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end the endless campaigning!

Decision by Sugarland Tour Manager to keep them backstage probably saved their lives

Anti-tax group is top donor to super committee members

Corn dog eater needs to get back to TX and fix our water problems!

Two New York men nearly drown -- in an elevator

An Inconvenient Truth is on Current TV right now. 9:00 n/t

Anyone able to pick up Keith O on the web tonite?

WATCH LIVE: Protesters shut down BART station

Huffington Post: Target Comes Under Fire Around the World

Paul Krugman: Fake Alien Invasion Would End Economic Slump (VIDEO)

U.S. cities prepare to adapt to climate change

Howie Dean coming up on Rachel to discuss Perry rubbish

Y'know how republicans are always in trouble for songs ? Here are some Michele might be able to use

Tea-Bagger Mentality

John Wayne wannabe, Perry, is running for President, 2016...

Jihad Against Islam

Rachel Maddow Show -- Howard Dean interview on Perry, jobs and health care

Shariah foes seize on Perry's ties to Muslims

Perry is just a Cartoon Character he just looks smarter than Dubya, still just a Puppet for the Rich

SEC reviewing S&P handling on downgrade

Ok... It's Just TV... But What A Beautiful Dream, Eh ???

LOL. Do a Google image search on Bachmann + eyes

Just 14 Months Away!!

The Big Picture RT - Thom Hartmann tonite - interview Prof. Richard Wilkinson

Rick Perry sounds just like George W! Except Texasier and not as grammarful, ya know?

self delete...

Bachmann's Migraines - FOD video

Frontline special on Bradley Manning and Wikileaks

Perry suggests Obama doesn't love America.

Rick Perry's College Transcript... many Cs And Ds

Afghan widows form community on Kabul hill

"Six Flags over Jesus"...just now on Ed

Damn, can't watch Keith!

Repost of what the CWA (union) meant to a DU Verizon working family!

Eugene Robinson: The straw poll winner: Barack Obama

Help! Time Warner is buying our local cable provider. Should

Planet of Slums, Age of Riots

Planet of Slums, Age of Riots

Planet of Slums, Age of Riots

Anyone else watching the Daily Show?

More than Half a Million Americans shared Warren Buffett's article on facebook

Matt Lauer makes $17 million, topping annual TV news salaries

Dan Choi Needs Your Support - Jane Hamsher/FDL

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Rachel just outlined the GOP strategy.

Is There A Possibility That Liberal/Progressives Will Just Go Right Past The President ???

It Looks To Me Like The MSM Is Making Perry The One To Beat.......

It Looks To Me Like The MSM Is Making Perry The One To Beat.......

Governor General of Canada chastises lawyers for their roll in financial collapse.

These are my students; this is my school

The Moonshine Fire (no pics)

Perry on Bernanke: ‘I dunno what y’all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly

Winners and losers #7

Everyone says Mitt Romney...

How Perry will get me Tombstoned, and a (partial) concession to the President's Cheerleaders


Gloria Steinem in her own words on HBO now

Warren Buffett discusses his New York Times Op-Ed piece 'Stop Coddling the Super-Rich'(Charlie Rose)

Despite Perry’s Tough Budget Talk, Texas’ Debt Growing Faster Than The Nation’s

Perry's remarks border on anti-semitism.

BART closes, reopens stations to thwart demonstrators

Radical overhaul of military retirement eyed

DOJ getting busy with something besides busting pot smokers

NYT: Weddings & Celebrations ~ Jacques Beaumont (86) and Richard Townsend (77)

NYT: Weddings & Celebrations ~ Jacques Beaumont (86) and Richard Townsend (77)

Does Perry have a muffin top?

Ron Paul gets snubbed 'cause he doesn't support GOP $$$-Maker wars

Dear Mr. President,

Federal task force considers law enforcement sharing of fingerprints with immigration agency

Indigenous Bolivians march against Amazon road

Perry hands Uncle Sam his resume

Bachmann thought Kathy Griffin was Kathy Lee Gifford...

Protests Erupt Across India

Rachel and the neo nazi shirts

Texas Apologizes For Unleashing Rick Perry On Us All

Texas Apologizes For Unleashing Rick Perry On Us All

Texas Apologizes For Unleashing Rick Perry On Us All

I'd pay a dollar or two for a dedicated DU forums app for iPhone/Android.

And Here We Go Again... Panama Trade Deal/Panama Tax Haven...

The phrase "homeless veteran" should not exist in an advanced democracy

How The Political Right Bullied The US Government Into Ignoring The Threat of Right-Wing Extremism

Perry accuses Bernanke of treason, draws rebuke from W spokesman

More Republican Policy Initiatives from an Allegedly Progressive Administration

The Left Coast Sports Babe quotes Warren Buffet

The Left Coast Sports Babe quotes Warren Buffet

College students: now and then

Rick Perry's Neocon Friends

Repiglicans circulating 14 points letter on why Perry would be a bad President

Military Keynesianism Gone Haywire: Paul Krugman Pines For World War ... Based On Ginned-Up Reasons

Toles: The media changes Obama narratives, again

"Locavesting": Investing In Main Street Instead Of Wall Street

Indian police lock up the anti-corruption leader and ignite the

Perry/Pawlenty...yeah, that's the ticket...

Randi Rhodes reads Warren Buffett's letter to the NY Times, "Stop Coddling the Super-Rich"

The right-wing conspiracy--remember when?

Privatization Of US National Infrastructure Cannot Succeed

London’s Rioters Are Thatcher’s Grandchildren: Pankaj Mishra

Two great words that sound great together:

The Big Money Behind Congress' New Super Committee

Declassified CIA Documents Reveal Details of Bay of Pigs Invasion

Long-term unemployment wreaks mental toll on jobless

Class warfare? It is the wealthy who wage it relentlessly

Bill Clinton gets too much credit as a pugnacious fighter who never capitulated to Republicans

Apple's evidence may be flawed in European Samsung case

Police seek ex in robbery of Big Beaver exotic dancer

Its Election day in Wisconsin, lets get to work.

