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SECRET Government Is a One-Way Mirror

The Mittness Protection Program

The Mittness Protection Program

App Lets Drivers Auction Public Parking Spaces

Anger at Congress surfaces at town hall meetings in Georgia

One reason to hope Rick Perry is the rightie's nominee for Prez

Who is carrying di ReTHUG debate?

Who is carrying di ReTHUG debate?

Who is broadcasting the debate tonight?

Horn of Africa

Another snapshot of Max Baucus - a Reid appointment to the Deficit Reduction Super Committee

Lightweights and little children eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at the kids table

Postal Service may cut 120,000 jobs and pull workers out of the current retirement and health plans!

Well Pelosi appointed a more varied group of

Just a note the head of the Postal Union

I'll give the GOP credit for one thing-- They didn't make Newt a frontrunner

Is FOX actually asking hard questions?!

Los Angeles helps the wealthy but not the little guy

Check Out Bachmann's Auschwitz Warning in her 2002 Movie "Guinea Pig Kids II"

"Working on the deficit right now is like, when your house is burning, asking the firemen to . . . .

Pentagon’s Mach 20 Missile Lost Over Pacific — Again

"Girl who has it all is accused of theft."

DK very critical of prez and dissing banks on Countdown.

Pawlenty, Bachman, Romney are all toast! They are over with, toast.

Need some quick help refuting a rethugian

Grand Obstruction Party: LMAO That is good Ed

Dallas DA goes after MERS for millions in unpaid fees.

Dallas DA goes after MERS for millions in unpaid fees.

Draft Matt Damon? Let's draft Tom Hanks first!

Unusual point in my life. Anyone else struggling (not financially)?

This GOP presidential debate is a "Bat-Shit Crazy" contest

Chris Wallace is putting CNN to shame.

Townhall: Kevin Yoder makes a big deal out of a Balanced Budget Amendment without mentionning

Is O'Donnell trying to be funny in his call out of Colbert?

U-S-A! U-S-A! British Rioters choose Baseball bats instead of Cricket bats for violence!

UPDATE.....Victory for the 1st Amendment..Renton police drops cartoonist cyberstalking case

UPDATE.....Victory for the 1st Amendment..Renton police drops cartoonist cyberstalking case

When wanting repub pals to work with Obama should watch this freak show debate.

We knew she couldn't stay away from all those cameras

These tax questions and answers are hilarious

I just turned on the debate for 2 minutes and learned from Santorum that

So, who's winning the debate, or more precisely

Did Ron Paul just admit that Israel has NW?

Pawlenty just lost: he was pragmatic about abortion


Paul v Bachmann, good one.

Will someone please primary Ben Nelson (Neb)

"Social issues" coming up on republicans say the darndest things!

Er Eh shouldn't the mainstream like actually cover this and stuff?

Huntsman good: Do away w NCLB.

Huntsman just lost it for me with "EPA's regulatory reign of terror"

Enthusiasm for Obama Drops Significantly in Latest Washington Post Poll - FDL

Coming up the head of the Postal Union

OMG, Newtie's in this thing

Did Frank Luntz just eat someone?

Rachel Maddow OUTS MSMs Downplay of Rick Perry’s EXTREMIST SUPPORTERS

*Lawrence show now reviewing repugs debate.

Can I just say I kind of like Huntsman?

Bachmann literally tearing Pawlenty's head off

Is there a resource that details the benefits of the stimulus Obama passed?

Tried, I really did.

Spokesman says Texas Gov. Rick Perry is running for president, announcement planned Saturday

Bachmann truly goulish final thought about Obama.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Media Matters: Yes, James O'Keefe's Medicaid Sting Is Still A Fraud

My pick for a classic Romney gaff...

Bachmann f*ed up S+P's reason for downgrade.

Ohio man dies 2 months after winning $5M lottery :(

MSNBC is LIVE right now discussing the debate n/t

The 70s wasn't a very good time economically and yet they still came up with disco.

want to see the big disparity between the

want to see the big disparity between the

Chris Wallace forgot to wear his Rick Perry button.

I'm loving Colbert tonight.

Santorum has the #1 WORST poker face

SEC makes S&P downgrade inquiries

My notes on the GOP debate

Wanna read some funny tweets from the GOP debates?

Why do I keep hearing how difficult it was debating Michelle cause she's the ONLY WOMAN

AP Fact Check on Santorum re government revenue

Can Satire Be Racist? The Daily Show on Obama

Senator Bernie's latest, almost 1/4 of the Senate signs on to letter to CC2

Who won the Repub Debate? Let Us Know.....

Ed just blasted Rick Scott...I hope Fl can do what WI is doing!

I'm thinking of starting my bumper sticker store again..... ok it's open!

*chuckle* -- MSNBC's CC service keeps referring to "Governor Parry".

Rep. Barney Frank: NPR cut me off because they didn’t like my argument

Can "order" and "freedom" function at the same time or will the USA

Fact Check: The Republican Debate

Photos of's Jobs Not Cuts rallies across America (dial-up warning)

"Congress gave Obama a $2.4 million blank check."

"Congress gave Obama a $2.4 million blank check."

Think Rick Santorum has a google problem?

The Autopsy of the Death of the Democratic Party

The Autopsy of the Death of the Democratic Party

Completing the Theft from the Social Security Trust Fund - FDL

What is all this--Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley, Repeal Dobbs-Frank?

For anyone watching "The Ed Show" about the USPS....

Was it a freak show?

