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Royal Couple

Just look at this mess

Mexico just won the FIFA Under 17 World Cup

Reagan raised taxes 11 times (from NPR last February):

"Oh, can you believe this? Abby Wambach has saved the USA's life

More News of the World Toons...

Flying rats and other air scares cloud India’s aviation industry

NGO is showing Drugged: High on Marijuana

They've raided the Parthenon, now they've got their sights set on the Colosseum

The debt ceiling was raised 7 times under the Shrub administration

Conflict hampering public school reforms

Has anyone seen the documentary 'Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story'?

What "Reformers" Really Want

Letters to the Year 2076 (from high schoolers in the Year 1976)

I just got bit by a dog...

CNN deigned to have an international segment about Murdoch

Did you know...

Did you know...

Boehner promised Bush tax cuts would create jobs, he was wrong

"The only causes worth fighting for are the lost causes"

"I'm not so egotistical as to believe that it has to be me, but I do believe I can win."

DSCC Chair Sen. Murray appeal to Koch PAC for contribution was a staff/database error

It's Boorish to Order a SECOND Bottle of $350 Wine

869 Older Workers Will Lose Jobs Program in Oregon

869 Older Workers Will Lose Jobs Program in Oregon

Open Letter to Teach for America

Analysts say Arkansas Democrats did themselves no favors in congressional redistricting

Arpaio introducing 'Vamos Jose' underwear

The money from the payroll taxes is suppose to go into a "trust fund"...

What WikiLeaks Reveal About Corporatism Dominating American Foreign Policy

Another flood casualty: common sense

Is there a link to watch MSNBC or CNN live? I know they've

Looking for a political comic- deficit boat, gop, big crocodile, little animal,

Philadelphia Saved 2 MILLION in 2011 with softer cannabis laws

Can buying "union only" hurt startups like Tesla Motors?

If Geithner leaves in the "foreseeable future" - sooner rather than later -

The only crisis here is the one the Republicans are making

question for those living in the midwest

Bors Toon: The Situation Room

What I think about the debt ceiling/SS fiasco.

Roman Pinal and the United Farm Workers Union.

First they came for Reykjavik, then Dublin, then Athens, now Rome......

First they came for Reykjavik, then Dublin, then Athens, now Rome......

Blast at Islamabad arms depot, 5 killed in suicide bombing

The debt ceiling should actually be lowered.

Chained CPI = counpounded interest, only in reverse

freepers love wall mart

Milly Dowler's mum and sister call on Rebekah Brooks to quit

SAT prep class

"God told me to tell you that you're a Right Wing asshole"

Toon: The Unavoidable Story

Syntagma--are we a part of this or

Will the hacking scandal bring down the Coalition government

Medicare anti-fraud system launched

If Obama stopped his killing spree in the middle east; there would be no need to steal from grandma

Self-deleted by member

Facing the truth Why a man’s face can lie but still produce orgasms

Fox's Media Criticism Show Covers Casey Anthony, But Not Murdoch's News Of The World Scandal

Fox's Media Criticism Show Covers Casey Anthony, But Not Murdoch's News Of The World Scandal

Why the current situation prevents the House from being legislative.

Why Rupert Murdoch Love$ God: World's Biggest Sleaze Mogul Also Gets Rich from Christian Moralizers

Boehner promised Bush tax cuts would create jobs, he was wrong

Phone hacking: 9/11 victims 'may have had mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters

Doesn't Eric Cantor look exactly like the kid who always got beaten up in the schoolyard?

US moves toward Afghan guerrilla war

Mass. city to pay wedded gay workers to offset tax

That vile bile spewer of ReTHUG talking points

Iraq War--Murdoch's Publications

U.S. is using electronic warfare to attack in waves

Former US Rep. Frank Mascara dies at 81

Al fresco vs al desko: Death to le sandwich

Start calling the Boehner Bone-head (202) 224-3121

EIA Report: Renewables Surpass Nuclear Output

Debt limit big lie: "The federal gub'mint can just cut back spending like a normal family"

Obama press conference Monday morning. Hopefully he will force

The Republicans Endorse Shared Sacrifice!! Finally

Central Falls, R.I., struggles to step back from financial abyss

A Pipeline Runs Through It (and 88 more in just Montana)

NIssan Leaf Commercial: Get your hankies ready.

Iraq War veteran on Manning, the media and the military

would football be a better game without the officials?

States Running Out Of Blue-Collar Jobs

Bachmann Tops Romney in Iowa GOP poll

Conservatives hack President Obama's brain, make him utter Fox News slogan: "Fair and Balanced"

Conservatives hack President Obama's brain, make him utter Fox News slogan: "Fair and Balanced"

The big BIG **BIG** Lie: "Nobody wants their taxes raised."

another 200 tanks sold

Newsweek's absolutely disgusting puff-peice on Palin...

Christie Vetoes Vital Funding For Low-Income Workers To Give Wealthy School Districts More Money


Debt ceiling? No problemo!

my deficit reduction plan

(NYC) Subway Crush No Longer Gets Weekends Off

Gordon Brown will announce that Murdoch's Sunday Times

Is It a Coincidence?

"Might not make my Party happy." "Might work on a tax plan that would lower everyone's rates."

As i listen to the President, the curtain is being pulled back on some of the ugliest manipulations

Panetta to Discuss Iraqi Troop Levels (Beyond 2011)

NPeeArrgh has a program on now (Diane Rehm show) INSISTING that Medicare and SS MUST be cut!

Do you agree with Obama that Social Security, Medicare, & Medicaid are "sacred cows" for Democrats?

Where Has This Obama Been?

Where The Money Went -by Paul Krugman: "So much for “we tried Keynesian policies & they didn’t work"

I never expected a pony, but I also never expected to see Obama slaughter a pony on live TV

The people around me at work and home have NO idea there is a huge crisis facing us

Anybody want some?

