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Being Conservative Is SOOOO Pre-S&P Downgrade

question about employee rights in regards to relocation

Wisconsin polls close in one hour. If the Dems hold their two seats....

6-day Okla. standoff with man in tower ends

Legendary Braves broadcaster Johnson dies

Gun-Toting Politico On Wife: ‘She Got Upset. Girls Do That.’

Mod's Delete please - the top 4 stories

Rove vs Perry

Yep... I've Was Told Beautiful Tales Of My Country... Goddamn You, Aaaron Sorkin...

What are the tea party folks going to do with

Does hotmail read my email?

Must-Reads: The Late, Great Molly Ivins on Rick Perry

Ari Fleischer (W's Press Sec) on AC saying there's only so

***Wisconsin Election Results Link*** dupe

Hey! There is a election going on in Wisconsin today.

Proof of Republican 'doublethink'

Barbra Streisand on PBS at 8 tonight at The Village Vanguard in NYC

5 steps to believe in for Obama's re-election

Are we capable of efficiently executing stimulus projects?

As with McCain, the republicans will not run anybody with a chance of winning...

I was disappointed in Lawrence O'Donnell's Rewrite on Matt Damon and teachers

Can someone record and post to youtube Stephen colbert with Nasa sts135 crew 4 me

Take care of your dirty laundry!!

Mind if I pipe in a little MSNBC Election Night music for hope and inspiration?

TPM: Perry pulled a Michelle Bachmann today - condemned a federal farm regulation that doesn't exist

If you donated to Colbert's PAC I'm sure you didn't expect this: Perry Steals Colbert’s Treasurer

here's a pretty good map of what's going on....

Wisconsin polls for last recall close at 8 here is a link to results

Robert Reich: How Austerity Is Ushering in a Global Recession

I lived in San Antonio for 11 years, and I never heard anyone say

Maine Democrats Hold State House Seat In Special Election Today

Anna wave grips India, people fill streets and jails

Thank you

I have found nothing on the WI recalls today.

I have found nothing on the WI recalls today.


there's no way either republican wins tonight in Wisconsin without fraud

Holperin Wins!!

A video I came across tonight.. I got nothing.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Kindergarten teacher details ‘lunacy’ of standardized tests for kids

Eat your peas and cat food middle-class

Let's have a toast to the liberal Democrats, who support Obama the most.

Beverly Hall: The Scandal Is Not the Whole Story

So 2 for 2 in WI will be spun as Democrats "holding on"

Perry's Best Friends - The Chinese?

So here is the summary on the WI battle

So here is the summary on the WI battle

From Reagan to Bush II to Palin to Bachmann to Perry....

Proof of Republican 'doublethink'. gotta love the brits

Bachmann Wishes Happy Birthday to Elvis Presley when his birthday is in....January?

The Faces of the Donor Box

The Faces of the Donor Box

Donation bus just took out Huntsman.


Rick Perry + Bobby "Gin Blossom" bromance, ew gross!

London rioters are Thatcher's grandchildren

London rioters are Thatcher's grandchildren

Wisconsin's new de facto Majority Leader: Dale Schultz

Texas: Miracle or Myth?

Can you help me finish this letter to the President?

Hypothetical Question: Would Michelle Bachmann allow the body of the life partner be released...

FDR goes to Wisconsin in 1934

What the Google/Motorola Deal Means for TV

Harold Meyerson: The sad facts behind Rick Perry’s Texas miracle ("Ross Perot’s Mexico come north")

I notice the DU has less traffic these days. Could it be the GOP trolls are all otherwise employed

Cocksuckers, buttfuckers, homos, OH MY! In other words: ENOUGH ALREADY!

I love what Ed has done for Wisconsin but sometimes when her gets into his nitpicking topics

Government Employees in the South.

Former brokers go to prison for securities fraud...GO BIG RED!

Fight the astroturf - Please vote against mountaintop removal in this poll!

that is so funny that the cigarette companies are suing

CNBC now using the Rachel Maddow heat map

Dem Hat Trick Tonight: 2 in WI and 1 in Maine. RePUKES, big fat ZERO ! YES !

What cut? US continues to fund Pakistan military

If corporations are people then people are corporations!

Car insurance limits - how much is enough ?

Bill Press Show starting now (Eric Burns hosting)

I wanna be your exorcist, By Mark Morford

Fighting Perception of Weakness, Obama Puts Onus on Lawmakers

Behind the Katrina Disaster

Is Michele Bachmann really Rocky the Flying Squirrel? (Video)

Toles - Coddling toward Gomorrah

Toon: Entitlements!

Daddy daddy what did you do before computers.........

The Presidential Vetting Process

New evidence All the Murdoch editors knew about Phone Hacking (video)

Memo to New York Times: Data Shows That 'We' Are Not Responsible for D.C. Deadlock

Hartman exposed that the straw poll in Iowa consists of ballots that are purchased. Bachman

Renegade Miami football booster spells out illicit benefits to players

$25 isn't good enough for the DNC to renew, I sent them $25, today

Please please, post all future corn dog photos in the lounge.

Reminder: Republicans suck more than ever.

48% of Americans Think Spending Cuts Could Trigger Violence

Final Score: Wisconsin 5, FitzWalkerstan 4, Tea Party 0

Elvis was reincarnated as stinkbug in Singapore

Bravo Wisconsin!!!!

Watching the CBS Evening News Tonight,

How can anyone explain this kind of madness.

Four days into presidential campaign, Texas Gov. Rick Perry already catching flak

Quran-burning church Moving to my town?

Quran-burning church Moving to my town?

"Lilburn gives in, approves worship-center plan" (outside Atlanta)

CSM: Why some tea partyers are skeptical of Rick Perry

CSM: Why some tea partyers are skeptical of Rick Perry

Facebook censoring progressives?