Superman is a Socialist

Drivers Ticketed For Honking Horn At Picket Line

What Business is Wall Street In ?

This is the only "news" regarding the Iowa debate

Our view: Iowa's straw poll doesn't deserve mega attention

Perspective on the fluctuating stock market (heard it on

FBI looking into allegation by Verizon of sabotage as workers’ strike continues

Another take on Wisconsin

A Total Economic Collapse in Greece May Hurt Rescues

Newspaper Editors On Pat Buchanan's Diminished Value

Growth Forecasts for U.S. Reduced Through 2013 on Limited Employment Gains

A day after being laid off, Ottawa workers win $7million in the lotto

Turkey Joins Greece, South Korea in Curbing Short Sales After Global Rout

WaPo supports onerous USPS prefunding requirements b/c it gives Congress "leverage" to union bust

Fox News poll on who won the debate, currently:

Morning ramblings.

Toon - Let me get this straight...

The Next Debtpocalypse: Fiscal Meltdowns in the States

Once can only hope the 'super committee' meets the same fate.

Mysterious Roadkill 'Chupacabra' Found in Minnesota?

The "corparations are people" only works one way...

faux nooze ignores ron paul

Republicon candidates go for post-debate Unity Ride

NATO: 8 troops die in two days in Afghanistan

Taxes key to Mitt Romney's '04 pitch to Standard & Poor's

Summer 2012 Riots?

"Corporations are people." Romney said this yesterday. The people

Obama defending Rumsfeld's torture.

US Postal Service wants to cut 20% of staff: report

Did you see what those internet bastards did to the innocent Christine O'Donnell's place at Amazon?

China launches new communication satellite for Pakistan

"The Tea Party Establishment"

Another gun range suicide

Consumer sentiment plumbs the depths

"Why Illinois Can't Afford its Poor Dead"

What with all these politicians and their buses, there oughtta be

'Iran ready to send peacekeepers to UK'

'Iran ready to send peacekeepers to UK'

Health Reform in Action: A Look at Investments in Community Health Centers

Health Reform in Action: A Look at Investments in Community Health Centers

The Long Emergency Unfolds - James Howard Kunstler

Olympic Ambassador Chelsea Ives charged for London rioting

Jon Stewart is destroying Megan Kelley's hypocrisy.

Now I've seen everything. Freepers have invaded The Dallas Voice

"So these two corporations walk into a bar..."

Berwick Recess Appointment Part of a 'Fundamentally Broken' System

Berwick Recess Appointment Part of a 'Fundamentally Broken' System

'Super Committee' of Doom: Who'll Protect Us From the Extremists?

Suppressing the Vote: New ID laws combat an imaginary crime wave

Suppressing the Vote: New ID laws combat an imaginary crime wave

8/12/11: WWDJD? (What Will Dow Jones Do?)

What's this about Katy Perry running for President?

Ohio high court: Healthcare signatures valid

Ohio high court: Healthcare signatures valid

Proposed regulation would harm charities and the people they help

Why is high frequency trading still allowed? /nt

Mitt Romney's reply to the lady in the Iowa event is an opening for Democrats to respond.

Are Rating Agencies Now Trying to Mug Rich Municipalities?

Rick Parry? Is Colbert running an actual person named Rick Parry,

Enquiring minds want to know: Who "won" the GOP debate last night?

National Farmers Market Week: Why the Feds Should Support Family Farms

Top Ten Most Idiotic Conservative Quotes

GA - special session starting Monday 8/15

Guide for Contacting the 12 Members of the "Super Committee"


Pretty Offensive FB Repost

Kentucky Gives Creationist Theme Park 75 Percent Tax Discount For The Next 30 Years

Starbucks CEO cancels church speech

Another Gentleman with self-limited employment opportunities

You know, even though Bush was a putz and an awful president...

SEC Investigating S&P Over Whether They LEAKED NEWS About DOWNGRADE To Investors

The Shape of Things to Come

the latest screw up by Maines governor and the heritage foundation

I introduced the light bulb freedom of choice act

Finding Transportation To Straw Poll More Difficult Than Expected

I chose NOT to watch the Republican Debate

Ealing riot (updated): 68 year old man attacked has died :-(

Oops- She used the wrong brownies!

Rick Perry's sexuality?

Fox News host booed at Republican presidential debate


Joshua Holland: 'Super Congress' "Is A Scam Designed To Fail - Keep Taxes On Rich Low

Taking a Lesson From Sara Quitter..... PAC'S

Rick Perry Opposes Direct Election of State Senators (daily kos)

Shared Sacrifice (cartoon)

The 'Super Congress' Is a Scam Designed to Force Cuts To Popular Programs and Keep Taxes On The Rich

Corporations are people, and everything is a product.

I'd like to know how the fuck Rick Perry became the Tea Party candidate...

New Bumper Sticker....

About Those Permanently Rising Corporate Profits...

India Takes Monsanto To Court For Biopiracy Over Development Of GM Eggplant

"Submission means respect" -Crazy Eyes Bachmann

PFAW: Tell Mitt Romney that corporations are not people

"While I won’t run to the ballot box to vote on Election Day, I will walk there purposefully."

China and the Cultural Revolution and the weird stuff that survived:

A Strange thing happened at the Iowa State Fair

M6.0 quake jolts Fukushima, no tsunami warning issued (JAPAN)

Tohoku eyes mass relocations / Central govt funds lacking, but...(JAPAN)

Nuclear crisis enters 6th month (Japan)

2 broken pipes and a puzzle

Over 110 schoolchildren die or go missing in tsunami after being picked up by parents (JAPAN)

Customers Say Classical Music Played At UDF (convenience store) Curbed Loitering

We need a primary to get our message out.