MURDOCH'S Watergate Reaches America with Allegations of 9/11 VICTIMS' HACK

US: Aging Boomers Strain Cities Built for the Young

Brian McFadden's Solutions for Saving the Space Program

How Kasich's union busting could tip the 2012 election

and now for your moment of Oy.....Fed Data Cruncher Finds No New Normal Unemployment

Live Feed of Presidential Remarks


Want to see just how deranged the right-wing is?

So no closing loopholes on corporate taxes until 2013

David Cameron's plan to put public services up for sale in the UK

Tweety & Andrea Mitchell swoon over Lady Batshit: "She really has her finger on that pulse."

Tribe sues Nebraska officials over doctor riff

Nancy Pelosi's Phone Number

Nancy Pelosi's Phone Number

President Obama is not playing poker. No, he's playing poke us...

Bachmann Was A Tax Collector For What She’s Called ‘The Most Heartless

Oregon lawmakers give tribal police full authority

Something just happened here close to Pismo Beach.

Bolivia Withdraws from UN Treaty That Limits Chewing Coca Leaf

President Obama announces that food stamps will now work at pet supply stores.

IMHO if Democrats side with SS/Medicare cuts, it's time to redefine the focus of DU

So How Are You Preparing For a Post Debt Ceiling Life..

The Mexican economy is growing faster than that of the US. Assembly line wages: $8-$16/day.

Remember that one time George Bush said Nancy Pelosi is a good woman who really cares about America?

"John Boehner is a good man who really cares about America."

ATF’s Fast and Furious Seems Colored With Shades of Iran/Contra Scandal

Curioser and Curioser. The scandal has now reached The Times.

The social security myth

Thousands of Native Athletes Head to Milwaukee for U.S. Indigenous Games

Maybe Libya Should Fear The Rebels As Much As It Fears Qaddafi

If we're only looking forwards & not backwards, then why look at the Bu$h tax cuts?

There are two words to describe the President's News Conference

Yahoo/The Ticket - Bachmann narrowly leads Romney in new Iowa poll

London museum says it will show a lost Leonardo

The Rude Pundit: Live Whiskey-Blogging the President's News Conference

This is how I feel about Geithner's Statement yesterday on MTP

Hoping for a government shutdown.

Should Jim McGovern consider running this year for the Democratic nomination for president?

Anthony and Huma

So, what would happen if the negotiations on the debt were televised?

I Think It Is Time Once Again For... "It's The Inequality, Stupid"

Geithner Wants Biggest Budget-Deficit Cut Possible Now, No Short-Term Deal

Geithner Wants Biggest Budget-Deficit Cut Possible Now, No Short-Term Deal

The Dow Is Down 145 Points - Is Wall Street Sensing No Debt Ceiling Deal?.......

must read article : Senators' investment portfolios show abnormally high returns

White House says Boehner balked over taxes, not entitlements

A Vigorous Prosecution of Strauss-Kahn Is Urged

No multi-dimensional chess here. The Grand Bargain was no bluff. The Pres wants this.

News Corp bid for BSkyB referred to regulator

"It is hard to persuade people to do hard stuff that entails trimming benefits..."

Obama should say I have agreed to 4 trillion in spending cuts and changes

Mr. Hartmann...

BigBrotherRupert'sEthics on display as sunday times hacking

Fort Bragg Support Of Graham Evangelistic Event Broke Military Rules, Watchdog Group Says

Taking a break from politics, here is a story about a principal from hell.


Cisco May Cut About 5,000 Jobs: Analyst

We can't help the economy? Or won't? (Krugman)

Both stay-at-home and work-outside-the-home moms feel overwhelmed

Embarrassment on Morning Joe today.

Need a job? How's this for an ad?

Sometimes it is what it is...

The very troubling problem with the Casey Anthony verdict is:

Hi, boys. I want to be your president.

An Update on the Minnesota Shutdown

I've said for months that the debt ceiling fight would be tied to the NFL lockout.

I've said for months that the debt ceiling fight would be tied to the NFL lockout.

Bullshit Mr. president, make them blink, call their bluff stop dancing on the head of a pin

Shareholders sue News Corp. over hacking scandal

Bible's 'Obey' Edict Snarls Bachmann Presidency

The black fist of socialism ... YEAH RIGHT

3 possible scenarios from the social security administration.

Portugal, Spain, Italy Debt Sales Reach Panic Levels

Gods dammit. WHY do I read the comments section of the paper?

Memory lane--folks in this admin have been looking to cut SS since Nov 2008?

Quote of the day:

shut up John Boner ... facts are facts

If you think the debt crisis is important, take a look at my local paper front page today

If you think the debt crisis is important, take a look at my local paper front page today

Boehner holding press conference right now

It's not just the Democrats that are worried about what they are going to run on in 2012.

San Francisco’s Bay Bridge Gets 5,300-Ton Steel Span Delivery from China

Rick Santorum, white courtesy phone. Only YOU can help us with THIS one.

Seriously, could Michelle Bachmann get any more stupider??!!!

You know, it occurs to me now, isn't it funny, 'you can't cut defense because those are jobs!'

I know what the USA needs.

It is not a tax hike if ........

Wake him up before he Give Evidence in Phone Hacking Scandal!

The wit and wisdom of Dwight D. Eisenhower on taxes and other important issues

Since there won't be any Social Security left when I retire - how do I stop putting $$ into it?

Would Social Security Cuts Bring People Out in the Streets?

Would Social Security Cuts Bring People Out in the Streets?

Why are there are so many Americans that don't understand how Social Security works?

Democrats Make Better Lovers...

A Simple Solution

Wow. Bachmann? Really?

