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new Oreo has 100 calories per cookie

I see a lot of protests around the country...

And now, the comedic stylings of Joe Arpaio: Arpaio seeks to examine Obama’s birth certificate

And now, the comedic stylings of Joe Arpaio: Arpaio seeks to examine Obama’s birth certificate

I'm pretty convinced that the GOP has sworn an oath to champion EVIL

US in Afghanistan until 2024...

Salon/Greenwald: A prime aim of the growing Surveillance State

Michael Tomasky (The Daily Beast) on Perry, "King of the Know-Nothings"

Michael Tomasky (The Daily Beast) on Perry, "King of the Know-Nothings"

A "D" is a passing mark, Mr. President, but this country needs your "A" game...

Hope Bachmann is watching: PBS Newshour doing story on the end...

Rep. Webster (R-FL) sent out 'watch list' of local (progressive) activists

Comment section is all screwed up at Think Progress

Global Bank Capital Regime at Risk as Regulators Spar Over Rules

Open mic catches Bank of America official vowing to ‘help’ Perry

Oh boy! Perry is next!

Right-Wing Populists (Northern Europe) Stoke Anti-Southern (Europe) Rage

Perry's 'ginormous' holes

Should progressives go along with Republican Policy

Suburban Chicago woman accused of bomb threat at Willis Tower

Another Study Telling Us What We Already Knew

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!

listening to the Hartman show

Oh, wow.

Anybody listeing to Hayes sumarize the RW Echo machine?

Alan Turing sticky! YES! One of my heroes.

Goldman Sachs downgrades second half US GDP, again

A false-equivalency thread--post your favorite-

Sarah Palin is in. Rumor has it that she is going to announce in early September.

12yr old Sleuth Solves Family Robbery ...

Approval Poll Pt. 2: How do you feel, and how would you answer to, say, a Gallup poll?

DU supports the Democratic President and we get the tombstone if we disagree, however,

Gov. O’Malley (MD) & Gov. McDonnell (VA) to face off on Sunday TV

Why donate to DU? Who here donates to any organization that does not transparently

South Carolina DUers, You have my sympathy.

I am curious!

Fluoride To Be Removed From Pottstown Water

perspective from space (a NASA astronaut and Carl Sagan)

Fuck you, Michigan GOP

Fuck you, Michigan GOP

A great limerick about Paul Ryan charging for townhalls and calling the fuzz on protestors

Food riots break up in Minneapolis (1931)

Paul Ryan's office calls cops to disperse unemployed protestors(Wisconsin)

Conservatives and Dems... this isn't really what I was going for... My words led me astray.

Timmy Hall's Funeral Procession Interrupted By Fairfax County Police

We're number two in low-wage employment among OECD member nations

Man captures live fairy in Guadalajara!

Kabul attack 'shows strategy failure'

The Warren-Brown Massachusetts Senate Race: Progressive Populism vs. Conservative Populism

Texting, grand theft auto style; alarms pose risk

This is lame but I wish DU had a "like" feature for brilliant posts within threads.

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

9/11 Gives Birth to a White Elephant

Politico - Romney Doubles Down On Corporations Are People Comment With A Web Ad

Why Perry Hates Those Regulators: They're Bad For (His) Business

Indian army reports deadly gun battle in Kashmir

The only important question is...

Iraq agrees to extend U.S. military role: Panetta

Oops! Egypt withdraws ambassador to Israel over police deaths

LA Times: Fear of a new U.S. recession is no longer a fringe view

MMA: CNN Turns To Anti-Immigrant Hate Group FAIR For Immigration Commentary

Why we have deficits.

You've got to love the Norwegian approach to terror

Lawsuits filed on behalf of couple in State Fair collapse seek at least $60M

A Symptom of Desperation? Querying QE3

Fed deportation decision may benefit SF gay couple

NYPD officer accused of drunken street-grab rape

I've gotta never ending war for you

The promise. My choice. My president. What happened?