2 nuke articles

Oh boy, another Craigslist/ Republican Scandal. From Indiana this time.

U.S. ranches breed famous Kobe-style beef

India's story a powerful example of peaceful change: Hillary Clinton

Colbert just nicked Romney "Dr Martin Luther Inc"

Colbert just nicked Romney "Dr Martin Luther Inc"

Colbert just nicked Romney "Dr Martin Luther Inc"

Colbert just nicked Romney "Dr Martin Luther Inc"

S&P Slams Third GOP Debt Stance For Jeopardizing U.S. Credit

Spread it around: Rep. Burgess is a chicken

If you get a chance, please watch the excellent PBS series, God in America...

A question that i can't figure out about the republican debate

Roubini Warns of Global Recession Risk

Brilliant: Retweet to Rebuild (using social media for good post-riots)

Colbert: Romney is ‘Dr. Martin Luther, Inc.’ (Video)

Are You Still Pleased With Debbie Wasserman Schultz Performance

Scarborough: ‘Michele Bachmann is a joke’

I'll fire anyone who calls Ron Paul delusional, or Bachmann a batshit crazy wackaloon,...

Behind the Intensified Agenda to Drive Down U.S. Wages & Benefits: U.S. Corps Newly Need US Workers

Ending the Bush Bonus Tax Cuts Requires Little Sacrifice, Does No Harm

Did you notice how a concerned citizen became a "heckler" in the media?

The 'poet' Herman Cain cited in closing?

The 'poet' Herman Cain cited in closing?

54 Chinese bullet trains recalled over flaws

NOM Loses Appeal of Disclosure Ruling in Rhode Island

you know the expression "to hire a cab"?

Steph Miller show is next...

Text of the 11th Circuit Court Ruling on the Affordable Health Care Act

If you need your dinner cooked or lawn mowed, Tim Pawlenty might be your man.

are Americans thinking straight??

Parallels to '37 recession

Beck: Obama wants to use ‘race riots’ to ‘take this country down’

The Super Committee Precedent: Why End The Filibuster Just For Deficit Reduction?

There was a kerfluffle when Chris Wallace called Bachman a flake,

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is Back Online With a Little Help From its Friends!

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is Back Online With a Little Help From its Friends!

I've decided to watch the repug debate...

Perry's In.....

ONE in Four OHIOANS need assistance from Food Pantries

Anti-Gay GOP lawmaker offers $80 for gay teen Craigslist hookup

Anti-Gay GOP lawmaker offers $80 for gay teen Craigslist hookup

It's the jobs, stupid. Rachel asks why the "super congress" can divert all attention to the debt.

Axelrod Says He'd Fire Anyone Who Calls Romney 'Weird'

It's HERE!...Santorum Jelly at the Iowa State Fair, more on tonights Daily Show!

So I wanted to see this video of Pakistani security forces shooting unarmed Sarfraz Shah, who later

Trouble isn't over yet, says teenager who predicted riots

Why can't we boldly state the obvious? When Norquist and Limbaugh

As Texas Gov. Rick Perry Enters GOP Race, New Exposé Reveals His Close Ties to Radical Evangelicals

I just heard a caller sum it up: Barack Obama's biggest problem is that when he won the election,

Predict the next stage of Republican Political Campaign Craziness

Chinese authorities find 22 fake Apple stores (BBC) {in ONE city!}

1.86M Philips lights recalled

The Hijacked Crisis

BWAHAHAHA! HEY! PAWLENTY! You SUCK. Losing a battle of wits to the conductor of the CRAZY TRAIN???

So, if corporations are people....

Looking at the GOP field, do you think Romney will be their nominee

Help CERN find the "God particle" with your computer

Alabama Congressman Defends Big Oil Tax Breaks To Angry Constituents

Ask Perry about this man at every chance: Cameron Todd Willingham: Wrongfully Convicted & Executed

Where children sleep around the world.

Where children sleep around the world.

Leave the Nazis alone!

A very unscientific poll of elderly voters

Axelrod: I’ll fire anyone who calls Romney ‘weird’

Obama to Meet With Johnson & Johnson CEO Weldon, Xerox’s Burns

Congressional Democrats On The Comeback In The Polls

Barbara Ehrenreich to be on the Thom Hartmann show

GOP Debate - Sexist ? to Michelle Bachmann - would you be submissive to your husband?"

Trying to Make Sense of Economic Data

Eugene Robinson -- Hello, Washington? Is Anyone Listening?

Here's a comic I'd never heard of before: Candorville - Are you a Norquistian?

Va county removes Sherlock Holmes from school list

I think Grover Norquist needs to have IRS on his ass constantly

The Rick Perry primer (pdf. format) from the U.K. Guardian

We don't make little statues of our leaders in this country, but an Obama chess set would be cool.

Lapel pins

The irony of David Cameron's riot condemnation -

British Jill Robinson Rescues Moon Bears from Bile Farms (Long Video)

Mitt Romney to Iowa Voters: "Corporations Are People"

It's getting too weird out there

Conservative policy group discovered violating Minnesota lobbying law

Awkward Mittens and now Pants-on-Fire lying liar

The Wisconsin recall election

Coulter’s Latest Fantasy: Killing The London Rioters

An Open Letter to David Cameron's Parents - fabulous!!

What the fuck is Sarah Palin doing in Iowa???