Sarah Palin Infected by Amygdala Strain

Sarah Palin Infected by Amygdala Strain

Sarah Palin Infected by Amygdala Strain

Reaction to homeless is unsettling

On Feasting & Fasting

Victory for Media Diversity: Court Strikes Down FCC’s Attempt to Relax Media Ownership Rules

Victory for Media Diversity: Court Strikes Down FCC’s Attempt to Relax Media Ownership Rules

Expiring extension of unemployment to cost us all, at least 37 billion dollars down the drain

Did any9ne else watch the Jaycee Dugard story just now on ABC, with Diane Sawyer and Chris Cuomo?

Wondering about the rock we're standing on...

How will News Corp pay for fines and legal fees?

France Bans Fracking for Shale Gas

France Bans Fracking for Shale Gas

Bush-Obama taxcuts-- extension to 2013? Really?

Chicken Meet Pig

what about that lawsuit per nepotism and NewsCorp filed last Spring?

National Education Policy Institute analysis challenges Jeb Bush’s ‘Florida Formula’ for ed reform

National Education Policy Institute analysis challenges Jeb Bush’s ‘Florida Formula’ for ed reform

Amended News Corp. Lawsuit Says Hacking Claims Show ‘Culture Run Amuck’

David Cameron "I had no specific information." (About Andy Coulson)

"News of the World Reporters Probably Tried to Hack 9/11 Victims’ Phones, Too"

Sometimes ya just gotta wonder. . .

Shareholders sue News Corp. over hacking scandal

The Republican Pledge Fetish

Moving Hawaii From Energy Disaster to Energy Miracle

My Congressman will introduce this bill today:


just heard on Hartman as Obama was praising Boehner

FDR: " damn politician can ever scrap my social security program"

France to rebalance its energy mix in favour of renewables

FIFA Women's world cup - USA v Brazil

Why do religions get a pass when it comes to gender discrimination?

A Call for a March on Washington for Jobs, Hope and Real Change

Funding for Crucial Space Telescope in Danger

So, about this Casey Anthony coverage ...

So will the WH announce a debt limit "agreement" if the Dems decide not to support it?

Best job ever

Would Murdoch's UK phonesnooping be illegal in the U.S?

Paul Ryan's $700-Wine-Sipping Buddies: Hedge Fund Manager And University Of Chicago Economist

Obama to GOP on debt deal: Let's go!

As the budget crisis debate on DU crescendoes...

Take Back the American Dream conference

Boehner intransigent.

Let's Stop Teaching Roman Numerals Along W/Cursive. Forget Dial Clocks. We Stopped Civics Classes

10 reasons why I vote Republican

Tweety on the Bachmann signing of that Xtian crap about African

McConnell On Casey Anthony Trial: It Means Terrorists Could Win

Shipping container for the needy nears completion in St. Augustine

Shipping container for the needy nears completion in St. Augustine

Well Gee Wiz...I just stopped by Fox Noise (online) and nothing about Wire-Tapping

The Why

Republicans Say They’ve Already Agreed To A Concession In Debt Fight: Raising The Debt Limit

Anyone have a good 2012 Electoral map forecast?

Boehner not budging on Taxes, despite Obama's kind words

Anonymous Leaks 90,000 Military/Private contractors Email Accounts

In some sense, what Obama is doing is neither chess, nor is it poker, because if it was

major asshole garrett

Call for congressional investigation into NewsCorp hacking (9-11 victims and more)

Murdoch + Phone Hacking = David Kelly?

Sean Hannity said Obama isn't telling the truth during his radio show

Could This Be The End of the New York Post and Fox?

for your entertainment - the usually rabidly right Indystar comments on Palin... f

Boehner tax breaks for the rich do not create jobs

WikiLeaks: Haiti Disaster Capitalism's Latest Electroshock Patient

Apple Seeks to Block HTC Tablets, Phones

sarah palin is on the cover of newsweek....?

sarah palin is on the cover of newsweek....?

A Real Democratic statement on Republicans by Harry S. Truman

Bipartisan Trio Says Tax Oil to Fund U.S. Infrastructure

A strange development (to me, al least) in the Murdoch strategy.

A strange development (to me, al least) in the Murdoch strategy.

"Congresswoman Bachmann believe[s] that slavery was horrible and economic enslavement is also

Will You Buy Your Power From a Store?

Democratic leader calls on Scott Walker to reject maps

Cannot afford medication? HMO answer- remove testicles!

Do you see the absurd hypocrisy?

Why Socialism?

House GOP balks at defense cuts

House GOP balks at defense cuts

Obama Increases Pressure on Republicans on Debt

Planned Parenthood Defunded In New Hampshire

Obama needs your help. He wants to take political heat. Help him find hot button areas to work on.

First Eyjafjallajokull, then Grimsvotn ...... now Katla

Democrats for "meaner" government check in here! How mean can we be?

Bachman, Palin, The Army of Joel, and Theocracy

‘Loss of faith’ in TV news makes CTV reporter quit his job

‘Loss of faith’ in TV news makes CTV reporter quit his job

Finish the sentence: "James Murdoch defending Rebekah Brooks' "very good" ethics is like _______."

If you want to know what is wrong with Medicare funding

We were clubbing those bastards over the head

We were clubbing those bastards over the head

Massachusetts governor signs budget, health curbs next

I watched MSNBC today for the first time in quite a while . . . . . .


Is Obama betting on the fact that the Ruthug candidate (whoever it will be) will be so repulsive

Who is the primary adviser to this President?

Healthy eating does NOT include 100% abstinence from junk food

Some things don't seem to change...

teabagger congress critter looks like the cat who ate a mouse on MSNBC

teabagger congress critter looks like the cat who ate a mouse on MSNBC

Leading article: A growing stench of lies and cover-up

10 years of Bush Tax Cuts and Where are the Jobs

DUer Mineral Man: Could you explain Obama's statements on Medicare?

