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Changing the Conversation on the Budget: An Idea for Good Governance - DailyKos

UK government threatens labor unions

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - Updated version

Midnight Ride of Paul Revere - Updated version

I will NOT apologize for NOT taking Sarah Palin seriously.

Attempted Revisions to Wikipedia's Paul Revere Page since June 5

Eric Alterman: The Problem of Republican Idiots


And so life nurtures itself - a moving video.

Question On the Washington Post Facebook Page

Who is right on Protect IP Act:

When the gop want to change the thinking of their followers they have

It lives !!!!!!

Secret Cash: The Worst Political Scandal of All

After Watching A Season of The Housewifes of the O.C.

Vouchercare Is Not Medicare

Do not ask for whom the sheep bleats...

Israeli troops shoot hundreds of protesters in Syria, 20 dead

Jesus supports separation of Church and State.

Jesus supports separation of Church and State.

Jesus supports separation of Church and State.

Conversation at the Hardware store today

North Carolina House Speaker guts education budget, then says teachers don’t care about kids

I just finished watching "Fair Game", and I shouldn't have watched it..

When your dog goes "Woof", is it normally a good thing or a bad thing?

US missile strike kills seven in Pakistan

No opting out of enlistment for opponents of gays in military: Sec. of Defense Gates

Recipient of lewd tweet criticizes New York Post story via Twitter

Conspiracy theories abound in American politics

We're blaming Republicans for the downtick, right?

Our Political System Favors Incumbents to an Unhealthy Degree

I spoke with Robert Kennedy briefly, and shook his hand in Indianapolis in April of '68.

Chris Wallace on Sarah Palin: She could be a serious candidate



When are the recall elections in Wisc?

Republicans care about Americans: 1.7%, to be exact

18 U.S. veterans commit suicide daily; largely due to psychiatric drugs

Lightning over Chilean Volcano

The non-mysteriousness of liberal support for deficit reduction

NATO Batters Tripoli Ahead Of Russian Envoy Visit Imed Lamloum | June 06, 2011

Arundhati Roy: 'Anybody who says anything is in danger'

Death of al-Qaeda Leader May Raise Support for Drone Attacks

2 Are Killed in Sixth NATO Copter Crash Since Late April in Afghanistan

About Being Poor and the Cost of Money...

Whistleblowers? Throw the book! Bankers? Not so much....

Vouchercare Is Not Medicare

Security Theater...

Business idea: The Smoking Lounge

Business idea: The Smoking Lounge

Tomorrow, former CBS anchor Katie Couric will announce deal with ABC for syndicated talk show

They Ryan Vouchercare plan sticks it in the eye of people like me

Little safety net for foreclosures tied to joblessness

D-Day fireworks and a USA soldier interaction

Wisconsin: Republicans caught trying to run fake Democrats in recall elections.

Jeezus Hussein Keryst… What the fuck are they smoking at Salon?

Delightful Irony: Chase Bank can't sell a foreclosed home because it's infested with snakes

REPUBLICANS: Let's be like Pakistan!!!

Right Wing Talker Bill Cunningham Threatens 'Intifada' Against (OH Gov) 'Kasich The First'

Manning snitch reveals stupidity

Rick Santorum's father and grandparents are from Italy. Where are the birthers now?

Did The Cable Industry Pay Ralph Reed Millions of Dollars to Orchestrate Tea Party Opposition to Net

Did The Cable Industry Pay Ralph Reed Millions of Dollars to Orchestrate Tea Party Opposition to Net

The SEC Foxes -- toon

Note to "Centrists": The importance of the "Moderate swing voter" is a myth.

KRUGMAN: "Repubs get huffy when you call their plan a voucher scheme-but that’s exactly what it is"

Watch for Falling Infrastructure

Our Tahrir Square: DC's Freedom Plaza on October 6th

Michael Moore offers job to fired Senate page (from Canada)

US doesn't make cut for happiest nations list

"I'd like to hire Hillary Clinton. She looks unhappy at the State Department. She'd get ratings."

So why do we get mad at oil companies for increasing prices but medical costs are just fine

self delete

Congestion Pricing: Not Coming Soon to a US City Near You

Radioactivity of materials released in Fukushima nuclear crisis revised upward

Listen my children and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere

The United Nations has declared Internet access a human right

Ken Blackwell Promising Big News Tomorrow

Ken Blackwell Promising Big News Tomorrow

Santorum to announce candidacy for president

The Nation: Vouchers: They're Baaaaaack!

They fought to end tyranny

Axelrod to 'yammering' GOP: Come up with your own jobs plan

I hope the person that fainted at Santorum's rally had good health coverage.

House 18% spending cap is as bad and infeasible a policy as the Senate’s

House 18% spending cap is as bad and infeasible a policy as the Senate’s

Breitbart Dedicated His Book To Clarence Thomas & Has Untreated ADD

An interesting broadcast...

how we got here...

Fukushima radioactive water could overflow soon

Santorum: All men are created equal, except the the gays

Bleccchhhh, even C-span is covering Santorum.

Article: Are Artists Liars?

In Alabama, a Harsh Bill for Residents Here Illegally

Triumph of the Shill

I'm Offended That Santorum Chose Somerset To Announce

I'm Offended That Santorum Chose Somerset To Announce

Usually a job engine, localities slow US economy

Had an interesting conversation last night with a female coworker...

It's About Politics, Stupid: A Political War, Being Fought Militarily

McClatchy: New film on Palin is a fawning one-sided valentine to herself

U.S. mulls larger troop pullout from Afghanistan: report

Silk Road: The Website With Every Illegal Drug Imaginable For Sale

Rick Santorum announces Presidential Run.

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

Metra begins Qiuet Car Operations Today...Chicago Tribune

Metra begins Qiuet Car Operations Today...Chicago Tribune

Metra begins Qiuet Car Operations Today...Chicago Tribune

Sigh. Breitbart is posting pictures.

Any news on Breitbart's syphilis? I read reports he was tweeting pics of his syphilitic genitals to

Netanyahu Considering French Peace Plan–Based On 1967 Borders

Stained Then Blamed for the Stain

The Pentagon's Big Contractors Lobby Big and Get in Big Trouble

Patients in arrears face collectors

"Slick" Santorum

"Slick" Santorum

Tenth Anniversary of the Bush-era Tax Cuts

Santorum seriously running for President?????

Santorum seriously running for President?????

Gaddafi regime fails to fool media over injured child

GOP Senators Block Nobel Prize Winner in Economics from Joining Federal Reserve

GOP Senators Block Nobel Prize Winner in Economics from Joining Federal Reserve

Conservapedia edits entry on Paul Revere to conform to Sarah Palin's bizarre take on history...

State, local governments set to see record job cuts, layoffs

Proof you don't need to hide the truth. Just delay it for a while. No one will even notice

World's ocean temps are warmest on record

Billions Wasted on Unsustainable Projects in Iraq and Afghanistan

There Once Was a UNION Maid---In the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case, a union made all the difference.

