for Gays

Sen. Bennett Urges DOJ To Review Voter ID Laws. I wonder if

Mike Huckabee on his Freedom Cruise, now that he's no longer a candidate:

"New Adult Only Entertainment Planned for Disney 'Fantasy' Ship"

Warming, Overfishing, Plastic Pollution Destroying Ocean Life: Scientists

University of Washington raising Tuition 20%

Planned Parenthood denied Kan. abortion license

McConnell invites Obama to GOP lunch; president says no, thanks

DOJ to investigate deaths of 2 detainees in CIA custody

It would take 33.3 years of earning $30M per year to get your hands on a billion -

"Why Obama Is Losing the Political War" (Mark Halperin 10/11 2010)

"Why Obama Is Losing the Political War" (Mark Halperin 10/11 2010)

Egypt's revolutionary soccer ultras: How football fans toppled Mubarak

Another blow to campaign financing reform

Pssssssst USA v Germany U17 World Cup - round of 16

Chris Hansen busted...oh my (not with a child)

Chris Hansen busted...oh my (not with a child)

Chris Hansen busted...oh my (not with a child)

MSNBC Statement on "Indefinite" Suspension of Mark Halperin

Missy Elliott - Missy Elliot Opens Up About Poverty And Child Sex Abuse

Kucinich says he was misquoted, but what did he really say?

High horses have slippery saddles...

A 5% "Debt Consolidation Act" would save our economy

A 5% "Debt Consolidation Act" would save our economy

Michele Bachmann goes quiet on homosexuality

Austinite Could Become First Openly Gay US Attorney in Texas...

The Ultimate "man-cave".. (obscene indulgence in a time of financial panic for many)

ReTHUG slash and burn

Georgia Homeowners Association Blocks Construction Of Charity House For Disabled Veteran (VIDEO)

GOP is only interested in the next eleciton cycle

Craig Newmark-The Singularity We Live In …

Black Caucus on Libya War: The Good, the Confused, and the Hopeless

Former chairman gets 30 years for $3 billion mortgage fraud

Ossuary Belonging to a Daughter of the Caiaphas Family of High Priests Discovered

Sarah Palin says celebrity critics are 'full of hate'

MySpace lays off more than half its staff

Breaking... Kansas abortion clinic to get license

In the DU archives is a post re "Bachmann Spying On Gay Rally"...

This iridium razor costs $100,000

If the GOP freaks are calling President Obama names on live TV imagine ...

Why is Tweety taking "credit" for "launching" Michelle Bachman?

CNN: Texas suffers worst drought since 1850.

Smear o George Soros debunked.

Justice Department Won't Pursue Bulk of CIA Detention Cases (Only 2)

Prince Albert's First born cannot inherit the throne..The Royal wedding they didn't want the bride

Obama Rejects Democratic Choices for Texas U.S. Attorneys; Chooses 4 Republican Favorites!

Cyclops Bull Shark caught in the Sea of Cortez

Cyclops Bull Shark caught in the Sea of Cortez

Ohio Members: Great news on the SB5 Kill Petitions. Please update us!!!

FBI Invited Controversial Church To Talk To Agents (Westboro Baptist)

Saudi Arabia and modern-day slavery

Villaraigosa Ignores Outcry, Will Build 6-Foot Wall Around Mansion

Anything going on in Greece today?

Is the "debt ceiling" unconstitutional?

What...the...fuck??? Was BostonMan34543 expecting our Sympathy?

Hello Hello - So Cantor will cash in if the debt ceiling raise fails

Analysis: Stimulus ends, state healthcare on life support

6 Common Lies Debt Collectors Will Tell You

It's amazing that Cenk is the only person in the media that plays that McConnell clip

Stephen Colbert's super PAC gets approval

CIA Interrogation Deaths: Justice Department To Investigate Deaths Of Two Detainees

Soros and liberal groups seeking top election posts in battleground states

Look at what someone wrote on Glenn Beck's Facebook Page

Senate Republicans To Oppose Trade Deals If They Include Aid For Displaced Workers

Holder: Justice to Drop Investigations Into CIA Officials Involved in Torture

Thom Hartmann - TSA & Cancer clusters

71% of Republicans aren't happy with who they have seen get out of the GOP clown car so far

Mr. President, Call their damn bluff......

