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Archives: June 8, 2011

This is interesting...(Texas "Mass Grave" Reporting)

Rightwing school reform toon

Iran Submarines in Red Sea to Spot Naval Vessels, Fars Says

Response to Jefferson Memorial dance party was an assault on common sense

I don't give a shit about the grifter, but this makes me furious!

I want to ask a question here

How is Spitzer covering the Weiner story?

I just got around to opening the 2011 Presidential Survey from the DNC.

Local Planned Parenthood may close.

NOM contradicts itself on gay parenting

the sun lets loose a huge explosion

I'd love to know what someone just tuning in to LO is thinking.

Feel like a jackass for defending Weiner? Don't. It's not your fault!

You go Rachel - Sanford never resigned

Thanks Albert... I Needed That... Especially This Week...

It's all about priorities.

(Privatized) jail inmates say doctor molested them

Madison, Wisconsin: "Walkerville" Day 4

If they vote to not raise the debt ceiling, deny their state Federal Funds.

Obama's decision on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is forthcoming, what is 'significant'?

A bromance is born: O'LOOFAH and BREITBART bond, trade security tips against Lib assassins

Using Facebook to serve legal papers

Letter from Russ Feingold to get donations to make sure Walker is stopped with the re-calls

Private party goes viral on facebook unbeknownst to the host, 1500 showup, 100 cops

Maine lawmakers approve regulatory rollback bill


Former New York police officer gets 20 years for robbery

Delta Airlines Charges Returning U.S. Soldiers Extra Baggage Fees

Nortel auction highlights rise of patent marketplace

Here's A Couple Of Points Of History I Want Conservatives To Talk About...

Unwanted radioactive sewage sludge piling up (JAPAN)

This is about to hit us

Surviving Job Hell: Working Three Jobs to Make Half Your Old Pay

Partial evacuation of southwestern US town under way as massive wildfire nears

For all the DUers who don't give a flip about the Weiner

Workers prepare water decontamination system at nuclear plant (JAPAN)

Jon Stewart holding press conference

Suicides top 3,000 in May (JAPAN)

Kids need donations for their mud walk!

Who Are The Rentiers? Paul Krugman

Jon Stewart Accidentally Cuts Hand While Mocking Rep. Weiner Press Conference - VIDEO

Govt to test vegetable radioactivity ...(JAPAN)

Gadhafi daughter files lawsuits over NATO campaign

Rachel Maddow brings IOKIYAR to the masses

Photo of the Day (JAPAN)

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Party of David Vitter & Larry Craig & Newt Gingrich Tells Anthony Weiner To Resign

All we are saying is give peace a chance.

Anthony Weiner Should Resign - James Fallows

Party of David Vitter & Larry Craig & Newt Gingrich Tells Anthony Weiner To Resign

What Anthony Weiner should say:

So if he didn't get hacked does he just not remember?

The Penis Disguise Kit Could Have Saved Anthony Weiner A Lot Of Trouble

"Art For Joplin"...St. Louis design firm "Moosylvania" donates 100% of proceeds from art sale

World's most obscene luxury items

Street gang charged with terrorizing blacks in Azusa; 51 indicted

Keith hasn't taked to Rachel since he's been gone from MSNBC

What the religious right calls "therapy" for gay kids is, very simply, child abuse

Update on "Mass Grave" story... Blood is from suicide attempt


The TRUTH IS......these low-life congress critters that we have elected into

Gates Urged To Certify ‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal Before Retirement

A Candid, and Prophetic, Interview With Weiner

Delta Airlines Charges Returning U.S. Soldiers Extra Baggage Fees

Rudy Guiliani said this today...

Rudy Guiliani said this today...

Guess what app is #7 in Apple's TOP FREE iPad Apps?

Ask me about my agony and despair! By Mark Morford

Therapy to change 'feminine' boy created a troubled man, family says

Former Interior secretary calls out Obama on the environment

Am I the only one who is reminded of Kelly Bundy

Republicans are hypocrites. Who knew?

Andrew Breitbart Is Offended (And Offensive)

Police testify at trial of doctor accused of raping toddlers

Firms to cut health plans as reform starts: survey

KO Interview with The Hollywood Reporter...Great Stuff.

Senate showdown over limiting debit card fees

I seriously think that the congressman would benefit from some rehab. Then he can reenter the

Conyers says ‘ObamaCare’ with pride

Conyers says ‘ObamaCare’ with pride

Country singers, casinos and corruption.....just another day at the Alabama Statehouse

Big 5 Defense Contractors Not Hurt by Their Multiple Cases of Misconduct

East Africa faces 'world's worst food security crisis' (BBC)

The Truth About Paul Ryan

Top Senate Democrat (Levin) Wants Major Withdrawal from Afghanistan

Whenever a scandal hits an elected leader, I am reminded of Steve Martin's "A Public Apology"

Wisconsin: Walkers latest "budget" is greatest dismantling of environmental protection in history.

TN abortion foes want Planned Parenthood to lose $1M

Carl Lewis easily wins NJ Senate Dem primary

Poll Finds Weiner Can Keep His Congress Seat But Should Not Eye City Hall

WikiLeaks cables reveal more juveniles detained at Guantanamo Bay than U.S. claimed

Can the Democrats Keep Weiner's Seat?

Skypark, Singapore?

It's the economy stupid!

Are either of these numbers impactful?

The hard truth about health care: Government works

Starvation By The Numbers

Starvation By The Numbers

GOP Hopeful Herman Cain: David Koch's Stalking Horse?


"Winning the Future" - A slogan or an agenda?