Dow Jones-Wall Street Journal Head Drawn Into Murdoch UK Phone Jacking Scandal

Michele Bachmann Exposes 23 Minors to Possible Pedophile?

On Voting for President Obama again.

On Voting for President Obama again.

Obama Offered To Raise Medicare Eligibility Age As Part Of Grand Debt Deal

Murdoch will be dead before this investigation is completed

Murdoch will be dead before this investigation is completed

First the benefit cuts, so "everybody feels the ground is stable under our feet..."

David Cameron Resign Now Facebook Page

Joe Biden for President!

I Thought I'd Get A More Creative Response From DU'ers On My Jobs Idea......

Obama Urges Independent Agencies to Shed Burdensome Rules

To reduce the deficit and save S.S., Medicaid and Medicare, we should make the ultimate sacrifice:

God forbid we cut cursive.

Royal Family e-mails hacked/ phone too- This is gonna get nasty

Grayson Will Run Again

There's Nothing Wrong With Being Wealthy But Nobody Loves A Cheater

JFK knew how to use a presser to shame unrepentant assholes

our media.

why has no one even mentioned negotiating drug prices for medicare?

For GOP Tax Increases Not Just a Sacred Cow, But the Whole Farm

The President is about to speak...

George Carlin --The American Dream

Apple bringing Tesla technology to a living room near you? - wireless electricity!

Guy questions judge over an earlier contempt decision. Judge orders him arrested

Once Upon a Time There Were Pensions

ABC News first story tonite was about Bachmann's Clinic-

Can I be the President for five minutes?

It's a con and working class Americans are the marks.

ABC News leads off with Bachmann: Pray Away the Gay at Candidate's Clinic?

So NewsCorp hacked 9/11 victims?

The catastrophic debt ceiling debate - James K. Galbraith

Eric Cantor Hit By Democrats For Potentially Profiting From U.S. Default

Talk about tanking: Bristol Palin's book debuts at #21 on the NYTimes Bestseller list

Police Reports Show Different Side of Bachmann

How many more times do we need to get blackmailed before we call their fucking bluff?

Did Al Sharpton take Cenk's show from him? n/t

Your job situation

Illinois Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Funding $31 Billion Of Vital Construction Projects

Illinois Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Funding $31 Billion Of Vital Construction Projects

Some of the many similarities between Nazis and Republicans

Snowe: No Medicare Or Social Security Cuts In Debt Deal

Do you all know that Contessa Brewer (MSNBC) lost her baby ?

A crisis of British institutions?

"50 U.S. Health Care Statistics That Will Absolutely Astonish You."

NOTW reporters tried to access 9/11 phone data: report

NOTW reporters tried to access 9/11 phone data: report

really good interview - David House co-founder of the Bradley Manning Support Network

Countdown tonight, special comment on why Obama must NOT touch Medicare

Special Comment: The Nation's Purpose - by Keith Olbermann

Well... You Tell Me...

Obama Offered To Raise Medicare Eligibility Age As Part Of Grand Debt Deal

M-Live poll: Are teachers overpaid?

Republican wants 51st state from southern CA that excludes LA, Santa Barbara, Ventura

msnbc just showed Michele Bachmann ahead in a poll over Romney....

Watching Obama on CSPAN. He just said he's open to SS, Medicare, Medicaid "Changes"

6 Atlanta cops FIRED over gay nightclub raid

6 Atlanta cops FIRED over gay nightclub raid

Posted without...

America---where every idiot can have a gun.

Banana attacks gorilla in Ohio

“Eat Our Peas” – Obama Pushes for Big Grand Bargain in Press Conference/ DDAY

Is the Chinese economy a model for job creation?

Are we ready to admit that capitalism has failed?

Labor needs to start running its own candidates

Press Release: FBI And SEC Urged To Investigate Murdoch's News Corp Under Foreign Corrupt Practices

Obama said today that spending/benefit cuts will yield the "solid fiscal situation"

Obama Appointed Secretary of Defense Penetta Says US Invaded Iraq Because of 9/11?!?!?!

Robert Melamede, Professor of Biology at UC Colorado Springs, on the medical value of cannabis

Charter high schools in Detroit not making the grade...often trail public schools.

Los Angeles braced for 'car-mageddon' as roadworks close the interstate 405

DOD refuses gay man re-enlistment because of DADT, in defiance of court order

The Singing Godfather of Pizza...

Shouldn't some Corporations that News Corp works with/for also be implicated?

I'm reserving judgment on Obama until I see "Teh Deal" and what is passed and signed

Mom Power! A parenting website brings down News of the World

Dems afraid Obama is giving away their electoral advantage on Medicare

The enemy of problem-solving in politics is ideological inflexibility.

The enemy of problem-solving in politics is ideological inflexibility.

Obama Urges Dems To Accept Changes To Medicare, Social Security

Is this triangulation? Or pacifying us before the rug gets pulled?

Krugman- He's Just Not that Into You

Krugman- He's Just Not that Into You

How ignorant Americans have become! This Casey Anthony juror is afraid to go home because of this

Panetta Blames Iran for Rise in Iraq Violence


TOUGH negotiators.

Somehow, the Unemployed Became Invisible

Tom Tomorrow: Shiny Stone Crisis On Planet Glox!

Ango-American Libya War-Lust rears its ugly head. Italy called for talks, NOW even the French, BUT

How About A National Jobs Telethon?..........

Sam Stein, HuffPo: Obama Offered To Raise Medicare Eligibility Age As Part Of Grand Debt Deal

I have NEVER used pot and doubt I ever will but why in the hell does Obama....