Byron Yorkkk says Kkkarl Rove says that Sarah Palin will run

Byron Yorkkk says Kkkarl Rove says that Sarah Palin will run

GOP Presidential Candidates At Odds Even With Tea Party On EPA Hatred

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the craziest of them all?

Government schedules first lease sale since Gulf spill

Why GMOs Won’t Feed the World (Despite What You Read in The New York Times)

Turkish warplanes have hit Kurdistan Workers Party camps in kandil in northern Iraq


Europe’s economic crisis spins out of control

No Child fuels spate of student transfers

The stench of a police state

The stench of a police state

'The Death Cross' has happened which Wall Street feared.

Qaida announces 100-attack Iraq campaign

Gold and Gadaffi

Gold and Gadaffi

Rolling Stone Mick Jagger sings in Sanskrit

Who were Al Qaeda exactly working for on 9/11?

Repug euphemism du jour for insane tax cuts: "Simplify the tax code"

Repug euphemism du jour for insane tax cuts: "Simplify the tax code"

Pigs At The Trough Award For For Friday 8.19.2011

Toles sketch - Perry's vision of our future

Lawmaker demands investigation into costs of Orlando charter school rally

How are they going to dispose of all the radioactive sunflowers?

Is vigilantism ever justified?

Can We Still Save Ourselves?

U.S. Scrambling to Ease Shortage of Vital Medicine

BAE, GD awarded Ground Combat Vehicle contracts

Even the a$$hats are going after Perry

MarketWatch: For Many Seniors There May Be No Retirement

Isn't there a Democratic city willing to accept a federal jobs program?

1 dog dead, others sick from algae, could be you too

Thanks Mods - you're the best

Fukushima updates August 20

Reminder: John Lennon/Yoko Ono's 'BED PEACE' is streaming free until Sunday night.

AZ-01 Rep. Gosar (R) having town Hall for Teabaggers only

(BN) Bank of America Said to Seek 20% Cut in Consumer-Unit Costs With Job Trims 

If a Nader-supported primary challenger emerges, I might skip the general election.

Banks brace for more troubles

The "How to Get a Jobs Bill" Proposal Passed I Do NOT Agree With

Cheney, John Howard and the 2007 elections favor

Pa. and Tenn. have a nuke plant event

I've just spent the last 15 minutes listening to Bachmann spew ludicrous batshit on CSPAN

Iran 'jails' US hikers for eight years for spying

Billionaire throws party on Long Island—other billionaires (and hangers-on) attend

Injunctions attack democratic rights of Verizon strikers

Not-for-Profit College Board Getting Rich as Fees Hit Students

Singapore Miracle Dimming as Income Gap Widens Squeeze by Rich

baseball hail does a number in Iowa - auto shops busy, parks damaged

A debate question for Governor Perry

How Washington Could Create Jobs Right Now

How Much Money Could the Department of Defense Save if it Stopped Trying to Save Souls?

Lemmingly, We Roll Along

Fridays with Fugelsang on Stephanie Miller show (audio)

The map that we will become familiar with in 2013. Just insert new republican names.

Self-deleted by member

Non Sequitur Toon: If you can read this...

Barack Obama's wars without end

AP: In Iraq, Youngest U.S. Troops Bore The Heaviest Toll

Verizon workers agree to end strike

A lot of people think blue collar workers are stupid, ignorant and incapable of anything better..

Der Spiegel: Germans Don't Trust Merkel to Handle Euro Crisis

One in Four California Families Can't Afford Food for Their Kids

Tea Party Financiers

Noam Chomsky on privatization

What congressional staffers don't like to hear

Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution

Third parties allow a well-disciplined politicial minority to impose its will on the majority.

Reason #1 Facebook is awesome:

Does anyone here know, or do you think the Mods know if any of the posters here are

Serious Question: Is there any Texas GOP politiciam who is not Cocky or Arrogant?

How to Make the Super Congress Open and Accountable

The "Tea Party" is...