People like this scare me

Heat watch: Say what, it could be WARMER this weekend?

Hightower: There’s a ‘very ugly side’ to Rick Perry

Help me out - I think I missed something (sarcasm alert)

Philadelphia Firefighter Hunky Charity Calendar Released After His Suicide-Dept suspended him

Drinks on the House? Ohio Statehouse considers bar

Obama Administration Moves Against Alaska Oil Drilling

Reuters: FLASH: Obama jobs package likely to contain tax cuts...

Art pricks Philippine sensitivities (catholics/conservatives)

MURDOCH Cover-Up/Obstruction Of Justice-Letter was "edited" to remove the money parts

MURDOCH Cover-Up/Obstruction Of Justice-Letter was "edited" to remove the money parts

Elizabeth Warren goes to "political boot camp"

Here is why you should shut your mouth about us Mr. President




Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Perry provides fodder for the toon artists

"least happy children in the developed world"

Statement of DPW Chair Mike Tate on Democratic Victories in the Historic Wisconsin Senate Recalls

Police search for former Marine accused of sexually assaulting child

Seattle's 'green jobs' program a bust

Is it time to tell Congress to expand the Work Opportunity Tax Credit to the long term unemployed?

Obama On Perry: 'I'll Cut Him Some Slack; He's Only Been At It A Few Days Now'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Bachmann provides even more fodder

Rick Perry's Stimulus:Texas used federal stimulus to balance its last two budgets

BofA Said to Consider Foreclosure Deal That Leaves Securities Probes Open

Clinton opposes budget cuts - Reuters Clinton erects Chinese bogeyman for the MIC

In 2000, Perry Said It’s ‘Almost Treasonous’ Not To Support George W. Bush

US Wealth Disparity: PBS Newshour

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rich, and 'their' economy

After Shrub & Ahhhnuld, has Tweety learnt & ready for MoFo GOODHAIR?!1

so, is anyone working on organizing hotels in charlotte?

Ryan Considering Presidential Bid- Worst Kept Secret In D.C.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Politics...

Spain: Student plotted attack on anti-Pope crowd

Stewart: Rick Perry ‘will f*ck the sh*t out of America!’

MI: How long before Rick Synder sends a crony to stop the free lunches at Detroit Schools?

Bob Wirch projected as winner, D... WISCONSIN

What I Learned in Two Years at the Tea Party

Should Rick Perry be put on no-fly list?

Chris Matthews ‘Smells Birtherism About’ Rick Perry

Congressman Allen West (R-Crazytown) admits he's nuts. Or that he likes nuts. Or whatever else.

Taliban, criminals get $360 million from US taxes

Police Have ID's On 'Close To Half' Of Germantown Flash Mob

Granny's breaking the bank.

Rick Perry the Creationist

Upcoming Denver 9/11 memorial concert reminds me of better days.

TSA worker caught stealing.

Is the President finally listening to the left? Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz discuss

Trump: ‘I’d be willing’ to pay more taxes

Trump: ‘I’d be willing’ to pay more taxes

Neighbor chases Kidnapper, saves girl

It occurs to me that it is simply a matter of redefinition.

Rick Perry: The Biggest Little Hypocrite in Texas

Time to bring back the term “feudalism”

REPORT: Texas Ranks Dead Last In Total Job Creation

My husband's doctor stupidly condemns labor unions

Rick Perry says Fed should ‘open its books’

Rick Perry's Horse Linked to Texas' Job Creation Success

there are some UPDATES on the Santiago story about her not being released to partner

Juan Cole: Historical Question for Governor Perry

Will Bunch, HuffPo: Rick Perry's Glenn Beck Problem

We should call it what it is: the Limbaugh/Beck Tea Party.

We should call it what it is: the Limbaugh/Beck Tea Party.

Perry Reveals Plan for Total US Anarchy

Feds join probe of alleged Mississippi hate killing

Report: 36% of Michigan kids live in jobless households From The Detroit News

Tampa police: Student planned 'catastrophic' school plot

UH-OH Fukishima rain & contaminated food ok is US, Hillary agreed to downplay

Co-opoly: The Game of Co-operatives

Bachmann wishes Elvis happy birthday on death date

Florida couple charged for ‘hoarding’ 700 cats

Aren't you glad we bailed them out? ..... Banksters block plan to help homeowners avoid foreclosure

Robert Reich: How Austerity Is Ushering in a Global Recession

Dear America, Sorry About Rick Perry. Sincerely, Texas

Guess Who Donated to the King Memorial?

ouch....(9/11 anniversary)

Tea Party Elvis has left the building

Books Without Borders, My Life at the World's Dumbest Bookstore Chain

Media's Coverage of 2012 Presidential Elections

Morning sports talk-radio in Philly makes comment on Michelle Bachmann...

Excellent expose of Rick Perry by ed. of The American Prospect on DN!

Where's That Radioactive Sulfur Now? Possibly In Your Pants

Colbert tells Luntz ‘climate change’ is ‘brilliant,’ not ‘manipulative’

Panetta, Clinton Condemn Potential Military Spending Cuts & toss military pensions on the table

"Read my lips. No new Texans!"

Scott Brown slams Elizabeth Warren in fundraising plea

Lieberman undecided on supporting Obama in 2012

Got an email from Fred Clark, who lost in his Wis. state senate fight on Aug 9.

A point Democrats may want to make?