Biz Owners Say City Too Aggressive In Code Enforcement

Toon: Enough Said!

(self delete)

Battle of the Footlong Deepthroats (caption these pics)

Mitt is full of sh!t!

toons- Rich, Poor and the Economy

Housing Starts in U.S. Fell in July as Construction Stagnated

2012- Republicans in toons, part 2

Rachel Maddow: Ames Straw Poll is a meaningless ‘racket’

The Right Is Pushing "A Great Tidal Wave of Debt" as a Tactic to Accept Massive Govt Cuts

Ron Paul Supporters Decry Media Neglect

know what would be awesome?

know what would be awesome?

Colbert on straw poll: Bachmann got ’80% of the votes she paid for’

International Hearings on 9/11 to begin in Toronto in September August 8, 2011, CNBC

Primaries – Right v. Left

iOS devs pay $50,000 for collecting children's info in apps

I hope Obama and the Dems point out that republicans want to do a bad job at government.

Obama: Public Sector Unions "an area where there’s got to be burden sharing as well"

I'm Starting To Agree... Don't Look Back... It's Too Painful...

Bumper Sticker: Social Security--Shut Up and FUND It!

Why Some Politicians are More Dangerous Than Others

ACLU Sues Missouri School District for Illegally Censoring LGBT Websites

ACLU Sues Missouri School District for Illegally Censoring LGBT Websites

No biggie, but I loved seeing David Shuster

bad news for US soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan

The Elements of Journalism are:

My favorite stickie (of the ones showing up above):

'Obama illuminati, fuck you, go back to America'

Somali Women Bear Superhuman Burden

Jonathan Albert "the Impaler" Sharkley is a republican candidate for president.

Breaking: Fitch reaffirms AAA rating for U.S.

Secret life of mammals caught on camera

Fitch Ratings backs US 'AAA' credit rating

Here's one defense to the constitutionality of the Health Insurance Mandate

Mister "Secede from the US" calls fed "treasonous" and ain't even sure that Obama loves America...

On Wide Florida Roads, Running for Dear Life

Phone Hacking: News Of The World Reporter Alleges Huge Cover-Up, Wide Knowledge Of Hacking

Tea Partiers: Populist Corporate Camouflage

Military gives marching orders to jihadis

Video: The Bankers as the Enemy of Humanity

Fl. has a nuke plant event

Somebody's Got to Save This Country From Certain Doom, And Let's Face It, That Person Is Me

Somebody's Got to Save This Country From Certain Doom, And Let's Face It, That Person Is Me

Ratigan and Cenk.. this is for you!

Police accessed BlackBerry messages to thwart planned riots

A Plan to Put 100,000s of People Back to Work Now (Econ Policy Institute & Jared Bernstein)

News of the World reporter's letter reveals cover-up

News of the World reporter's letter reveals cover-up

The Impending Demise of Globalism; How It Will Cripple Corporate America

Everything Everyone Thinks You Need To Know About Rick Perry (Burnt Orange Report)

Where and when will the next bridge collapse in America?

SF: U.S. attorney probes 'Run, Ed, Run' group

SF: U.S. attorney probes 'Run, Ed, Run' group

SF: U.S. attorney probes 'Run, Ed, Run' group

Perfect job creation for TX that Obama can pursue

Ok ..lets stop take a deep breath and read some history

Bachmann et al; resolved to ruin or to rule the state. Why we lose even if we win.

Half Of Americans Believe Austerity Will Lead To Violent Unrest

the Website of the Day - When Kathy Griffin Met Michele Bachmann

That Bachmann, she really is a hateful, double talking person....


Washington not knowing how bad it really is out here: Seattle's 'green jobs' program a bust

LOL! Vanity Fair: What Does It Mean When Rick Perry Threatens to “Get Ugly” in Texas?

James Moore book early next year: "Adios Mofo: Why Rick Perry Will Make America Miss George W. Bush"

Who is Rick Perry's Dick Cheney? i heard someone make the

Who is Rick Perry's Dick Cheney? i heard someone make the

Pretty please beg me President.

Pretty please beg me President.

Ann Arbor considers ban on idling vehicles

‘Tar baby’ lawmaker bans protests at his office

Perry threatens Bernanke: ‘Almost treasonous’ to print money

If Obama runs against Rick Perry he should make foreign policy a major issue

Who would you vote for in the republican primary?

See Matt Damon (and his mom) smack down reporter dissing teachers

uh oh...Looks like Perry may have a bit of a teabagger purity test problem...

the spoon

We shouldn't call him "Rick Perry". We should call him "Rick W. Perry"

Factory Output In July Rises By Most Since March

Shell North Sea oil spill - live blog. 2 leaks, one still going, worst spill in a decade there

Separated a birth?

Warren Buffet is a rare breed: a patriotic billionaire

Who will use the Bachmann corn dog pictures the most in the GOP primary?

U.S. drone strikes killed 775 civilians since 2004: report

Billionaire to reinvent Haiti

More Government Jobs headed to Texas - “It’s the Cadillac of Army maintenance facilities,”

Peter Ferrara loosing it at the Hartman show right now

Memo To Rick Perry: Don’t Hold Your Arm Like That

Memo To Rick Perry: Don’t Hold Your Arm Like That

People are not happy unless they are knocking Homosexuals.

Righthaven rocked, owes $34,000 after "fair use" loss

7-11 flash mob: Maryland police investigate store robbery

Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck: "Witness two intellectual conservatives defend the republic"

Rep. Tim Walberg (Nuts-MI) answers birther questions at Lenawee 9.12 Forum

Texas net gain of jobs? NASA, baby. Government spending. And they just fired everybody.

Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands

Why do people overlook that the Texas governor is the weakest governor in the nation?

Why do people overlook that the Texas governor is the weakest governor in the nation?

