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Archives: August 22, 2011

Dallas preseason coming up

SpyEye hacker toolkit to lead to surge in cyberattacks

Radiation fears hit Fukushima on multiple fronts

Moohunt: Runaway cow captures German hearts

Moohunt: Runaway cow captures German hearts

Retweet, sexting enter Oxford English Dictionary

WSJ - "Romney vs. Romney " - Even The Right Wing Makes Fun Of Him

Evo Morales accuses US of inciting marchers

MSNBC is now live

I really want to see how Krauthammer spins the Libya stuff...

The Coming Dim Ages

But, but, but... Obama CAN'T have pulled off a regime change!

Gadhafi might be in his last fight tonight - Yippee!

Libyan rebels send 1000 soldiers by sea to attack Tripoli

"ICC confirms arrest of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi"

California Grocery Workers Reject Contract Deal

Let's review Newt's words about Libya.

Conspiracy theorists begin questioning the timing of Qaddafi's ouster in 3...2...1....

Goodbye, KA-dahi, KA-doofy, KA-a-hole, bye-BYE!11 A-hole, and may MoFo GOODHAIR follow!1 n/t

We called for vibes that there would be no bloodbath in Tripoli and it looks like

Here's a sad thought: Nothing about Libya is trending on Twitter in the U.S.,

Great success.... So when do we quit dumping money into it? (nt)

Really?!1 Andrea MICHELL?!1 Exactly WHY is this about RAYGUN, *REALLY* aNDREA mitchell?!1 n/t

Patent Reform

Looking Into Bachmann's Record as Tax Attorney,seldom entered a courtroom

C'mon who started the epic Game of Thrones stickies

March 11 quake even rattled upper atmosphere (Japan)

AJArabic live interview with Qaddafi (son) reportedly abruptly halted by gunfire

Live report from CNN/Green Square: They were told to get

OMG 8yr old kid gets stuck in chimney looking for food & water

Michelle Perry and Rick Bachmann make joint statement

Curiosity tonight

Curiosity tonight

I have said this before. It still seems the case tonight. Mrs. Greenspan sounds like a person in . .

The Daily Beast - "Libya Airstrikes: The Women Who Called for War"

Fox News - "US liberals complain about Obama" - Another Progressive Leaning Story On Fox!


Wow?! Really?! When I say "politician" "you" read "Obama"? Very telling. n/t

i bet perry and bachmann are on google maps right now looking up Libeeya

"its over, Frizzhead."

Credit victory for Reagan

Rick Perry mines Texas system to raise cash

Hot cow count in Fukushima rises to 12 (Japan)

tweet from R. Paine

I am so very tired of politicians in suits taking credit for successes obtained

China offers its largest single donation to UN food agency for famine-relief in Somalia

CNN Live report from Green Square: Reporter said they were told

How Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets Have (Not Yet) Changed my life.

Thank you Ronald Reagan!!!

Thanks for the star

If Bachmann says that the Soviet Union is on the rise...

Will someone please explain to me what DLC/Third Way/Republican Coalition BS is

Let's count up: OBAMA 2 (bin idiot; ka-DAFFY); Shrub NOTHING!1 n/t

MSNBC is a funny

NYT: Israel has one of the largest gaps between rich and poor in the industrialized world -

Michele Bachmann staffer was arrested for terrorism

Irene almost a hurricane

Developments in Libya MUST be big news...MSNBC has cut away from "Porttrait of a Serial Killer"

Taxpayers Stuck With Unsold Ferries in Default

CNN Tweet: Gadhafi forces advancing on Green Square?

Try to keep our party message straight in your head:

Rick Perry Clueless On Use Of Executive Presidential Powers To Kill Obamacare

Refute all day: more young people believe in UFOs than think they will collect their SS payments.

If Qaddafi goes

faux is showing a profile on dick cheney...keeping their viewers ignorant

Marcus Bachmann - Pageant Talkin' (video)

But Syrialessly, folks. How long can it be?

Who here thinks that the White House, and Hillary Clinton, waited until they

The enemy of my enemy is...

Kangaroo shot in head with arrow

Kangaroo shot in head with arrow

renamed from Green Square to Martyrs Square

De Jure and De Facto

Our FRiends are all worked up about the prospects of Democracy in Libya...