Fox News chairman: ‘I’d like to hire Hillary Clinton’

Kucinich: End the Fed & Create Full Employment

Sarah Palin and Gotcha Questions

Sarah Palin and Gotcha Questions

Tea Party Starting to Implode - This Proves It

sometimes its the little victories that are so sweet . . .

There's a new GoodHair in TX: a fighting Dem, state Senator Wendy DAVIS

Afghanistan Involvement May Be Preparing More Terrorists

HEY, Governor Crispy Christie, was it it about you and women?

Paul Revere in his own words - via NPR

In defense of Canada [healthcare system]

Why is the US Waging Perpetual War on Cuba's Health Care System?

Wisconsin: DOJ says public workers may have to make back payments for benefits

Winning the Nobel Prize in Economics Makes You Unqualified

China threat over EU airline emissions trading

China threat over EU airline emissions trading

Santorum: Health Care Disrespects Those Who Fought At Normandy

Sarah Palin and profit-motive politics

What about us?

Obama Nearly Triples Bagram Detainee Population

One in four US hackers 'is an FBI informer'- The Guardian

Wisconsin: Eggs thrown at Walkerville

Deadwood: a photo essay (DIAL-UP WARNING)

D-Day -Saving Ryan’s Privatization.

Obama’s Nobel-winning Fed pick withdraws, slams partisan politics

Limerick, Pa. nuke plant keeps turning itself off

Ron Paul: They’re not mocking my candidacy any more

"Impeach Comrade Obama!"

Bahrain doctors, nurses charged for treating protesters

Toon from the Past...(caution: large image)

If Rep Weiner did send that picture, that means....

Rick Santorum says he's running for President.

Top GOP lawmaker refutes tea party claims about the debt ceiling

Jurors Believed Cops Were Guilty of Rape, But Lack of DNA Forced Acquittal

Apparently, all the GOP has to do to win is produce photos and

Fox News Shows Tina Fey In On-Screen Graphic For Sarah Palin

Hubble Watches a Celestial Prologue

Seattle college student caught in ‘Weinergate’ cries foul


U.N. study: $40 billion annual investment needed for global carbon reduction

Thom Hartmann just said that the Palinheads are trying to edit Wikipedia......

Has anyone ventured over to freeperville to see how Dumbfuckistan is handling Paul Revere?

Sarah Palin's marriage is on the rocks! Will she divorce?

Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge is the Height of Fiscal Irresponsibility

Egyptian organizer Alaa abd el Fattah speaks at the Personal Democracy Forum


Reality Check: Podcast

Andy Carvin speaks of Mo and Perditta Nabbous (Libya) at Personal Democracy Forum 2011

Koch Brothers Busy Running On Empty

Poor Breitbart has really lost it: he's posted a picture of Weiner with some kitties

Poor Breitbart has really lost it: he's posted a picture of Weiner with some kitties

Anonymous reveals passwords for hundreds of Middle East government email accounts


Obama Won’t Speak Out about Debt, Too Concerned What “Markets” Will Think

Breitbart at it again re Weiner: Claims a new woman has come forward

42 Million Displaced by Natural Disasters in 2010

New Jersey public sector retirements soar as Emperor Christie threatens to gut benefits

Medicare’s problem is that government controls too little of the health care system.

Big lie being pushed by the GOP around town recently: Obama has hired 500,000 new federal workers

5 U.S. troops killed in Iraq, military says

5 U.S. troops killed in Iraq, military says


This Song Gets Truer Everyday

Chronic Unemployment Now Worse Than During the Great Depression!

Lil' Ricky Man-on-Dog plans to throw his hat into the 2012 ring today. USA! USA! WOOF! USA! USA!

Why put a business in the wife’ name only? Is this a tax dodge or something else?

Alabama congressmen pad defense budget; deny earmark label (B'ham News)

Am looking for the House roll call list re: Anti-Abortion legislation-14 Dems



Great article on income inequality in America

Irony-challenged Dana Perino says Obama admn. needs to 'take responsibility' for the economy

FCC complaint accuses Verizon of violating law by blocking tethering software

Disney Said to Cut 20% at Film Studio

Michael Hudson: Will Greece Let EU Central Bankers Destroy Democracy?

Brietbart has already suceeded

Fox News Turns Away From Anthony Weiner Scandal

It IS a seriously creepy photo.

It IS a seriously creepy photo.

DC Attorney general's office wants federal investigation of Team Thomas nonprofit

Schumer: Medicare benefit cuts are off the table

Want to fix Congress? Raise their salaries!

Fox News panel speculates that Rep. Anthony Weiner is enjoying Weinergate

An overlooked fact about marijuana

is this all they've got?

The World's Most Senseless War

Not Resting on Their Laurels, Wisconsinites Establish Walkerville

Monday stress vaccine: The Arctic Light

I guess NYC won't get a Weiner Waiver for Obamacare now.

I had a long-term, long distance relationship with a man once

A little advice to the talking heads and Palin, Bachmann etc..

The Fed Is All There Is?

Is Snowflake Snookie even aware that there was no 2nd Amendment in 1775?

U.N. Report Declares Internet Access a Human Right

If I were Anthony Weiner

Female Combat Troops Will Link to Afghan Women for New York National Guard's 27th Brigade

If I have this right, in Orlando you can only be a Christian and feed

Spat over Boeing plant sparks political firestorm

Nurses Open Letter to Wisconsinites – Carry on!

Breitbart breaks photo of President Obama's Weiner.

Is this statement true? When a nuclear reactor is running normal it is right on the edge of disaster

Patti Labelle sued over airport attack.

Pentagon Using Drug Wars as Excuse to Build Bases in Latin America

Warning The British Would Have Made Revere A Traitor, Not A Patriot!

Paul Revere's Ride, With Apologies to Longfellow

"American planes, full of holes and wounded men and corpses, took off backwards...

Conservative Site Posts New Weiner Pics

TIFWIW...Per Radar Online....Another Woman comes forward - Weinergate

Semi-nude photo of President Obama shocks nation....

Michele Bachmann Said What!?

Another Oxymoron - "Jobless Recovery" or where did the $$ really go...

Oldie-but-goodie: Michele Bachmann is Hot for Jesus !!!!

American Justice: Wealthy hit-and-run driver who killed two people with his Porsche avoids jail

I'm watching Headline News

delete please

RickSantorumPR on Twitter is a treasure trove of great quotes

Paul Revere on Sarah Palin

So what does Anthony Weiner do now?

Wisconsin: Walker budget finds another $128 M for corporate tax breaks

Santorum: "I'm frothing at the butt to lead"

Should we be less cliquey as democrats

Should we be less cliquey as democrats

Wisconsin: Feingold leads protest in Madison. Arrests reported.

Breitbart is at the Weiner presser, according to Ben Smith.