Bring BBQ indoors: Texas county bans grills for July 4

Keys to the Kingdom--Bob Graham's book

Keys to the Kingdom--Bob Graham's book

Seems The Only Way To Get Americans Interested in Politics and Government Is Through Sex Scandals

The Lives of Homeless Children

The Smart-ALECs Who Are Writing the GOP’s Laws

republicans want Democrats to act how they preach they are going to

Highway Bandits Strike Maine's Loony Governor

People aren't eating enough Big Macs to satisfy Wall Street

Sarah 'Wadsworth' Palin recites 'Paul Revere's Ride'

Turkey will not close doors to Syrian refugees: PM

Pawlenty wants to ban the Post Office

Judge blasts Cisco's 'unmitigated gall' in ex-exec's arrest

Rep. Broun Fine With 250,000 PUBLIC Employees Being LAID OFF Because They Should ‘ GET A REAL JOB ’

More Great Ideas from Wisconsin Republicans: Deregulating Sewage

Drone Strikes Kill 20 in Pakistan

The Truth About "Erectile Dysfunction"

Joan Walsh Twitter fight

ANALYSIS: Pawlenty’s Tax Plan Would Cost $7.8 Trillion Over Ten Years, Triple The Size Of Bush Tax C

ANALYSIS: Pawlenty’s Tax Plan Would Cost $7.8 Trillion Over Ten Years, Triple The Size Of Bush Tax C

Boehner’s Monthly $2,000 Tab

Company Town ( a poem I wrote after touring Hanford Nuclear Reservation)

Conservatives: the economy tanked because Obama criticized Paul Ryan's plan

Conservatives: the economy tanked because Obama criticized Paul Ryan's plan

I yearn for the time we stop calling Scandals "Gate"

Is there a correlation between right-wing thinking and laziness?

Which Is The Bigger Dick?

Republican freshmen spend big bucks on cars, PR

Who is really waging "class warfare"?

Oh goody gumdrops, manufacturing is coming back!

The Palin-Bachmann Fight We've All Been Waiting For

Democratic Rule Remakes Connecticut’s Legislature. MOST liberal state, This is the test

Toon-Too Broke

Police Arrest Priest, Lie on Report

I'm about to throw up

Alfred Freedman, American psychiatrist, Dead at 94

Herman Cain Pledges Not To Sign Any Bill Longer Than Three Pages

Herman Cain Pledges Not To Sign Any Bill Longer Than Three Pages

Not a bathroom: Conn. city shuts off fountain because people were using it as toilet, shower

None Dare Call It Treason…

New Low Paying Jobs Will Lead to High Debt

E.Coli outbreak traced to north German farm

Pawlenty Will Be The Republican Nominee In 2012-

Most "elitist" sports normal citizens can compete in? Try the Ironman Triathalon(s)

Pakistan defense budget surges 12%

Transcript released of Anthony Weiner's sexchat...

Former ACORN director now at the Black Institute

St. Petersburg Times: Gov. Rick Scott undermines Florida's water policy

Should dem congressional leadership be standing up for Weiner?

The Bernanke Scandal: Full-Frontal Cluelessness

On the GOPers who claim "We didn't create this mess!"

New Quinnipiac University poll

there is another aspect to the Weiner scandal.... and it is cultural

i just turned Lawrence O'donnell off

Photo: Keef & Big Dog (with a doggie bag)

It's been 24 hours since Weiner's Press Conference. Has his wife said anything?

Official something more important that Anthony Weiner thread:

Pakistan militant group vows to escalate fight in Afghanistan

I choose to support issues over people.

COULTERgeist is on The View: "Violence at (TeaBaggers) parties has been by LIBERALS"

Nation building in Afghanistan. 97% of GDP is based on war effort.

U.S. Plans Private Guard Force for Iraq (Hiring 5,100 Mercenaries)

Toon- laughing at us

Greenpeace Fights Mattel Corp over Indonesia's Rainforests

Charter Schools Tied to Turkey Grow in Texas

History according to Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin

How long was Weiner's wiener up on Twitter?

Democratic sex scandals are always incredibly lame, compared to the Republican ones

Wisconsin: Republican mouthpiece testifies in fake recall signature case

Sadly, Palin may be about average

Hard Science!

Anti-Defamation League Criticizes Yale University's Decision To Cancel Anti-Semitism Program

Hey Evan (Bayh)!!! - Go Fuck Yourself, You Goddamned DINO !!!

NATO Planes Bomb Tripoli for Hours on End

Robert Reich -- Jamie Dimon’s Bizarre Idea About Why The Recovery Has Stalled

Senator Mark Kirk--IL--foreign policy

Uganda: Permit required to walk to work (to suppress alternative protest)

The Rude Pundit: A Note to Chris Christie and Mitch Daniels ...

Obama’s illegal war against Libya

9 Signs That We May Be Living Through Another Depression

The house GOP is Trying to Repeal the Medicare Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Measures!

Catherine Ferguson Academy to close.



Handmade Anti-Obama Sign Currently Frontrunner For Republican Presidential Nomination

Wisconsin: Walkders "budget" req's local gov't to use private contractors for road work over $100K

Eastern Arizona wildfire displaces up to 3,000 people

Voice of America operator plans "sunset" for shortwave radio broadcasts

Hillary and Angela Merkel share a laugh

Is Google down?

Ok, so this one made me laugh (warning, Weiner toon)

Jon Stewart lampoons Weiner with mock press conference

Jon Stewart lampoons Weiner with mock press conference

Underemployed Americans' Wellbeing Continues to Suffer

Catholic Charities sues state of Illinois over new gay, lesbian foster parent rule

Actively Disengaged Workers and Jobless in Equally Poor Health

Health official urges measles vaccine for those traveling abroad ~

Msg. to All from Sen. Pat Leahy on the Faster Freedom of Information Act:

Well, at least we didn't go to war for Weiner's photos (STRONG warning - NSFWgraphic image)

Worldwide, Good Jobs Linked to Higher Wellbeing

Worldwide, Good Jobs Linked to Higher Wellbeing

Weiner never judged me

Oakland to pay $175,000 to manhandled TV cameraman

Education officials break down Stockton man's door

"We’re still going broke in three wars and the only thing we can talk about is Palin& Weiner"

SWAT team busts into house over student loan default

Afghanistan envoy nomineer: Afghanistan progress is not hopeless

Afghanistan envoy nomineer: Afghanistan progress is not hopeless

L.A. wants right to ignore illegal immigration enforcement plan

A Nation On a Self-Destructive Path; The Dismantling Of The Middle Class

Bachmann’s new campaign manager panned her chances of winning

Sometimes people do things of great import and get their names changed.