He's the President of everybody, and he's found out that the rich are waaay more fun than we are.

FUCK the department of defense

Ladies And Gentlemen, We Have A Totally New Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

Media Matters Has Fox News Scared And Desperate

“My special child, pushed out of Kindergarten at a NYC charter school"

GOOD NEWS STORY: Student splits $40k in winnings among runners-up

Channel 4 Just said that Queen was a target by Murdoch's minions.

Former Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is running for office again.

To teach cursive or not to teach cursive

In Memory of Heidi

White House begins new push for social spending cuts

These 2 charts should become the background for every newscast in the country until people get it!

A Reminder: 300 Economists Warn Obama to focus on Jobs, not the Deficit

Google Realtime Shuts Down as Twitter Deal Expires

Is this a possibility?

Is this a possibility?

Small AZ town declares "State of Emergency" after response to Journalist's open meeting arrest.

Don't be surprised if we eventually find out ...

Don't be surprised if we eventually find out ...

"Let them eat peas"

The Richest 1% Has Tripled Its Share of the US Income Over the Past 30 Years

In under 2 years we have gone from the hopes of Single Payer to Cutting Medicare Benefits?

Lori Klein, Arizona State Senator, Pointed Loaded Gun At Reporter Richard Ruelas's Chest

How Obama is Screwing Himself

How Obama is Screwing Himself

Deadly Spider Shuts Down German Supermarket

Mila Kunis Says She'll Accompany U.S. Marine to Corps Ball

Matt Taibbi: Obama Doesn't Want a Progressive Deficit Deal

ANTI-War Movies do NOT work.

Study: Obama's "Champion" of education reform Jeb Bush is pushing UNSUCCESSFUL agenda.

MILESTONES have been back for a couple of months...

Posing as sex kitten...Does it get you Votes?

HRW tells Obama to investigate Bush on detainee abuse

What the hell is this "Cats are bad for the Environment" shit???

I was literally laughed off the board when I mentioned that the spherical rotary valve

Michelle B., a "two parent household" back in 1860 was

I told my sister and her husband before the election in 2008 that,

If everybody withholds their vote due to Social Security, they are then free to cut food stamps.

Nevada Skinheads on the Hunt for Native Americans.

Latest Freeper panic: Newsweek conspired to make Palin's photo look "masculine"

Rather than withhold Medicare 'til age 67, shouldn't we just cut it off at, say, 90?

Noise prompts golf driving range restaurant bans kids under 6

What do you take away from the Presidents statement of...

He convinced me

If you stayed home in November 2010 to send President Obama a message...

Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) on the romance of a Soviet stairwell

Not getting rid of the Bush Tax Cuts is probably the worst political failure ever.

If social security doesn't contribute to the debt, then why....

News of the World staff mocks Rebekah Brooks in final crossword clues

This all reminds me of the SNL skit "Wedgie Fever" where Jon Lovitz kept yelling "OKLAHOMA!"

AP Sources: GM to sell diesel Chevy Cruze in US

Well, I congratulate the President on the outcome of the debt ceiling negotiations.

Murdoch's Sunday Times and Sun caught--they published illegally hacked information :0)

Murdoch's Sunday Times and Sun caught--they published illegally hacked information :0)

Murdoch's Sunday Times and Sun caught--they published illegally hacked information :0)

FDR's actions helped, Hoover's were disastrous.

Mopinko and Will's piece convinced me to post here again (bodacious photos 2-nite)

Obama talks about the Democrats as if they're somebody else

UN agricultural experts say GMOs not the way to go to feed the hungry

"Everyone brace," he tweeted. "This will be literally explosive."

Is "Conscious Capitalism" just a scam or do you find John Mackey credible?

The Worlds Largest Human Experiment: GMOs, Roundup And The Monsanto Monstrosity

And now: Bicycling may be bad for you. Not from The Onion.

Obama's speech angered me. I have done an about face on politicians since 2003.

Has anyone noticed how a crisis has been manufactured to get this shit to go ahead?

Envoy Meets With Leader of Yemen on Accord

Syrian 'national dialogue' conference boycotted by angry opposition

Bolivian leader: Hugo Chavez's health improving

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, Sunday, July 10, 2011.

India Train Accident Leaves At Least 31 Dead, 100 Injured

Leading article: A growing stench of lies and cover-up

Wall St. Banks Expected to Post Weak 2nd-Quarter Results

Obama, congressional leaders don’t make headway on debt limit

At least 11 dead in blasts at Cyprus naval base

Labour Party Vows to Fight Murdoch’s Bid to Take Over Satellite Company

(Murdoch's) News of the World comes to an end

Panetta Says Iranian Arms in Iraq Are a ‘Concern’

BSkyB shares plunge as News Corp bid mired in uncertainty

Blair accused of trying to silence Murdoch critic

British anti-corruption proposal debated at whaling talks

(Defense Sec) Panetta makes 9/11 gaffe in Iraq

Protests spread in Egypt as discontent with military rule grows

Conrad Black to report to prison by Sept. 6

News Corp investors attack Murdoch

Markets Tumble on Europe’s Debt Crisis

15 illegal immigrants stranded on Calif. island

Scientists find first superbug strain of gonorrhea

Anonymous threatens police over phone hacking and Julian Assange (email dump tomorrow)

self-delete -- too old for LBN Sorry!

Cisco May Cut About 5,000 Jobs: Analyst

Ex-British prime minister alleges reporters sought his personal data

News Corp's BSkyB bid referred by Hunt to Competition Commission

Experts: Murdoch's companies may face US actions (Under 1977 Corrupt Foreign Practices Act)

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp could face $100m bill for US investigation into 'police payments'

Australia Proposes Carbon Trading Plan, Again

‘Loss of faith’ in TV news makes CTV reporter quit his job

'South California' for 51st state? (pushed for by scientology-backed Republican)

CREW Calls for Congressional Investigation into News Corp.