4000 kids are homeless in Austin. Perry has something to be proud of.

The Gnurrs Come From the Voodvork Out

All these young politicians need to learn some hard facts

Barack Obama's private golf club

Wash Post: troops asking Gates what bin laden's death means for them

"Best Health Care in the World, Baby!"

What I did this weekend: help chase a con man away from my mother-in-law

Rick Perry to Host Hate Group-Funded Prayer Summit

Which of those two is the better model for another country to strive to be like?

Breaking News: Andrew Breitbart still has syphilis

Wisconsin: Top Republican justifies running "false flag" Democrats in Recalls

Weiner to hold press conference at 4:00.

Dykstra charged with auto theft, drug possession

Theory on Twitter: Breitbart faked Weiner press conference

Marking D-Day with massive U.S. paintball battle

Isn't attempting to blackmail a Congressman a felony?

Say it ain't so, Joe!

Weiner Press conference @ 4pm

Clarence Thomas Exonerated!

Oh ferfuckssake anymore.




Oh Anthony.. You're breaking my heart..

Weiner says that he is not resigning

Weiner says that he is not resigning

Damnit all to hell.. I thought for sure he was covering for someone else

Damn!!!!!! nt

Mad As Hell

I see who's happy and who's not.

Remember: WE didn't demand that Chris Lee resign.

This is not good, how can Weiner let this happen

CNN Weiner Press Conference video

He sounds like he is going to cry

I think Congressional leadership needs to offer a "social networking" class the same way schools do

Unrecommend every post about Anthony Weiner today.

MSNBC still pushing the Weiner lewd pictures meme. Developing story.

Lydia Leftcoast found this, it's too good not to repost. NYT blog comment on Medicare.

Eminem mocks Lady Gaga in new song

Rep Weiner needs to take a lesson from Bob Barker

Rep Weiner needs to take a lesson from Bob Barker

Sarah Palin sorry for stealing Mitt Romney's thunder

Weiner says the picture is his.

Kate Gosselin: Things Are 'More Peaceful' Between Jon and Me

Aw, c'mon - if you're going to photoshop, at least make it realistic!

Was Fukushima Too Big to Fail?

I wonder if there enough Weiner Pics to do a calendar

Weiner just admitted it. He lied. Period. nt

Twilight's Nikki Reed Engaged: "He's the One!"

Al Queda Leader Ilyas Kashmir Dead! Again??

Chris Lee and Anthony Weiner

Weiner has my respect for owning what he's done.

Here's Anthony Weiner

The Lessons

What upsets me about Weiner

So much for all of the hacking theories. n/t

Power corrupts, sad but true.

Until men can keep their dicks in their pants, it's time for women to take over.

Jurors Believed Cops Were Guilty of Rape, But Lack of DNA Forced Acquittal

Is there something in the water in DC that makes Congressmen and other govt officials stupid???????

just a reminder - Homeless Families In America Increase By 9 Percent

Clock Ticks for a Key Homeless Program

OK - now that Weiner's come clean, can we get on to the stories about

Trevor Donovan Axed From '90210'

MarketWatch: Five down weeks stir crash whispers

Proud to be an American?

Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Album Banned In Lebanon

I'm about to have a very bad day.

Where are all the DUers who were wailing about the "Weinergate" conspiracy?

"I don't see him abusing the public trust" - Tim Carney, Wash Examiner

The Sanctorectum Candidate: Hidden Agenda

Based upon past performance, is Andrew Breitbart still a right wing propagandist?

Any news on John Boehner's alleged affair with the lobbyist?

Any news on John Boehner's alleged affair with the lobbyist?

Cannot wait to see rachel tonight! I pity Weiner! n-t

The tragedy is that this give some credibility to Breitbart.....

Rachel. What's your battle plan for tonight?

Another picture of a dick pops up in Weinergate:

Rep. Wiener... Do not Resign

He really should end this press conference already

Now Can We Leave?

I'm texting a picture of my dick to Breitbart.

Lest we forget: "Vitter receives standing ovation at SRLC"

So,I guess John Stewart was wrong. About the junk, I mean. n/t

Why do these guys get married?

Lest we forget: "Vitter receives standing ovation at SRLC"

Does this mean that Breitbart DOESN'T have syphilis?

Swiss compare their immigration mindset to America's

Roundup: Poll Finds Growing Support In Mass. For Health Law - among other news

It could have been worse. Pity this poor Senator:

Coldplay Reveals New Songs At German Music Festival

David Gergen can go fuck himself too nt

I've decided to wash my floor today

Flirting on the net is not a crime nt

Why aren't people tested for Valium, Darvon or other barbiturates?

The difference between them and us is that we apologize for our mistakes...

Artwork shuffle at Wisconsin governor's mansion raises eyebrows

Hartzler compares gay marriage to incest, allowing 3 year olds to drive

The best thing Weiner can do when he returns to the House floor is not to let up. . .

I need a new favorite congressman.

The News is telling me that a politician lied.

Weiner: "I have made terrible mistakes"

Cancer costs put treatments out of reach for many

Sykes, race, sexuality, and oppression Olympics


Out-of-Pocket Costs for Some Cancer Patients Top $700 Monthly

Weiner's safe.

Missouri River levee breaches seen likely: official

I will react the same way to the next Breibart exclusive

I was one of the last guys to stand with Eric Massa. I still stand with Anthony Weiner.

Which evil fuck can Anthony Wiener be compared to?

Is this blackmail? Remember the Bill Cosby case?

Indiana argues to keep Planned Parenthood funds ban

If Anthony Wiener were President facing a re-election, he'd have

If Anthony Wiener were President facing a re-election, he'd have

American Conservative Union former manager pleads guilty to embezelling

"I feel so much better about my child's future now that Weiner has come clean."

I'm just glad cell phones weren't as widely used during the Clinton presidency...

Giuliani demands that Mitt Romney apologize for his Massachusetts health care plan

Disappointed? Yes. Willing to lose someone who actually fights for me? No.

"Sovereign Citizen" goes on AK-47 rampage after seafood store tells him it has no crawfish

oh shit....(more weiner from breitbart)

Am I correct that Weiner's wife is not "standing by him" at the Press Conference?

There's no polite way to say this. A man's erection has no conscience.

Like it or not, Rep. Weiner almost certainly is done.

It's a sad commentary on modern journalism...

Now David Frum is being interviewed… I'm waiting for Dick Morris next nt

I wonder if Weiner has enough pics for a calendar

The biggest thing that Weiner needs to apologize for...

Gas is up 16 cents a gallon in two days. Oil is down. Makes perfect sense.

Hey Dems, if this nonsense does not wake us up, nothing will.

Who is a greater disappointment?