Whale dies after month in Calif. river

Perry-Rubio..count on it

Don't tell me this is not the ENTIRE problem in this country:

If Paul Ryan Gets into the Race, Ron Paul Could Get The Most Delegates

DOH! Msnbc's Anthony Terrell washes down fried butter with a gallon of pop (Video)

Tuesday: At Least 106 Iraqis Killed, 337 Injured.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce pushes for a "complete restructuring of the US tax code"


Solar plant cleans Kawasaki image (JAPAN)

Obama in 3D (red and blue glasses required)

The Indian spring has arrived

Just another sign of how well and truly fucked we are: military pensions on the block

Eye-Opener: Solomon shows how the US most

Recession Ghost Towns in America

Two Get 4 Years in Prison For Facebook Posts Which Resulted in No Rioting

Is the Texas Governor's Mansion really ...

About those jobs and the Texas economy..........

Airman goes AWOL because Obama's birth certificate is a fake...this sh*it again...

Who's smarter, Perry or GWB ?

Hey, Gov. Rickroll! What do they do in Dallas about a Giant bank Ponzi Scheme?

Perry mostly absent from 2007 emails discussing HPV vaccine law

Latest Update from Japan- (Disaster Related)

School police chief slings racial slurs at "retreat"

NYT: 80% of drug ingredients are made abroad, insufficiently inspected - new agreement may address

ACTION ALERT -- tell Senator Reid that Warren Buffett Wants his taxes raised!

Infrastructure 1910

Jodie Foster helps keep search for aliens alive

Anyone have a link to an opt out (from military recruitment) form that's not district-specific?

Anyone have a link to an opt out (from military recruitment) form that's not district-specific?

Why I Wouldn't Want To Be a GOP Voter Right Now

John Boehner's Boys-Only Lobbyist Golfing Buddies

Some highly speculative thoughts on yesterday's WI recalls--

A wave of the future: robot that flies like a bird.

Anonymous Hacks BART Police Website, Releases Personal Information of 100 Officers


U.S. Women Get the Vote, Aug. 18, 1920

U.S. Women Get the Vote, Aug. 18, 1920

Fin de siècle

CBS News: Newt Gingrich to take his campaign to ... Hawaii - No shit!

Meet the Christian Dominionist 'Prayer Warriors' Who've Chosen Rick Perry as Their Vehicle to Power

Meet the Christian Dominionist 'Prayer Warriors' Who've Chosen Rick Perry as Their Vehicle to Power

Appeal for help in stemming East African famine

No recovery yet for low- and moderate-income populations

No recovery yet for low- and moderate-income populations

Baltimore cop who murdered a US Marine gets more time for gun charge than killing

California Rep. calls on black community to pressure Obama

The reason the GOP establishment is trying to drag Christie or Ryan into this race is...


I'm Praying Like Perry That Paul Ryan Jumps (In

Latinos protest deportations at Obama campaign HQ

"Some people have called Luntz a spin doctor who manipulates public emotion, but....

And as if the price increases aren't absurd now the Gubermint is getting involved to keep them high

Perry says he doesn't believe in global warming

So . . . . Perry's claiming he's the best job creator there is, huh?

Also-ran Cain says Obama impeachment would be 'a great thing'

Hey DUers... check out this new app created by RawStory, AlterNet & UberMedia

Wednesday Toon Roundup 5- War costs

Ben Sargent Toon- In Case of Emergency, Break Glass

Okay, so a union man can no longer feed all his kids, so which one should he "Sacrifice"?

Limbaugh: Oreo Has A New "Biracial" Cookie -- ". . .Going To Be Called Or-Bam-eo. . ."

Texas Rep. on Perry’s job creation: A ‘Texas tale’

New York Moves to Crack Down on Abuse of Disabled (NY Times)

Health-Plan Buyers Get a Look Under the Hood

If Obama doesn't like generous public sector pensions, should he renounce his own?

If Obama doesn't like generous public sector pensions, should he renounce his own?

Lack of government to enact austerity measures boosts Belgium's economy

Bye Bye 2012: Christie Causes outstanding bond rating downgrade

Bachmann LATE to GOP event after visiting IMAGINARY family members at UNDISCLOSED locations!

Survey’s surprising finding: tea party less popular than atheists and Muslims

I am sick and tired of hearing that "democrats goal of 100% home ownership" = crashed economy

Randi Rhodes: Oopsie! Karl Rove calls Gov. Rickroll "Too cowboy"

Any Idea What Quality Of Jobs Rick Perry Has Created.....

Perry Calls For Even Bigger Corporate Tax Repatriation Giveaway Than Corporations Have Asked

The next hostage situation is less than a month away

Rick Perry “Teens Never Say No” “Teens with T*ts” “Bisexual Barebacking” “Big T*t Brotha Lovers 6”

Proof of Republican 'doublethink'

MUST READ -Teabaggers are ReTHUGS - Crashing the Tea Party

Michele Bachmann's missing mediation business

Official Song of Republicans (sung by Groucho Marx)


Venezuela to Repatriate Up to $11 Billion Gold Reserves From U.S., Europe

Fixing the Housing Crisis Would Create One Million Jobs Annually, New Report Finds!

The g.o.p. wants to be g.o.d. We can't let them.

Amnesty International: Philippines should join the International Criminal Court

chris christie's meager qualifications

chris christie's meager qualifications

How Govt Spending on Infrastructure Creates Jobs (A Very Simple Example)

How Govt Spending on Infrastructure Creates Jobs (A Very Simple Example)

Texas created government jobs while the rest of America lost them

Do sales reps from Big Pharm visit your doctor's office? What is their purpose?

Real Time with Bill Maher NEW RULES Classic: The Teabagger Hat

Manhunt On For Ex-Marine Oathkeeper Accused Of Rape

Apple's 'spaceship' campus larger than Pentagon, Empire State Building

Is money speech?