Iowa budget looks to clear at 11nth hour minus abortion restrictions at UIHC

Which pair has more in common?

"Transformers: Asshole" Zero Out Of Four Stars (Yes, It's Political...)

So Halperin called POTUS Dick.... and

We've started a controversy over the word dick? What the fuck is he a king?

Michele Bachmann and Gabrielle Giffords – Looks and Leadership (Tucson Citizen)

sigh. It's about race.

N. Korea heads UN anti-nuke body

Obama backs trillions in “painful spending cuts” for elderly, sick, school kids, & college students.

Obama backs trillions in “painful spending cuts” for elderly, sick, school kids, & college students.

When opportunity knocks, don't ask "Who's there?"...

Mark Halperin is a "dick".

Worst Chinese government photograph ever

A sign of our times: Walk In Suicides.

AFP:France delivers 40 Tons of Weapons for rebellion in Western Libya. CHEERS TO PEACEFUL PROTESTING

So since it is now ok to call Obama a "dick" can I call Palin a

The Beck Identity, Supremacy and Ultimatum

Colbert tells a Super Pac knock-knock joke. "Knock knock"

Man Flies To Los Angeles Without Ticket Or ID

Revealed: British government's plan to play down Fukushima

Wonkbook: Debt ceiling deal so far $2 trillion cuts, $400 billion tax increase

How things work. The giving on the social programs by Obama.

George Carlin Clip: 'The American Dream' from 2005 is (sadly) spot on in 2011:

REPUKES: “We can move from cutting empathy to cutting humanity.”

To be clear, 'shared sacrifice' is painful to one group, not painful to another.

Check and checkmate the RepubliCon House

How Democrats used to sound before they became Republican Lite:

How Democrats used to sound before they became Republican Lite:

We need a 7 second delay at DU

Paul Ryan Falsely Claims That Food Stamp Program Is ‘Rife With Fraud’

Ozone Layer --

Wikileaks: US Embassy Requests Funding for Anti-Chavez Groups

Tweety admits and lists (some of) his infatuations: Colon POWELL, Mc5planes...

Americans United Lawsuit Challenges Sectarian Prayers At Delaware County Council Meetings

Nuke query: What if dam breaks? (Fort Calhoun & Cooper)

SF school tosses out hundreds of unused workbooks

John Lennon: NOT a Closet Republican

'She dresses like my mom': Bristol Palin now takes aim at Michele Bachmann

Obama's War on Whistleblowers (Candidate Obama promised to protect whistleblowers)

New Yorkers!

LOL! The Bat-***t Crazy Signal!

LOL! The Bat-***t Crazy Signal!

If we call them the "Obama tax cuts", should we also call it the "Boehner unemployment extension"?

Hitler Dodged Taxes, Expert Finds

Blogger finds ATM receipt from account with $100 Million Dollar Balance.

Wisconsin: There's something happenin' here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

Sen Ron Johnson (R-Wi) $10M Payday Could Raise Red Flags For IRS

Palin on her last 14:59 minutes of fame? Looks like it.

Correct me if I'm wrong (I know you wouldn't pass up the chance) but isn't Mark Halperin a Democrat?

Republicon on Thom Hartmann suggests hiring ten people at $5 hr instead of

Seattle Residents Have Canceled 225,000 Yellow Pages In Only Two Months

Congress cancels vacation plans!

Dr. Boyce: Reminders of How Black People are Suffering

Well, as of today we have officially outlasted Glenn Beck.