Anyone catch Benji Bronk at the Weiner Press Conf? nt

Banks are still stealing elderly people homes with "reverse mortgages"


He lied just like those before him

MSNBC sez Anthony Weiner is set to give a press conference

Breitbart on CNN live right now at the Weiner press conference

Twisted little schoolboys making something out of nothing

Here we go: Weiner Press Conference

Tweety and Richard Wolfe - why don't you mention

Tweety and Richard Wolfe - why don't you mention

When will we have a political system that protects the private lives of our representatives?

Still A Proud Rep. Weiner Supporter. He Works For Us, Not The Corporations.

CT Senate Passes Bill To Decriminalize Small Amounts Of Marijuana

The Lord Giveth & The Lord Taketh Away......

This really ticks me off! How the phuck did Weiner do this? I mean, how can a Congressman...

cops allow dog to die-

USC stripped of national title

Cut kids' health care, make deficits grow

So now we forget about everything for the next week and chase "crotchgate". nt

I'll apologize to Andrew Breitbart when he apologizes to Shirley Sherrod

House repeals automatic funds for resident training at health centers

Challenges Facing the American Dental System – Are They Solvable?

It's too bad that modern politics seems to attract so many people

It's too bad that modern politics seems to attract so many people

So you can wear diapers with prostitutes, toe-tap men in public restrooms,

Well, at least we have something to talk about besides Sarah Palin.

"Will you help support Arnold's love child"

Peru's Ollanta Humala has a narrow lead over right-wing candidate Keiko Fujimori.

So what happens with the Clarence Thomas scandal now?

Right-wing psycopathy: Big Bird and Elmo are part of a Pinko plot

Finally we know the truth, Politicians lie

The Weiner scandal will be old news by Friday when the

Nice to see everyone has weiner on the mind today

Wisconsin Dem chairman sees 'extremely high' chance of Dem Senate takeover

What Else May Have Happend During The 10 Day Weiner Tweet Fest

Do elected officials need to be held to a higher standard?

I Think He Handled It Great

Mass demonstrations in Spain spread across Europe

And in other nooz - Ricky "ManOnDawg" Sanatarium announces for prezidint.

Roundup: Choice is wrong focus in health debate

What did we all miss today because of "our" obsession with a penis?

Okay FINE...we will officially rename our junk from

Weiner's dick really is bigger then Brietbarts

U.S. Cancer Patients Face Barriers to Care, Study Finds

24,199 pages of Palin e-mails to be released Friday morning

My Weiner has a first name

I think I'll watch the Daily Show tonight. How about you? nt

You can disagree all you want...

Self-deleted by member

"For evangelicals, Bachmann ‘speaks our code’"

Seniors may swing 2012 vote on Medicare revolt

Buchanan: Evangelicals Would Support "Romney... Over "Barack ...Obama, Who's An African American

think of all the parents having to answer questions about this

When you say you can no longer trust Rep. Wiener, what do you mean by that?

It IS okay to not call for Weiner's resignation.

Anthony Weiner was not trying to find women to have relations with the way Chris Lee was

California Childcare Cuts Extend Family Homelessness

Post to Apologize to Andrew Breitbart

I didn't think Lee should have resigned and I don't think Weiner should resign

This whole Weiner thing will be down the memory hole by next week after

Does Weiner Have More To Cover Up Then Tweets?

Fuck you Anthony Weiner

Lesson of the day: Never trust/believe any politician when they start telling stories

So all the internets Dick Tracys and exotic theories have brought us to this.

For the record: I STILL Don't Give a Rat's Ass About Weiner

I'd like to thank Weiner for taking the wind out of Santorum's sails today

No one should resign based on their sexual indiscretions.

17,000 Homeless and at Risk Veterans to Benefit From More than $28 Million

Twitter: Pelosi and DCCC Chair Israel calling for ethics investigation of Weiner

You're correct. I think Repubs. are the ones to blow up this kind of

I think it's called 'exhibtionism', what Weiner did.

Weiner talk! Most fun since the 7th grade.

Americans still avoiding doctors, insurers say

Ten Signs The Double-Dip Recession Has Begun

Let's have no illusions here. Being a Democrat doesn't make you perfect.

Is Weiner the same as Jimmy Carter....meaning his is sexting the 2011 version of Carter

X-Ray Scan Reveals 513 Migrants in 2 Trucks

Just went over to another site and I was heartfully encouraged by

I stood behind Bill Clinton during Monica Gate

Steve Jobs

What ever happened to Nunya?

Eric Cantor: OK, Maybe The Debt Ceiling Deadline Is For Real

Eric Cantor: OK, Maybe The Debt Ceiling Deadline Is For Real

Is it a distraction for Rep. Weiner to refuse to resign?

"I wonder how many people the media will hire to poor over these emails."

Ben Ferguson vs. Thom Hartmann on unemployment this morning on CNN

What Weiner's next move should be.

What's more tacky? Weiner's crotch shots or the huge naked painting of Arnold hung in his home?

Wiener's admission aside, the stark fact remains that in

If Anthony Wiener was in your Congressional district?

Lee resigned to avoid the hell that Weiner is going through now

Will a Kurd be leading Turkey soon? Some very interesting developments in Turkey's election

Wisconsin: "Alberta Darling How Could You?" Ad runs against recall target

all of the people who posted "evidence" that Weiner was set up....

Thank You, Anthony Weiner

it is time yet for a draft?

LIBYA DISPATCH: Congresswoman McKinney leads independent fact-finding delegation

Costs of war hit home, politically

Costs of war hit home, politically

Millions homeless, jobs going overseas, Republicans trying to wreck

Simple poll, who thinks Weinergate was a setup

Weiner, Weiner, Weiner

Weiner is my Congressman

Pentagon Hires More Than 70,000 "Invisible Workers" And Treats Them Abominably

Bachmann Taps Rollins to Run Campaign

Health Hazard: How the House Republican Budget Resolution Would Dramatically Change Medicare

What Wiener did is not "flirting"

Seems to be a lot of support for Weiner on the DU. I love the man's fire. But what a fuckin idiot!

You know what? Better now than in October 2012. n/t

Weiners exposing his wiener was wrong, but exposing Thomas was more than right

Throwing out names like Vitter doesn't change anything

Want to gloat and celebrate about Rep Weiner? Please do so here, so I can add you to my ignore list.

Manslaughter For Sale

U.S. Plans Private Guard Force for Iraq

On Edwards AND Ensign...

For Soldiers With PTSD, A Profound Daily Struggle

For Soldiers With PTSD, A Profound Daily Struggle

It really is a tragedy. More important than a weiner

State Department blasted over private contractor management

Supreme Court allows class-action fraud lawsuit against Halliburton

Now that he's admitted it, I'm really torn about this Weiner thing

Out-of-work homeowners get little help

At least he didn't say it was because "He loved his country so much."

Celebrity Hacking 101 -- and How to Prevent It ~ AOL NEWS.COM

We are led by dumbasses. I am very disappointed.

What is the matter with these men? Is their country not more important

Operation Cupcake

The Topless Weiner Picture Is The Most Obscene.