Charity Navigator

Top Obama aide fires preemptive broadside at Perry

I'm better off having sex than

I'm better off having sex than

Caller to Brunch with Bernie

can't find info on how the riots in London started?

Outside The Lines? 9/11 Coloring Book Seeks To Tell Kids 'Truth' About Terrorism

HILARIOUS: Stephen Colbert Talks About Dinosaur Condoms

HILARIOUS: Stephen Colbert Talks About Dinosaur Condoms

If you've read "The Talisman" by Stephen King, this story will chill you to the core

And ass in need of a boot

Man Cuffs Self To Woman Who Declined Dates

Gold vs Silver

Rage Against the Machine: Testify

Bachmann introduced the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act - and other video "Highlights"

Bachmann introduced the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act - and other video "Highlights"

Pledges - Marriage, Taxes, Allegiance

Pledges - Marriage, Taxes, Allegiance

Can a redesign make us eat better? What do you think of these labels:

The Perils for Obama of Not Talking About Poverty in America

SF:Jeff Adachi Is Running for Mayor

The problem is warmakers who refuse to live within their income-tax-revenue means.

A Teabagger's Utopia

Narcissists rise to the top because ...

I like the song. But I love the video.

Who Will Win The 'Worst Governor Ever' Contest?

BatCrazy Bachman Must Be Kept in The Race For As Long as Possible...

America Is a Spark Away From Riots of Its Own

What an idiot

The Debt Ceiling: Washington’s Summer Thriller Terrifies the Poor and Elders

there was a time when I rarely swore. Then I retired and started listening to

why don't the "rich" who WANT to pay more in taxes such as

Van Jones Invites Ohio to the Stand Up for Ohio Festival to Rebuild the American Dream

Brooklynites Locked out of Neighborhood Jobs

Axelrod: All GOP Candidates Have "Embraced The Dogma of The Tea Party Right"

Which is crazier, hearing voices from a dog telling you to kill people in parked cars

CMS to Enhance Access to Care for Severe Mental Illness

Anti-gay Indiana state rep solicited 18-year-old boy on Craigslist

Interesting article on the UK riots

And on the Fifth Day, The Dow Rested.

Rick Perry: the Paint Creek boy who could be King.

Barack Obama does have something in common with Jimmy Carter

New Limits on Background Checks Considered

John Kerry's response to a Social Security question this past Spring@ Town Hall in MA

Toon- All the t-baggers could find for you...

Another Facebook Status found

GA Redistricting to Curb Voting Power of Immigrants, Minorities

Dan Burton, Indiana Repub asshole extaordinaire defines the word "compromise"

Police charge elderly Florida man for vandalizing Florida Progress utility poles

Police charge elderly Florida man for vandalizing Florida Progress utility poles

Fleeing Libyans say Gaddafi regime crumbling

16 Latin American Countries File Brief Against Alabama Law

Wells Fargo Sued in Reverse Mortgage Dispute

Gay man confronts Pawlenty: ‘Do you think I’m a second class citizen?’

Onion: Obama Proposes Tax Increase On Meanest 2% Of Population

Randi Rhodes Show is next in 5 minutes...

Where are the adults??

ALABAMA: Bingo JURY Gives Obama Justice Department a KICK In The CROTCH

ALABAMA: Bingo JURY Gives Obama Justice Department a KICK In The CROTCH

take a moment to laugh...Katherine Harris (Janeane Garofalo) on Sam Seder yesterday

Teabagger shows his true politics...

Anti-gay Indiana state rep solicited 18-year-old boy on Craigslist

Bankers Commit Murder

Top Health Reform Player Berwick's Overhaul Vision Draws Praise, Rebuke

Lloyd Doggett coming up on Dylan Ratigan Show to give the scoop on Rick Perry. n/t

Let's fight fire with fire, sort of..

Parallels to '37 recession


Proposed rule on farms called ‘absurd’

Study Shows Growing Number of Ethnic Elders in Financial Crisis

Can the Democratic Party survive without taxes??

Time warp.

The Hijacked Crisis - Paul Krugman

Fox's Carlson: Candidates Should Be Asked What Should Be Done About "The War On Christmas"

Gay Man Challenges Pawlenty On Opposition To Marriage Equality: ‘Do You Think I’m A Second

New Bumper Sticker On Order.....

Behind the Scenes of Michele Bachmann's Newsweek Cover, FOD

Here's the Newsweek cover shot and Bachmann's official photo

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Battles Anti-Bribery Statute

Eye on Europe: Once Public Trust Goes, Can Democracy Be Far Behind?

Eye on Europe: Once Public Trust Goes, Can Democracy Be Far Behind?

Ask your congressperson what they pay for medical coverage.

Who do you think won the GOP presidential candidates' debate?

Jobs and Equal Opportunity.

Wanna See Another Example Of How Money Works In Washington D.C. ???

Wherein trof decides to become a gnat.

Toon- She looks perfectly normal to me!

We just don't play the game of Politics well.

Just a sec to say ... my son will make a good Democrat.

Who is “Nation of Change?” I suddenly started getting email from them

U.S. Pharmaceutical Companies Testing Drugs on India’s Poor

So I watched Avatar the second time around

Why Republican women & Republican minorities owe Liberals a huge debt of gratitude!

If "Corporations are people"......

Grandma Susie's Call to Sen. Kerry--Not Reassuring

'Is Silicon Valley in another tech-stock bubble?'

Randy Travis? Awwwwwwwwww Another disappointment

Rick Santelli TEABAGGER leader...