SCLC names MLK nephew as its new president

‘One Stage Away From Slavery’: Rangel on Rick Perry’s Job Creation

Virginia school district bans a Sherlock Holmes novel

A call for Action about ATT takeover of T-Mobile

Angry boyfriend hurled hamster out of window during row with girlfriend

Perry Palin 2012

Bug Nuggets

Polls for both Wisconsin races today show Democrats with a minimum of a 13-pt lead

Polls for both Wisconsin races today show Democrats with a minimum of a 13-pt lead

Rick Perry vs. Ben Bernanke: Round One

Oh, fuck....

Fox host asks if Warren Buffett is ‘completely a socialist’

We have lost the wars in Aghanistan and Iraq

BART backs off tactic of cutting cellphone service to thwart protests

'Jersey Shore' Beats Out the GOP Candidates' Debate

R-E-S-P-E-C-T....just a little bit.

Shepard Fairey beaten up after spat over controversial Danish mural

An ugly start to Rick Perry’s campaign, present evidence or apologize

CA school information please

"Former reporter’s explosive letter spells bad news for News Corp. in phone-hacking saga"

Thank you mods

My kiss-off to Carl Jrs (& Hardees): Put a "Rethug" sign on their every rooftop.

The 'One-Time Deal' That Was Never Supposed To Be Repeated

one of the dictions that we haven't used to fix the economy is REVERSE!

Molly Ivins first called him Gov. Goodhair.....but

No Manhattan Project for job creation. Just more Manhattan Projects.

Must-Reads: The Late, Great Molly Ivins on Rick Perry

Lost Dr. Seuss stories to be published in September

A book everyone on DU should read: Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen

A book everyone on DU should read: Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen

4yrs for inciting riots on Facebook

Rasmussen: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%

NPR: Cell Service Shutdown Raises Free Speech Questions

My father makes more than 4 times he did with his military retirement

Attention Kindle owners: The Guardian & Observer are now available

If Obama runs against Rick Perry he should make foreign policy a major issue

The Germany Economy’s Turn to Fall Apart

Perry Points to ‘Idiotic’ U.S. Rule That Doesn’t Exist

Rick Perry's Billionaire Club

Record heat causes nation’s water pipes to ‘burst like geysers’

The Texas Gipper

Tomato myths still sow many seeds of confusion

Obama’s Dismal Prospects for re-election as President

Gov. Rick Perry (TX) signs new law to TAX our Soldiers and their families

BTW, a salute to Democrats in the congress who are STILL fighting for Liberal ideals!

Do you think that the Bushies really hate Rick Perry or..

Ohioan, 94, wakes up to blimp that landed in yard

A non-Texan's questions re. Gov's Bush and Perry

Government dollars fuel wealth: D.C. enclaves reap rewards of contracting boom

Rep. Allen West weighs Senate run

Scenarios: Deficit panel talks loom for Medicare, Medicaid

"Class war" within GOP? Thanks for the laugh.

Whackjob Welfare

Ok-the obligatory "Perry eating a corndog" pic

Critics call on Obama to cancel his Martha’s Vineyard vacation

Bill Maher suggests a liberal tea party (With Video)

Abercrombie Bans Customer Who Bought Too Much Merchandise

President Obama's Gallup approval rating amongst liberal Democrats from August 8th-14th is 81%.

What's Your Least Favorite Sticky.

ACLU to sue of behalf of breastfeeding teacher

Watching Obama speak at an economic forum in Iowa (on MSNBC

Check in here if you hate corn dogs and think . . .

AP: Only ONE PERCENT of $203M Bush raised for reelection used to reimburse gov't for travel costs

Let's bash Non-truthers. LOL

Paul Ryan is in the final stages of deciding on a presidential run.

Corndog Photo comment: Shouldn't a candidate who is under constant scrutiny

Would you pledge to abandon *any* pol that votes to cut entitlement benefits?

Poli = many ........ ticks = blood-sucking insects

Joplin: Before and after tornado cleanup (photos)

Joplin: Before and after tornado cleanup (photos)

Allstate sues Goldman over sour mortgage-backed securities

Biden to sell US debt deal during trip to China, Japan

WI recall today ...

As - Stevie Wonder

Konawa man arrested for IED found on Oklahoma pipeline

Mayan leaders were often sacrificed.

Need Help with Some Educational Info on the Economy

Leaked Numbers In AT&T's Regulatory Filing Exposes Network Rollout Strategy

Visa Exposed As Massive Credit Card Scam

Bill would require fitted sheets at hotels to protect housekeepers

For those who may not know what BART is.

ACLU files suit against Kansas anti-abortion law

ACLU files suit against Kansas anti-abortion law

Anyone else watching this guy on the cellphone tower? Day 6 Live feed.

My 67 year old friend wants to go back to work. She's been retired

Michele Bachmann Sure Does Say The Darndest Things!

Michele Bachmann Sure Does Say The Darndest Things!

E-Version Of Christine O'Donnell's Memoir Calls Book 'A Work Of Fiction'

E-Version Of Christine O'Donnell's Memoir Calls Book 'A Work Of Fiction'

Critz could challenge Shuster in incumbent head-to-head

New Deal 2.0: "Saving the Economy (and Obama's Presidency)"

New Deal 2.0: "Saving the Economy (and Obama's Presidency)"

Where's That Radioactive Sulfur Now? Possibly In Your Pants

Idea for a new bumper sticker:

Does anyone else start humming an old Minutemen song when they see the phrase 'fucking corn dog'?

Why are people unable to distinguish between victim blaming

Homeless man living in Ann Curry's home

Proof of Republican 'doublethink' (a must read, IMO)

O'Keefe, conservative groups defend (bogus) DHHS video (Maine)

Translating Perry for non-Texans

Obama Justice Department Wants a SECOND DOSE of Humiliation in ALABAMA BINGO TRIAL

Peter Ferrara on Thom Hartmann

Be Realistic: Demand the Impossible!

Anyone else miss this last week: No more opt out of Secure Communities.

Poor MSM ignored Ron Paul? Really?

Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands

So, let me see if I have this right... republicons can disrupt

England riots: Two jailed for using Facebook to incite disorder

Full text of Clive Goodman's letter to News International

Voters go to polls in Wisconsin's two final recalls

Any Archaeologists here?