Banks to foreclose on Burt Reynolds

Bye Bye Cameron -Riot sentence rift opens between Liberal Democrats and Conservatives

Upsurge of suicides at Lewis-McChord, Army-wide

Top U.S. Republicans urge no tax hikes in debt deal

The Party of the People vs the Party of Business and Property,

AFSME the fucking union that works for you! (video)

The sound of a meteor (from Perseid shower)

Don't pee in my Wheaties. Don't rain on my parade. Don't knock my ice cream cone on the ground.

Don't pee in my Wheaties. Don't rain on my parade. Don't knock my ice cream cone on the ground.

Fitch Downgrades New Jersey’s Credit Rating To AA-

Rules would require clear health insurance info

South Carolina Governor Rejects NAACP Push Remove Confederate Flag

Welcome to Wisconsin

We spend billions on keeping the ocean free for merchant shipping,

We spend billions on keeping the ocean free for merchant shipping,

Check out the sticky of Michelle Bachmann that says "Going Crazy" in a spoof on Sarah Palin's book

Check out the sticky of Michelle Bachmann that says "Going Crazy" in a spoof on Sarah Palin's book

'Independent'? Maybe, but super PAC heavily backs Perry

From the "Nation Circling the Drain" files: Transit Agencies Plan Fare Hikes, Service Cuts

5 ways Canada's workforce will change in 20 years

Issa: A Businessman in Congress Helps His District and Himself

Worth remembering. Six ways banks and corporations profit from war.

Another body part turns up in Osaka (Japan)

Michelle Bachmann's bouncers...

The Slippery Slope Argument Against Gay Marriage

The Transpartisan Imperative

Fukushima updates August 17

so... Rick Perry balanced Texas' budget in 2009 using $3.3 billion from Obama's stimulus??

The Plot to Kill the Post Office...And Its Union Contracts

Thank DOG for the Bill of Rights, no?

Obama On Perry: “I’ll Cut Him Some Slack”

With All Eyes On Verizon, A Second Set Of T-Mobile Workers Inch Toward Unionization

With All Eyes On Verizon, A Second Set Of T-Mobile Workers Inch Toward Unionization

Rick Perry

Happy Birthday Elvis!

Expand Critical Habitat for the Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal

Why would an Obama campaign volunteer be expected to have anything good to say about Fire Dog Lake?

firebagging-hippie here

The Week's Best Late-Night Pokitical Jokes

From ‘I will’ to ‘I do’: Vermont gov presides over a gay marriage, fulfilling promise

Remember, Remember the 5th of November

Why did the President say this about Rick Perry...

Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse victim. Please read! Please help if you can! Please pass on!

Right-wing eating their own, Perry edition...

31 months into their presidencies....

Al, I love you, but go back to commentator

The new homeless: Working, but without housing

HELL NO! I Don't Want the Infrastructure FIXED......

Seriously, it's like having W back. Perry 2005 : "Adios, Mofo"

Idiot jihadist calls for David Letterman's death

Citibank Accused of Murdering a Credit Card Deadbeat

Corporate Lobbyist Concedes He Does Not Always Register As A Lobbyist For ALEC

Cast not thy pearls before swine!

Kasich seeks to stop union law repeal!

Suze Orman on CNN - she's been predicting since 2008

Gee, Tea Party Fred Thompson's touting a government backed and regulated plan.

Which country has the most debt? Here's the top 10...

Larry Kudlow doesn't want the EPA to regulate fracking where natural gas ends up in water streams

Obama should say, "I am creating a 20 billion dollar jobs program, and I dare you

Romney says he'll make gas go down to $1.80

U.S. customs agents find Asian gypsy moth eggs on vessel from Japan


Tonight on Countdown: State Senator from Wisconsin Chris Larson

Alter: Chris Christie HOLDING Focus Groups To EXPLORE 2012 BID

About 20% of the voters in the middle determine outcomes of elections.

Fundamentalist Christians ‘spanked’ daughter to death

I Have Decided to Start Charging $20.00 For You To Read My Post on Democratic Underground

Bachmann campaign staffer imprisoned for suspected terrorism in Uganda in 2006

The Creation of Port Philip Bay

AT&T Accidentally Tells Truth, Shoots Self in Foot

Airline passenger: Depardieu urinated on plane

A question for those with knowledge about the economy and love to waste their own time---

I want more jobs now!!

Free meals for all Detroit schoolchildren in fall

700 water main breaks in Houston...maybe crumbling infrastructure needs attention?

How Do We Justify Indicting Roger Clemens For Lying But Not Indicting Those Persons Who Authorized a

Obama to Liberals: "Give peas a chance."

Obama set to go beyond $1.5 trln budget cuts-official

Did Schumer really say that "we" (DNC) "have a crazy wing to our party, too,

What Is The Real State Of The U.S. Economy?

What they left out of the bland D symbol

What they left out of the bland D symbol

Anger Erupts as Non-Traditional Hires Edge Out Experienced Teachers

How to fix Congress; Is this real or fake?

Verizon calls in Blackwater

Rethinking Sinclair Lewis. Sort of.

Gov. Rick Scott still being challenged on his rejection of high-speed rail. Politifact: He lied.

Appalling story. I can not fathom the mindset of the school admin. who punished the rape victim.

dylan ratigan rags on Obama for buying bus in are wrong ratigan

A Watershed Moment for Obama on Climate Change: Will his actions match his words?

Koch Brothers Fund Bogus Study Bashing Offshore Wind in New Jersey

Koch Brothers Fund Bogus Study Bashing Offshore Wind in New Jersey

26% approval for Obama on economy - Gallup

EDWEEK Blog: President Obama on Shaky Ground...

Praise the Lord and Pass the Kool-Aid

Challenging the law: Mom questions requirement to test student with disabilities

Challenging the law: Mom questions requirement to test student with disabilities

Air Force discharging sergeant who doubts Obama...birther

It's much better than just 17-16 in WI with a swing republican

First Gay Wedding in Cuba with photos!