A DUer who says he's "hearing from a LOT of progressives about how we lost" concerning Wisconsin.

Pug Debate Highlight Bulletpoints. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

Pug Debate Highlight Bulletpoints. Pure. Comedy. Gold.

I hope all DUers are having a good summer

2016: Elizabeth Warren for President!

Trouble isn't over yet, says teenager who predicted riots

How come there are not a lot of moderate talk show hosts around??

Rush Slams Fox News re Debate..

Obama: Something is wrong with country's politics

Apple security under attack: The view from Windows

Jon Stewart reveals what Sarah Palin is doing in Iowa.

Clueless in Washington - Eugene Robinson/WaPo/RCP

CDC is looking for passengers exposed to a flying bat on a Delta flight

OkeeDokeePalooza, A.K.A. Palin Bus Tour hits Iowa. Whill she quit THIS tour early too?

Eye on the prize. Perry wants to appoint strict constructionists to the SCOTUS

They are now Feral Republicans to me

Where children sleep around the world

Here we fucking go with Gov. Good Hair/No Brains Perry


Looting begins in a seaside town (includes footage)...

Support the Verizon CWA workers: Use your Consumer power

We pay 20%+ of our monthly S/S retirement benefits for Medicare.

Leaked AT&T Filing Fuels Critics' Claims That T-Mobile Acquisition Is Anticompetitive

Toronto Star: Aggression during G20 rally ‘perpetrated by police,’ judge rules

Toronto Star: Aggression during G20 rally ‘perpetrated by police,’ judge rules

Let's get a simple message out there: NEED BEFORE GREED

Progressive angst and President Obama: Its not him, its you

Proposed rule on farms called ‘absurd’ -would require farmers to get commercial drivers licenses

Professional Social Security basher Robert Samuelson is at it again

A small but Hopeful (and noisy) sign regarding Labor Support

Rick Perry Says Social Security And Medicare Are Unconstitutional

Having a global view...

Looters Apologize

Looters Apologize

First vampire bat bite death in U.S. reported

Can non-Union, ordinary citizens join in a Union picket line?

which passage in the bible says that those kosher laws no longer apply?

PSA: Don't forget about the Perseid meteor shower tonight...

Video: All 8 Republicans Would Walk Away from '10 to 1' Deal

Mr. Romney, corporations are not people

Man throws potatoes at 66-year old woman in Walmart, police say

Elephants suing the R's over defamation of character

America will be a country with large PERMANENT UNDERCLASS

ARKANSAS: Atheists Win Bus Suit (Bus company wanted 3 million dollars insurance policy)

Der Spiegel: German Example Shows Way Out of Debt Crisis (hint: raise taxes)

MSNBC poll on who won the GOP debate - link:

8 Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

APNewsBreak: Some unions to skip 2012 convention

Terrible 20: History Lessons with Sarah Palin:

Women rapists terrorise men in Zimbabwe

The country needs help

Elizabeth Warren: The Collapse of the Middle Class

I can see a relatively easy path for a teabagger like Perry, Bachmann, or Palin

The ‘Gang of 12 is morally repehensible

As a Former Repub, I Can Tell You That They Are Now Unelectable

As a Former Repub, I Can Tell You That They Are Now Unelectable

Let's increase the funding for Medicare and Social Security with a transaction tax?

Cameron faces obstacles in bringing in US police chief Bill Bratton to head Met

BART cuts cell phone service to stop protest

Statement on temporary wireless service interruption in select BART stations on Aug. 11

By the end of his 2nd yr in office, 66% of Dems and Dem leaners wanted to see Clinton challenged

all federal office holders are required to take only ONE pledge

crazy places Americans are hiding cash (within their homes)

I would still like to see Obama-only Democratic presidential primary debates.

Very Long, But Worth It... 'Can the Middle Class Be Saved?' Don Peck/TheAtlantic

Just what does it mean to be an "apostle" within the New Apostolic Reformation?

The most significant moment in last night's Republican debate

Sesame Street pair Bert and Ernie 'will not marry' (BBC)

PHOTO: "Now I know why some animals eat their young" (hat-tip to Tom Smothers)

How Almost Everyone Just Got Screwed In One Chart

How America's Safety Net Has Become A Dragnet

Verizon Site Mischief Cuts Police Phone Service

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Damn, This Picket Line Looks Fun

Here's the DK video clip from last night on Countdown.

Here's the DK video clip from last night on Countdown.

Obama is not acting in the tradition of MLK. Read LETTER FROM A BIRMINGHAM JAIL.

Obama is not acting in the tradition of MLK. Read LETTER FROM A BIRMINGHAM JAIL.

Did the GOP Steal the Wisconsin Recall Elections? A True Vote Analysis

BART admits halting cell service to stop protesters

I'm not going to exert much defense on behalf of the individual mandate

Trade Social Security for Single Payer?

Bachmann will cut SS and Medicare for all.

I am finding myself just moving away from the political spectrum. There really isn't anyone,

Russell Brand - Great commentary in UK Guardian re: riots

U.S. appeals court rules against Obama health care law

Boy I hate to say this... But Tweety is making sense...

I Don't Support Ron Paul. HOWEVER.....

Anyone watch that new series Combat Hospital. It's kinda a take off on MASH, but it's set

Resisting Social Disintegration

What is the controversy surrounding "The Help"

Social Security income taxed in a way that hurts those who prepared the most to retire.

Referencing the Hinkle story, we need a word like "Santorum".