There is a simple solution to the debt ceiling problem: Stop the wars and repeal the Bush tax cuts.

D*ck! D*ck! D*ck! D*ck! D*ck! D*ck!

cop drives off with rifle on the trunk - picture

Kansas To Shut Down All Abortion Clinics Friday

So, remind me who the Rendon Group is and why they might be doing PR for NATO in Libya?

i was in optometrist tues. and she was griping about obama. he is making them have to put records

Ed Schultz was suspended a week for calling Ingraham a "slut" on the air...

Ha! Ha! Pareene @ Salon wins the "dick" kerfuffle in the first sentence!

So the Cholera epidemic in Haiti did start with the peace keepers

Would you watch the Repub debate(s) if Palin were to run?

David Sirota: Why People Become Chickenhawks

President Obama to Mitch McConnell: I won't lunch with you.

Judge to Google: sniffing even open WiFi networks may be wiretapping

Feel free to reply to this editorial in a local paper.."Tea Party movement

Fans of Star Trek TNG will appreciate this

Ruh-roh...another family values Republican caught w young woman

On Senate floor, Marco Rubio calls for assassination of Libya's Moammar Gadhafi

Gah! Is this how Andrew Cuomo spends his well-earned political capital?!

Birther Jerome Corsi to sue magazine for poor book sales about his birther book

What progressive politicians have ever done everything correctly?

Very depressed at my interactions with folks

The $1 billion in Dollar coins that no one in the United States wants

Bachmann’s husband on homosexuality: ‘Barbarians need to be educated’ out of their ‘sinful nature’

Americans Support Higher Taxes. Really.

Records show Massey FAKED safety records in deadly mine; so much for "free market" solutions

Obama to McConnel: "I'm tired of your lame-a$$ *#$%"

I'm so glad the long, dreadful wait is over.

I'm so glad the long, dreadful wait is over.

Goodbye, Nutrasweet

If AT Massey lied about the conditions at the UBB mine are they truthful about the safety of...

The words of Paul Wellstone

$137k Medicaid Payment to Michele Bachmann’s Husband

One of the things that is wrong with how our economy works

Skills Gap: To be filed under NO SHIT, SHERLOCK

Cenk To Host MSNBC UNSCRIPTED Today @6pm ET, 3pm PT (Bonus: Link to Skinner's TYT Interview)

Breaking at 5.55 PM EDT: Exxon damages into the $1 to $3 billion range in Baltimore ground water ...

Here's why Obama can never "fix" public education.

Bravo! Obama, Bravo! Nancy Pelosi

Do you think the US will default on the debt?

Obama Crossroads smear ad

(FL) Three Students Die who were hypnotized by Principal

I have to hand it to Obama he apparently struck a nerve with his presser yesterday

Has Obama finally come out as a closet Republican?

11 things the richest us households can buy that you can't

The most cowardly job on earth is in Nevada

Do we really, truly need the stock market?

Roger Ailes’ Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News

HELLO! Britain is under a general strike. It's the top news story on Yahoo.

Most vegetarians return to eating meat

Most vegetarians return to eating meat

Laura Ingraham: The Nastiest Right Winger on Fox

I call BS on AOL/Huff post

FBI: Westboro Baptist participated in training

Mind Blowing- JP Morgan has total derivative exposure of $90 TRILLON!! And 35%+ is BBB grade or less

Mind Blowing- JP Morgan has total derivative exposure of $90 TRILLON!! And 35%+ is BBB grade or less

"...decisions that ...will, you know, give my base of voters further reason to give me a hard time."

Wal-Mart bans extreme coupon clipper from Every WalMart in USA For Life

CIA Whitewash Complete? 99 Out Of 101 Torture Cases Dropped

Why I left America

FBI Invited Controversial Church To Talk To Agents

Different short story, don't worry bout it.

If you use a cell phone as your home phone, this is a neat gadget

My caller ID just told me Caller was calling.