Texas jobless rate at highest level since 1987

Jon Huntsman assails Rick Perry


Dear Fellow American... (my ad:people)

New Apostolic Reformation Doesn't Want Theocracy, Just The Establishment Of God's Kingdom On Earth

50 Cent

Question: Quit B. and Start a Revolution...

So, is Michelle Bachman located at 890 Donations in Grovelbot's graph above? nt

Customer shoots, kills armed robber at McDonald's

One Day Longer, One Day Stronger (Republicans take aim at union raptivist of Kill the Autocrat)

Liberals complain about Obama; will it cost votes?

What do you call a Muslim on a plane?

US child poverty rate soars to 20 percent

"The ultimate show of power ... is to allow what appears to be powerful criticism."

"The ultimate show of power ... is to allow what appears to be powerful criticism."

NOM President Claims Marriage Equality Will “Normalize Pedophilia”

US military develops 'bigger bang' explosive material

"The colonization of politics and the hollowing out of democracy"

Facebook pulls AZ Gov. Leatherface Post critical of Obama

As I understand it, banker unemployment is now less than .01%

Might be fun to watch. Ron Paul's birthday money bomb.

OpEdNews: Murdoch in Free Fall - Credibility Gone Billions to Follow

England riots: pair jailed for four years for using Facebook to incite disorder

Why am I seeing ads on all the OPs even though I have a star?

Hats off to whoever posted Rachel's pic in GrovelBot's Big Board

Train death settlement tossed (The mother, an illiterate Guatemalan immigrant)

Congrats CWA/IBEW......

In 1981 Interview, Rove’s Brain Lee Atwater Connects the Dots Between Jim Crow Racist Policies and G

Why are we so obsessed with an election that is 15 months away?

Getting Away with Torture (HRW Report 2011)

Christian Conservative?....... Help me out with this label.

Christian Conservative?....... Help me out with this label.

If we nationalized the oil companies, the banks, and healthcare.....

Reince Priebus

Turtle Torture event scheduled

Turtle Torture event scheduled

13-Year-Old Designs Super-Efficient Solar Array Based on the Fibonacci Sequence

*Any* President on his 2nd term......

Virginia man arrested in deaths of wife, 3 kids

Unemployed occupy Rep. Paul Ryan's office; demand an audience

Strauss-Kahn Prosecutor Seen Dropping Charges

So, Perry's Prayer event was not political, huh? What about THIS:

Psychotherapist: America Needs To Wise Up Before We Call Ourselves China

Selling Patriotism.

WTF CNN!!!! I thought Christine O'Donnell's 15 minutes were up!!!

I dunno--she doesn't look all that submissive in my opinion.

Bill Clinton is now a WHAT??!!??

''We're going to put the people's interests ahead of the special interests."

What are the rules about the sticky notes?


Navy, Submarine Service Late 50's

In Major Gaffe, Bachmann Confuses Ass, Hole in Ground

Ironic: Shot in the face on Cheney Street

TODAY'S SIMPLE MESSAGING: They say big government step aside. So who’s supposed to protect

The Dollar Store Economy

Sticky: " It is far easier to build strong children than repair broken men"

The Dying Art of the Political Insult: Is it Dead Already? - DailyKos

Krugman: Fancy Theorists of the World Unite (right's embrace of anti-intellectualism)

I miss Ted Kennedy.

Biden seeks to reassure China on U.S. debt

Dems Will Sweep to Victory in 2012!!---and Obama lost the broom.........

"Is the Pentagon Poisoning Afghan Civilians?"

"Is the Pentagon Poisoning Afghan Civilians?"

Rumor between DUers about the future (Dear Skinner please read this)

How, specifically, would a primary challenge change Obama's second term?

A Radical New Definition of Addiction Creates a Big Storm

To whomever posted the Rickroll sticky....

$2 gasoline.

"Not being the worst stands in some rank of praise," right?

Bernie Sanders email.....he who should be President!

Global Warming Could Prompt Alien 'Preemptive Strike' on Earth

Tricky Ricky Made a Million on Land While in Office

Photographer Says 'No' To Senior Pictures For Bullying Students

Why Persecute the Poor for Being Poor?