Police: State Fair mugger targeted whites; 'easy targets'

Lucille Ball's voter registration card

G.O.P. on Defensive as Analysts Question Party’s Fiscal Policy

When we can arrest them, incarcerate them and execute them

The Military: Closer to You Than Your Family

You know, in the country in which I was raised, Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann would be . . . .

OK, I admit it. I will openly discriminate against the highly religious in the 2012 elections.

Will This Become A Trend? Republican Congressman Recants Anti-Tax Pledge To Grover

You don't need car insurance in order to own a car if you never drive it on gov't roads

One little girl raises $1 million for wells in Africa

After Killing a 6-Year Highway Construction Bill, Obama Calls for a Highway Construction Bill!

White House Reined in DNC Staff in Wisconsin (which had been supporting the protests, etc)

Pregnant Pacifica woman killed by family pit bull

Toon- The Obama Downgrade

Mixed feelings over Philadelphia's flash-mob curfew

Police Chief Confirms Detaining Photographers Within Departmental Policy

Anarchy and Austerity: Why London Won't Be the Last City to Burn

They Died in Vain; Deal With It

Fox News Panics, takes down results POLL AND MAP from the debate.

Not your imagination: Kids today really are less creative, study says

Well it's about time! The employees are fighting back against coning.

Good news, everyone!

Whiskey really does numb the pain.

good friends just over for dinner

New movie coming out: Snakes on a Bus

Pursuit by Stephen Dobyns

A song I fell in love with in Ann Arbor, 1976 I think

Remember the Black Death?

On my own this evening. (At least for a little while...) Ask me anything.

Thank you!

The highway is alive tonight

I've set up "Skype" on my computer

Hey lounge I got 5 more posts to 15k............ what should I do?

Just got back from seeing Help.

i still love my wife after 33 years

i don`t mind doing the washing and drying clothes but....

Unusual point in my life. Anyone else struggling (not financially)?


I've set up "Skynet" on my computer

Green Bay Packers are at the White House!

I've never watched the show but for those who like Dexter - Dexter gets his wings

Bartcop's wrong - Chinaco Silver IS really fucking good!

SO...MiddleFingerMom is FINALLY heading HOME. What will he do FIRST?

Try to touch this guys nose

Dammit, lost my star

DU Southerners (e.g.,FL, TX, etc) How do you get used to that heat?

Today's my last day on the job

Trendy new women's eyeglass frames... anyone else think they're ugly?

Everyone can just fuck off

Comcast are such douchebags

AMERICA! (According to The Oatmeal)

Poorly worded subject lines: I DON'T SUCK!

One time I was interested in faux fireplaces. I thought you could

Anyone else here seen the series Parks and Recreation???

PHOTO: In the mid-1970s, MiddleFingerMom was considered too sexy for his shirt, so sexy it HURT.

Did anyone catch the Max Headroom Chicago TV hijacking event in '87?

My book is currently the #1 Hot New Release for Parodies

The pan arrived. The meatloaf is served. Despite the ordeal, you will not be disappointed.

Timbits -- help me think of something hilarious to say about Timbits.

PHOTO: I'd have to say this one is "artsy," bordering on "artsy-fartsy."

My cat inky and I are totally getting into a new routine now that Monster passed. She'll

John Kennedy Oswald died last night

I'm better off drinking than

do you click on blind links?

Happy birthday, me

"Gas, Ass, or Grass"

PHOTO: The hospital staff MISSES MiddleFingerMom, but while he was there, he TAUGHT them things.

Anybody seen "Machete?"

OMG THE TRUTH COMES OUT.......why I can't stand the taste of Whiskey

Been listening to Joe Walsh tunes all morning...

U.S. Olympic Skier Gets Drunk, Pees On 11-Year-Old Girl On JetBlue Flight

For those who have experienced a significant loss:

Tell us about your billing mysteries here: I once got charged $200

Question about "Classic Rock"

DU Northerners (e.g., MN, MI, WI, ND, etc) How do you get used to that cold?

Best character actors/actresses? Two of my favs:

so, if pampers are decorated with bunnies, and pull-ups

Confess!!! What have you bought while drunk?

Change one letter in a movie title

Describe the situation when you have your first underage drink. I had had sips at my parents house

A couple of questions for any Dr. Demento fans out there...

Just saw "The Help". See it!

Sesame Street Says Bert and Ernie Aren’t Gay

Estonian defense ministry gunman shot dead by police: spokesman

Mexican Drug War Spreading to the Web

An Explosive New 9/11 Charge (CIA tried to recruit 9/11 hijackers—then covered it up-Richard Clarke)

Five US troops killed in Afghanistan by roadside bomb

Mother bear kills cub and then itself (suicide at Chinese "bile farm")

USPS proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan

Postal Service proposes cutting 120,000 jobs, pulling out of health-care plan

(Key) Bali bombing suspect extradited (from Pakistan to Indonesia) for trial

(Key) Bali bombing suspect extradited (from Pakistan to Indonesia) for trial

Former Juárez police chief killed in Chihuahua City

London riots: Man held over Asyraf Haziq Barking mugging (which was caught on video)

U.K. Lawmaker Tom Watson Says Documents on Phone Hacking Are ‘Dynamite’

Judge: Ind. school erred in punishment over MySpace pix

Leading Lib Dem sues over phone hacking-1st Coalition MP to launch damages claim against News Intl

No Charges for Bloggers Who Published Details of iPhone 4 Prototype

Attorney: Soldier accused of murder 'was cracking'