Chinese male cheerleader video goes viral

Which SPF do you prefer?

Sonic Overload....

Blackberry users: help needed!

Rumor has it that Bachmann and Palin will raise money for the campaign with a MUD WRESTLING MATCH

Oh no, you didn't!

OMG Dogs are EVOLVING - they can now use a knife and fork - OMG!!

Gaza flotilla ship 'sabotaged by divers'

Bookmark this thread - this is the best advice I can ever give to you, my dear friends at DU!

OK - so the girl is watching Looney Toons

Yes I am a Wisconsinite, However...

Today's shopping experience with my two young sons

today i met a man (please read if you have or are around children)

The Wile. E. Coyote v Road Runner Cartoons are genius

Party at the moon tower!

Dear Nestah: Orange, I think, is the most useful these days.

Come on, let's sing '"Le boudin" (French Foreign Legion's Marching Song)

well be came home from the war / with a party in his head

The Lounge is losing its mojo to the Science Forum

Published apology from Vancouver rioter and the response from an E.R. Nurse.

I'm about to say something very stupid...

What are 'Gitanes' Cigarettes like?

One of the reasons I love Oakland

Little Man

Quitter's Raga

I went to see Transformers after work, just got in (no spoilers)

Endless Cold

Thin Moon

Sweetest Thing

Les Fleur

Paper Tiger

California Soul

Beat Me Til I'm Blue

Where Is My Mind

PHOTO: "All he ever wanted was..."

Puppy vs room full of balloons

Smoke em if you got em! Post a pic of your first smoke.

I've lived in Tucson for 13 years, but this took me by surprise.

Rights lawyers in China harassed, tortured: Amnesty

Banks convince Fed to raise swipe fee limit

Judge orders most services to go dark

BREAKING: MiddleFingerMom opens NEW Website devoted to frugal living tips. Here's a preview.

Goodell, Smith Back in Minnesota to Negotiate

American Homebrew Assoc names it's Top 50

Calif. cap and trade plan cleared by court

Hacker attack cripples al-Qaida Web communications

Pakistan kicks U.S. off air base

Brennan: Counterterrorism strategy focused on al-Qaeda’s threat to homeland

Iran facing new U.S. sanctions

It was 108 today here in Tucson. Here''s a picture from Glacier National Park from yesterday:

Cable TV (Analog/Digital format) Tech Question


Rhode Island Lawmakers Approve Civil Unions

Pakistan calls for U.S. to leave airbase used for drone attacks

Business lobby helps scuttle immigration curbs in Texas

Take a sec and "Like" my cousin...very talented

Rhode Island legislature passes civil union bill

EU hails entry into force of free-trade deal with South Korea

FDA panel votes against Avastin for breast cancer treatment

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (06/30/2011)

Census to close six offices, cut costs

Irish Gaza aid ship abandons mission

Border Patrol finds 5 bodies in Arizona desert

Roger Ailes’ Secret Nixon-Era Blueprint for Fox News

U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

Elizabeth Warren Appointment Dangles As Democrats Duck Recess Fight With Republicans

Obama to hold Twitter town hall

(UK) Rise in number of freed terrorists raises security fears

Childhood Memories of the 4th of July

What commercial produce do you use in a way not intended?

Greens want water licenses protected

WEAC sues over law giving Walker power over DPI rules (WI)

Why see a movie in the theaters anymore?

Volney clerk may relent on SSM

Man gets past airport security with invalid boarding pass

Jerry Brown signs budget after making more cuts

Federal Reserve Raises Swipe Fee Cap In Victory For Wall Street

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, June 30, 2011

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner Is Considering Leaving His Post Once A Debt Ceiling Deal Is Reached

Wal-Mart cutting gas prices 10 cents

Canada welcomes William and Kate as they begin first official overseas trip

Judge denies Boeing motion to dismiss NLRB lawsuit

Myspace Sold To Specific Media For $35 Million (546 Million Dollar Loss for News Corp)

Who said this? "To fully live life you must have an American car..."