Cain & Pawlenty give :"The Onion" worthy policy speeches

99.9% of what we see on TV news is not worth matter which channel

I've seen Arnold's Penis...

Thousands of dead sand dollars and sea stars recently washed up in NW Florida (BP? hmmmm)

There is no divide - 51% of New Yorkers say it doesn't matter

U.S. cancer drugs shortage has doctors scrambling

Seriously, how much of this can we take at once?

Nieman Lab: Inbox Influence tool gives stats on political connections

Did You Know? Republican Candidate Edition

US judges seem receptive to health care challenge

2 people die as bear flies through SUV

New elements added to chemistry's periodic table

Woman takes ex-boyfriend to court over his anti-abortion billboard

Michele Bachmann Said What!?

Trial tape: Rahm Emanuel asked Rod Blagojevich to appoint Claypool

Paintings that Right Wing Ideologues won't order removed.

Forget weiners! Impeach Clarence Thomas!

Shrinking Valuations Drive Bank Payroll Cuts

Andrew Breitbart on Weiner and women’s porn preferences

Patrick Leahy wants you to tell your Rep to support the 2011 FOIA

Three Senators Co-Sponsor Bill To Delay Financial Reform Provision They Voted For Last Year

APNewsBreak: Congress to hold Boeing hearing in SC

NYC Mayor Baldwin?

Danziger on Santorum

Well said cock shot has been released. . .lets move on. . . oh & Brietbart lied about not showing it

Andrea Mitchell just claimed the Qpoll shows Romney leading Obama even though the graphic they put

China Ripoffs Cost U.S. $48 billion and 923,000 Jobs in 2009.

Got climate change? Snow in June....

Therapy to change 'feminine' boy created a troubled man, family says

Watch Jon Stewart Bleed for Weiner

Six seconds of your time to stop LGBT Bullying

Former PM of Iceland Charged Over Banking Scandal

White House Makes Nice With Bahrain as Detentions and Prosecutions Continue

10 Reasons Andrew Breitbart Should Apologize (Or Just Shut Up and Go Away)

Westboro Baptist to Picket Gov. Perry's "Day of Prayer"

Self-deleted by member

Self-deleted by member

Md. court votes to allow anonymous juries

Woman loses job over tweet

Go Green - Recycle CONGRESS!! nt

What kind of country does the right want? Can they point to one?

The NYer: A Judge On Trial (Baltasar Garzon)

European Credit Agency Downgrades US Credit Rating from AAA to AA

I know a weiner man

Rachel Maddow destroys Michael Steele as he tries to rationalize Republican hypocracy over Weiner.

HWNN calling on Kaine to sit down and shut up! n/t

SF: Now that he's through with us, Gavin Newsom moves to Marin.

Sounds like America is playing with its Wiener

Explicit Wiener Photo Goes Public

Wisconsin Election Watchers: What are the Republicans trying to pull with this?

Stephen Coffeen: 'Red Bull Killer' not guilty by reason of insanity, will receive no jail time

How the GOP Can Take Anthony Weiner's Seat

MoveOn admits to defacing Fox News HQ in prank

Texas Gov Perry's nondenomination prayer circle. (No Jews, Muslims, or Catholics please)

Penis prank visible from space

Penis prank visible from space

Canada confirms it will reject new Kyoto Protocol

Audit: Hurdles remain for upcoming Mars mission

Audit: Hurdles remain for upcoming Mars mission

"I see one-third of the nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished . . .

GO CT! Dem's pass tax increase, protections for transgenders...

Weiner Making Calls To Democrats To Apologize

Top Democrat calls on Anthony Weiner to resign

I love technology, but it was easier to stay out of trouble back then.

Just HOW Hard Can We Make it to Save a Dog’s Life? NYC’s ACC Is Looking to Find Out.

Kaine calls on Weiner to resign

hey butt-head, i'm gonna tweet my tweeter..

John Sinclair: Finally, a card that recognizes marijuana as medicine across the EU

Will "Weiner!" Be a Comedy or a Tragedy?

Bahrain Grand Prix will be cancelled without support of drivers and teams

Geithner is driving the economic agenda, which means Obama reelection strategy, too

Charter school operators have San Jose in the crosshairs

I am conflicted as to whether or not Anthony Weiner should step down.

Dear Mr. Breitbart

Poster in Philly on Tweety's live program

The Dangerous Mr. Khan

ICE Response to States’ Rejection of Secure Communities Characteristic of Agency’s Dishonesty

NEOCONS Spin Two ‘ Lost ’ WARS

NEOCONS Spin Two ‘ Lost ’ WARS

:) the redistricting crosshairs...Doggett, Kucinich, Weiner

Famous junk...let's recap for fun.

Steven Colbert: Paul Revere's Famous Ride According to Professor Palin

Rapper Lupe Fiasco calls Obama 'biggest terrorist'

With all the shit going on, Anthony Weiner still has time

A couple of weeks ago, the high temp barely broke 50 in waterlogged SE Michigan......

Here's what Norman Mailer had to say about journalists...

WI recall: Former county GOP leader to challenge Shilling as Democrat

Weiner's district could get cut in redistricting, sources say

CNN headline "Mounting Pressure on Weiner."