Bush couldn't get Bin Laden.. Obama did........ Reagan couldn't get Qaddafi.. Obama did.

Harvey Golub (former chair of AIG's board) says Warren Buffett is wrong...

Fox News - "House Liberal Says Obama’s Chances of Reelection ‘Very Tough’" - Progressive Fox News?

Can U.S. private contractors turn the tide in Mexico's violent drug war?

LGBT: Country singer Chely Wright married.

I'm watching Libya siege website LIVE

Deepwater Horizon leaking in Gulf again?

Japan wins 2011 Cal Ripken World Series

Is that Ted Neeley up there on the big board stickies????

Check in here if you think the donation bus

Firebag with Me

So, the developments in Libya are a GOOD thing...right?

McCain releases statement regarding Libya (with veiled criticism of Obama)

Australian soldier killed on patrol in Afghanistan

Britain: UK to release frozen Libyan assets

Taliban claims responsibility for Pakistan mosque bombing

Khamis anecdote.

Fox News - "Left Furious Over Obama Camp's 'Firebagger Liberal Blogosphere' E-mail" - Progressive?

Iran moves some centrifuges to underground site

Libyan state TV studio abandoned

Libya: Should Gaddafi face justice at home?

Supporters of the Libyan rebels celebrate in Washington...

From Grasping Reality With Both Hands: National Review mourns Gaddafi

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez slammed Western powers Sunday for "destroying Tripoli"

"New" Libya needs to look to Alaska

Prospect of New Core Euro Gains Traction


The in-depth Newspaper

Rendell made a good point on Morning Joe (sans Joe and Mika)

Juan Cole: Top Ten Myths about the Libya War

Visualizing What $1.2 Trillion In Secret Fed Bailouts To The Banking Kleptocracy Looks Like

"Romney Rejects Buffett’s Call To Tax The Rich, Falsely Claims It Would Hurt Small Businesses"

The poor do not need the rich, but the rich need the poor.

Toon: Where will the new jobs come from?

Doctors question Perry's stem cell back treatment

Outsourcing the News: How covert consolidation is destroying newsrooms and circumventing media owner

Federal Filing of the Day: Nebraska Man Says He Left Baylor With GPS Sewn in Armpit

Federal Filing of the Day: Nebraska Man Says He Left Baylor With GPS Sewn in Armpit

Taking the Justice Out of the Justice System

The "corndog" sticky reminded me people are calling the Bachman pic "sophomoric" (DIALUP WARNING)

Congress is boosting SS 4 Billion Dollars to kick people off

Congress is boosting SS 4 Billion Dollars to kick people off

Why the US Catholic Church Loves Irish Bank ...

How "What What (In the Butt)" unintentionally bolstered "fair use"

Cartoon for August 22nd, 2011: Got Customers?

Glenn Greenwald on the Growing Surveillance State

"The Course of Empire", a series of paintings by Thomas Cole.

At the risk of succumbing to Godwin's Law, I think of them as the "nach Perry uns" contingent.

Whoever did the cool blue light rotating stickie - I love it - and

Am I mistaken or is that a Dyson Sphere sticky I see?

NYC subway clerk cuts power to tracks to prevent suicide attempt in Manhattan station

The Republicans now know that a strategy like Fire Dog Lake's can diminish Democratic support.

Former Boehner Staffer finds the "Deeply Crazy" in Cuccinelli's Health Reform Lawsuit

Rick Perry accused of hypocrisy as he comes under fire for investment in America's largest pornograp

Interview with scientist who told evacuees that radiation doesn't effect happy and laughing people

Trial Lawyers PREP For WAR On PERRY

My brother, a Catholic priest says the conservatives have taken over the Church

My brother, a Catholic priest says the conservatives have taken over the Church

update: Libya

Colorado's Medical Pot Business Is For-Profit, Regulated - and Thriving

Large Zone Near Japanese Reactors to Be Off Limits

Anyone else miss this vaccine story in 2009 ... ? Texas governor orders STD vaccine for all girls

Thanks for the Porking sign, fellow Du-er. That's going into my collection filed under ChurchCoC. nt

Nuke disaster rekindles U.S. interest in fallout shelters

The Repub Twofer: Screw The President & The Middle Class At The Same Time

Congress is boosting SS 4 Billion Dollars to kick people off

Congress is boosting SS 4 Billion Dollars to kick people off

To the ramparts? Not if any longer, but when

Rick Perry's Texas is Open for Sale! ...Err, Business!

everyone else but me...