Former House candidate Jim Russell (R-NY) arrested at Journal News on trespass charge

Egypt to abolish reviled 30-year-old emergency law

8 From G.O.P. Trade Attacks at Iowa Debate

A Washington State Indian Tribe Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Report: At least 1 in 4 families couldn't afford food in the last year(OH)

London riots: Olympics ambassador amongst rioters

Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law

News of the World: police watchdog investigates Milly Dowler leak

Fight Harder, Voters Telling Congressmen

As US-Egypt Strains Over Funding Grow, USAID Boss Quits The Country

Who's Picking Your Berries? Feds Find Young Children on Strawberry Farms

APNewsBreak: Some unions to skip 2012 convention

Council eviction notice for Clapham Junction riot accused's family

Piracy off west Africa increases sharply

Judge Won’t Order Inquiry Over Psychologist’s Role in Guantánamo

Obama Criticizes Congress in Speech to Auto Workers

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Plunges to a Three-Decade Low

Mexican Police Guilty Of Widespread Abuse: Human Rights Commission

IPCC 'May Have' Misled Media Over Mark Duggan

Exclusive: Teen Gang Reveals (London) Looting Spree

England riots claim fifth victim as man (attacked during the riots in London) dies in hospital

Ex-Nasdaq executive gets 42 months for insider trading

Email rendezvous entangles state Rep. Phillip Hinkle

Universal healthcare for Colombians by 2012: Santos .

U.S. border guard pleads guilty to harassing B.C. teen

Arizona Court Clears Way for Abortion Restrictions (Planned Parenthod Hold Lifted)

Warrant singer Jani Lane dead at 47

Executive Order Responding to WikiLeaks Due Shortly

Appeals court rules against Obama healthcare law

Verizon Site Mischief Cuts Police Phone Service

SEC Probes Possible Insider Trading Linked To S&P's U.S. Downgrade

'Iran ready to send peacekeepers to UK'

Romney worth up to $264 million; earned up to $68,000 per speech before campaign

Cargill nets deal in Taiwan (55 million in EXPORTS of environmentally friendly for the USA)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, August 12, 2011

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, August 12, 2011

Casey Anthony Ordered Back To Florida To Serve Check Fraud Probation

Shell confirms oil leak in North Sea

Superdrug takes out common cold, other viruses

Ledyard (N.Y.) clerk won’t sign gay marriage licenses

JetBlue flier who 'peed' on girl could be axed from US Ski Team

The 100 Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

BART admits halting cell service to stop protesters

Over a dozen unions to sit out Democratic convention over choice of NC

I'm guessing that Pawlenty and Bachmann aren't going to divorce their spouses and marry each other?

Anyone going to dark side to watch REPUKEALOOSA ???

Why are Republicans having debates and straw polls so early?

What's All This About Steve Perry Running for President?

A Setback for Obama’s War on Whistleblowers

Which of them do you think would be the easiest to defeat?

Mike Luckovich: On Republicans Taking the Economy Hostage

Musings about the Repukaloosa last night

DemRapidResponse: "GOP 2012: Pledging Allegiance to the Tea Party"

Berwick Recess Appointment Part of a 'Fundamentally Broken' System

DNC Mocks Romney’s ‘Corporations Are People’...With Streisand...

Iowa Straw Poll Theme Song

Best commentary on Romney's "corporations are people"

Perry calls Social Security and Medicare UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Stephen Colbert aims comedic political ad at Iowa

LOL.....the more I see these GOP idiots the more I think Obama will become popular...

"Romney is such a frightening candidate"

I'm still mad about Dick Cheney's faux residency candidacy

It is difficult for me to communicate the amount of disgust I had last night while listening to

Rick Perry to delight climate sceptics by running for president

No matter who the GOp'er elected is as POTUS...

What the fuck is up with Ed Schultz defending crazy eyes Bachmann

I agree with Tweety our side needs to stop playing defense

My prediction on all the noise about Rick Perry

"Iowa CCI just did more for the Obama re-election campaign than $50 million of advertising dollars"

WH: The Latest Health Care Court Case

So Michelle Bachmann "submits" to her husband...

Is Tweety gonna get another man-crush?

Just watching Lawrence's review of the Debate... These POS can't even call

Question: who is/was more liberal? Obama or Gerald Ford?

If you are not crazy, not dumber than nails, not corrupt, not a racist, or not a lying sack of shit

A campaign theme takes shape

Poll: Majority of Americans don't blame Obama for economy

Poll: Majority of Americans don't blame Obama for economy

Welcome: President Perry

Ten-to-one isn’t good enough for the GOP

Gallup: Democrats now up 7 points (vs down 6 points during 2010 election ) on Congressional ballot

Perry's Biggest Problem: The Bush Family Hates Him

"Republicans had this transcendent 10 months, they’ve lost the country"

Canada reaches free trade deal with Honduras

How would you rank Obama among Democratic Presidents since the 1930s?

Mass. GOP attack Elizabeth Warren

Would Ronald Reagan Be Too Liberal For Today's Republicant Party?

After watching the GOP Debate I want Obama to win more than ever

tick - tick -- tick --- tick ---- tick ------ tick ------- tick -------- tick --------- tick, etc

Liar, Liar, Michele Bachmann's batshit crazy pants on fire

Mitt Romney and the Luckiest People in the World

Hold That Line - USD, Money Supply, Two Ways to Default

Bachmann/Cain 2012, and other Surprising Stuff.