WaPo: Postal service, long a gateway to middle class, is facing major job cuts

South Korea's Making the Switch to Digital Textbooks

Paul Ryan charges admission to town halls, blocks angry constituents

Right or Wrong? Police Allow Kids to Handle SWAT Guns

Germany will lead the global downturn

Nice Guys and Women Earn the Least Amount of Money

Political Pay Per View

"But no. Sorry. For all our fetishizing of freedom and liberty, most Americans yearn to be subjects"

BREAKING: Bachmann claims corndog is "...a vegetarian delight! Wait...what?"

Perry Doesn’t Back Down From Fed ‘Treasonous’ Comments

Read and screen cap while you still can!!

‘Anonymous’ member: We’re information activists for a freer world

Boston bar Peggy O'Neil's sued for not allowing black patrons in; owner denies accusations

Remember the film "The Illusionist"? You're now living it...

Jim Hightower is on Tweety

Which Republican would have been capable of tracking down and killing Bin Laden?

Which Republican would have been capable of tracking down and killing Bin Laden?

Paul B. Farrell: 6 reasons we can’t stop coming economic meltdown

Please help if you can...

Tories' reaction to riots 'bonkers', say Liberal Democrat MPs

They say a rising tide lifts all boats...

NYT's: In Texas Jobs Boom, Crediting a Leader, or Luck

It is critical that Democrats and other Progressives get the PEOPLE a >70% democratic congress

Report calls cohabitation new "threat" to child well-being

Huffing ordinance passes first filing

The ignorance, bigotry and hatred of far too many Americans, might destroy us all

The ignorance, bigotry and hatred of far too many Americans, might destroy us all

Goodhair has named himself: MoFo. Henceforth for me, MoFo GOODHAIR. & may "Adios" follow.

Hate Crimes Against Latinos Are on the Rise in California

Give Me a Break!

Los Angeles mayor calls on California lawmakers to revisit Prop 13

Los Angeles mayor calls on California lawmakers to revisit Prop 13

My fellow Demons ...

U.S. Drone Missiles Reportedly Kill Four In Tribal Area Of Pakistan

I think it is time for a 2012 election forum.

Coco Chanel 'was a Nazi agent during Second World War'

Corn Dogs make me dizzy....

Voter group sues over Democratic-drawn districts for lawmakers

Lieberman was his mentor

Unless Perry completely self-destructs, he will be the the republican nominee

Rolling Stone: Why Rick Perry Is Way Worse Than George W. Bush

Rolling Stone: Why Rick Perry Is Way Worse Than George W. Bush

The Next Step: The Republicans Will Vote Against Creating Jobs

After Cutting Taxes For Rich People Obama Wants Unions To Sacrifice

Deportations prompt protest outside Obama's Chicago campaign headquarters

Addicted to Roads

Quantitative evidence the 'Deficit' issue is PHONEY: CBO's single most important statistic!

How do you break a capital strike?

those who are struggling can't have a checking account.

Irritated about the back on the campaign trail mode

Demand Mitch Daniels take executive action to release Christina Santiago's body to her partner

They couldn't post stories fast enough saying Warren Buffet was wrong

Dylan Ratigan begins laying the foundation of a Constitutional Amendment

New High: 93% Say They're Paying More for Groceries Than A Year Ago

New High: 93% Say They're Paying More for Groceries Than A Year Ago

Gettin’ Worried: Scott Brown Begs For Money To Help Fight Elizabeth Warren

13% approval rating, congress. Guess everyone must be happy! Should be an

Sorry Rupert, the phone hacking scandal won't go away.......

Limbaugh: The Japanese Tsunami Is "Obama's Fault" Because He "Promised To Lower The Sea Levels"

Am I a bad person?

Karl Rove Piles On Rick Perry: Bernanke Line ‘Not A Presidential Statement’

Meanwhile back here in the UK, the latest on Murdoch hacking case

The jobless speak out: Employers are becoming detached from applicants and the unemployed

Brownback wants federal funds to encourage marriage but rejects funds to pay for health care

Turnout (relatively) high in Wisconsin

Its a four letter word and our leaders are treating it as exactly that.

This guy on the Tulsa cell tower has my heart pounding...

Former Opponent: Rick Perry Campaign Created a Fake Black Person on Twitter

US News: Net job gains in Texas since 2008 are from GOVERNMENT - private sector lost 40,000 jobs

Man Perched on Tulsa Tower for Six Days Won’t Come Down

President Obama's Tour Bus

Kennewick (WA) council candidate ""(Illegal aliens) should be shot at the border.

President Obama eats a corn dog.

Michele Bachmann wishes Elvis a Happy Birthday on his Death Day

FactChecking Perry

Ok DU... Let's DU Our Own Right Track/Wrong Track Poll !!!

*Hightower on Lawrence show explains how Perry won first time;

Chris Hayes to host MSNBC weekend morning program New lineup to debut September 17, 2011 MSNBC con

"Bill Clinton 'Tickled' To See Rick Perry Join GOP Race"

Obama says not creating new jobs department

Food for thought from the Terror Baby.

Rick Perry for President? Don't Believe the Hype

G-d bless! Did you just see Steele on Sharpton's show? Loudmouth, RUDE, BLATHERING

Kathy Griffin asked Bachmann: ‘Were you born a bigot?’

Mozilla vr 6.0 Release

Why Would Warren Buffett Say Something Like This?

So you walked out on me - Give me Back my Kidney

Right Track. Wrong Track. Priorities. (The Polls)

PERRY WAS AL GORE's TX CAMPAIGN MANAGER IN 1988. Voila! His candidacy is officially dead.

What happened to the Michael Vick dogs? Here's one heart-warming story

Ron Crookeye Christie said Bush was on a "Working Vacation" because he was clearing Brush

How do you feel about Gallup polls?

How do you feel about Gallup polls?

Ron Paul’s new ad: ‘The one who can beat Obama’

Country Divided Over Congressional Recess

My Gawd, Randians are fucking idiots

Thank you DU.

Thank you DU.

Perry On Carrying Concealed Weapon On Campaign Trail: "That's why it's called concealed."