"That is unusual: investors owning grain silos."

"Optics" are for camera lenses and telescopes, dammit!

Bundesbank: "Mein Entschluss: Anschluss-Plus" - Germany Reveals The European Annexation Blueprints

Gaddafi Found Running for Republican Nomination

Gaddafi Found Running for Republican Nomination

South Dakota schools cut costs with 4-day week

Funding cuts could hamper forecasting, meteorologists and federal officials say

Donald Trump Warns Libyan Rebels Will Be ‘Richer’ Than Americans If We Don’t Steal Their Oil

Until I can donate, I will start clicking on some of the ads

The war to starve, privatize and digitize public education and destroy teachers' unions rages on.

Bailing Out the People Made Impossible vs. Bailing Out Mega Corporations

Bailing Out the Parasites. Bloomberg has a story this morning

How does Fox twist this to their favor? first Osama, now Gawdaffi

Tar Sands Pipeline: 740K Acres Boreal Forest to Be Destroyed & Massive Rise in Greenhouse Emission

Why is it so hard to have an honest discussion about religion?

Remember the "blame America first" crowd? - Say hello to the "thank America last" crowd.

Remember the "blame America first" crowd? - Say hello to the "thank America last" crowd.

Hans Litten: The man who annoyed Adolf Hitler

Had to share this awesome bumper sticker with y'all!

Guess Where Coca-Cola Is Investing $4 Billion

The Obama bashers are truly delusional today

Burbank businessman arrested over feeding of birds near airport

Rick Perry vs. The Trial Lawyers

English DUers

English DUers

Koch Responds To Buffet: ‘My Business And Non-Profit Investments Are Much More Beneficial To Society

Ok Ok we all know the list of LEFT WING dicators

See Rick Perry's Amazing Ability To Ignore Facts

Oh Shit.....right on top of my house

CNN International is amazing television.

Maddow's political forecast

HR 2819 ~ Any idea what's going on with this one?

One in Four California Families Can't Afford Food for Their Kids

Wisconsin’s photo ID law for voters facing lawsuit

Wisconsin’s photo ID law for voters facing lawsuit

Children Shot Amid Sniper Attack in Libya

Fall of Libya in pictures (Atlantic photo-essay)

Hospital notified 70+ women: Equipment was not sterilized

Good Summary of Rick Perry's flip flops

One Billion Vehicles Now Cruise The Planet

Of course, t doesn't count unless there are Americans killed...

Help needed: what is the best way to spell ol' Muammar's name?

Elite Group of 9/11 Responders still battling "World Trade Center Cough".

The fighting in Tripoli isn't even over yet.

"The longer the picket line-the shorter the strike"

Maxine Waters tells the Tea Party to "go straight to hell."

Bottle Axelrod and Pass Him Around to All Dems!

Hehe...the shot of Martha's Vineyard MSNBC is using is of Gay Head...a nude beach.

Very good short film from Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire.

Rephrasing- Payroll Tax Holiday Is One Of Few Stimulus Means Left To Obama

Bummer... if you have reservations at the Sheraton in Tripoli, I suggest you call ahead

Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal

Philadelphia School Superintendent Ackerman is OUT, effective today.

Banksters want immunity from state foreclosure-related claims

Will Republicans start praising Obama for his successful Libyan strategy? This means you, McCain.

A celebration of Reagan, with pigskin

President Obama Tell's Republicans To give up Power.....

Can Labor Confront Obama Over Jobs?

Jennifer McKendrick, Pennsylvania Photographer, Refuses To Photograph Teen Bullies

Has anyone else heard this argument about GPAs and taxes?

Joseph Farah takes a break from looking for Obama's REAL birth certificate to do something else

The oil in Libya is now is now controlled by Rebels..does the price go down?

Do you ever feel, like, totally embarrassed for your state?

Obama doesn't expect another recession

Obama says Gaddafi rule collapsing in Libya

Oh noes, you can't tax the rich, you'll hurt small businesses say the Pukes

Corporations keep overseas job figures a closely-guarded secret

End of an era --- Death of a fashion icon (Lots of pictures)

Trump on Libya: ‘Why won’t we take over the oil?’