France Seeks to Expand Wind Power

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, July 11, 2011

Canada boycotts UN (disarmament) body over North Korea

‘Madness Abounds’ as Fake Candidates Confuse Wisconsin Recalls

Obama to lawmakers: Meet every day on debt deal

Phone hacking: 9/11 victims 'may have had mobiles tapped by News of the World reporters'

Lawyers in NFL Labor Dispute Meet

British Tabloid Targeted Investigators’ Phone Data

Gearing up at the Bohemian Grove

Snowe: No Medicare Or Social Security Cuts In Debt Deal (Susan Collins, Agreed)

Spokeswoman: Giuliani to decide ‘very soon’

Boehner: 'Disagreements Are Not Personal'

Police: Murdoch tabloid inquiry being sabotaged

Panetta appears to link al-Qaeda presence with Iraq invasion

Suspect Freed in Afghan Mutilation Case

Exclusive: Discs Swiss Banker Gave to WikiLeaks Held No Secrets

Somalia Drought Is 'Worst Humanitarian Crisis': U.N.

Shareholders Sue News Corp. Over Hacking Scandal

BREAKING: Syrian Protesters Break Into The U.S. Embassy In Damascus

British Tabloid Targeted Investigators’ Phone Data

News International Papers Targeted Gordon Brown (Murdoch Scandal)

"Me, right out of the Navy, fresh off a destroyer, with a dance belt and a tube of Chapstick..."

"The thing I don't want to have happen is the bird run at me & nip at me like some schnauzer"

How long has this fashion of wearing a tie "ironically" been around?

to the left of the salad fork HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

Participated in a dog rescue today

My microwave died but on the way out it burned a potato so bad the house still smells.

"YOU'RE going to show Winky."

How would you fell about the person who killed your fairy godmother?

Foo Fighters - Best Of You

U.S. may act unilaterally vs.Iran-armed Iraq militias...

Bodeans- Fadeaway

Fiction Factory - (Feels Like) Heaven

You told me I'd see the rise

Mike & The Mechanics - Silent Running

Patients' Lawsuit Forces Federal Gov't to Answer 9-Year-Old Medical Marijuana Rescheduling Petition

Nik Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good video

Commodores - Sail On

Ok, WTF were the folks at "Curb Your Enthusiasm" thinking??? ***SPOILERS***

Depeche Mode - I Feel You

Easy by Timbuk 3

Beach House - 10 Mile Stereo

Damien Rice - 9 Crimes

Unkle - Eye for an eye -

Drought Spreads Its Pain Across 14 States

Band Of Horses - The Funeral

Anyone know if I can install vinyl fencing using

Don't Leave Me Now - Supertramp

Madonna - Live To Tell

Psychedelic Furs - "The Ghost In You"

Minnesota Shutdown Stirs Debate Over Who Gets Paid

The Host Of Seraphim - Dead Can Dance

like a stone audioslave

Yoko Kanno - No Reply

Southern cross

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill a song of moving on and doing what feels right

By the Time I Get to Phoenix --- Glen Campbell

Mission Control - somafm

I had a taste of the real world,when I went down on you,

All the Young "Dudes".

Gee, a hymn? I dunno; I guess it *is* Sunday.... OK, but only if we can make it funky and awesome.


One of the all-time great bluegrass fiddlers has passed on .. Kenny Baker

Regrets - I've Had a Few, But Then Again, Too Few to Mention

Ever looked down the business end of 38 Special?

I'm working on the next MILESTONES if you

Robert Plant - Big Log

Alan Grayson To Run For Office Again

What's the best place to put a salad fork?

Ever looked down the business end of a .38?

Magnitude-6.2 quake jolts Negros, aftershocks expected

Simply Red - Holding Back The Years

More cowbell!

This big hush........

Crap... now that I know I have a Klout score...

Re: The debt ceiling talks: Boehner pulled out...

In 10,000 years, when humankind's empire is stretched across the galaxy...

so, did Nolabear get the 300th post in Amerigo's son of MFM thread?

(Some) Birds of Sunnyvale

Why do Americans die younger than Britons (and citizens from 36 other countries)?

The horror from the vacuum.

Talk Talk - It's My Life

Married to what?

Beckhams name first daughter 'Harper Seven' - secret sci-fi fans?

Reading or rather listening on audio to the book

Serious what point does "weird touching" become "abuse"?

Ever looked down the special end of a 38 year old?

"What the world needs now is love sweet love"

Anonymous shares 90,000 military email addresses

PHOTO: For everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a...wait. Where the hell am I supposed to TURN?

Video Evidence That Cats Are From OUTER SPACE!

Touched by mediocrity or maybe unrecognized genius. Tell us about your run-ins with non-celebrities

No debt deal unless Republicans compromise, Obama says

I hate July.

As Income Gap Balloons, Is It Holding Back Growth?

True Blood Season #4, Episode #3 - The Good, the bad and the *)#^% werepanthers **spoilers**

Student Rickrolls professor in college computer science paper

Hi. I'm back.

We do not forgive, nor do we forget...

I'm going to be in NYC the end of the month on business - there is absolutely 1 thing I want to do..

Obama Offered To Raise Medicare Eligibility Age (from 65 to 67) As Part Of Grand Debt Deal

RIP Rob Grill of The Grassroots

If you believe in yourself, you will know how to ride a bike.

Anybody want some?

Holy Cow.......89,004 posts, with this post...

For a long time I thought MiddleFingerMom was a woman.

You think you have a shitty job? This is a shitty job:

I'm on a killing spree! Don't try and stop me!