Has anybody here seen "The Help"?

Will President Obama announce his JOBS-focused stimulus plan on 9/12?

Photography Student Videotaping Protest Gets Harassed From All Ends

Fox News Anchor Has Baby, Suddenly Supports Workers' Rights

Look at this screenshot I just took. Currently trending on Yahoo:

Shared Sacrifice

World GNI - Up 700% since 1980. What is with this talk of "Austerity"?

A knucklehead of my acquaintance is making weird claims about lost tax revenue: help me out!

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Hey, Kids! The World You’re On… has CORPORATIONS!

Best laugh I've had in a long time. Hope you will enjoy the : "Interesting Word Game"

Flashback: Senators Confirm Medicare Buy-In As Part Of A Public Option

Naomi Klein: Looting with the lights on

Naomi Klein: Looting with the lights on

Working Families to Express Buyer's Remorse Over Right-Wing Members of Congress

This new University of Alabama sorority recruitment video is getting a lot of play

Why Wal-Mart May Never Be Great Again (we could only hope)

Chris Christie about to jump in.

My friend is a victim of a Florida Republican “death panel.”

Why did the press give no coverage to Ron Paul's whisker-close second in Iowa?

Ed Schultz was WRONG last night, and he is WRONG again tonight!

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

It would be a shame if Obama didn't get to drive his virtual bus into Mitt Romney's smirking mug.

Questions about Obama and liberals.....

News Flash: Economy NOT Headed for Recession

Rick Perry: Global warming isn’t caused by humans

Before we started privatizing schools, I never saw a sign like this:

BWAHAHA! FL Governor Rick Scott, you teabaggin' sack 'o' CRAP, the Supreme Court handed you your ASS

Cancelling my Verizon Account

Do you have kid(s) in school? Do you participate in/at school?

Today in Fundie News : (**Warning, reading the following may cause your head to explode...)

Today in Fundie News : (**Warning, reading the following may cause your head to explode...)

It's not "Jobs Jobs Jobs". It's "Wages Wages Wages".

Free Shipping on orders of $25 or more till 8-22 on jeans etc. MADE IN THE USA!!!

The Obama Administration's Weird Home Rental Plan

4 years for saying 'hey let's riot here' on facebook

So where should Libertarians go, you ask? Libertarianland under construction!

Got one of those emails....

I received this email. It seems kinda spiteful.

Do you think Obama would go left in a second term?

Mojo Nixon on the IMF and World Bank

Who's with me?: By announcing 3 weeks in advance that

The goals of Third Way Democrats, in their own words:

Fire Dog Lake charges a thousand dollars to be in their exclusive Gosprey Circle.

We think of FDR as one of the greatest presidents of America, right?

Robert Parry: The Dangerous Reagan Cult

The "Get a Brain, Morans" guy may have been identified...

Paul Krugman Demands One Million Dollars, Or It's War!

A Tea Bagger Firefighter...

Bears are eating me - cell phone calls from daughter to mother Siberia - warning graphic text

Obama could get the left off his back

Raising Medicare Age Will COST Money and It Is Bad for Health

Matt Taibbi has jumped the shark with his support of Rick Perry/Teabaggers

Oil is down considerably. Gasoline has fallen a bit but not as it should, imo. They now

You must pay if you want to attend town halls with republiCONS

Let me tell you about this little shit that showed up at my door...

TAIBBI: SEC Cover-up? - Whistleblower: Agency Hiding Wall Street Crimes/Destroying Records

Paying back tax credits for health insurance

Fl Gov Rick Scott loses Monty Python court case, gets spammed by Floridians

Bachmann Pledges Gas Will Be Less Than $2 a Gallon

Shared sacrifices I'd be happy to see and, not surprisingly, haven't been suggested

Christine O’Donnell Walks Out Of Piers Morgan Interview

The Morality of Choosing Abortion

A look at the numbers behind the Wisconsin recalls

Survey’s surprising finding: tea party less popular than atheists and Muslims

Obama's midwest bus tour message backfires

I support Obama for President in 2012

I support Obama for President in 2012

Obama finally criticizes GOP, then takes swipe at Dems

And they wonder why we think they're just bigoted neanderthals...

Officer Jeremy Henwood's Final Act of Kindness

Is the President's re-election in jeopardy?

Are you addicted to DU? Then we need your help. (NOT A FUND DRIVE POST!)

Anti-Obama Outrage Erupts at Congressional Black Caucus

"All your FireBaggers are belong to us." - FireBagger Central

DU, I need your help!

Tar Sands activists converge for White House Sit in

Man Arrested in ‘To Catch A Predator’ Sting Acquitted 5 Years Later

The time to put socialism on the agenda is now

Obama Campaign Staffer Sends Out Email Bashing Paul Krugman And 'Firebagger Lefty Blogosphere'

Stopped a Tea Partier cold

We are now taking applications for the volunteer position of DU Moderator

Justin Wilson on LSU fans..

Anyone interested in new show Person of Interest?

PHOTO: The glory days of KISS well behind him, Gene Simmons is just PHONING IT IN these days...

Seen today at the supermarket - Bachman's dogs?

Yo New York DUers... I'm gonna be in NYC 2nd weekend in September.

What is your favourite party food/hors d'oeuvre? I like the little curry puffs you

Thanks to the person who gave me a star yesterday. You're the greatest!

Any first responders here?

So I completely missed my 10000th post.

DU3 will list all the DUers who REC a post by username. How do you feel about this?

Kali's dog, "Dumbass", was actually named as a memorial tribute to her ex-horse, Stan.

From U-Boat to Brew-Boat -- they've come such a long way.