"72 hours in Palm Springs are excrutiating"?

I now need to come up with at least another 1,000 punchlines.

Here's the Problem with What Wiener Has Done

Lying is what politicians DO. Get over it. It's WHAT they lie ABOUT that matters.

Lying is what politicians DO. Get over it. It's WHAT they lie ABOUT that matters.

It makes me sick that Breitbart is the biggest "winner" in all of this....

thank you weiner. hubby came home in the middle of my mad. oh... so good to see him

if only Weiner had an affair w/one of those women & in an apt. reserved for 9/11 rescue workers

Repubs Vote To Redefine Rape, Media Focuses On Weiner's Weiner

I'm not sure how much it matters and probably not much or anything

Weiner's judgment just as poor as John Edwards

Snuggly the Security Bear and Otto Pen (Mark Fiore annimation)

Why is WSJ on my Los Angeles PROGRESSIVE radio station?

I wonder how Spitzer will handle the Wiener story on his show tonight?

One Word Separates Pencil-Pushers and Pudknockers from the Heroic and Patriotic.

OK... Now that we know it's true, someone has to say it...

Let's just hope all the women Weiner sexted were of age

So how many days are we going to spend on Weiner's weiner?

Confused about Weiner

Jason Leopold on the Patriot Act and Obama's expansion of War.

What kind of person takes the podium away from someone he just tried to destroy .

Palin had to go to her home for a break?

Why do so many men in power do inappropriate sexual things?

I'm disgusted. Every good thing Weiner has done will be forgotten

Just turned on my TV for the first time today.

Al Sharpton V Pat Buchanan

Al Sharpton V Pat Buchanan

The Rude Pundit: Stupid Fucking Sarah Palin Quotes You Didn't Hear About

Tweety destroying Weiner claiming non-partisanship with Steele chiming in

Weiner......With Certitude He Just Lost all Credibility

The unofficial thread for credit to DU's Anthony Weiner skeptics.

Too many "Democrats" on this site

Former Mayor Daley’s son profited after airport Wi-Fi deal

House and Senate Introduce Bill on U.S. Civilian Contractor Accountability Abroad

Married less than a year and he starts this shit??

I'm Done With Both Parties...

I'm Done With Both Parties...

Any DUers watching the love fest with General Petraeus, Gates and

I didn't say much about Weiner because I didn't feel like being attacked

Why are we ignoring the mental issues that Weiner seem to have?

In Case You Missed This... Amy Goodman's (DemocracyNow.Org) Interview With Harry Belafonte

Tweety sez Weiner’s Wife Might Be ‘Partly Responsible,’ ... Later Backtracks

How can they be pro-life...

What Weiner did was disgusting and unforgiveable!

Supporting the Troops is more than a decal on your rear window

Will Weiner Resign?

i would like to thank Rep. Weiner for his guts in standing up to these thugs

i would like to thank Rep. Weiner for his guts in standing up to these thugs

Dean Baker: Disaster Not Averted: Welcome to the Second Great Depression

Do you think the sexual emails and texts will be released?

Obama's Economic Advisor Mr. Goolsbee Sounded Like A Typical GOP Presidential Advisor Today

U.S. Taxpayers Raked Over The Fake War Coals Again and Again

BREAKING NEWS: Weiner changes name to Boehner

Keith Olbermann Defines “Palin-guistics”

Wisconsin: Republican "family values" candidate swapped spouses.

It isn't the pic that is the is the lying.

WWJD? "Republican Hopefuls Woo Social Conservatives at Faith Conference"

Weiner Lied....Nobody Died !

Can we maintain a little perspective on Weiner's Wiener, please?

Can we maintain a little perspective on Weiner's Wiener, please?

Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, has won the 2011 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism.

He's toast. CNN just said the last pic of Weiner

Consent Ends When Person is Asleep or Unconscious Canada SC Court Rules

Weiner Has To Go

So once again, a Democrat proves that he is no better than a 'Pug

WWII Ace Gen John R. Alison Dies

EACH YEAR, Over In 50 (OVER 1.5 MILLION) Of Our Nation's Children Go To Sleep Without A Home

Weiner should resign when David Vitter does

Exclusive: Bradley Manning’s father joins protesters at Ft. Leavenworth

My brother called me 'almost a conspiracy theorist' because I believe

My brother called me 'almost a conspiracy theorist' because I believe

Catholic confronts Rep. Paul Ryan over ‘Ayn Rand budget’ at religious conference

Weiner's GREAT speech at WHC dinner, seems so ironic now.

US drone attacks kill "at least 18" in Pakistan

Ugh...gues what "economist" NPR was interviewing this morning re:the budget deficit?

Solar or wind for your house?

ABC News `likely’ to name woman who says she received shirtless Weiner pic, source says

Pelosi Calls for Ethics Committee Investigation of Congressman Weiner

Cong. Weiner! (Or anyone reading this who knows him!) Rehabilitation starts here:

"Not resigning."

The Santorum story from the WP 2005. Time to remember.

NY Times investigation: Disabled care homes ignore abuse

Have you ever emailed,twittered,or messaged a picture

Dem Congressman lies about a photo: Outrage! Republican PRESIDENT lies to start a war: NOTHING!

Nice to see Weiner man up

Who still rents an old fashioned landline phone?

Hey Repub Lurkers, I Got A Great Idea

This is the Observable Universe:

9 "Conspiracy Theories" that really were true

So it's ok to torture someone 180 times, but god forbid you show someone your dick.

Meagan Broussard...crawling out of the woodwork for 15mins of fame

Cheney was pre-pardoned

Photo of Reporters Waiting to Hear President Obama Speak About Soldiers Killed in Iraq Today

Five U.S. Troops Killed in Central Iraq

The GOP Support Men Deducting Viagra But Attack Planned Parenthood

Russ Feingold leads a protest around the Capitol today in Madison WI....

Philadelphia Housing Authority Seeks Takers for Vacant Properties

GOP senators call for CMS to abandon Medicare ACO plans

Do you still think there's a conspiracy?

Millions are unemployed, the Empire is collapsing

Too bad Weiner didn't just shoot someone in the face, like Cheney did.

Too bad Weiner didn't just shoot someone in the face, like Cheney did.

If you're watching NC; Breitbart special guest at NC Republican Convention

DU ladies: Was Weiner just "flirting," as has been asserted here?

Japan Today: Gov't may expand scope of evacuation order in Fukushima

How to save Social Security

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

House Republicans propose Social Security opt-out + Digby comments

Kentucky National Guard Soldiers Head To Iraq

A reader's comment in the New York Times made a GREAT point about Medicare

Rep. Weiner:"I was never with these women. I never met them."

We had a murder/suicide in the neighborhood last night - not far from the brothel, couple weeks ago.