You gotta keep 'em separated.....

Notes on the social crisis in America

Was there really a "I hope Perry wins" thread in here?

Bozell: "Conservatives do themselves no favors by defending" Christine O'Donnell

Rest of year could see more infected PCs

Truman convenes special session of Congress July 26, 1948

Obama/Huntsman 2012?

Reagan added $2 Trillion in early compounded debt--200% increase--& hid another 70% increase in SS


If corporations are people ...

Hey Hollywood

FBI Uncovers Largest Credit Card Scam In History After Raiding Visa Headquarters

Rick Perry loses his pants

Quinn Signs ‘Rebecca’s Law’ Stiffening Penalties For Torturers

Wall Street execs turn back on Obama, donate to Romney --

Koch On The Defensive, Buying Anti-Koch URLs

Koch On The Defensive, Buying Anti-Koch URLs

Surprise: Kucinich appears in Seattle to rally marijuana activists

Teacher sued for disparaging creationism cleared on appeal

Beware of Rick Perry, the French cuff cowboy (Al Jazeera: "He's A Fraud")

Under the anti-terrorist federal overhaul and the creation of the DHS, there is a mandate to "bring

Great T shirt I just found

Great T shirt I just found

Violence at California sporting events

Is there anything that President Obama can do with spending at his disposal to spur jobs

Ferry runs aground while captain stuck in toilet

Contract for the American Dream

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein getting all lawyered up?

Richard Branson vows to 'rebuild' Caribbean home

Party Loyalty-why it's fading fast.

Party Loyalty-why it's fading fast.

Toon Mission Accomplished- No Really!

When I see people shooting guns in the air for

When I see people shooting guns in the air for

Toon: Seen in the Unemployment Line...

AFL-CIO seeks to boost clout with super PAC

Missouri teacher sues state over ‘Facebook law,’ says she can’t contact her own child online

The Two Bums

Dozens of Obama 2008 Wall Street donors now support Romney

Ridiculous FBI list: You might be a domestic terrorist if . . .

Derf toon: I'm pissed off!

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Secret Fed Loans

There's so much to do "out there" in America, but ... it's not the same as what we've been doing

Haredball With Ron Reagan From Seattle Tonight...

Ohio passes up $176 million in federal unemployment funds

Ohio passes up $176 million in federal unemployment funds

moveon or labor should run this ad in the NYT

Republican Corporate Chairman On Whether Tax Cuts For The Rich Create Jobs: ‘That’s So Baloney’

Isn't What We're Going Through The Inevitable Result of Off Shoring Our Jobs Base?

Finally, an honest headline: Colleges charge big tuition because they can

Pharisee be thy name? Rick Perry autographed a Bible.

Satan is running the show

Small Is Beautiful.

When this President goes on vacation

Tough job market (cartoon)

I Need Help for my Dauthers Medical Questions

Does anyone anywhere in the world really believe that George W. Bush

India elephant polo match canceled amid protest

Crowing about victory in Libya is premature- aside from being slightly icky

Authorities urge Filipinos to stop hoarding coins

Murdoch Update: PI Ordered To Spill Guts

Eastern Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina better watch out

mitt romney's new 12 million dollar mansion with pictures.

Major Funder For Glenn Beck’s Israel Rally Linked To Anti-Semitic Group

Money Can't Buy You Health Care

Why Libya's Sanctions Were Lifted

Why Libya's Sanctions Were Lifted

NATO Tries to Control Libyan Revolution

NATO Tries to Control Libyan Revolution

Does anyone know anything about the antisec movement?

Lagerfield believes in kids for women but not men, and no ugly daughters

What's Koch Been Snorting?

NJ Republican lawmaker quit over wife’s email to Carl Lewis campaign about ‘having dark skin’

FYI - Melissa Harris-Perry in for Lawrence tonight

How politics work inside a true Big Tent party.

How politics work inside a true Big Tent party.

If I were in Nassau

The definition of insanity


Japanese News Update

Wait a minute - Bachmann and Perry were both in South Carolina

"chants are being heard from the mosques across the city 'God is great!' and 'We're free!'

Watching ET surprised REAL stars showed up for FAUX star wedding n/t

Fukushima disaster: residents may never return to radiation-hit homes

Gaddafi Found Running for Republican Nomination

What would Palin do?