I'll be pleasantly surprised...

Has Debbie Wasserman Schultz Spoke About Weiner...Seems Quiet.

Murdoch's hacking may have targeted Tony Blair and Kate Middleton..

He SUMMONED the press to his office. He claimed to be the victim of a FEDERAL CRIME.

Bill Moyers on Jeremiah Wright's "come apart" at the National Press Club:

Anybody remember Ryan's voucher program?

So There Was This Elderly Couple At The Store Today...

Ex-fugitive gets prison in Dearborn Medicare fraud - Now, how 'bout the Fla Governor?

Who else is impressed with the media's in depth reporting on Anthony Wiener's Wiener?

More Weiner news....

OK - admit it - did you take a peek?

Who would you rather have in Government creating policy?

Gov Ed Rendell calls for Weiner to step down, admit himself to inpatient rehab.

A foolish consistency.

Speaking of fascism: Is American law enforcement colluding with Cisco?

Senate rejects pro-bank swipe-fee measure

Weinergate Offers A Window Into America’s Faux-Prudery

Weinergate Offers A Window Into America’s Faux-Prudery

Thank you Senators

Cenk Cenk Cenk - ask that jackass Blakeman about

How "dumbed-down" will Ed Rollins have to really go..

Weinergate Roundup: Top Five Posts

Is arrested development considered a mental illness?

Sugar daddy’ dating website offers Rep. Anthony Weiner $50,000 to be spokesman

First House Democrat calls for Weiner to step down


A decade of congressional sex scandals

Cain’s Plan For Securing The Border: Build The Great Wall Of China, Fill A Moat With Alligators

They're trying to privatize our public water and sewer systems.

They're trying to privatize our public water and sewer systems.

Prosecutor tells jurors: Blagojevich lied to you

Upcoming AP article will feature religious right crybabies

America Stops Looking For Workers

Judge: Tip about bodies in Texas came from psychic

My fellow New Yorkers. Do we have a good replacement in line for Weiner's seat should he step down?

Chile's volcano. Holy crap!

CNN TV: Ventura defends Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

Casperson reacts to recall effort

In Case You Missed This... 'America the Angry' (Shoutout To Kentuck...You Were Right!)

Sarah Palin supporters: really exemplifying the fact that...

I wish I could scrub the net of anything Anthony Weiner

White House defends Obama meeting with Gabon leader

Jilted ex-boyfriend puts up abortion billboard

Should Anthony Weiner immediately resign his post as a U.S. representative?

SWAT Teamed..... for Student Loans ....Dept. of Education breaks down Stockton man's door

Ed Fed's Lies are transparent.

APNewsBreak: Rep Tsongas: Weiner should step down

Connecitcut State Senate passes bill to ensure citizens rights to record police

Heat and air quality advisories have been issued in the Northeast

Wisconsin Gov. Walker removes painting of poor children

Jonathan Capehart: Anthony Weiner must go

Stephen Colbert: According to Rand Paul, anyone who listens to Rand Paul should be arrested

Suppose Weiner resigns ... now what? Special election?

Limbaugh gets trolled, and it's fabulous.

Brietbart Releases Nude Pic of Anthony Wiener.

My neighbors have two teabagger campaign signs in their yard.

Zany Mormon Influences on Mitt Romney: W. Cleon Skousen

If the US defaults on its debt, even for a little while, what commodity's value will raise the most?

Weiner's days in office are numbered, now it's about the best exit strategy

SWAT Team Busts into Home over Student Loan Default

More Democrats Urge Weiner to Resign; Watchdog (CREW) Sees Double Standard

Rep. Anthony Weiner may have violated House Ethics Rules by offering PR advice to porn star

Happy Birthday Gabby Giffords! Link to send her birthday wishes:

Margie Schoedinger, suicide (questionable) accused GWB of Rape

Jake Tapper: A Lot of the tut-tutting re: Weiner

Now there's this: Anthony Weiner, wife reportedly expecting first child

Coulter dishes it out but can't take it (Ann Coulter And Piers Morgan Have Awkward Conversation)

Man who lifted minivan off 50-year-old: 'He was taking his last breath, I do believe'

Weiner’s Wife Is Pregnant?

Weiner’s Wife Is Pregnant?

Board mum on Nickolaus election inquiry-Waukesha WI

Purity Rings - We used to make fun of these people

Perhaps we hold ourselves to a higher standard to a fault.

A moment of quiet respect for the Mods who surely must have been working OT

Obama presses Europe, pledges help for Greek crisis

Not impressed with Jon Stewart

I'm moving back into the lookout tower tomorrow. Hurrah!

Expansion of earmarks while Gingrich was speaker could alienate tea party voters

Bachmann vs Palin AKA Crazy and dumb vs Dumb and crazy. Only ONE can win, who will it be?

Walmart allows unions in other countries...even China

Paul Krugman Blog-Welcome to the recovery

Far more calls for Weiner to resign than for torture & war crimes to be prosecuted.

From Conan O'Brien: The Sarah Palin History Channel

My post # 29,000

Taxpayers Get BILKED For Sarah Palin’s DIVA BUS TOUR PERKS

Is there anything more irritating than the "there's only one party" farce?

Any day now, some Congresswoman's nipple pictures will cause headlines

I keep hearing "what if a Republican sent a cock pic to a college girl. . ." so I'll answer

2 people die as bear flies through SUV

South Carolina man says new photo ID law will prevent him from voting

Right Now, the GOP House is Trying to Repeal the Medicare Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Measures by Dems!

I would like to see "Fighter" Anthony Weiner come out now

For those who don't know where to find Keith Olbermann's new show

To the 300 or so people posting pictures of hot dogs, and other "Weiner" puns...

Texting Lights Up Same Area Of Brain As Drugs. Sexting Combines That W/Sexual Gratification

As a person in the Network Security business--- we can get you.