Ever been robbed? When I was a teen I got home from school and noticed

China says US spends too much money on military

OMG Cat vs WTF Kitty

How many sheets could a sheet slitter slit if a sheet slitter could slit sheets?

I just ate three ultra-hot chicken wings for a MAN V. FOOD competition. Ask me anything!

SyFy watchers: ready for Eureka, Warehouse 13 and the new Alphas tonight?

Okla. pharmacist sentenced to life in murder case (shot injured teen 5 times)

John Fogerty "no longer angry at his former bandmates," open to Creedence reunion

Air Tran Airways- ever flown on that airline?

July 10, 1968 – Eric Clapton announced that Cream were breaking up

ewwww moment in grocery checkout line

Very simple way to stop breast feeding in restaurants

Advantage II vs the "old" Advantage for cats ... has anyone tried Advantage II?

Are Cats Bad for the Environment?

Ever hidden a Lounge post?

How Americans usually eat peas >>

Elephants. Taken in Addo South Africa.

A Lounge project: design a playlist for all those bored people standing in TSA screening lines

OK, I think I've found the band with the most misleading image of all time

In all my years with cats, I have NEVER seen this!

Ten Days That Won't Shake The Wingnuts

IF Obama Was A True Blood Character Who Would he Be?

Why the private sector NEEDS Government...

Thought experiment: What if Obama. like FDR, held 2 press conferences EACH WEEK

An Aggressive Ruling on Clean Air

Timmy the Tool Pawlenty blasts Bachmann!

My prediction on the debt ceiling

President Obama's press conference is about to begin, fyi... nt

"The comparison to Watergate just got a little stronger."

Boner: "It takes two to tango, and they're not there yet"

I stayed up until 4AM this morning working to meet a deadline,

I found my testimonial from 2008 primaries

John Nichols on Hartmann: 1980 redux

"CNN Dumps on Diversity"

What recovery? Flat jobs data signal weakest recovery in decades

Where Has This Obama Been?

President Obama challenges GOP to compromise on debt

A Reminder: 300 Economists Warn Obama to focus on Jobs, not the Deficit

How did the unemployed become invisible?

DPLC responds to Obama

The Obama-Keynes Mystery

Ben Nelson has "come out against any cuts to Social Security and Medicare"

as the unemployment rate drops..

Killing Him with Kindness

Obama says GOP will have to ‘budge’

Missouri Opinion Writer Attacks President with Rambling Word Salad...

'The vast majority of Dems on Capitol Hill would prefer not to have to do anything on entitlements'

Official White House transcript of Pres. Obama's news conference on debt ceiling talks

An awesome Harry Truman quote (perfectly fits today as much as it did 60+ years ago)

Email: President Obama, if you cut Social Security, Medicare, or Medicaid, don't ask for my help.

CIA organised fake vaccinations to obtain Osama bin Laden's family DNA

Business Insider: Republicans' actions on debt ceiling -- "traitorous."

Alan Grayson To Run For Office Again

Somehow, the Unemployed Became Invisible

Obama's actual record on COLA and Social Security.

Doing a little score keeping on the Biggies (don't sweat the small stuff)

The Opportunity to fix Social Security. It's a wasted moment to not simply

POTUS to hold press conference on debt limit / budget negotiations tomorrow at 11 am ET.

Debt Limit Truth or Dare: Why Obama is Turning Up the Heat on Boehner

What was Obama referring to when he spoke of "trimming benefits" at his press conference today?


Rampant Unemployment = The Death Of The Middle Class -

Obama: time to "eat our peas"

My re-imagining of This Week's Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover --->

The incredible shrinking Speaker, cont’d

Five Separate Sources Confirm Obama Floated Raising Medicare Age ‘As Part Of A Big Solution’

Tina Brown's Newsweek continues to leave news for infotainment. The Grifter on this week's cover.

President Obama: "Social security is not the source of our deficit problems."

The Economist calls the GOP "economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical."

John Kerry op-ed in favor of gay marriage in the Boston Globe

Snowe: No Medicare Or Social Security Cuts In Debt Deal

Yes!!! "Barack Obama came out all guns blazing today..."

The Full Quote of the now Even Awesomer Harry Truman quote Currently on the Greatest Page...

Here is the full context of Pres. Obama's comment on "trimming benefits"

Facing Mortality Again, Ten Years Later

Sounds like Boehner's holding out for Ryan's Medicare plan insisting on 'fundamental' reform

Ex-NFL player shot dead by Calif. cops

IMF Director Christine Lagarde interview on ABC This Week w/Christiane Amanpour

a nice break

TYT from 2006: Democrats Need to Stop Being So Weak

Irvin Rosenfeld HB 5470 Michigan Medical Marijuana Testimony

Lil' Ricky Man-on-Dog TAKEN ABACK by The Marriage Vow. Then he understood it. Then he signed it.

What Would Happen If America saw this

Racist Government Immigration PSA

Michele Bachmann Says The Darndest Things

Drone Wars: US Ramping Up Unmanned Air Strikes and Domestic Surveillance

NGOs and Foundation Funding: Who watches the

Sarah Palin meets Jesus Christ

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds P.2 - Jared Diamond - Guns, Germs & Steel

Katrina vanden Heuvel slams debt ceiling debate

President Obama Press Conference On Raising The Debt Ceiling pt.1

Young Turks: Banner Year For CEO Pay Gains

Megan Rapinoe to Abby Wambach goal in 122' (Thank you Title IX)

Young Turks: Crazy Right Wing 'Marriage Pledge'

Ann Coulter Does Bill Maher

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds P.1 - Jared Diamond - Guns, Germs & Steel

Debating America's Future (Tea Party v. RSOL)

The Push to Privatize Social Security - S02E15

Papantonio: The Industry-Packed FDA Is Killing People

California bridge - made in China

Spitting Image nailed Rupert Murdoch 20 years before it was in style.