Pimco's Bill Gross says the true bond vigilantes are the Chinese and the Fed

So.... Qaddafi has been ousted .... without a single US casualty

Gallup: If election where today President beats RW Governor

Extreme Cognitive Dissonance on Fox

GOP redistricting plan would tighten grip on GA congressional delegation

Paul Ryan will NOT run for president.

George Bush steals the spotlight from the families of 911.

If you are a New York resident, please consider calling Eric Shneiderman's office.

Prosecutors: Pregnant teen begged for her life before gunman shot her

Obama's Speech to America on Deposing of Libyan Dictator/ You Tube...and Transcript

Christian activist wants gay bars closed

Apparrently DU accepts donations from Bokononists

Free online lectures. I'm really enjoying the Civil War one from Yale

Well, I see Glenn Beck is criticizing the U.S. government WHILE ON FOREIGN SOIL!!!!

GOP: Not all tax hikes are evil

It's coming on winter, and there's no doubt in my mind that people will die because of cuts

Ron Reagan doing a good job in Chris's spot today.

What is the White House thinking about the economy?

US funding in Lybia.

How Sad Moms Change a Child’s Brain

USA becomes Food Stamp Nation but is it sustainable?

a curious media would seek out the ex-president's take on the gaddafi shakeup

"FANTASTIC 4" -- Libya PIC

Love this picture

Libyan Revolution Week 27 part 3

if bin laden & gaddafi went down during bu$h* adm, the media would have declared him king

Do you think the United States was justified in supporting regime change in Libya?

How did Western Kentucky University accept this birther rant as a master's thesis?

Texas Governor Rick Perry is the latest 'idiot cowboy' to make a bid for the White House

Gallup: Romney leads Obama by 2, Obama ties Perry & edges Paul & Bachmann by 2 & 4 points

Can The Pan Am Bomber Be Returned To Prison To Serve Out His Sentence?


Consumer Debt Forgiveness May Be Needed | CNBC

WOW. This is the most concise, clear explanation I've ever read...

Ron Reagan filling in for Chris Matthews on Hardball

Our priorities in this country are double plus fucked.

3 million new, albeit temporary, jobs

Beheadings in Mexico: Where is the Catholic Church?

Jon Voigt has totally lost it.

S.C. preacher charged with kidnapping & raping 3 women, 2 of them in a trailer BEHIND THE CHURCH.

Too much?

In case you missed it the prosecutor dropped the

Canadian NDP Leader Jack Layton dead of cancer, age 61

Walker Reaches For Trust Funds

"Republican sockpuppet war threatens American democracy"

Geezernomics 101

In-N-Out Is Suing Copycat Grab-N-Go in Aberdeen, MD

THANK YOU!!! joshcryer, pinboy3niner, Iterate, tabatha, al bupp, Turborama (LBN),

Rick Perry: Illegal Immigrants Who Serve In The Military Deserve Citzenship

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not

Question for those who oppose the use of force against Gaddafi's regime

Great FB status , Oh Yeah!

Great FB status , Oh Yeah!

Boomers May Stall Stocks for Decades: Fed Paper

160 MB Internet costs $30/mo in Japan. Cox is 5 MB for $45

160 MB Internet costs $30/mo in Japan. Cox is 5 MB for $45

Study Reveals Cultural Characteristics of the Tea Party Movement

America's most prominent prostitute got knocked out of the news this afternoon.

Myrtle Beach to Wilmington, looks like you're on the hot seat right now.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial -- Anyone remember him looking like THIS...?????

Tell me your best book recommendations to understand the current economic crisis:

Pointless speculation! - by Tom Tomorrow

Coulson got hundreds of thousands of pounds from Murdoch while working for Tories

Fire damages Kansas house where 'In Cold Blood' killings occurred

try to imagine..President Obama dons a flight suit and lands on uss abraham lincoln in a fighter jet

Breaking:House won't accept Gaddafi surrender without cuts to Medicare and Social Security,