"GOP 2012: Pledging Allegiance to the Tea Party" Launches " Science is Rock and Roll" - Launches " Science is Rock and Roll" -

Maddow report on Rick Perry's insane rightwing Christianist friends

Japanese Tsunami Breaks Icebergs off Antarctica

London Riots: Looters Tell Sky News Where The Police Can Look For Them

Fukushima 5 Months Later a COMPLETE DISASTER!!! 8-11-11

Matt Taibbi Reveals The Most Outrageous 'Holiday' Ever

Santorum: Iran 'Tramples The Rights Of Gays'

UK Riots 2011, Birmingham Father makes moving passionate plea for calm after his son was

Opportunity Rover Reaches Martian Crater on This Week @NASA

Keiser Report: Reverse Nixon Golden Dream (E172)

TYT University: Food Stamp Students Told 'Just Get A Job'

Fox GOP Debate: Pawlenty and Bachmann Fight

Gay Man Challenges Pawlenty on Marriage Opposition: 'Do You Think I'm a Second-Class Citizen?'

Attorney General Jack Conway Fancy Farm 2011

Young Turks: 'Corporations Are People' - Mitt Romney

Returning War Vet. Surprises Wife at Baseball Game

Is the US empire too expensive?

All The Anti-Gay Rhetoric From The GOP Presidential Debate…In Under 2 Minutes

Mike Malloy - Dylan Ratigan´s Meltdown

Sam Seder – ALEC Using Taxpayer Funds to Destroy Government

Richard Clarke suspects CIA coverup on 9/11 hijackers

TYT: Smiley, West Uncle Toms - Steve Harvey

Nuclear Austerity in Alabama by Arnie Gundersen

Papantonio: No-Show Rick Perry Wins Republican Debate

Steve Leser (me) on RT - Tea Party pushing US towards default

Angry Mob Tries To Kick Down Door at Boehner's Office

Open Challenge to Rachel Maddow on the Great Depression

Solar-powered model train

"Liberal" Greta van Susteren Outfoxed by Democratic Governor O'Malley

Can You Guess Who's Narrating This Ad For Candidate Rick Parry?

Thom Hartmann: There are no Billionaire Fairies


Yahoo/The Daily Take - Did Mark Cuban Predict The Market Crash?

The Congress Is In Session, It Turns Out … In Israel

GOP Leadership Names Senator From Krypton to Super Committee

How much are Twitter and BlackBerry to blame for British riots?

El Salvador denies receiving extradition request in Jesuit massacre case

Guatemala arrests civil conflict massacre suspects

David Sirota: Collateral Damage in the War on Anonymity

Let's all do our part to help the rich

August 16 Wisconsin gears up to protect two Dems...

FLASHBACK: In 1990, McConnell Said ‘I Think Everyone Should Pay Their Fair Share, Including The Rich

The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom

S&P and the Folly of Conventional Wisdom

America Is a Spark Away From Riots of Its Own

Please Britain, don't let Mubarak inspire your response to unrest

GOP Debate Shows Imperative of Allowing Bush Tax Cuts to Expire

GOP presidential debate provides entertainment and clarity

You thought you were paying excess FICA taxes so that there would be enough money to pay your Social

Lebanon intercepts covert arms shipments bound for Syria

'Super Congress' Is a Scam Designed to Force Cuts To Popular Programs and Keep Taxes On The Rich Low

Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone: "How the World Failed Haiti"

a great article by Drew Weston asks (Sunday NYT) 'Where is Obams coming from?'

An Explosive New 9/11 Charge (CIA tried to recruit 9/11 hijackers—then covered it up-Richard Clarke)

For your weekend viewing pleasure - CSpan Panel on Obama Presidency

G.O.P. on Defensive as Analysts Question Party’s Fiscal Policy.

GOP Legislator's Gay Sex Scandal Just the Latest

Colombia's Disappeared: Five Years Demanding Justice for My Father

Going Postal: Is it Time to Kill the U.S. Postal Service?

what happens when influential people exploit a crisis rather than try to solve it.-Paul Krugman

Health care mandate ruled uncostitutional, but severable

George McGovern: Advice to President Obama.

NATO'S Massacre at Majer, Libya

New Zealand quake: Christchurch 'to be garden city'

Peak oil notes - Aug 11

Physicists explore the key energy transport process underlying solar energy harvesting

Solar-powered model train

The Gulf oil spill looks small when compared to what Shell's done to Nigeria

Marine viruses follow recurring patterns

Single, Key Gene Discovery Could Streamline Production of Biofuels (!)

Polar climate change may lead to ecological change

Effortless sailing with fluid flow cloak

Negative Image Aside, Asian Carp Are a Boon

Wind turbine construction begins in Scituate Massachusetts

EPA Issues Stop Sale Order to DuPont on Sale and Distribution of Imprelis Herbicide

Secretary of Energy Advisory Board Subcommittee Releases Shale Gas Recommendations

Drumbeat: August 12, 2011

NOAA: Heat wave leads to fourth warmest July on record for the U.S. (2.7°F above 1901-2000 average)

…Scientists Link Shifting Atlantic Mackerel Distribution To Environmental Factors, Changing Climate

bicycle elevator

Arctic sea ice poised to undergo record decline in mid-August (arctic dipole)

Shell fights North Sea oil spill (BBC)

Marines to Industry: Bring On the Solar Power

Uncontacted Amazon tribes could be wiped out by drug traffickers and oil companies

Cheap and fast hydrogen for fuel (BBC)

U.S. PV market to double in 2011, thanks to module overstock

Scotland propelled towards green future by first major tidal turbine