Why can't I get to sleep?

Why can't I get to sleep?



First ever Tea Party meeting?

CMW? Is that you? Is this your work? If've been cloned!!!

Guess which generation MiddleFingerMom and his "YOU GO NOW" pills belong to.

When do you think I will make it to 13000 posts?

I can't get to sleep - ask me anything

NEW Jeff Bridges - What A Little bit Of Love Can Do

OMG--Who is old enough to remember this video?

Man uses fake $100 bill to make change from church offering plate

The Last King of Scotland on tv last night

Van Morrison: In The Back Room

A baby boomers time machine in pictures.

Everything MFM learned about how to deal with life's problems, he learned from Family Guy.

Do the spirits of what VEGANS eat come back to haunt THEIR dreams?

We are now taking applications for the volunteer position of DU Moderator

You MUST See Morgan Spurlock's 50 Best Documentaries Special on Current

"I burned the book." re: Twilight

Big Boy!

How much is too much garlic?

Love the QR code "Obama 2012" sticky...

Going to great heights

Need I say more?

Cutest Bear Attack!

British Commericals...

car meet lampost

New 6 part series starting on BBC America tonight: "The Hour"

Check out Wednesday's Google Doodle

Stuff you bought and then realized you had been "had". My dad bought those wallets you

What is the best extra curricular course you have taken. I think for me it was

PHOTO: On EVERY stop of the Palin Bus Tour©, her super-patriotic cousin Spork gets a standing "O."

Abercrombie & Fitch wants clothes off Jersey Shore

PHOTO: MiddleFingerMon's FORMER hospital roomie really misses Shaving Cream & Banana Slices Night


a brand new product

PHOTO: Apparently, computers are a "H.D.C." Thanks for the warning, insane sign carrying lady.

Middle Finger Mom spotted

Is that a spider in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?


cactus out of garden hose and cable ties

Bizarre forklift chase: Driver allegedly chugs beer along way

PHOTO: The Palin Family Reunion started a little early this year

Who's the babe munching on the smiley face?

Ok, which one of you?

Quick/Stupid resume question: What tense do you use when talking about a CURRENT job?


Man climbed atop refrigeration unit to hide from cops, fell asleep

Has anyone else noticed that the two biggest douches in the Presidential race are named "Rick"?

Has anyone else noticed that the two biggest douches in the Presidential race are named "Rick"?

Daddy, how was I born?

Bad hair day

Come on. Tell the truth. What food do you play with? I like to get tons

Who was your favourite made up couple? I liked Diane Chambers and Sam Malone

Andy Dick vs Howard Stern

So why do cats' eyes glow in the dark?

To Aliengirl and anyone who fears the cure is worse than the disease.

Any identical twins here or anyone who has had any experience around any?

Wow---someone gave me a star....Thank you VERY much

PHOTOS: SISSIES can bench-press 500 pounds. REAL men ab-crunch with 6 chickens.

I'm going to take a nap now

I've never seen those birds before in my life......

6:30 am mowing?

TRAGIC PHOTO: Daryl Hannah has REALLY, REALLY let herself GO since "Splash."

Just found out a friend got engaged.

Anyone else thinking about jumping into the Moderator pool?

A quick and dumb joke

Diabetic retinopathy

Happy Birthday Elivis - CRAWFISH! - King Creole

Then get your damned food to GO, you cheap poseur S.O.B.

My friend starts chemo therapy for breast cancer tomorrow.

Some reason I'm feeling very sad today and I have no clue why

Sleeping Bear Dunes (Michigan) Voted 'Most Beautiful Place in America'

Does anyone have knowledge of or experience with the "WildBlue" satellite service?

Just look at yourself!

Never underestimate the ability of two dogs to take up a lot of space in the kitchen.

I have a big pot of pinto beans cooking on the stove, later I will make some biscuits.

PHOTO: Why dogs ROCK.

PIC: Zsa Zsa Gabor is bald bearded man in Yahoo News photo

Who's the better Star Wars villain: Vader or Palpatine?

Unknown Orange Caterpillars - Help

Post the smilies you want Skinner to add to DU3 right here:

Exciting new product! full socket set replacement

What are the least stereotypically liberal things about you?

Explosion at Sydney Airport, man hurt

Clinton defends U.S. response to crackdown in Syria

Tories' reaction to riots 'bonkers', say Liberal Democrat MPs

Newly Revealed Docs Cast Doubt on James Murdoch’s Denials; He Could be Recalled by Lawmakers

Japan Stocks Drop as Sarkozy, Merkel Reject Bigger Bailout Plan

Panama Adding a Wider Shortcut for Shipping

Wirch retains Wisconsin Senate seat in recall vote

Bachmann wishes Elvis happy birthday on death date

Holperin Holds On - Dems Retain Both WI Senate Seats

Rick Perry reverses himself, calls HPV vaccine mandate a ‘mistake’

AP declare Democratic Senators Holperin & Wirch Winners in Wisconsin

Wirch retains Wisconsin Senate seat in recall vote

S&P Downgrades Google Stock Rating To “Sell”

Libyan rebels tighten grip around Tripoli

Heat watch: Say what, it could be WARMER this weekend?