Schools in my home town no longer provide toilet paper

$53B investment in 4G = $151B additional GDP = 771K jobs

Ron Reagan is really really good

Mr Fish toon: Sold Out

Obama to join unions' Labor Day festivities in Detroit

The Scramble for Access to Libya’s Oil Wealth Begins

Disabled Does Not Equal Dead

162 Tar Sands Pipeline Protesters Have Now Been Arrested Outside White House

IBM Salutes Apple by Declaring the PC Era Over

I don't intrude on other people's holidays. My family wasn't here in 1776

Shouldn't Hilary Clinton be recieving accolades for pressing Obama

Henry Ford was a Warren Buffet Socialist

Henry Ford was a Warren Buffet Socialist

So commies killed 100 million people in the course of the

Spitzer sued for libel

Detroit sports radio station changing to RW/crazy talk format

Fed secretly loaned $1.2 trillion in public money to Wall St. firms: report

Republicans: Forget Jobs-Lets Focus On "Embarrassing The President"

Happy 91st birthday, Ray Bradbury!

A letter to Canadians, from Jack Layton -- his last paragraph struck me to the core -- progressives,

Kate Winslet escaped a fire at Branson's island off Puerto Rico

Feds Encourage State Attorney General Malfeasance - FDL

Tensions rise as Latinos feel under siege in America's deep south

Anger at Obama: The Race to Succeed Anthony Weiner

I'd Say Ms Rhee Is In Considerable Difficulty. Read today's NYT:

Will your hair stand on end? Mine did after reading Michael Hudson's articles on the coming serfdom

Tea Party projection/hatred lashes out at children's book author Jane Yolen

To everyone declaring mission accomplished in Libya, remember this?

Bully f*cking pulpit

To Obama's most loyal supporters - How do WE win in 2012?

Shouldn't we be drug testing all of these welfare recipients?

Some Questions About Libya

Bill Clinton goes vegan

What State do you feel is the best in the USA?

In LD8, Delany derailed by wife's email to Lewis (THIS is good)

Need I Say More About Stopping Obama's Job Killing Trade Agreements? Not Really, Obama Already Has..

Need I Say More About Stopping Obama's Job Killing Trade Agreements? Not Really, Obama Already Has..

Notice how upset people here get when

RIP Joe, Vietnam Veteran USMC, August 22, 1949 - July 1, 1992

How to Liberate America from Wall Street Rule (by David Korten, Yes! Magazine)

Cornered Gaddafi defiant to the last

FCC officially kills Fairness Doctrine, wiping it from rules

FACEBOOK USERS! Please help us get this ugly racist page removed!

FACEBOOK USERS! Please help us get this ugly racist page removed!

My daughter has this poster in her room.

Libya-- Obama's success despite Bush, Cheney and The GOP.

Time to see what slashing school budgets is doing to real people in Texas.

The only reason Medicare is "in trouble" is that our whole health care system is FUBAR.

De-friended an old high school buddy last night.

Help End Dogfighting!

"Removing Qaddafi from power would be a significant political victory for President Obama...

Draft of Libyan Constitution: Our Worst Nightmare?

Tar Sands 2-week sit-in: The Establishment is afraid of growing popular revolt against Big Oil&Gas

Doesn't Obama deserve a modicum of praise for the "Arab Spring"?

A friend posted this on facebook. Pretty cool.

OK, that's it.

Kitty Milk Hangover (kind of a DIAL-UP WARNING)

XKCD: Oversight

Sookie says, "Run!"

I could hear the sound of plastic being scrunched last night as I was going to sleep.

Game of Thrones casting - Catelyn Stark

What type of employee are you? I'm a team player. I try to do the right thing.

Hardcore kids vs. Pentecostals

Leverage fans, who would you like to be in the group.

Someone gave me a star.

posted just for the hell of it...

The GazettE (Japanese Rock, Visuel Kei)

Do y'all know that there are Stephen King audio books on Youtube.

Do y'all know that there are Stephen King audio books on Youtube.

Alice Nine (Jrock and Visuel Kei)

Need laundry advice from the sage DU lounge lizards! Help!

How many of you noticed the chocolate?

A breed of barcodes? reply with your own caption

Bring out your dead

Sneaky Hate Spirals :-D

Is Michelle Bachmann giving head in that sticky

How do you post a picture for a sticky?

ice cavern

Praise the Lard

Thank you to my star doner

I've Got Squirrels in My House! Looking For Some Advice!

I dreamed I was in a small city way up in Canada. I thought it was

The day that MFM stopped taking out the garbage....

Why is Sex Fun? (Discovery Channel)

Air New Zealand staff have nothing to hide

I've Got Bats in My Belfry! Looking For Some Advice!