Most firms pay no income taxes - Congress

Russell Armstrong, Estranged Spouse Of 'Real Housewives' Star Taylor Armstrong, Found Dead At 47


Clinton is "tickled" to see Perry enter the race. Tickled?

Seattles Own..J.P. Patches may retire next year

Dean - You can't "cut the daylights out of social security and expect Democrats" to support you!

If boom and bust cycles are the nature of capitalism then doesn't that prove the system is broken?

If the republiCONS get what they want we will see more of this...

Jury Convicts Pelican-Killer

84-year-old man stable after being mauled by two dogs

Oh... My... God... Did You See This Guy On Hardball ??? - I Just Got Home From Work, And...

So they are going after the safety net

So they are going after the safety net

If Obama loses in 2012, how do you think the 15% will be viewed by the 85%?

The REAL GOP Nominee...

Anyone who disagrees with a wingnut is a socialist-probably a communist-Definitely a liberal fascist

Panetta "The proposed cuts would break faith with troops and their families,"

Three GOP Presidential Candidates Sign Pledge To Investigate LGBT Community

We need to oppose Citzens United with all the fervor that the Right is opposing Roe V. Wade.

Sleeper Cells, they are out there, they are working for you producing

FDR Tackled a Jobs Crisis By Putting Americans to Work — Not Handing Out Pinkslips

Every hour of TV watching shortens life by 22 minutes

Out: UK's hormone plan to turn Hitler into woman

BART's story about their cell phone shutdown doesn't add up for me.

All this for a couple of pair of JD sneakers....

The Tulsa cell tower guy has just climbed into a fire rescue bucket and

NYC's $600 Million Fraud due to Subcontracting/Privatization of (unionized) Civil Service Work

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

OMG! Rick Perry sounds EXACTLY like

GOP candidates gone wild!

Bachmann skipped Iowa family reunion she told everyone she went to

Perry Thinks ‘Printing More Money’ Is ‘Almost Treason’ Because It Would Help The Economy

Look! It's Obama eating a dog!

Tonight on Countdown

Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands

Rick Perry backed an already-climate-crusading Al Gore in '88

Michele Bachmann: Gay Families Are Not ‘Families’

Meteorologist tears Mitch Daniels a new one for calling Indiana storm "fluke"

Ore. mother gets probation in home circumcision

The Rude Pundit- A Quick One Before Vacation: Fareed Zakaria Thinks Liberals Want Speeches

Aug. 16, 1960 - 102,800 feet

Military members voted for President Obama

"Come Home America" Message Was Clear Winner at Iowa Straw Poll (end the wars)

Why Does the President Keep Insisting on "Entitlement Reform" During the Debt Debate?

White House Political Advisors Have Goofed Big TIME.

Beyond 3rd grade bathroom humor and (omg penis!) I don't get the corn dog thing

Video: Strikers Show Verizon Untrained Scabs How Not To Get HURT On The Job by IBEW Local 2321

I Think Socialism is no longer the Pariah it use to be

Central Planning and RUSSIAN Communism

Would you trade Barack Obama for Rick W. Perry ?

Visa Exposed As Massive Credit Card Scam

It is my sincerest wish that Perry beats Romney for the nomination


They talked about making me a supervisor at work and I'm scared...

who knew a daddylongleg's eyes were beautiful?

Jeez I HATE that fucking word.

Bachmann flubs Elvis Presley's birthday

Question about rear-end automotive collisions and the law

It is critical that Democrats and other Progressives demand the President move left.

Calvin and Hobbes on CEOs

Seattle's 'green jobs' program a BUST..................................

Schools for scandal. Florida's McKay vouchers are a boon for con artists. And no oversight.

Texas Used Stimulus to Cover 97% of Its Deficit

2012- Republicans in toons, part 1

North Carolina Eugenics Board Victims Fight For Justice (VIDEO)

I'm Shocked!!! - Lieberman unsure he'll support Obama in 2012

Special prosecutor named in Prosser/Bradley altercation

The Obama Stimulus Created More Jobs In 2010 Than Bush Did in 8 Years

It’s Midnight in America

ABC Evening News is pushing Perry?

ABC Evening News is pushing Perry?

DId I just hear that they are thinking of doing away with military

Hey all you Ayn Rand types--Want to live like Kevin Costner in Waterworld? Now you can!

Does Obama really want a second term?

"Bull Connor with a smile"

Anyone want a free Obama bumper sticker?

The Late, Great Molly Ivins on Rick Perry

Cheney role in arming Pakistan with The Bomb ignored by NPR today.

School Reportedly Made Girl Write Apology To Her Alleged Attacker

Obama bus catches buzz on the Web

Wow. Obama's speech today lost him more union support

The quickly-growing breed of Corn Dog Paparazzi©. True Patriots or Perverts with a Pentax?

Kathy Griffin Asked Bachmann: ‘Were You Born A Bigot?’

Perry's Crack About Bernake Will Upset Establishment (read: Wall Street) Republicans

Libyan Revolution Week 26 part 2

Poll: Can the President win in 2012 without progressive votes?

Seriously, how many here would have voted for Obama in the primary if he had promised

Supreme Court Nominees 2013-2017

One Word Turns the Tea Party Around

Historical revisionism and "A People's History of the United States"

Randi Rhodes Show is on now

Coroner refuses to release body of stage collapse victim to her partner, cites DOMA

Talked to GM at my local walmart today. WTF!

FDR's "Second Bill of Rights"

question for the folks who are continually obsessed with bashing Obama..

"Don't Buy the 'Democrats Are Powerless' Myth"

CBS Columnist ripped after accusing Tim Tebow(QB-Broncos) of 'blasphemy'

Whoa: Women Have To Have A PhD To Make As Much As Men With A BA

Obama describes backlash against unions as "natural"

Another "Great Depression" on the way due to global austerity politics & conditions like 1929's?

Ok, fess up now. Which union members retire at age 55 with 80% of wages?

Do you feel like you have to defend your homeschooling?



What do you see?

What a difference 10 days makes.