Manhunt On For Ex-Marine Oathkeeper Accused Of Rape

Obama Administration Moves Against Alaska Oil Drilling

What cut? US continues to fund Pakistan military

Trump: ‘I’d be willing’ to pay more taxes

Indictment in Hariri Assassination Is Published

On tape: Lawyer for drug co. said to offer payment

We are now taking applications for the volunteer position of DU Moderator

Perry's Texas: Transportation needs trail behind

A (2 1/2 year old) child's killing freeze-frames Syria's tragedy (Contains Graphic Descriptions)

James Murdoch admits News Corp. paid off convicted criminal

UK unemployment jumps as economy falters

Doug LaFollette Says Fred Risser Plans To Vote For The Constitutional Amendment To Eliminate SOS

Rick Perry's Texas Hometown Feels Abandoned By Presidential Hopeful

Cameroon homosexuality trial condemned

Hezbollah suspects to be tried over Rafik Hariri

Pentagon: Army improperly tested body armor plates

Same-sex marriage petition approved

Christie camp denies report that governor is rethinking presidential bid

Ex-prep-school teen admits NYC robbery spree

Phone Hacking: James Murdoch Admits 'Hush Money' Payout

Survey’s surprising finding: tea party less popular than atheists and Muslims

2012 dropout Pawlenty a no for Senate

Djou will challenge Hanabusa

Comptroller: Fiscal call to arms

Yemen Opposition Forms National Council

First Americans in Cuba under easier travel rules

Tampa police thwart alleged plan to attack high school

US child poverty rates rose in the 2000s

US school bomb plot aimed for mass casualties

Shell admits risk of further North Sea oil spill

60% of Toronto arrests lead to strip searches

Firearms from ATF sting linked to 11 more violent crimes

Gorbachev calls for change of Russian leadership

Rep. Gohmert casts Obama as 'evil emperor,' slams 'Darth Vader' bus

Trump praises Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s presidential bid, refuses to rule out independent bid

U.S. carried out air strikes in Iraq

Franco-German Proposal Disappoints

Obama: Another year or more for housing turnaround

Trenton diocese pays $1 million settlement in sexual abuse case

White House Paints GOP Presidential Field With Tea Party Brush

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cantor Calls On House GOP To Avoid Government Shutdown Brinksmanship

Hackers post BART cops' personal information

2 Wisconsin Democrats keep their Senate seats

AP source: Obama to give major jobs speech

Credit Rating Agency Fitch Downgrades New Jersey, Citing Unfunded Pension, Benefit Liabilities

14,000 People Wrongly Declared Dead Yearly

Iraq’s Sadr Warns Of ‘War’ If U.S. Presence Extended

Bachmann: If elected, gas prices would fall to less than $2 per gallon

Gov. John Kasich asks union leaders to compromise on SB5

Cain: Impeaching Obama would be ‘a great thing to do’

Municipalities Abandon S&P After Ratings Downgrade

Foreign students, labor leaders protest Hershey packing plant

Maxine Waters Says Congressional Black Caucus "Getting Tired" Of Covering For Obama

(U.S. Rep.) Rivera seeks to restrict some Cubans from returning to Cuba

US cigarette makers sue over graphic warning labels

Brain-eating amoebas blamed in three deaths

US Banks Begin Charging Monthly Debit-Card Fees

This pretty much sums up my feelings about ANY kind of "Just Say No" campaign:

Big Brother watchers

SEC may have destroyed documents, senator says

President Obama blasts GOP 'rigidity' in CNN interview

"Rope-a-dope" refresher on the Obama gameplan

Grab your political junkie hat, your crystal ball & predict Obama's chances to win in 2012.

A historic victory won by Wisconsin’s middle-class

Michele Bachmann in Bizarre Hypnotic Trance with Chris Matthews

Happy birthday Elvis (Yesterday) - Um - Well - Maybe not!

Obama edges Perry ,Romney and Bachmann in Ohio

REPORT: Texas Ranks Dead Last In Total Job Creation, Accounting For Labor Force Growth

It just occurred to me who the repug party is looking for

We are now taking applications for the volunteer position of DU Moderator

"47% of all government jobs added in the US between 2007 and 2010 were added in Texas."

How Rick Perry aggressively pursued federal aid he now decries

Maybe Rick Perry shouuld return all of the Federal funds he took

Can Obama regain your enthusiastic support?

showing the left profile

Meet The Lone Danger: An Exclusive Q & A with Rick Perry

Here is why Perry is likely to be the GOP nominee, and why we should be happy for it.

Perry and the tea party? Seems a little late for that gig.

This butt-hole can't retire soon enough

Perry wants to make the US a Third World country

Christie to Get In?

Federal Policy Resulting in Wave of Deportations Draws Protests

Who Is Rick Perry? The Record w/ Links, August 17, 2011

Herman Cain wants to impeach Obama

Which of the republicans running are birthers? They now need to use the birther

Simple question for my Republican friends: Who was the last

How is this not the most Wonderful news in WI

Romney trying to KISS UP!! to the Tea Party now that Scary Perry is in the race

To Scott Walker, with love

Corndog Alert! Somewhat obscene warning: Rick Perry bites

August 17, 2011 12:45 PM EDT President Obama Holds a Town Hall Meeting

The Obama bus is made by the same company that made the bus W used on HIS (forgotten) bus tour

Bachmann's bouncers: Unnecessary roughness- hostile encounters w/ media (pushing, shoving, threats)

Palin is going to pull a Wally Hickel

GOP attacks Obama bus, but Bush did same

What if Rick Perry were a black man?

"all one contrived phony mess that is falling apart under its own weight"

OH GOD!!! now the media is going after the President for taking a vacation

everything old is new again

On the off chance that Ron Paul gets the nod, would Obama

Are you part of the backlash described in this paragraph?


Bachmann staffer arrested in 2006 for terrorism, in Uganda

Rick Perry shares photographic peccidilo with Michele Bachmann.

Is all this economic strife a product of the end on an era?

Noticed how the media is ignoring the Wisconsin results on Tuesday where to rethugs lost BIG

Why I'm Voting Tea Party

If you were running President Obama's 2012 campaign, how would you advise him ?

Crashing the Tea Party - - "increasingly swimming against the tide of public opinion"

what's this about the Bushes + Rove taking Perry out?