Toon: Taking a vacation from doing nothing

Right now, I have private insurance and Medicare....

Wedding Pictures like you have never seen before (from Japan)

The Democrats and the US jobs crisis

Judge Ciavarella appeals

MOODY'S ANALYST BREAKS SILENCE: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts

MOODY'S ANALYST BREAKS SILENCE: Says Ratings Agency Rotten To Core With Conflicts

When Qaddafi goes, what about Abdelbaset al-Megrahi?

Darn it! Missed MB by 1 donation!!!

Bigots for Neighbors. Catholic Charities proposed a 40 or so unit apartment complex

Bigots for Neighbors. Catholic Charities proposed a 40 or so unit apartment complex

The real grand bargain, coming undone

After 8 years of Reagan American voters elected another Republican president

Anti-republican site I just found

Honest men - Bernie and Dennis.

Republicans Are Not Fit To Govern

Animal hoarding?????

The Irish unemployed seek greener shores in Toronto

If there are 1000 donations by midnight Eastern time, I will give up Loco Zolo threads for a week.

If there are 1000 donations by midnight Eastern time, I will give up Loco Zolo threads for a week.

I would totally flunk Melissa Harris Perry's class.

I would totally flunk Melissa Harris Perry's class.

Dean Baker: The Washington Post Wants You to Accept High Unemployment (and Social Security Cuts)

Missouri Lt. Gov Addresses Stripper Flap: Religion Helped Me Change My Strip-Club-Going Ways

Pro-labor and working people? Must see this!

Why do so on the right many hate George Soros?

Sarah Palins America By Heart...Is number 1 seller at the Dollar Store

Hi! Eric Holder here, I have some free time, so anyone get ripped off from a siding contractor?

Qaddafi and Two Sons Rumored To Have Fled Libya

Plutocracy: Meet the Mega-Rich Members of Congress

Would You Be Happier With Obama If He Was The Anti-Bush?

Would You Be Happier With Obama If He Was The Anti-Bush?

There's a Turd Floating in Ayn Rand's Swimming Pool.............

Libyan Revolution Week 27

Libyan Revolution Week 27

Matthews to RNC Chairman: ‘Tell Me Obama Walked Into Hell!’

You know, we used to protest, even under a democratic president.

Santorum: Same-Sex Marriage Helped Destroy The Economy

Santorum: Same-Sex Marriage Helped Destroy The Economy

Breaking: The battle to take over Tripoli has begun

GOOGLE+. Why discussions about "real names" are out-of-date

HOW DARE poor people have refrigerators and air conditioners!

One of the greenest foods you will ever find.

Anybody else here miss Molly Ivins?

PETA demands that colonists on Mars be vegans...

If you think Jimmy Carter was knocked out of Office by a primary challenger remember this ...

7 ways Rick Perry would change the U.S. Constitution if he got elected President

During the month of Aug I have lost $4,000 in just ONE retirement account

I don't think it matters much WHO gets elected POTUS. I see bad bad times a'comin'.

I have reached the American dream

I have some empathy for the hikers but would you consider hiking in Iraq?

Prevident Obama finally gets his magic wand to decide climate's future

Republicans Are Not Fit To Govern

Would you accept a government job?

I'm leaning more and more towards Socialism -- I blame MiddleFingerMomMom...

All I can say is WTF?

Here's *MY* simplification of the federal income tax code

We have the teabaggers caterwauling about taxes. Where are the people screaming for jobs?

Would you favor US disengagement from treaties like GATT and NAFTA

It's Not Just News Corp: Why Telecommunications Companies in the US May Be Spying on You Every Day

GM says bankruptcy excuses it from Impala repairs

Disaster in Tripoli incoming.

I'm sick of all the enablers.