OH MERCY! Will anyone warn Herman Cain the bus is coming?


Your perfect day. We had a windsurfer at the cottage. The lake was surrounded by moutains.

Favourite frozen food. I like the breaded chicken kiev. I like my homemade lasagna

Midnight At The Oasis

You Can't Beat the Standards

Kitten in Hamster Ball

I asked Middlefingermom for a hug...

Why were women so happy about Tickle Antiperspirant?

For those who need to loose weight coming in the future: Metabolic supplements

Did you marry Eddie Haskell?

I could be wrong but, I think Mitt just got

Rick Perry - this photo just SCREAMS "Caption Me Pul-lease!"

Craigslist ad o' the month! "420 farmland available with accessable water (Weed, California)"!!

What was Yeoman Rand's job, exactly?

OMG - that Obama bus is about to hit ------ somebody

Someone just wasted a sticky on "Campbell's Cream of Mushroom It's Mmm Mmm Good!".

I'd hate to see the bleachers......

suggestions on thoughtful gift for mom and baby

Finally finished A Dance With Dragons (spoilers)

I lost my star...

Lumpy bed

is there a free reverse email lookup?

You know what to me is one of the main things I don't like about work?

Man's body found stuck in bank chimney after missing for 27 years

I need advice about really cheap cell phones.

I support Buffett for president.

I am become death. Destroyer of worlds.

Sticky war!

I don't know about you, but

"Home circumcision" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "home circumcision".

Eric Clapton To Release New Album Inspired By Blues Music

Wish I could blame this on ... Oh hell ! This is Perry's fault!

You're opinions are stickily lies. Post all of your stickily lies here!!

Anyone here have experience with an Akai AX-60 Synth?

What is 'The Dumbest thing you've ever heard'?

so my Harmon Kardon receiver came in and is kicking



Frank Zappa - The last song of the last concert of the last tour, Geneva 1988-06-09

This World

Does anyone else start humming an old Minutemen song when they see the phrase 'fucking corn dog'?

Pigs in a Blanket

Frank Zappa, just...fucking...WAILING on guitar - "Sexual Harassment In The Workplace"

CAUTION! The 8th sticky from the left is brown acid, and the concert organizers want you to AVOID IT

OK, I know it's toe the line, not tow the line, but is it underweigh

The All-Knowing, All-Seeing Oracle That Is Tom Selleck Foretold the Future in 1993

Chicken soaked in Stubb's Chicken Marinade + Bacon Bits

Hey - could you check this out and let me know what you think?

Vibes for my wife, please,

Need advice on tipping at hotel - I'm clueless

My dog just killed a skunk

The *OFFICIAL* 'thanks for my star!' thread...

You will never in a million years guess who this is!

I burnt the hell out of my hand on a pot of pasta just now

The Head of Your Bed

Anyone have any idea how much this old electric piano might be worth?

It's been over 4 hours since I had my last cigerette!

It's been over 4 hours since I had my last cigerette!

MSG, do you have any reaction to this additive?

Greatest Black Sabbath Album?

Robot Chicken

Corn dogs!! I like 'em :P

So they remade "Conan the Barbarian."

Does anybody know the best way to clean soot from a microwave

For the last hour, my coworker's been listening to Hall&Oats Greatest Hits

Having a busier day would be hard to imagine.

Blood Suckers only. Post a pic of a Blood Sucker.

I bought a four-leaf clover necklace in my friend's memory.

What options for bossing the Admins around do you want to see in DU3?

Sometime people behave badly. That is all.

Some days I really can't stand GIS...

Do deer adopt? Do they babysit?

Ya know how you can disinfect a sponge by putting in the microwave?

Weekly True Blood Update - Spoilers for those who haven't figured that one out yet

Anyone here have experience with a Kalashnikov AK-47 rifle?

What are you listening to, right now? (Music only, plz)

WATCH LIVE: Protesters shut down BART station

Dumbest. Product. Ever.

Australia 'collar-bomb' suspect arrested in US

Qantas flushing safety down toilet, says pilots

Freed for heart transplant, convict loses 2nd chance after petty theft

President Obama Joins Foursquare

Moodys lowers US economic outlook through 2012

Gaddafi Fires Scud Missile At Rebel Territory As NATO Braces Itself For Final Violent Showdown

Reversing Course, Officials in New Jersey Cancel One-Bid Immigrant Jail Deal (w/private contractor)

German economic growth slows sharply

Fair Stage Likely Never Officially Inspected Before Collapse

Special prosecutor named in Prosser/Bradley altercation

(New York) State Employees’ Union Accepts Wage and Benefits Concessions (w/Andrew Cuomo)

China Slowing ‘Significantly’: Conference Board

Wisconsin Recall Elections: Democrats Look To Hold Seats In Two Races

U.S. military awards contracts in Afghanistan to get money away from insurgents

Lisa Murkowski, Mark Begich, Don Young Receive Suspicious Packages At Alaska Offices

Ron Paul Supporters Decry Media Neglect

PG&E missing key documents about San Bruno (gas) line

World stocks, euro slide on poor German data

Gov. Rick Perry's big donors fare well in Texas

Righthaven defendant wins second attorney’s fee award

It's Community Payback Time: (UK) Rioters Must Clean Up Their Mess (& Meet The Victims), Says Clegg

Phone hacking: News of the World reporter's ("explosive") letter reveals cover-up

European Economy Slows More Than Forecast as Debt Crisis Saps German Might

Rick Perry vs. Ben Bernanke: Round One

July home building slips after early-summer bump

Libya rebels cut all fuel pipelines to Tripoli: reports

Probe to examine two years worth of DARPA contracts

CMS Administrator to make Affordable Care Act announcement

Cuccinelli may consider run against Warner in 2014, according to report

Warren Buffet signals successor has been chosen

Zimbabwe's ruling party shrouded in suspicion after ex-military chief dies

Immigrants plead for end to fingerprint sharing

Immigrants plead for end to fingerprint sharing

Wisconsin teachers’ union blames Walker’s ‘union-busting’ for massive layoffs

Critics call on Obama to cancel his Martha’s Vineyard vacation

Rick Perry: It Would Be 'Almost Treasonous' For Ben Bernanke To Print More Money Before Election