Any other Android lovers on DU?

Minnesota Braces for Government Shutdown

Hariri murder: UN tribunal issues arrest warrants

Geithner Said to Consider Leaving Treasury After Debt Debate

U.S. drone targets two leaders of Somali group allied with al-Qaeda, official says

UPDATED: Las Conchas Fire Set To Become Biggest in N.M. History

How it all began

FBI, Westboro Baptist Church members participate in training sessions

Hundreds of thousands strike in UK pensions row

US man stung by scorpion on commercial flight

Tracy Morgan in hot water (again) for joking about 'retards,' 'cripples'

Harry Reid cancels Senate July 4 recess after Obama chides Congress

My dating website experience looking for a left wing guy but finding a right wing one instead

Holder: Justice to Drop Investigations into CIA Officials Involved in Torture

Senate confirms Petraeus as CIA director

Iraq: Attacks by Government-Backed Thugs Chill Protests

Cuomo Will Seek to Lift Ban on Hydraulic Fracturing

FEC allows Colbert to form ‘super PAC’ for 2012 elections

Gillard quizzed on magnets, Aussie rock

Defense not the cause of budget deficit: Gates

Democrats Weigh Short-Term Debt Limit Increase

Exclusive: U.S. to resume formal Muslim Brotherhood contacts

High court undoes Scalia's pro-tobacco order

Great movies about people with a disability?

Advice please!

Group kicks off campaign for right to work laws in Michigan

The Wageless, Profitable Recovery

Fed's Massive Stimulus Had Little Impact: Greenspan

Venezuela launches probe of TV channel's coverage

Reporter apologizes for calling Obama a (bleep)

Be the first DUer to identify this song!

MSNBC suspends analyst Mark Halperin over characterization of President Obama

'Slash And Burn': Chuck Schumer Accuses Republicans Of Sabotaging The Economy To Hurt Obama

Honduran prez to discuss constitutional assembly

Would you ever pay $32 for a hamburger?

Security researchers discover 'indestructible' botnet

"Singing penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "singing penis".

"Singing penis" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "singing penis".

Does Anyone Know Any Links To Watch John Kerry Documentaries Online?

Anthony Defense Rests - Dude, she's going to be executed

Milwaukee schools to lay off 354 teachers

17 murdered unionists a grim record for Colombia: US union

Anyone still think Sarah Palin is running for president??

Anyone still think Sarah Palin is running for president??

Rumor has it that Bachmann and Palin will raise money for the campaign with a MUD WRESTLING MATCH

I knew this guy was an ass

Obama doesn't take stand on Union Labor in South Carolina Boeing NLRB Union Dispute..

Latest health care ruling is very significant one of the judges was a GW Bush appointee

Pictures: Six New Natural Landmarks Named

"there’s a certain beauty to the GOP’s clinical insanity"

Of all the days for Media Matters to be down

I'm contacting MSNBC to ask them to take Halperin off the air - anyone want to join me?


The Hill: Fed hands banks a win with debit card rule

When will GOPers demand Secret Service protection be eliminated for President Obama citing expense?

TPM: FEC Rules for Colbert

Mother Jones: Dennis Kucinich's Syria Problem

Will Tax Breaks For Corporate Jets Still Exist At The End Of 2012?

OK, Obama played golf with Boehner. Time for Boehner to join Obama on the basketball court!

Inhofe bragging that he shut Obama up.

U.S. Sentencing Commission Makes New Crack Sentencing Guidelines Retroactive

So in light of his lifting the fracking ban should Cuomo still primary Obama or. . .

Example of possible areas for cutbacks in Medicare.

Eric Holder Announces Full DOJ Investigation Into Deaths Of Two Individuals In CIA Custody

SC Tea-Party Governor Smacked Down by Repblican House and Senate.