Nancy Pelosi calls for ethics probe of Rep. Anthony Weiner over lewd Twitter photo

Camoflage -- Mr. Fish Toon

why is Nancy Polsi calling for a ethic investigation?

It Isn't Journalism: Woeful MSM Coverage of WI Supreme Court Election 'Recount'

Polk County, FL couple arrested on charges of making porn at home

How come nobody ever asks Gingrich about the doubleheaded dildo he shares with Boehner?

I can't seem to bring myself to give a damn about this whole Weiner thing.

LEMONADE TIME: Weiner should USE this to INCREASE focus on Clarence Thomas' criminal financial lies.

Oh Great - More Weiner Pics

In the political world, being an atheist is the worst.

A married Pol flirts on the Net and our media makes a "circus" out of this

WTF? Breibart just hijacked Wiener's press conference?

FYI- We have lost 15 troops so far this month in Afghanistan.

The Sanctimonious Priggery Concerning Weiner Is More Annoying

I still like Anthony Weiner...if I were in his district, I would still vote for him...

I still like Anthony Weiner...if I were in his district, I would still vote for him...

Here's why I tend to hold dems to a lower standard when it comes to sex scandals

A Warming Planet Struggles to Feed Itself (& of course, mainstream GOP still in denial)

Recommend here if you think Weiner should do a press conference with his shirt off.

It troubles me greatly to post this, but if Rep Weiner did........

So did the girl lie as well?

Five American soldiers were slaughtered in Iraq today

Weiner will likely be re-elected

Bret Bart has a picture of Rep Wiener's 24 year old escort brain... brain...

Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy (November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968

I still don't care.

LA TIMES: You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British? ...

20 Facts About US Inequality Everyone Should Know +An Update On The Uber-Wealthy & Global Inequality

Obama to pressure Merkel on Libya

Some People Can't Handle Social Media...Weiner Can't


That syphilletic cretin can now stand proud and yell *Mission Accomplished*

Shouldn't Ginny and Clarence Thomas be investigated for tax evasion?

Wisconsin's largest Solar Farm is Epic

So let me get this straight - it is a crime for adult males to flirt online?

If Weiner admitted it on day one, this whole thing would've gone away

Are we hypocrites if we say Weiner should not resign?

Seems like Weiner made all of us look like idiots!

Sorry, I Still Support Anthony Weiner


A Refresher: Why Breitbart Is Massively More Despicable Than Weiner Could Ever Hope To Aspire To

I just don't care about the Weiner pseudo-scandal. Anybody else?

A Brief History of the Patriot Act - byTom Tomorrow

David Vitter David Vitter David Vitter David Vitter David Vitter

David Vitter David Vitter David Vitter David Vitter David Vitter

D-Day + 67 years

"...they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury..."

Meanwhile Rick Santorum describes the ability to regulate consensual homosexual acts...

Anybody else just sort of feeling sad and deflated re: Weiner?

Martin Luther King was a big time philanderer

Jonathan Alter gets an earful over his article attacking Diane Ravitch. Good for teachers!

The anger is real.

The smoke and Haze in Savannah is incredible

Ten Things to Do When You're Feeling Hopeless (Utne Reader)

Wiener has Now Given Credibility to Breitbart. Thanks Anthony!

Oh FFS! Now Hannity is claiming that Palin was right in saying Paul Revere

How we came to misunderstand dogs

Study: Power matters more than gender when it comes to Infidelity

Dolphin hooligans are going around killing innocent porpoises

Did Clarence Thomas sexually harass Anita Hill?

Democrats stay quiet on Medicaid cutbacks

Our Tahrir Square: DC's Freedom Plaza on October 6th

"WeinerGate" Ends When Mike Stack et al Are Investigated

The New Generation and the Digital Camera.

BUSH-ERA U.S. Attorney Is the TARGET of a Federal Investigation

Thank you for my star! & a PSA about politics.

Said Before, I'll say again. We CAN'T legalize, till we can test.

Said Before, I'll say again. We CAN'T legalize, till we can test.

Obama's in - no more tax breaks for millionaires

I spent much of today defending Congressman Weiner.

Capitalism vs Communism

Supreme Court allows California to grant in-state tuition to illegal immigrants

I stand with Anthony Weiner

Bandy a name....

Should any of what I say to get out of jury duty next month become public,


My daughter's facebook status......

Any Milwaukee Brewers fans here?

Who's your favorite Jack Kirby inker?

When your dog goes "Woof", is it normally a good thing or a bad thing?

I planted some bird seed, how much water do I add?

When your blonde lab-assistant goes "Woof!", is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Friday I left my phone at work. When I realized it, I went back...and everything was locked up.

I WANT one of these for my back yard

A quick review.

Long Red


Since I Had You

My new VERY favorite site: I give you...Jeremy Irons Crying.

A Love Of Your Own

The World of Today


Modest Mouse-Little Motel

My Little Girl

Field Of Sorrow

Funniest typo on a Chinese restaurant menu (or any cuisine)

You And The Music

It's so TWANGY! Lovin' Spoonful - "Do You Believe In Magic," Live, 1965

The Byrds-"Do You Believe In Magic"- LIVE on "Hullabaloo," 10/4/65

So in a nutshell you can now call the MTV Movie awards the Twilight Award Show

The Byrds, probably all hopped up on goofballs, "Eight Miles High" 9/23/70 @ the Fillmore East

Music Is My Sanctuary


Paul Revere's ride: Here is MY version and I am sticking with it...

Bobby Brown Goes Down

Shifting Gears


Evil Ways & Faith Interlude


She's A Woman

Coast Guard responds to sinking of the "Titanic". This is not a repeat from 1912.


Ugly is bad

With very few personal requests on my record.

Awww, kitty wants to play...

Breitbart breaks photo of President Obama's Weiner.

Breitbart breaks photo of President Obama's Weiner.

Hey Joe

I'll have some medium salsa with that Tornado.....

I see who's happy and who's not.

I've decided to wash my floor today

Question for any doctors/pharmacists on here:

So, who watched Game of Thrones last night? (spoilers)

Best places to eat in Portland OR

Never Gonna Give You Up

"Scientology, how about that? You hold on to the tin cans..."

I gotta get out of GD.. TOOOO many tempting copycats possible

I gotta get out of GD.. TOOOO many tempting copycats possible

A weeping Weiner stands proud in front of media, spouts truth. Regrets causing pain.

The internet is for...

I say to thee, the cock shall not crow, till thou deny me thrice.

What's a good move for a first date?

Apple, Windows of the early '90s called, it wants its program manager back.

Giorgio Tozzi (Some Enchanted Evening)

Ever walked into a plate glass window?

Drugs companies to lower price of vaccines in developing countries

Disseminating dirty digital images of yourself

How do I keep birds from eating the fish in my pond?

Cuomo Health Adviser Absolved in Ethics Inquiry

States slow to adopt health-care transition

"Eight Miles High" Husker Du

Semi-nude photo of President Obama shocks nation....