Obama Unveils New Initiatives to Spur Job Growth in Rural Areas

CMU (Central Michigan University) faculty clears way for strike

Rick Perry’s cash dash sparks worries

White House Fires Back at Perry Comments

BART temporarily closes all downtown SF stations (protests) reveal Fox News Executive Knew about Hacking

Letter: News Corp Execs Knew About Hackings

Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands

Franco-German call for 'true euro economic governance'

Child-murdering lieutenant should serve 60 years: Prosecution (Colombia)

Loughner’s Lawyers Seem to Search His Family Tree for Mental Illness

Administrative Law Judge finds Louisiana mining company committed unfair labor practices

Rick Perry Raises Predator Drones As Possible Border Security Solution

Franco-German call for 'true euro economic governance'

Committee to interrogate extradited paramilitaries leaders in US

Ex-U.S. soldier loses appeal over rape and killing of Iraqis

Florida Supreme Court smacks down Rick Scott power grab

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kansas wants federal funds to promote marriage

Cameron: Riot hit UK must reverse "moral collapse"

Obama goes head-to-head with Tea Party activist

Florida Supreme Court rules against Scott, finds he violated separation of powers

Panetta suggests current service members may be spared from proposed pension cuts

'Devastating' News May Force More Murdoch Testimony

Michele Bachmann gives Elvis birthday wishes on the anniversary of his death

Detroit legislators, civil rights groups speak out against 'anti-Sharia' bill

Security and trade tops for Toews, Napolitano chat

First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony

(Critical) Drug shortages set to reach record levels

Obama Not Obsessed With Keeping Job: Robert Gibbs

Report: Paul Ryan 'considering' run for president

Fla. megachurch pastor Zachery Tims found dead with drugs in NY hotel

AWOL Omahan is hero to birthers

Walmart warns on US weakness

Confederate plates could be touchy issue for Perry

FBI warns of "Lone Wolf" Norway-style attacks

Hospice lobbyists battle over Medicare payment system

Obama to Unions: I Back You, But You Must 'Sacrifice'

Stolen $250K Rembrandt Drawing Found in Encino

Canada: Conservatives to restore "royal" monkier to Canada's navy, air force

This is one big ol' sweetheart of a dog!!! And undoubtedly warm n' toasty.

This is SO true... though MORE so around a campfire/bonfire.

NO ONE digs his shades a FRACTION as much as Amerigo Vespucci digs his shades.

ParaNORMAL full moon?

Michell Bachmann on the Campaign Trail

Perry on Bernake: "We would treat him pretty ugly down in Texas"

campaign spending cap...

ATF promotes supervisors in controversial gun operation

PPP: There's a three way race against Perry,Bachmann,Romney

Bob Dole's 'Mean Streak' in 1996

On mortgage rates, government should keep significant role, Obama says

ScAry spin on a PArry pic i found...

Tea Fuck argues with the President over Vice President calling them terrorist

Does President Obama Love America? Rick Perry: ‘You Need To Ask Him’ (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan isn't happy with the GOP's 2012 field

GOP promises the largest debt reduction in history.

WH: President Announces New Jobs Initiatives for Rural America

Krugman on Perry: Ignorance, Paranoia, and Implied Violence

President to voters: I'm still the man for the job

OH POLL: Obama 45, Romney 43; Obama 45, Perry 41; Obama 48, Bachman 41.

Some people especially right wing idiots might think this is a good idea but this is SICKENING !!!!

Rick Perry : The Record

First Thoughts: Did Perry go too far?

I'll Give The Devil (Perry) His Due

Michele Bachmann gives Elvis birthday wishes on the anniversary of his death (VIDEO)

Franklin Delano Roosevelt won the Presidency 4 times running on a progessive economic platform.

On a Presidential Exercise in Rhetorical Delusion...

Rick Perry Raises Predator Drones As Possible Border Security Solution

GOP Super Committee Member Pledges Not To ‘Chop’ Entitlement Benefits Or Raise The Retirement Age

FLASHBACK: In 2000, Perry Said It’s ‘Almost Treasonous’ Not To Support George W. Bush

Highlights from Monday's presidential town hall in Decorah, Ia.

A Nightmare of a Presidential Debate

Obama: I reversed recession until 'bad luck' hit

Oh yeah! Perry corndog pic

What Obama really said about unions

U.S. Stocks Return to Pre-Downgrade Level

Enough already with this 'Shared Sacrfice'!

Photos: GET! ME! OUT OF HERE!!!!! (The Obama Presidency, Day 938)

White House to Counter Leadership Drag - POTUS to (finally) promote a “get-tough” approach

Will W sell again?

This Texas feminist wants you to know who the hell we are

Chart: How Texas Stacks Up

Obama steps up his game

When your opponents have sworn on stacks of bibles ...

“It looks like President Obama really has found his inner Harry Truman"

GALLUP: Congressional Job Approval Ties Historic Low of 13%, Disapproval rating of 84% highest ever.

Perry's style is going to be a real epitomie of the Cultural/Political Divide

Bill Clinton 'Tickled' To See Rick Perry Enter Race For President

Bush Aides (Rove) Slam Perry’s Bernanke Comments: ‘Inappropriate And Unpresidential,’ Too ‘Cowboy’

If Obama doesn't win in a landslide...

Obama to introduce specific plan to boost economy -"If Congress Doesn't Act, We'll Run Against them"

WOW....Ed Shultz was just tearing into Barack Obama

Yahoo feature: Obama spars with tp'er

The worst kept secret in D.C.: Conservatives trying to get Ryan to run

White House pounces on Rick Perry crack

Joan Walsh: What Obama really said about unions

Just what if the economy improves in 15 months then what?