Teen's dad spends school year waving at bus, embarrassing son

Just pay up, don't worry if you really owe the $$ debt collector says

TRUTHDIG: old corporate Democrats never die, they just draw nigh to their masters...

Is the benefit of Weiner resigning worth the costs of a special election?

Jon Walker: Roosevelt Institute Abandons Traditional Liberal Health Care Policies For Pete Peterson

What the U.S. DOT has to say about it, end of story.

I am *DONE* with the Weiner, it goes against my strict policy

US drone strike kills 23 in Pakistan

Jesse Ventura ‘assuming the role’ of Hunter S. Thompson

Belgium Launches First Solar-Driven Train

Walmart's been quiet for the last few years, but don't lose sight of the fact that they, as much . .

We need a "Hide the Weiner" button here at DU.

Canadian Catholic School Bans Rainbows at Anti-Homophobia Event

oh for pete's sake, "Psychic's Tip About Bodies Was Hoax."

Ann Coulter says Kent State shootings justified.

Does what Rep. Anthony Weiner did constitute cheating on his wife?

Why did CNN edit its own video from yesterday? Something they don't want a lot of people seeing?

Obama ignores worsening jobs crisis

She learned US history from a Bugs Bunny cartoon!!!

As soon as a Republican who lied about Death Panels resigns ...

World's most powerful group meets in St Moritz

5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head -- And That the Media Are Ignoring

There seems to be a common "deep sh*t" facial expression when pols get caught, have ya noticed?

"74 reporters can get a hold of me on my cell phone, but the sheriff can not."

NYTimes Whitewashes Stalking Behavior Of Far Right Porn Freaks Who Preyed On Young Women

State rep in Mass.: Illegal immigrant rape victims? Who cares?

White House disses Senate Dems’ jobs bill because it’s not small enough

"Our Weiner is still better than your Boehner"

Bill Clinton: US could save more than $1 trillion per year by adopting universal health coverage

Weiner’s Wife Is PREGNANT

Weiner's SERIOUSLY Lewd Pic---it was given to me...on a political chat!

Report From Tokyo: The Spread of Radioactivity

Toon - Rall captures the employers' reasoning

Well got the news I somewhat expected

Does anybody seriously think Clarence Thomas will have to pay for his dirty deeds?

Dept of Education uses SWAT to collect student loan

WTF? Weiner was warned his tweets were being scrutinized for lewd content and he kept on doing it!

TEPCO mulls release of decontaminated water

10 Reasons Not to Invest in Nuclear Energy

10 Reasons Not to Invest in Nuclear Energy

Another Weiner Thread. Please take note of the Democrats that are calling for Weiner to resign.

Poll: Obama tops all leading Republicans by wide margin

The Wisdom of Buckminster Fuller (...on corporations, jobs, and revolution)

Three Wisconsin Democratic Senators will have to face recall elections.

Apple's Jobs shows off "spaceship" headquarters plan

Has Your Congress Critter Ever Had Phone Sex? Have YOU?

Volcano erupts in Chile - The Big Picture

Even more truly obscene luxury items

Breitbart leaks photo of Weiner’s naked penis

Nigeria: The Cost of Oil - @in_focus (The Atlantic)

Weiner's Mistake: Standing Up For Social Security

Those wild fires in Arizona are getting out of hand

Wisconsin: "The greatest act of election fraud the State has ever seen."

Bachmann's campaign says you know she's smart because she's on the intelligence committee.

This is how California checks up on the poor in low income housng

Obama: Senate Dems' jobs bill is too expensive

I'm worried how explicit the Weiner stuff could get.

And now, another gem of conservative wisdom from Facebook

Snoutport's story really got to me - Should teachers be able to carry stun guns?

If a person makes $250, 000 per year, how many months does it take for them to match your salary?

Life isn't fair, as Carter wisely said. Sometimes you have to take one for the team.

A lot of the Dems say that A.Weiner should resign ...

Saddest news of the day...and then there were 7

ICC prosecutor - Kadhafi ordered sex drugs for Libya rapes

Toon: Elect Estrogen 2011

Florida investigates a private school that gets vouchers, is run by a felon, no legit certification.

Arnie Gundersen: 5 radioactive "Hot Particles" breathed in by West Coasters daily - CNN

Mitt is white! Obama is black! And that may be the 2012 Republican campaign slogan.

How do we know that picture is of Weiner's penis? I just saw a penis! It could be Brietbart's

Sooo...for those whose dealbreaker on Weiner is that he fondled/photographed his dick in his office

Would you mind if someone proposed building a nuclear reactor 30 miles from your home?

Vegas Mayoral Candidate Sees Own Vote Flipped to Opponent on Touch-screen Voting Machine

I'm for hanging Weiner out to dry.

Democrats just have no fucking balls....

Some common sense from Andrew Sullivan re: Weiner.

Do you know why America can't fix itself?


Im achtzigsten Stockwerk

Watching KC and Toronto and wondered...

Four feet in Heaven

If you can find it, I HIGHLY recommend the book "People Like US"

One of my dogs is going to another home tomorrow

WOW...this new album "Nagelbett" by Autobahn might be the best album of 2011.

Just had to post this. Major ugly cry alert.

Anyone here from Boston? Do you guys piss, moan and cry like this about ALL sports?

Yes, there will be sunflowers

Seeing a trend again.

NZ mourns death of Shrek the famously shaggy sheep

My 1000th post

SHE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!

One 17lb cat better be glad that Best Buy didn't ask alot of questions

I want to ask a question here

He had really big teeth......

Dirk Nowitzki Fever

Dolphin Butt Sex

Website Marketing Associate Job Opening in D.C. with Nat'l Seniors Nonprofit

Visiting Puerto Rico, any suggestions?

Best place to buy mp3s?