Dozens arrested at White House as pipeline protests begin

The message: MASS EVICTION DEFENSE WORKS! (100 supporters showed up to defend 82 year old Ms Ward)

Buried underwater for at least 40 years, rediscovered by yours truly

Lightning Storm Forces Pope To Cut Short Remarks In Spain - MSNBC

Lest we forget: In memory of the 20 men, women, and children that lost their lives

OK, now I’m ignoring my own advice, but am I crazy…

Crazy: 90 percent of US net users don’t know from crtl-F/cmd-F

An Obituary for Change in Washington

Once the comments on this article about the Indiana State Fair tragedy would have shocked me..

Lawyer: Teen molested by coach will get over it

Lawyer: Teen molested by coach will get over it

Is It Okay for Rich People to Spend Oodles on Kids' Playhouses?

Don't Vote!

One Last Time !!! - If You Want To Know Why You Can't Find A Job, Why Your Retirement Is At Risk...

Great review of Christine O'Donnell's book "Troublemaker" on Amazon

Just because we haven't done this in a while: All military veterans check in.

How many DU'ers have long time friends/family who are RW'ers?

The Honey you eat might be fake or even worse.

Jon Stewart's World of Class Warfare 8-18-11 *** a MUST SEE***

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

Simon Johnson: Is This A Second Great Depression – Or Could It Become Something Worse?

An observation of a Swiss businessman on hiring Americans

Stick it to FOX

When does someone in the media begin asking the GOP candidates if they believe in the rapture?

Florida Dem legislator wants funding for large charter school rally investigated.

Listen To A Preview Of Amy Winehouse’s Last Recorded Song

In the new Thundercats show tonight on Cartoon Network...

Santa Claus participate in the reindeer games during the off season,

! ! !



Been screwed too many times with "lifetime software updates"


Holding on to you..

I actually thought about this all/most day: "Enjoy" - enjoyment - I don't get it.

What birds are thinking when they check themselves out:


So earlier this week, went out and bought me a nice big sack o'grapefruit for the first time

You know you're forever alone when you're reading Forever Alone...

Something tells me the baristas at this particular establishment should probably switch to decaf.

Sabrina gets a cauldron of her own (Youtube)

I'm watching a pretty cool movie, Beyond the Pole.

It took me a while to figure out exactly what this was... but it was worth the work.

Haters gonna hate... ... ... ... ... and...

Censorship has ALWAYS sucked.

Soon... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... SOON.

Republicans vs Teapublicans - I could watch this all day

OK, who is the longhaired dude without a shirt who is so popular on wall of stickies?

If you're happy to see your bed at night... remember that it's not necessarily a one-way street.

To other staff of black kittehs:

I just published to the Kindle Store!

EVERY kid could use a guardian angel.

Food Fight...!!! Deen vs. Bourdain..!!


Why brush my teeth? Who here brushes them knowing they'll only have to brush them tomorrow?

Hubby just bought me Kindle...

I just had a window pop up on my puter that said, "Is this copy of

My bot thread was locked and I suspect a bot had a hand in it. The stuff you have to

Now showing on my dvr Woodstock, no I was not there.

Who's very wise looking baby is that up there? nt

Keith’s gonna sing a song for yer called ‘Appy…

Consider helping your kids with this art project next Father's Day...

6-year-old's resolution against litter

Subject: Remember, your dog sees the world a little differently than you do.

It's raining right now

Sir Douglas Quintet - Mendocino

my new great nephew

Though it's EXCELLENT, I'll save you the trouble of watching the new "Planet of the Apes" movie.

Alien invasion from Outer Space? ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Bring it on.

EUREKA!!! Since sex between 2 people is often referred to as a TWOsome and among 3 as a THREEsome...

In our ever-worsening economy, it just plain makes sense to get your baby heavily tattooed NOW.

Seems to me this invention is mostly just going to fling spaghetti sauce everywhere.

R.E.M. - Fall On Me

How Americans see the British... ... ... and vice versa.

What Happens If GrovelBot Becomes Self-Aware?

Two "Life Rules" that could save you a LOT of aggravation if you follow them:

Creepy online scrabble games.

Fawn born with deformities fitted with prosthetics

First week of Hep C treatment is complete. 23/47 to go.