And you think YOU have had a bad day...

I believe cats are made of an entirely separate and different kind of matter.

any ideas for inexpensive wedding present for.. ?

Recipient of lewd tweet criticizes New York Post story via Twitter

Michael Moore offers job to fired Senate page (from Canada)

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

Yemen’s future after Saleh worries U.S. officials

Seabed mining risks in Pacific on Fiji talks agenda

New posters for classic movies

They Want to Make Voting Harder?

Mini warbler performing to teenage dream

NZ quake: Christchurch hit by magnitude 5.0 aftershock

Plans to build electric cars in 3 states stall

No.1 reactor vessel damaged 5 hours after quake (No. 2/3 reactors after 80/79 hours )

Patti Labelle sued over airport attack.

Buchanan: Evangelicals Would Support "Romney... Over "Barack ...Obama, Who's An African American

Left-winger Humala wins Peru election, markets plunge

Jurors Believed Cops Were Guilty of Rape, But Lack of DNA Forced Acquittal

Tokyo Doubles Estimate for Total Radiation Release In 1st Week After Quake

U.S. Missiles Kill 16 in Pakistan

5 U.S. troops killed in Iraq (June 6)

Bank Shares Take a Beating, and It May Not Be Over Yet

Assistant attorney general (WI) says Legislature can lock its doors to the public

Collider scientists close in on antimatter

NATO chief Rasmussen to ask allies to step up their participation in Libya operation

Weiner Press conference @ 4pm

Conservative Site Posts New Weiner Pics

Three arrested, accused of illegally feeding homeless

CNN Weiner Press Conference video

Katie Couric signs deal for ABC talk show

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, June 6, 2011

State Department blasted over private contractor management

Connecticut House to Vote on Decriminalizing Pot After Senate OKs Bill

Syria vows to retaliate after attack on police and security forces

Democrats stand behind (Paul) Ryan challenger Zerban

Pelosi Calls for Ethics Committee Investigation of Congressman Weiner

Rebels 'wrest town from Gaddafi forces'

Syria says 120 forces killed in northern 'massacre'

New York Congressman Weiner Admits Online Relationships With Various Women

As Arizona Fire Grows, Winds Spread a Smoky Haze

Eric Cantor: OK, Maybe The Debt Ceiling Deadline Is For Real

Some gay couples seek green cards in final effort to fight deportation in light of changes

White House brushes off House Libya resolution, unlikely to send formal response to questions

Paid Sick Leave Bill's Passage Makes For A Connecticut First

Rudy Giuliani says Mitt Romney made a "terrible mistake" with Massachusetts health care plan

Libyan rebels' advances near Misrata wiped out by Nato orders

Supreme Court Revives Suit Against Halliburton

Arguments begin in collective bargaining case (Wisconsin)

WikiLeaks shows bitter Canada-U.S. water tiff

First Trial Begins on Monday in the Winkler County Memorial Hospital Scandal

Supreme Court rejects illegal immigrants' tuition case (California in-state tuition)

Emissions record clouds climate talks after International Energy Agency report released

Dem senators to Biden: Ryan Medicare plan should be off the table

Anyone tried an "Ice bandanna" or something similar to keep cool?

Julian Assange Claims FBI Tried to Bribe Wikileaks Staff

Ollanta Humala Elected: Leftist Candidate Narrowly Wins Peru Election

FBI partner attacked by hackers, passwords taken

It's 89F out and I have no A/C, I'm ROASTING. Yuck!

Wisconsin (Supreme) court set to hearing arguments in union suit

South Carolina lawmaker files suit to block governor's order

River brings nuke plant declaration (stage one emergency in Nebraska)

India okays biggest deal with US for C-17s at $4.1 bn

Name a band that you don't like

Is there a song that you're embarrassed that you like?

Three score and 7 years ago,

Louisiana Republican Aims To Overturn Roe v. Wade

White House pledges Obama will order a ‘real drawdown’ of troops from Afghan war in July

NY Rep. Weiner admits he sent lewd pix; won't quit

GOP's Santorum say's he's running for president

E. coli outbreak in Europe not from sprouts: initial tests

Images of Budapest from last week

Wisconsin GOP leaders encouraging colleagues to place fake Democrats on recall ballots

One in four US hackers 'is an FBI informer'

3 nuclear reactors melted down after quake, Japan confirms

Name a band

**June 5th MFM Update (and beyond!)**

Is it just me, or is everyone who claims to be a Republican running for president?

I'm no fan of hers, but I'm ready to donate to Bachmann's campaign if they'll earmark it for

Vouchercare Is Not Medicare, By PAUL KRUGMAN

Letting a Diamond slip away

E.J. Dionne: The Canary in the GOP Coal Mine

Visualizing Impressions of the Republican Presidential Candidates

Politico: Jon Huntsman to be keynote speaker at College Republican Convention

Politico: Jon Huntsman to be keynote speaker at College Republican Convention

NYT: They Want to Make Voting Harder?

and the GOP field just gets better

Must read from Dean Baker: Disaster Not Averted

Goolsbee on Obama's jobs strategy

Daily Kos diary that obliterates the RW talking point on losing above 7.2% unemployment

Mitt should tell Rudy that he will apologize for RomneyCare when Rudy

WH: Earn While You Learn: 100 Years of Apprenticeship

GOP v.s Obama, in one toon

* Obama planning big pivot to jobs?

Covering Obama’s Secret War: When drones strike, key questions go unasked and unanswered

Dems draw hard line with White House: Time to take Ryancare off the table

Obama Wraps Meeting With Advisers on Afghan War

WH: Investing in Our Communities and Creating Jobs

Okay where are we exactly in Iraq and Afghanistan...

Tea Party Express chair admits movement is just an arm of the GOP

Supporting President Obama is easy.

Democrats 0 Republicans 1

Anybody else find it hard to watch this Wiener press conference?

Why the fuck do democrats let this guy get them all the time

Sy Hersh says Obama is Isolated... "differing opinions can't get to him"...he was "innocent"

What the hell is Micheal Steel doing on MSNBC is he a Contributor for them now

Steve McMahon: I will be surprise if Weiner is still in Congress in two weeks


I feel very confident that Barack Obama would never allow himself to get involved in a sex scandal.

"Who will be Palin's VP candidate?" The type of question, I fear, we will hear in 9-12 months.

MSNBC and the rest of the media is set to go after Weiner to RESIGN

Osama DEAD. WON in NY26. Economy adding jobs. And yet this dooming and glooming. Unreal.

Brigette DePape, Canadian Senate Page, silently protests Harper Gov't during Throne Speech

Psycho Brat Jordan Engle "Western Air" Netflix Ad

Young Turks: Drunk Drivers Can Sue Bartenders?

Thousands of Israeli youth chant "Mohammad is Dead"

Grover Norquist's Role in Budget Talks

Let's Be There

The Agenda Project: Patriotic Millionaires

RFK Assassination: Multiple Shooters

Did Your Representative Vote to End Medicare?