Obama out classes Perry talking calmly to teabagger as Perry loses temper & pokes student in chest

(R)asmussen GOP Primary POLL: Perry 29%, Romney 18%, Bachmann 13%


Obama traveling Midwest on new $1.1 million bus

Why Obama and the Democrats Will Win BIg in 2012

How many here believe that if a Repub were to win in 2012, there would be either no more elections,

How the November debt commission is triggering nerves in seniors, health care industry.

Chris Hayes getting a show on MSNBC next month

Granholm: "Give him (Obama) majorities in Congress, and then we can talk."

Stephen Colbert Super Pac loses treasurer to Rick Perry campaign

Starbucks chief calls on CEOs to stop political donations, create jobs

US Releases CIA Documents on Bay of Pigs Invasion

Time capsule from 1983

NATO Humanitarian Intervention To Support UK Rebels! (SATIRE)

Obama Iowa Speech - Aug 15, 2011 - PART 2

An Apology to America, from the Democrats of The State of Texas

TYT: Tea Party 'Kryptonite' For Latino Voters But...

Obama Iowa Speech - Aug 15, 2011 - PART 1

San Francisco cell phone net shutdown

Mother Sent To Jail For Trying To Send Her Kids To A School In A Safer Neighborhood

Dealing with confrontation - Amazing contrast between Obama and Perry

Protestors tell Perry hands off Social Security

Thom Hartmann: Will America survive without Shared Sacrifice?

Thom Hartmann: Is America hardwired for equality?

Leadership challenge: President Obama v. Governor Rick Perry

TYT: Army Ranger Suicide Before 9th Deployment To Iraq/Afghanistan

TYT: Gay Blood Donors

Papantonio: Big Money Wins in Wisconsin

What has Obama done?!?!

TDPS: Rick Perry Scariest Presidential Candidate, Not Only Nuts, He Could Win

Mitt Romney Believes In Corpo-Humans

Perry on Bernanke

Thom Hartmann: If Corps are people - we're SCREWED

'Govts rob citizens, money printing race disastrous'

Warren Buffett is a COMMUNIST!!

Bay Area Rapid Transit Blocking Wireless Services - Democracy NOW!

Thom Hartmann: Revealed...the cozy Hollywood-Pentagon relationship

Matt Damon rewrites attack on teachers

Keiser Report: Banking Looters (E173)

Hitler Speaking Normally (Subtitles)

Young Turks: Cenk Rips CNN Obama Analysis By Fareed Zakaria

Is Rick Perry Bad News for Liberals?

TYT: Ron Paul #2 In Straw Poll - Pawlenty Disaster

Thom Hartmann: Exposed...Phil Gramm's & Rick Perry's looming mega crisis

John Stewart Bashes The Media Over Ron Paul

Are the biggest barriers to global recovery 'political, not economic'?(UK)

President Obama's re-election economic policy

A Tale of Two Indias: Twenty Years of Liberalization

How the War Will Change Art

It's Fine to be Nice, Just Don't Let it Show at the Office

Rick Perry’s Serious Unforced Error

Juan Cole: President Bachmann: Another Mideast Messiah

Africa famine: soaring food prices intensifying crisis, report warns

Back to Big Media’s Political Circus

21 Reasons Rick Perry's Texas Is a Complete Disaster

René Redzepi: 'What we eat matters. There's no conflict between a better meal and a better world'

Military gives marching orders to jihadis

Rutgers Grows Athletics, Trims Academics

In final Wisconsin recall, signs of a national tea party backlash?

Free-speech advocates silent on BART hacking

Christian extreme represents danger (Perry & Bachmann ties to Dominionist movement)

How the Political Right Bullied the US Government Into Ignoring the Threat of Right-Wing Extremism

The Liberals’ Tea Party

More Voters Oppose Obama than Support Republican Candidates

Coleen Rowley: Common Ground in Anti-War Appeal

Tax the super-rich or riots will rage in 2012

The Welfare State didn't destroy African-American families, the War on Drugs did

Rick Perry's Texas

Romney Angers Robots with "Corporations Are People" Comment

FDR Came to Wisconsin to Battle 'Economic Royalists,' but Obama Avoids That Fight

The "steaming hills" of Santa Barbara are not volcanic

Threatening Turbines (South Padre Island, Texas)

Warming E. Coast Atlantic Rapidly Disrupting Mackerel Breeding & Migration Patterns

More Rain On The Way After Record-Setting Downpours In NYC, Philadelphia, Newark

Peak oil review - Aug 15

24 Hours of Reality

MIT JGR-Oceans Study - IPCC Significantly Understating Role Of Arctic Ice Thinning, Movement Speedup

NRC says Vt. nuclear plant must save for closing

Lawsuit Challenges Clean Air Act Exemption for Biomass Burners

Northeast States Considering Low-Carbon Fuel Rule Based on Calif. Model

Robert Lee, TX - 25% Of Normal Rainfall, Reservoir 99% Dry, Worst Drought In 116 Years

PNAS Study Projects Loss Of 50% Of Trout Habitat Across Mountain West By 2080 - Science

30 Years In And Counting, Study Of Tropical Forest Fragments Reveals Winners, Losers, Complexities

President Obama Announces Major Initiative to Spur Biofuels Industry…Enhance…Energy Security

Behold The Brave New Face Of Climate Deniers Down Under - "The Galileo Movement"

Shell detects second Gannet Alpha North Sea leak point (BBC)

Virtual hunt for solar technology yields initial results (! “The Clean Energy Project” !)

Electric cars get a charge out of Portland street

The "Galileo Movement" And Their Mashup Of Facts (Irrelevant & Otherwise) And Flat-Out Lies

It's snowing in New Zealand and South Africa.....

OK Hit By S. Plains Drought - At Least 16 Dead, 1,400 Burst Pipes In OKC, Blue-Green Algae Blooms

So, As Columbia Emerges From Reservoir, What's Frying TX? Stuck Jet Stream? La Nina?

TEPCO Press Release(Aug 10,2011) Commencement of Operation of Ukishima Solar Power Plant Promoting…

Earth: Ground Zero For The Permafrost Bomb

Remarkable heat in Asia

Of course! Plastic trees capture CO2 from atmosphere; it's converted back into gasoline.