What news are you most pissed off about today?

China warns U.S. debt-default idea is "playing with fire"

I know a weiner man

Explicit Wiener Photo Goes Public

hey butt-head, i'm gonna tweet my tweeter..

From the inventor of the Lung Flute, a new way to cough: THE PURR-COUGH.

They must be stopped !!!

It's the second decade of the 21st century. Where's my goddamned flying car?1

Beaver shot

I now know what is wrong with GD! Over 100 replies and only 9 people...


Why can't I pet LynneSin's [pet] beaver???

I'm hiding so many threads...

Lookie!!! They made a movie called "The Pompatus of Love"

Who would you rather have in Government creating policy?

Just wiped and reinstalled Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)

One strange tip for a small belly


Sex "doesn't affect your ability to think or operate heavy equipment" - from GD

Shama lama lama ding dong.

Sugar daddy’ dating website offers Rep. Anthony Weiner $50,000 to be spokesman

Damn...this little bunny can jump higher than I can (Pic)

Baby Boomer DUers: What are we supposed to do?

Bad news for those planning a culinary pilgrimage to SF: Grasshopper tacos are no more

14 Palestinians killed in Syria camp

With all the shit going on, Anthony Weiner still has time

We should design a briefing book for the perfect DU candidate:

Ironic titles of literature

Primus is in town tonight. I first saw them 18 years ago

Now, THIS is how to grill a weiner...

Salmonella cases rise in United States, federal report shows

Of the following possible usernames, which one would be coolest?

My son's review of Bright Eyes concert in Louisville last night

If I die too young, what should I leave for my children?

'We never kicked him,' say officers behind Nobody's G20 arrest

Psychic's mass grave tip proves false

I don't care what you losers think!!!!! Not one bit at all....

I'm gonna be OLD.

No hospital wait for 'buddies' of Alta. politicians: doctor

Colombia 'most dangerous place' for labor uninionists

Attn Married/Women in relationships. Send me nude pix of yourself

Party of David Vitter & Larry Craig & Newt Gingrich Tells Anthony Weiner To Resign

Pawlenty to Call for Deep Tax Cuts

Montreal police bullets kill 2: homeless man in altercation, innocent bystander

France Bans News Anchors From Saying “Twitter” and “Facebook”

Which company should I go with?

Penis prank visible from space

Why can't I have a pet beaver?

What about the X-Men Mutant Whose Powers Are Really Useful for Fighting Evil

Tropical forests 'better managed'

Greenpeace stages protest at Mattel office over Barbie packaging

Va. federal judge rejects government request to reconsider on donations

Weiner Told Porn Star to Lie, Offered PR Help

Weiner Told Porn Star to Lie, Offered PR Help

After 40 Years, the Complete Pentagon Papers

US backs Bahrain despite its HR abuses

Iran To Triple Capacity To Enrich 20% Uranium

OPEC to hike output, Iran proposes compromise

Clinton, NATO Plan Post-Qaddafi Libya as Yemen Unravels

US drone strike kills 23 in Pakistan

Judge Rules Against APD In Shooting


Former priest pleads guilty to 17 sex charges

OMG, I'm tired of your stereo and typing !!!!

Update on school

Is there a difference in the way one is supposed to pronounce PEN and PIN?

Spain protesters vote to dismantle Puerta del Sol tent city

Expansion of earmarks while Gingrich was speaker could alienate tea party voters

Delta charges troops $2,800 in excess baggage fees

Gadhafi's daughter files war crimes lawsuit against NATO

Gadhafi's daughter files war crimes lawsuit against NATO

(NY) Majority (56%) Don't Think Weiner Should Resign

SWAT Team Busts into Home over Student Loan Default

SWAT Team Busts into Home over Student Loan Default

Craft brewers vent anger over budget provision (WI)

(WI) Renter protections would be 'wiped out' by fast-tracked Republican measure, advocates warn

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Question about US Route 98 in Florida east of Panama City Beach

meet my new pal, Joe

Federal proposal would toughen debt restrictions on mortgages

Gaddafi's forces hit back in Libya as Britain tells Nato: you must do more

Major Net slowdown hours away

Roy Skelton (Dalek Voice Actor) Dies

In Santa Monica, Circumcision Opponent Abandons Efforts

Goodrich will close Cleveland landing-gear plant (400 jobs eliminated)

2 people die as bear flies through SUV

Fugitive accused of stealing $100K captured by SWAT team

China Official: GOP 'Playing With Fire' With Debt Ceiling

Casperson reacts to recall effort

War on Women Is 2012 Democrat Rallying Call Against Republicans

Obama, Karzai discuss Afghan casualties, stress Taliban to blame for most

))) +++++ @@@@@ ^^^^^ RED ALERT! IT'S THE POUTINE BURGER...A DREAM COME TRUE! ^^^^^ @@@@@ +++++ (((

City (Yakima) reverses decision and adopts controversial immigration screening (E-Verify)

City (Yakima) reverses decision and adopts controversial immigration screening (E-Verify)

US universities in Africa 'land grab'

Republican-led House committee traveling to SC to hold hearing on Boeing, NLRB dispute

Healthcare will take up nearly 20% of the U.S. economy by 2019

UK and France seek UN resolution on Syria

Anti-Union Delta Charges $2800 In Baggage Fees To Returning Afghanistan Troops

Suicides top 3,000 in May (JAPAN)

Civilians flee for border as Assad forces advance on rebel town

Civilians flee for border as Assad forces advance on rebel town

Progress in Afghanistan called hard but not ‘hopeless’

Record Calif. snowpack raises summer flood fear

Russia defies growing consensus with declaration of 'total war on drugs'

who would want a stinky fat beaver when you can have a

Solar Blast From The Sun To Hit Earth In Next 24 Hours

Storm 'Adrian' nears hurricane strength off Mexico

Congressman Launches Inquiry into Cost of Sarah Palin's Tour

Corn-Crop Delays in U.S. Signal Tightest World Supply Since 1974

Cable: PM in spat with U.S. over Cuba

Joe Lieberman to attend Beck rally

Cuomo Urges Broad Limits to N.Y. Public Pensions

Legal battle over Obama’s health-care law moves to Atlanta courtroom

Do you like lady Gaga? Why is she so popular?