Happy Birthday Ira Gershwin

An ironic little 'egg on face' story about Rick Perry

An ironic little 'egg on face' story about Rick Perry

For those of you who THINK they hate asparagus... good news. And your pee won't stank, neither.

Send this info to anyone you hear bash President Obama for taking a vacation - The Facts

Fox & Friends incensed by the fact that food stamps stimulate the economy

Senator Sanders: Tar Sands Action

Latest Tracking Poll: C Matthew s Obama at 26%

People who strongly support Obama have brains. People who are critical of him on the left do too.

Airman Who Said Obama's Birth Certificate Was Forged Not AWOL, Being Discharged

Failing to Invest in Transportation Will Hurt U.S. Quality of Life, New Study for ASCE Finds

Ptah's secret to winning so many flower show competitions?... ... ... Viagra.

Obama Campaign Staffer Sends Out Email Bashing Paul Krugman And The 'Firebagger Lefty Blogosphere'

Obama Campaign Staffer Sends Out Email Bashing Paul Krugman And The 'Firebagger Lefty Blogosphere'

Rick Perry for President 2012

DemocracyNow: ' ANONYMOUS ' Defends Retaliatory Action Against 'BART'

American soldier

How Texas 'Hangman' Rick Perry is Trying To 'Swift-Boat' President Barack Obama

How Texas 'Hangman' Rick Perry is Trying To 'Swift-Boat' President Barack Obama

Rick Perry Is So Bush W

Jim Hightower: Rick Perry is Bachmann with better hair

Thom Hartmann: Will the ghost of Willingham haunt Perry's campaign?

Papantonio: Pap Schools Michael Medved on Rick Perry

Thom Hartmann: Ron Paul...He Who Shall Not Be Named

Land of the Free, Home of the Poor

Speak Out Against Iceland's Illegal Whaling

TDPS: Kentucky Gives Bible Theme Park 75% Tax Break - Gays Allowed? Women w/ Short Hair?

Why Aren't Democrats Liberal?

Anonymous BART Protest Civic Center SF 8/15/11

Thom Hartmann: Is it socialism that billionaires pay the same taxes as us?

Thom Hartmann: How Republicans avoid angry constituents...outsourcing?

BWHAHAHA: Kathy Griffin Asks Michelle Bachmann " WERE YOU BORN A BIGOT "

08.16.11: Rep. Maxine Waters - Criticizing Obama + the Black Community

My Conservative Brother

Young Turks: Michele Bachmann: Gays, Satan, Bondage & Families

TYT: Rick Perry's Shady Donor Deals Exposed (w/ Link to LA Times Report)

Ex-Evangelical Frank Schaeffer Denounces Michele Bachmann & Calls Her Movement Anti-American

Woman's yard sale to pay medical bills gets shut down

Homeless Woman Asks Obama For Help, Limbaugh Explodes

Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive steam escapes danger zone

Everything is on the Table (Say what?)

Mikhail Gorbachev: I should have abandoned the Communist party earlier

Robert Scheer: The Biggest Little Hypocrite in Texas

Rising hunger in south Ethiopia despite lush green

Monsanto's 5 Most Dubious Contributions to the Planet

Hey, Rick Perry: Printing Money Is Patriotic

China appeals to US to focus on economic recovery

Amy Goodman: San Francisco Bay Area’s BART Pulls a Mubarak

What cut? US continues to fund Pakistan military

Shaping a new world order

Us Moral Authority Undercut By War On Terror

Britain says 400,000 Somali children at risk of death

How Safe Are You?: What Almost $8 Trillion in National Security Spending Bought You

Israel Will Not Apologize To Turkey, Despite Clinton Request

Special report: Pension scandal shakes up Venezuelan oil giant

House bills give a glimpse into the tea party’s vision for America

SIROTA: Don't buy the "Democrats are powerless" myth

Warren Buffett's Son Is Super-Wrong About Africa

Outsourced and fired, IT workers fight back

Do You Realize The Government Is Still Paying Banks Not To Lend...?

Wall Street Is Biggest Donor to Deficit Panel Members

Is Democracy as We Know It on Its Way Out?

"The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom"

Hannity, Limbaugh Turn Disputed Report About Biden "Terrorist" Comment Into Unquestioned Fact

Ray McGovern: Did Tenet Hide Key 9/11 Info?

Naomi Klein: Daylight Robbery, Meet Nighttime Robbery

There is No Spoon, or, Spoonlessness.

Obama's midwest bus tour message backfires

Wisconsin Recall: Citizen United, Grisham, Hot Coffee, and Koch

Excessive levels of radioactive cesium found 100 km from plant

Policy wonk corner: "How to Design Feed-in Tariffs in the U.S. without Fear of Federal Preemption"

Drumbeat: August 17, 2011

Mekong River dolphin population on the brink of extinction - WWF

Mitsubishi and Areva nuclear cooperation put on hold until further notice...

Backup batteries for home on radar

Make Money Having Fun, A Company That Makes Money Contaminating Water Supplies

China’s July Coal Imports Rise 36% on Summer Power Shortages, Sxcoal Says

Peru’s Humala May Curb Gas Exports to Mexico as Growth Boosts Local Demand

Drought so far cost Texas farms record $5.2 billion

Africa famine: soaring food prices intensifying crisis, report warns

Concerns about efforts to foster the biofuel boom

Fuel shortage will cripple India's power plans: Deloitte

TEPCO: 17 workers have a 5% chance of fatal cancer

Rads in your pants? 360+ atoms of radioactive sulfur daily may have been inhaled by Californians

Mass. solar energy company files for bankruptcy (Evergreen)

Food prices could hit tipping point for global unrest

The Independent: The explosive truth behind Fukushima's meltdown