Obama in press conference saying he won't sign short-term debt deal

Phone hacking: David Cameron's opinions on Andy Coulson

Moody's financial vandalism agency?

To hell with the rest of the state!

Nick Davies on Phone Hacking, Murdoch and News of the World

Chris Matthews Show: Michele Bachmann could Win GOP Nomination

Thom Hartman: We are slaves to so-called Free Trade & the WTO

A Kid's [Awesome] Reaction to Gay Couple

Is anybody else still watching "Falling Skies"? (spoilers)

(Murdoch's) News of the World comes to an end

The Billion-Dollar Bank Heist-Newsweek

Why Rupert Murdoch Love$ God: World's Top Sleaze Mogul Also Getting Rich from Christian Moralizers

Obama's Jobs Council, Stacked with Business Honchos, Offers Nothing But Political Theater

Europe and U.S. have same problem: capitalism

Earnings Growth Returns to Norm, Shares Still Cheap

Strauss-Kahn Saga Exposes Flaws in Europe’s Greek Debt-Crisis Management

Robert Kuttner: Address the Jobs Crisis, Build a Movement

How Fear and Intimidation Led to Massive Atlanta School Cheating

The mystery of the Chinese consumer

Dow Chemical Making it in America

Delayed payments in 1979 offer glimpse of default consequences

No, We Can’t? Or Won’t? (Krugman)

Spain's risk premium hits new high on Italy contagion

Over more than 3 decades, no one dared question the perversion of politics by and for Rupert Murdoch

Pakistan Defiant As U.S. Cuts Off $800 Million In Military Aid

Trailing G.O.P. With Cameras, Seeking Gaffes

News of the World: What was it like on the inside? (BBC)

Glenn Greenwald--"The Great Generational Threat"

Economists Finally Admit: We're Clueless About Jobs, Too

Barbara Ehrenreich: The Fog of (Robot) War

Salon: God, through her husband, told Michele Bachmann to persecute delinquent taxpayers

Chris Hedges: Carlos Montes and the Security State: A Cautionary Tale

Insurers Will Share Revenue Under U.S. Health Market Rules

E.J. Dionne: The Death Penalty and the Costs of an Obsession

Leon Panetta, a Defense Secretary With a Long History of Cooperation with Israel

Former Michigan Gov. Granholm: GOP Refuses to Compromise on Fiscal Issues

Should Democratic candidates sign a pledge

Here are two great charts from two must read articles.

James Murdoch Could Be Prosecuted In Phone-Hacking Scandal - News Corp Succession Plan Suddenly In

Is there any moral difference between

Retirees organize to protect Medicare and Social Security

Congress Threatens to Scrap Successful Bicycle Projects

Government jobs report surprises economists, GOP celebrate success of 'kill the recovery strategy'

The President, again, passed up an opportunity for real communication in his recent Tweet-conference

U of T researchers build an antenna for light

Ken Deffeyes - EIA Substitutes New! Improved! Dataset - From 73 Mbd To 85 Mbd Overnight!

Op-Ed: Oz Carbon Tax A Brave Start From A Government Gripped By Fear

Pakistan Within 3 Yrs. Of Losing Most Hydro Capacity - But It's OK; They'll Buy Australian Coal

Climate change reducing ocean's carbon dioxide uptake

Geo-engineering: green versus greed in the race to cool the planet

UK Waters So Overfished That They Can Supply Only Six Months Of Domestic Demand

Island off Alabama coast bursting with birds after oil spill

Japanese PM Kan is insisting on a strong feed-in tariff for renewable energy

Titicaca, world's highest lake, at risk

Drumbeat from this weekend and today...

Next Climate Meet In Durban - Hanoi A Better Choice; Vietnam Carbon Emissions Up 136% In 10 Years

Scientist Calls Fox's Global Warming Headline "Patently False"

'World Peace 7' calls for nuclear-free Japan

NOLA T-P - $35.1 Million For Louisiana Coastal Restoration Just Way Too Expensive, GOP Maintains

Puget Sound Oyster Farms In Trouble; Pollution Closed Harvests 38 Days So Far In 2011

Kayaking In Cardigan Bay, UK; Once Literal Buckets Of Mackerel, Now Solid W. Jellyfish Top To Bottom

Battle of the Bulb

University of Kentucky-led research could be path to new energy sources

Half of planned (UK) wind farms blown away by force of local protests

Longtime anti-nuclear engineer prepared to fight from within field to right wrongs

Global warming: bringing cooler temperatures and more rain to the California coast (xpost)

Don't believe that nuclear is dead because of Fukushima...

Once endangered, eagle population soaring in Michigan, U.S.

It may be akin to the Earth wrapping its lips around a tail pipe and inhaling deeply

Great online videos of talks from the 2010 International Conference on Sustainability:

Fusion Power

Aggressive Corrosion Damaging Coal Plant Scrubbers After 1 Or 2 Yrs On Systems Expected To Last 25

Large human study links phthalates, BPA and thyroid hormone levels

France to rebalance its energy mix in favour of renewables

Nissan working on recharging Leaf with solar power

Pope blames atheists for global warming

Answer for Invasive Species: Put It on a Plate and Eat It

Fukushima: Nuclear power's VHS relic? (BBC)

Arctic sea ice in record retreat

Pope: Atheists cause global warming

NYT: In West, Accusations of Abuse by Priest Dating Back to 1940's

Norway: First Muslim-Christian gay marriage

Where Worship Never Pauses

Catholics working for peaceful birth of South Sudan

An atheist interviews two members of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Tunisian Secularists Fight Back

Why do religions get a pass when it comes to gender discrimination?

How can these Republican legislators claim to be good Christians?