One in three employers may drop health benefits, report says

Pennsylvania congresswoman becomes first Democrat in Congress to call on Weiner to resign

MDC minister compares Zimbabwe to Rwanda before the genocide

Wife of Congressman in Sex Scandal Pregnant: Report

Three performances of two different songs. Which one do you like more than the others?

Fitch may cut U.S. to "restricted default" in August

Obama Holds Off Challengers Despite Economy: Reuters/Ipsos Poll

China ends wind power subsidies after US challenge

Displaced leader assassinated on Medellin bus (Colombia)

Senate Votes To Let Fed Trim Debit Card Swipe Fees

Sen. Rand Paul: Congress has become ‘an irrelevancy’ on war powers

Facebook stirs privacy ire with facial recognition

Feds defend Department of Education SWAT team raid

Former Interior secretary calls out Obama on the environment

WikiLeaks: Cable Depicts Faudulent Haiti Election ("U.S. Knowingly Supported Rigged Election")

PHOTO: Further proof that Birkenstocks just don't look good on ANYBODY.

OPEC Refuses Oil Production Increase After Contentious Meeting (Oil Prices Rise)

Obama stresses need for manufacturing job training

Obama stresses need for manufacturing job training

Fukushima nuclear plant may have suffered 'melt-through', Japan admits

Feingold scores well in straw poll

why did the "non-political" Palin bus say "follow at"

Palin says she's not planning Senate run in Ariz.

Eugene Robinson: The Revisionist Ride of Paul Revere

Steve Benen: Bernanke: Cut Spending, But Now Now

Health reform law prompts Blue Shield of CA to cap profits, issue refunds to customers

Q POLL: Romney 25, Palin 15, Cain 9, Gingrich 8.. Obama +6 over Romney, +17 over Palin.

Kyl puts a price in his ransom note

"in June of 1995, a Newsweek survey found Dole leading Clinton, 49%-40%."

NPR Morning Edition: Amid Deficit, A Look Back At Bush's Surplus, Tax Cuts

sex scandals as political payback

Three Senators Co-Sponsor Bill To Delay Financial Reform Provision They Voted For Last Year

When our public entities are shameless liars.. how can any of us be surprised how we got here

Robert Reich: Jamie Dimon’s Bizarre Idea About Why The Recovery Has Stalled

Bachmann and Palin are getting ready to take each others heads off.. and we are going to miss it

So, because we have a fair and balanced media, I'm guessing they all pushed the two new polls?

Weiner Draws No Defense From Democrats

Wienergate makes me appreciate Obama's ability to keep it in his pants.

The voters in Wiener's district should decide his political fate, PERIOD.

The voters in Wiener's district should decide his political fate, PERIOD.

New Reuters poll: Obama leads Romney by 13 points! (51-38)

Tim Pawlenty has a Willie Horton problem

Weiner is a dirty dealer...I'm done. I'm from New York and never knew this...

Prof. Gordon Lafer: Obama and GOP "collaborating in violation of voters' will" to pass new NAFTAs

Rep. Jason Chaffetz to challenge Sen. Orrin Hatch next year?

Randy Rhodes: Ed Shultz got his ASS!!! kicked last night on his own show

Dear GOP: Obama and the Democrats are fixing the problem you created

Republican mainstream flirts with brief debt default

Immigrant Enforcement Program Faces Backlash From Obama Allies

Senate set to vote on debit card swipe fee limits tomorrow at 2PM

Saying Weiner should resign is saying that Clinton should have too

Dan Savage at Rhodes good christian churches

Rep. Duffy says GOP misled him on replacing health reform

General Motors CEO Wants a $1 Gasoline Tax to Force Us to Go Green. Tool.

Water-fuel car unveiled in Japan

How The Bush Tax Cuts Blew Up The Deficit And Debt

Howard Stern Loves Rachel Maddow

PSA at Alamo Drafthouse

Rep. Broun Fine With 250,000 PUBLIC Employees Being LAID OFF Because They Should ‘ GET A REAL JOB ’

Don't know much

Lee Camp: You Are Not Alone OR Fighting Back Is Bad For Ratings

You Call These High Income People "Job Creators" Well Where's The Jobs? Congresswoman Schakowsky

Mike Malloy - Andrew Breitbart: The Underwear Sniffer (best hilarious rant of 2011)

Please sign & share w/10 friends - Healthcare not Warfare @

Palin comments spark Paul Revere history debate (DEABTE? WTF?!?!)

TDPS: Wet houses where alcoholics can keep drinking...good idea?

Woman tatoos 152 facebookfriends on her arm

Senator Whitehouse Explains How Unfair The U.S. Tax System Is pt.1

Papantonio: Military Exposing Troops to Toxic Chemicals

Thom Hartmann: Kids say the darndest things - about Bush & Cheney

Barton: Christians Should Take Over Both Political Parties

ARNIE GUNDERSEN: Nowhere to run

Coulter - Palin is not dangerous, she's fabulous. Er...WHAT?

America can learn a lot from Detroit's Heidelberg Project

Archangel GayBriel and Sarah Palin

Colbert Reenacts Palin's Paul Revere Ride

SWAT team busts into house over student loan default

Thom Hartmann: Is Sesame Street subverting children with a liberal bias?

Keith Olbermann RETURNS!!! (with a RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE)!