BREAKING NEWS: Mark Halperin suspended indefinitely from MSNBC

Mark Halperin on POTUS: "I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday." (VIDEO)

ACLU: Justice Is Served (Fair Sentencing Act made retroactive)

Cain: Obama not a strong black man

When Did You Know That Republicans Were Purposely Destroying The Economy To Hurt President Obama?

Politico: The $20 Million Mitt?

There must be something in the air: Simpson slams Norquist; Rove donor Langone goes off script

Romney's flip flops: Obama "made the recession worse" ... "I didn't say that things are worse."

Bachmann’s Husband Calls Homosexuals ‘Barbarians’ Who ‘Need To Be Educated’ And ‘Disciplined’

Steve Benen on Mark Halperin's 'gaffe' on Morning Joe

Mark Halperin 2008 Flashback: "Emphasize Barack Hussein Obama’s unusual name and exotic background"

Was the Halperin "gaffe" a "Lonesome Rhodes" moment?

Halperin comment reveals the insular "it's really all about US" attitude of journalists and pundits

Has President Obama ever said that he wants to appoint Elizabeth Warren as head of the CFPB?

(Under Pressure from Obama Administration) Fort Worth ISD Bans Gender Identity Bullying

GOP Sen. Pat Roberts: Obama should "take a valium and calm down"

Andrew Sullivan: Boehner's Economic Terrorism

Obama Ignores Dem Choices for Texas U.S. Attorneys; Chooses GOP Favorites

Please kick this if you think FDR was a strong Democratic President

Tim Geithner: 14th Amendment Says Debt 'Shall Not Be Questioned'

Keith Olbermann w/ Jonathan Turley on Debt Ceiling Constitutionality

Chinese crackdown on dissidents

RT: Lets blow ourselves up! - Japan's Kamikaze message to OPEC

Remarks by President Obama at Reception Observing LGBT Pride Month

The New Pledge Of Allegiance

Thom Hartmann & Congressman Jerrold Nadler: Bring back our jobs!!

History on the making: Dreamers took over GOP headquarters

GOP responds to Reid cancelling recess

Thom Hartmann: Will Ronald McDonald be added to Mt Rushmore?

Hartmann & Hightower: Gov Rick Perry - Koch Bros new poster boy?

Young Turks: Women Punished for Miscarriages!

Rev. Sharpton to Cain: Your Policies Are A Joke

Mitch McConnell Mouth Brain Disconnection

Me vs. My Congressman on Gay Marriage

Thom Hartmann: The Good, The Bad, & The Very, Very, Epideictically Ugly

Rachel Maddow - Arguments Over The Years Against The ERA

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan: A Wienermobile Driver's Roadmap for America

The Bluegrass Boondoggle = Senator Jeff Merkley

Keiser Report: The Counterattack! (E160)

White House: Halperin's comment inappropriate

What if the U.S. was Greece?

Papantonio: Heartland Institute Kicks Off Climate Change Denial-a-Palooza

Halperin Goes to the Woodshed!

Stephen Colbert's Super PAC approved by FEC

US government on terrorism: new deeds ahead!

TNGA Rep. Jon Lundberg Hates Deaf Kids

Maddow: Koch Bros Secret Meeting With Governors To Screw America

Rachel Maddow - Gimme (Tax) Shelter - The Wonderful World Of Corporate Tax Avoidance Scams

Georgia Homeowners Association Blocks Construction Of Charity House For Disabled Veteran

Colbert (5:38) outside of the FEC after his Super Pac ruling

Russia bans Hubbard Scientology works as extremist

Keith Olbermann Worst Persons in the World, June 28, 2011

Congressman Nadler: 'President became absolute monarch'

Young Turks: Liberals Hate God! (Jesus A Republican?)

Germany votes 'nein' to nuclear

Time Magazine's Mark Halperin Calls President Obama A

Beck Says Goodbye With Misspelling On Chalkboard

Koch-funded Cato Institute explains why tax avoidance is moral.