Watching "Battle: Los Angeles."

OK - who is putting the Game of Thrones/Song of Ice & Fire stickies up top?

58 Actual Newspaper Headlines (collected by journalists)

Oh, ratfarts!


If you work in a kitchen, here is a neat little prank:

Does anybody have any funny videos for me?

I used to be agnostic/atheistic, but I have to confess that during my open-heart surgery...

In the aeroplane over the sea...

OK people I'm new here and I just donated because I like what I see.

Saturday, August 20th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Well, that sucks. I just lost my star.

Kitteh lovers--your HELP is needed!

Whoa! I just lost my star and I'm seeing things I never saw before! I'll deal with...

Haven't seen a picture thread in a 'em

Has anyone else watched "Roseanne's Nuts"?

Cats are Democrats, dogs are Republicans . . .

Seven ways Rick Perry wants to change the Constitution

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024

Japan Quake Is Causing Costly Shift to Fossil Fuels

Egypt To Withdraw Ambassador To Israel Over Ambush

'Syrian tanks enter Homs' after protests

GOP Presidential Candidates At Odds Even With Tea Party On EPA Hatred

U.S. Scrambling to Ease Shortage of Vital Medicine

Red Arrow crashes during Bournemouth Air Festival

England riots: pair jailed for four years for using Facebook to incite disorder

UAW head, 2 Detroit congressmen to rally against racial profiling today

Powerful earthquake jolts South Pacific near Vanuatu

Pentagon personnel chief investigated for 'tyrannical' leadership

(Orlando) Mayor drops charges in homeless-feeding arrests

Video Released Of Rioters Shooting At Police

Libya Asks U.N. to Probe NATO 'Abuses'

Super rich still making money in crisis

Gabrielle Giffords Now Knows Who Died In Tucson Shooting, Aide Says

Verizon Workers End Strike, Though Without New Contract

Syria raises tension with Turkey in new border move

Iran gives US men eight-year sentences for spying, entering the country illegally

Wisconsin loses 12,500 private-sector jobs in July

Anybody still awake?

Sign Now Marks Garage of Watergate's 'Deep Throat'

(Christopher Columbus) Colossal Statue in Puerto Rico Could Find New Home

NYPD officer accused of drunken street-grab rape

Iraq Militants Say Violence Is to Avenge Bin Laden

Heavy Gunfire Rocks Tripoli As Libyan Rebels Advance

Doctors wary of Perry’s stem cell treatment

Gov. Christie admits climate change is a real problem, that human activity plays a role

Rescuer of kidnapped girl comes forward as undocumented immigrant

Thunderstorm forces Pope to cut speech

Texas Tax System Heavily Burdens Poor Residents

Qaddafi’s Hold in Tripoli in Doubt as Rebels Advance

Cuba Rejects Continued Inclusion on US Terror List

Obama to Congress: Work together to aid jobless

For District Attorney, Political Fallout May Follow Decision on Strauss-Kahn

Immigrant woman seeks legal status after court victory (shackled while pregnant)

Melanoma treatment called revolutionary

Teen robbery suspect dies in shootout with retired police officer

In August 1983, with a 9.5% unemployment rate, Reagan went on a 25-day vacation on his ranch

Which presidential hopeful is best described by the term "Slack-jawed"?

As Bank Profits Soar, Gingrich Claims Dodd-Frank Is ‘Killing The Banking Industry Now’

Paul Ryan's office calls cops to disperse unemployed protestors

Taxes frenzy - just greed or something more substantive ?

This is where we are headed as a group if we do not start getting a grip on our outrage

FDA: Regulatory science plan positions agency to foster innovation through better science

Medicare says competitive pricing will save $28B

Protesters show up a Boehner's golf fundraiser: “Where’s Our Piece of the Pie? Jobs Now”

"Hope and optimism is on the Republican side this time"

Vermont delegation announces $1 million grant to Institute for Sustainable Communities

Cristine ODonnels book TROUBLE MAKER on sale $1.00 for 10 books after Piers show yoday

In July, four Senators asked the CFTC to use authority granted by Dodd-Frank to curb oil speculation

Huntsman blasts Parry's statements on evolution, global warming, and Bernanke

‘More harm than good’

The latest from

WEEKLY ADDRESS: Getting America Back to Work

Where is all the CPI buzz coming from??