Soldiers Return from Afghanistan on Delta Airlines and Pay $2,800 for so-called extra bags

Monsanto (Snarkipedia #29)

Thom Hartmann: What America Has Given Up For 10 Years of Bush Tax Cuts

Barton: Christians Should Take Over Both Political Parties

War is Not About Truth, Justice and the American Way

TNGA Sen. Stacey Campfield Rolling His Eyes During Introduction of Catholic Priest Before Prayer

Must See Rachel Maddow Segment on Terrorism

Rachel Maddow: Anthony Weiner & Republican Hypocrisy

Bob Barker: Avoid Sea World & their 'sad exhibits'

Student Loans Not Paid Police Officers Will Raid Your Home and Arrest You

Shocking Poll: Majorities Favor 'Weiners' on C-Span

Ethics Case for Weiner? Maybe One of Psychiatry

Amy Goodman: Weiner’s No Longfellow

U.S. aid to Afghanistan needs sharper focus: study

Egypt: Not Just the Facebook Revolution

Study: Minority youth have big media appetite

Citizens United: The Shareholders Strike Back

It's alive!

Sheffield Doc/Fest: You've Been Trumped - video

China's scramble for the African Union

Arundhati Roy: 'They are trying to keep me destabilised. Anybody who says anything is in danger'

Fight or flight in the South China Sea

Money corrupts the justice system

Vandana Shiva: The Great Land Grab: India's War on Farmers

'US-NATO war served al-Qaeda strategy'

World Bank seeks to curb North Africa handouts

Dana Milbank: Lawmakers’ fiscal gambles are worse than the sexual ones

Seven Problems a Recovery Won't Fix

Today's swipe-fee Senate showdown: Banks lose

Obama has big lead over Repubs (13 pts over Romney) - Reuters/Ipsos poll

On Weinergate: Before Throwing Stones...

Bilderberg 2011: All aboard the Bilderbus

Occupying Iraq, State Department-Style: A Frat House With Guns in Baghdad

Let's privatize the government!

Eugene Robinson: The Revisionist Ride of Paul Revere

Most Americans Blame Wars For Federal Debt; Few Know Tax Cuts were Bigger factor

The Bernanke Scandal: Full-Frontal Cluelessness

Ask Repugs a question via CBS

Prison for taking a blow up doll to school?

Friedman: The Earth Is Full

A Hybrid Power Plant Takes Shape in Turkey...

US claims victory in China wind energy spat

Nearly 200 Poor Communities Awarded $76 Million to Clean Up, Redevelop Industrial Sites

Drumbeat: June 8, 2011

Algae neurotoxin found in endangered Hawaiian monk seals

Looking the world’s food problem in the face

Here it comes..."Billions needed to boost food production, says DuPont committee"

Italy to hold referendum on nuclear power

China CO2 emissions rose over 10 percent in 2010: BP

Unwanted radioactive sewage sludge piling up in Japan, storage space running out

OPEC unexpectedly decides to keep output unchanged

Top Republican Wants To Weaken EPA, Fast Track Environmental Destruction

Schools shut in two Chinese towns after toxic leak

Video: Toxic ‘red mud pond’ threatens India villages

Significant air pollution episode today

Monsanto signs royalty deals with Argentine farmers

China ends wind power subsidies after US challenge

The Economics of Nuclear Reactors: Renaissance or Relapse?

Xpost from GD: 10 Reasons Not to Invest in Nuclear Energy

Nissan shows off new racing Leaf

The world gets back to burning

A perfect storm of stupid

Ted Roosevelt IV: a lonely Republican fighting climate change

Why Germany is a nightmare for the global nuclear industry.

OPEC Meeting in Shambles as Iran and Venezuela Push Their Agendas

Exxon has 3 deepwater Gulf of Mexico discoveries

Former Interior secretary calls out Obama on the environment

Ford Downsizes EcoBoost Turbo Engine to 3 Cylinders

German Nuclear Exit to Boost Renewables, Energy Grid Investments

Roundup Birth Defects: Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report Fi

Unusual June heat wave

Germany to Boost Coal-Fired Generation - Standard Chartered Says

The Gas is Greener

Leading physicist calls China's nuclear programme 'rash and unsafe'

Is nuclear power a technology designed by geniuses and run by idiots?

Global warming prediction from 1979

Let's Privatize the Government

The Bachmann and Friends Death Squad

AIDS at 30: Who's at Greatest Risk of Infection Now?

Gay reps ask Obama to extend veto threat to DADT

Saugatuck schools consider adding LGBT positive video to 8th grade sex ed

well,I'm pissed. Just read an article from "Baptist Press"

British Soap Addresses Big Issues - Assisted Suicide in Gay Relationship

Another athlete struts his stuff for anti-bullying...and you should hear what he has to offer!

Missouri Rep. Hartzler compares gay marriage to incest, 3 year olds driving .

Toon- Protection

Conn. Trans Rights Bill a Sure Thing

Win Ben Stein's Movie!

If you didn't watch AC 360 tonight tape its repeat

Judge: Tip about bodies in Texas came from psychic

Oregon jury convicts faith healing parents

What do you hope for when, in reply to the OP of a thread, you post to say you don't understand it?

Muslim cabbie and Taxi Commission at odds over his hat

Letter of Hitler’s First Anti-Semitic Writing May Be the Original

Homophobic Catholic school says NO to rainbows

Study: How Satanists see death

Six in 10 Americans wouldn't vote for an atheist: Good news for New Atheists?

The God Project: Hinduism as Open-Source Software/Faith

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores

Cheers to the Texas Rangers

War Eagle! President Obama

The Bruins had 73 major penalties this season. The Canucks had 31.

US Boat to Gaza Is a Quarter Jewish - "Not Too Shabby!"

Egypt and Hamas reopen Rafah crossing with Gaza

Shavuot 2011: obscenities as words of Torah