The American Dream vs. the Gospel of Wealth

Michele Bachmann Claims Slavery Ended By a 'Founding Fetus'

On crimes against humanity

Public sector strike hits services and schools

US Supports Bloody Regime in Honduras

Campaigns adopting songs is nothing new, but squabbles with musicians are

Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic: Obama Has Finally Become Dick Cheney

Married, with infidelities

Big Tobacco targeting minority youth. (Haley Barbour would be proud)

Why Is Jerry Falwell's Evangelical University Getting Filthy Rich off Your Tax Money?

Common Sense and Sensibility Greenhouse

The New African Land Grab

"I'm Glad Halperin Called Obama a Dick"

Republicans to sabotage Obama's last ditch stimulus bill...

Schumer: Republicans’ ‘Slash-And-Burn’ Policies May Be Effort To Sabotage Economy

A Land of Haves and Have-Nots

Why I left America

President Obama on the "War Powers Act" and our "Mission in Libya" from 6/28 Press Conference

The End Times

Argument, Truth and the Social Side of Reasoning

Goldman Sachs Outsources Banker Jobs to Singapore?

David Korten: The Next American Revolution?

Chomsky: Wealthiest 1% Rule Our Politics -- But There's Hope in the Fight Against Global Capital

Snacking Clue to Obesity Epidemic..BBC

TYT Why Does Cenk Criticize Obama

Top 5 animals going extinct because some guy can’t get it up

Jellyfish and terrorists are threats to nuclear plants.

Drought Monitor - SE Drying, Southern And TX Crops In Rapid Decline, 80% TX Rangeland Poor/Very Poor

Famed U.S. climate skeptic funded by oil, coal firms (Scientific America)

First Solar wins $4.5 billion in federal support for California sun-power projects

Current and Future Superconducting Wire Markets to 2017

What we could have bought with the $4 trillion we spent on Iraq and Afghanistan

Will wind turbines blow the planet off course?

(Fukushima) Circulation cooling system hits another snag

In the worst drought in Texas history, 13.5 billion gallons of water used for fracking

(Germany) Broad parliamentary coalition confirms phase-out of nuclear power

Report From Tokyo: Living With Radiation

Nuke Plant Inspections Find Flaws in Disaster Readiness

Electric airliner concept unveiled.

Finally! Someone is asking the right question! Can a person follow Ayn Rand and Jesus?

A Christian's Guide To Sinning by Edward Current

A Christian's Guide To Sinning by Edward Current

What do you think Georgia's new license plates should look like?

FBI Invited Controversial Church To Talk To Agents

Cuomo Catholicism

I believe a lot of people are agnostic, but say they are religious out of

What is the biggest threat to Evangelical Christianity?

Here's my question: Why is God such a big secret?

A Gay Rights Power Player Who Wields a Mighty Phone

Study: Gay professors face discrimination from students

Feds Drop Deportation Case For Gay Man

Tea Party Leader is Pro-Bullying

Toon: Once Upon A Time...

Gay, lesbian households up 57 percent in Alaska

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel backs gay marriage

More hospitals protect gay patients- but not staff- from discrimination

FBI: Anti-gay group participated in training

What does NY victory really mean for gay Texans?

Fort Worth school board adds gender identity and expression to anti-harassment policy

Police disciplined over Eagle bar raid

Rhode Island Lawmakers Approve Civil Unions

Dan Choi backs Bradley Manning. Video.

Conservative Milwaukee Blogger gets it on gay rights, thanks to couple next door.

I'm the poud owner of ...

Next Gay Marriage Battle: New Jersey?

Obama: On marriage equality, I’m bending arc of history in the right direction

WTF?!?: Obama: "I've met my commitments to the LGBT community."

LGBT DUers: Do you have a positive or negative opinion of Andrew Sullivan?