TDPS: Mainstreaming of Torture with "Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"

L. O'Donnell brilliant Take On The Right Wing's Fake 1967 Israeli Borders Controversy

Papantonio: America’s New Service Economy

Just Released! ANONYMOUS declares war on the system! JOIN THE RESISTANCE!

Condoleezza teams with Chevron

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Chuck Collins - Part 1 - Inequality 101

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Chuck Collins - Part 2 - Inequality 101

Ollanta Humala Elected: Leftist Wins Peru Election


FOX News Uses Tina Fey Photo As Sarah Palin

Boehner's 150 Economists Lie Exposed

Capitalism Has Failed America

Maids protest as DSK arrives at N.Y. court

Religious Leaders: GOP’s ‘Ayn Rand’ Budget Targets Poor, Goes Against Religious Values

Michael Smerconish (of all people) points out the GOPs hilarious hypocrisy on Israel

You STILL Have My Support, Mr. Weiner.

Interview with Rep Garamendi on the Make it in America Act

Andrew Breitbart Takes Over Anthony Weiner Conference

Rachel Maddow laughs at Republicans trying to unsay what they've said

Stop the Machine!

Sarah Plain doubles down on Paul Revere history lesson

Thom Hartmann: Does Obama have a secret weapon in the debt ceiling debate?

Andrew Breitbart Takes The Podium At Anthony Weiner's Press Conference Before The Congressman

Drone-Kill Culture: Predator Playstation

RT vs Mainstream Media

E.J. Dionne: The Canary in the GOP Coal Mine

United in Mutual Annoyance What's Gone Wrong with German-US Relations?

AIDS: 30 Years Later ( article collection, with comments)

A Call from Labor: Ban Big Bank Stock Options

Libya rebels want U.S. recognition to help pay bills

They Want to Make Voting Harder?

Vaccine price cuts win praise - but £2.2bn funding gap remains

Is the media FINALLY figuring out that Republicans don't care about the deficit?

Glued to The Weather Channel While the World Burns

In Defense Of Canadas Medicare

You can't reconcile Ayn Rand and Jesus

Sarah Palin's ''The Ride of Paul Revere. Also.''

Outsourcing War and Peace—Six Questions for Laura Dickinson by Scott Horton

India to raise H1B Visa issue with US: Sharma

Colombia's amoral development

The IMF slowly wakes up to economic reality

The Creeping Nausea of American Exceptionalism (James Howard Kunstler)

Firms halting coverage as reform starts: survey

Go to China, young scientist {no money for you in USA} (WaPo)

Glued to the Weather Channel While the World Burns

The Rise of the Second String Psychopaths

Tragedy in Joplin provides opportunity for new approach

Unions protest against UK jobs coming to India

Weiner’s confession is too little, too late

The Sky Really Is Falling & Our Only Salvation Is the Rapid Dismantling of the Fossil Fuel Industry

The Global Energy Crisis Deepens: Three Energy Developments That Are Changing Your Life

Running in the red: How the U.S., on the road to surplus, detoured to massive debt

The Water Is Wide: Building a Revolution

Why the Free Trade Agreement With Colombia is Still a Bad Idea

Australian Climate Scientists get death threats

Seabed mining risks in Pacific on Fiji talks agenda

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Cal Berkely radiation monitoring updates (kale/air/milk)

Our planet needs us

Scientists call for radiation exposure reduction

China shops for Latin American oil, food, minerals

Voluntary Carbon Markets Growing Explosively, Totalled Whopping 0.043% Of 2010 Emissions

Good Chance Mauve Stinger Jellyfish Will Hang Around FL Beaches For Another Year

China's EPA Delivers Annual Report - Environmental Situation "Very Grave" - NYT

Approaching 2-Year Mark On Pledge Of Climate Funding, Developing World Skeptical At Bonn Talks

NSIDC - Low Arctic Ice Extent In May, But Melt Will Depend On Weather Conditions

Record rains in California

Saudi Aramco Begins Shale Gas Operations In NW, Around Ghawar - SF Chronicle

Heaven help us - "Entering a Golden Age of Gas?"

Wheat Fields Wilt in Drought as Parched Earth Spreads From China to Kansas

Don't Play with Power Lines

Ray Kurzweil - The Movie - Energy Bulletin

Blowing Smoke: Correcting Anti-Wind Myths in Ontario

All 7 Major Chinese River Systems Polluted; 23.7% Of Flows Grade 4 Or 5; 16.4% Unusable For Anything

Japan Raises Estimate of Initial Radiation Release (more than doubled)

Saudi plans to build 16 nuclear reactors by 2030

Germany Must Find 10 Gigawatts of Capacity, Handelsblatt Says

May 2011 Atmospheric CO2 Concentration 394.35; May 2010 - 393.22; May 2009 - 390.18

Rate Of Atmospheric Carbon Buildup Now 10X Faster Than During Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum

Saudi prince: "We don't want the West to go and find alternatives..."

Carbon Release to Atmosphere 10 Times Faster Than in the Past, Geologists Find

Truckers Choose Hydrogen Power

Merkel's Cabinet Backs Nuclear Shutdown, Wins Support

Emissions reports on vehicles using water for fuel (Major Dialup Warning)

French Areva wants to build nuclear recycling facility in US.

Quote Of The Day - Robert Gates

Westboro Protests Outside NBA Finals

U.K. Scouts: We Want Gay Members

Wingnut Loses Mind Over Rainbow Flag

Red Sox to produce an "It Gets Better" anti-bullying video for gay youth

France's First Gay Marriage

Wanda Sykes: Harder to be gay than black in America - Groups don't tell people to stop being black

I feel...dirty

Bill granting rabbis immunity for incitement charges shot down

Muslim Creationists, Same as the Other Creationists

Office pool: how many governors will rush to Houston in August for a chance to pray with Perry?

Monks' suit over caskets heads to trial

Doyle McManus: Shifting sands of religion and politics

World atheist convention chairman of irish group explains atheist 'arrogance'

Summarised: Every science v. religion discussion in history

The JR Chess Report (June 5): Anand defeats Shirov in Rapid Match; Marseille Wins French ChT

Just how much will the USMNT suck in the Gold Cup?

Ex-NY Giants star Burress released from prison after gun charge; hopes to play in NFL again

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, June 5)

"it was like pitching to a freshly-syringed Barry Bonds in the ninth inning with first base open".

How LeBron was introduced in Dallas - Video

Avatar Change!

USC stripped of title

Lawyers, not IDF, at forefront of battle against flotilla

Tel Aviv: Thousands rally in support of Palestine

Report: Fatah vows retaliation for Naksa Day deaths

Is an attack on Iran in the works? by Victor Kotsev

U.N. chief says Gaza flotilla panel to report in July

IDF: Protesters caused their own deaths