Rank these job-creating strategies

If Phones Ring, Obama Is Here, With Cell Power

Damn Michelle!!!

Obama in the Valley - POTUS "must rise to this crisis in word, spirit and deed" (CHARLES M. BLOW)

Hat's off to the Obama Administration! This is beginning to look like Fierce Advocacy!

Understanding Obama's Personality

Obama's Vacation on Martha's Vineyard and The Mid-West Bus Trip (Photos)

GOP condemns Obama immigration breakthrough

So, I took Amtrak the other day to go visit my Dad. As I boarded the train to go

I'll get behind Obama if he does this one thing before the election

A reminder of how a progressive is supposed to think and behave.

TDPS: Is Orwell's "1984" Dystopia True Today, Piece by Piece?

Crazy Bachmann Vows $2 Gas If Elected

Van Jones Invites Ohio to the Stand Up for Ohio Festival to Rebuild the American Dream

Young Turks: Screw Medicare - Should Be A Family Responsibility (Senator)

China Whips Georgetown

Michelle Bachmann Admits to Legal Malpractice

Michelle Bachmann Admits to Legal Malpractice

Fullerton Police Arrest Wrong Man (Video)

Weekly Address: Putting Country Ahead of Party

Battle for Libya: Latest from Az Zawiyah and Zlitan (Al Jazeera English)

TYT: White Liberals Secret Deal w/ Black Leaders - Rep. Allen West

The Syrian ambassador on CNN

'True story' Fox News viewers vote 6 to 1 to weaponize against aliens not solve global warming 1:28

Robert Reich Explains the Credit Downgrade (funny)

Caught with Pot? You'll Lose Custody of Your Child.

Michael Steele admits: Fatcs don't matter.

Simon and Garfunkel - Music and Activism - 1969 TV Special Causes Controversy - WWW.JTMP.ORG

No News Blues, a musical critique of corporate media

Payday Lending- A 400% Interest Debt Trap

Is Capitalism doomed?

Bank of America ... To Rick Perry: "We Will Help You Out"

Forget Attack on Bernanke, Rick Perry Challenges Alexander Hamilton To A Duel

Son of Evangelical Royalty Turns His Back, and Tells the Tale.

loss of Japan's nuclear power => 317,000,000 ton increase in greenhouse gases

Friday Talking Points (178) -- Phony Vacation Outrage

Leaked Oil Trading Docs Underscore Role of Speculators in Oil Price Spikes; Trader Identities should

Christie's Delay in Signing N.J. Rape Kit Bill Inexcusable

Shoplifters of the World Unite - Slavoj Žižek on the meaning of the riots

Major Funder For Glenn Beck’s Israel Rally Linked To Anti-Semitic Group

Barack Obama's wars without end

Iran Says New Cruise Missiles To Be Unveiled By Next Week

After Fuller prosecuted Siegelman, Bush made him a judge. Karl back to thank Fuller w/ a fundraiser.

Medicare for all is Democrats' best option - Robert Reich

Jon Stewart Does Obama's Job for Him {w/ stewart video @ link}

90% of oil trades are by short term speculators - CFTC

How Koch Became An Oil Speculation Powerhouse - ThinkProgress

Flying? Increasingly for the Birds

Facebook Says 'Sorry' to Progressives - It's Not Enough

Weekend Economists Need Somebody August 19, 2011

"Our fears are unwarranted. America is in fact well-governed"

Asia's lonely hearts

Giant Okavango-Zambezi conservation zone launched in Africa

Dumb Animals Are Smarter Than Repuglycans

Mexico oil thieves may steal near $500 mln this year

Thoughts on carbon dioxide and the climate

The Wind-Energy Myth

Revenge of the Electric Car - Official Trailer