Taking the "Public" Restroom concept too far......

The Secrets of Kali's Bathroom (but you knew EXACTLY what it looked like, didn't you?)

I'm a squirrel and I've got a human in my house! Looking for some advice!

New word added to the Dictionary: Mankini...

madinmaryland's own personal hell now defined

Jesus Saves...

Wow. GD is really brutal tonight. Hold me!!!!

It's official! Redwitch has bats in her belfrey

Does "Ha so" mean anything in any language? Seems like you used to hear it often in movies/TV. nt

Harlequin Romance 2011 Version

Anyone else ever put a fried egg on a burger?

Dirty secrets your pets don't want you to know...

Niji - Aqua Timez

ONE MORE REASON... as if they NEEDED one... for DU's Brussel Sprout Haters© to hate Brussel Sprouts

When did I lose the ability to remember titles of books and movies?

Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?

Ten cheapest celebrity tippers.

Icelandic Wildflower...

Caption Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Cake

PHOTO: Given the cost of seeing a licensed, accredited therapist, this seems like a BARGAIN to me...

PHOTO: Thank GOD they took the time to warn us...

Aiko - Kisshug

Remioromen-9th_March 3/9

"Nine inch boner" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "nine inch boner".

What is your favourite flour. Post one here. I love whole wheat flour because

Did any of you get in on the Touchpad frenzy?

What is your favourite flower. Post one here. I love snapdragons because

Swine Only. Post a Pic of a Pig.

for you lovers of all things Paris

The fucking IMMORTAL MiddleFingerMom has finally finished compiling his bucket list.

Advice on moving (to Tooele, UT) & living alone for the first time?

How The Olive Garden sign should actually read?

DU shows up in the strangest places

Why do people keep measuring a baby's ae in months after one year these days?

I work with a man who prints EVERY GODDAMN THING he comes across

Calling around to local vets to have our Manx neutered

Well, it looks like we may lose the big old oak tree in our yard.

PHOTO: After MiddleFingerMom's last camping trip. the locals were FORCED to rename the campgrounds.

I put my nine inch boner to good use last night.

Help me find something funny/cute to cheer up my friend. Cats? Unicorns?

I am fixing fried okra for dinner, fresh from the garden.

True Blood Recap: Just 3 more after this week. Many Spoilers inside

Read something really profound about alcoholics and relationships that floored me

BBC Radio program I participated in is airing tomorrow

What do you think of people getting married after dating for 3 months?

First hurricane of the season to stroll up the Florida coast and smack SC/NC

August 22, 1941...A Day That Will Live in Infamy. Happy Birthday to me!

If I gave you a magic wand & you could make one vegetable disappear forever which one would you pick

Could use some DU vibes, please...meeting tomorrow with potential new client (Mexican Restaurant)

I was just watching a show on TLC and damn Dolly Parton has had a really bad plasitc surgery.

Rental car insurance question.

The most interesting cat in the world...

War crimes court wants Saif Gadhafi, prosecutor says

I will eat your children. And your children's children. And your children's children's children, etc

New data spill shows risk of online health records

**unconfirmed**Picture of Gadaffi Killed, circulating web.WARNING GRAPHIC

'Egyptian hackers target PM, Israel Radio websites'

Libya: RAF strikes around Tripoli intensify as Col Gaddafi loses grip on power In the last 48 hours

Congress is boosting SS 4 Billion Dollars to kick people off

Scrutiny of Bain Capital and of Romney as CEO intensifies

Chavez's supporters shave heads in solidarity

NATO combat air patrols over Libya to continue

Obama Statement on Libya

PHOTOS: Libyans Applaud President Obama And International Allies With Large Thank You Sign

EEOC says 3M agrees to pay $3 million to settle age discrimination complaint

UPDATE 3-ENI leads Libya oil race, rebels warn Russia,China

Putin ally Valentina Matviyenko set to be Russia's No 3

US vice president visits coal-rich Mongolia

CMU (Central Michigan University) faculty goes on strike

U.S. aid implicated in abuses of power in Colombia

7th person near death after Indiana State Fair stage collapse

Gaddafi forces in Tripoli counter offensive

Call for Libya's al-Megrahi to be reimprisoned in UK

Dozens of Obama 2008 Wall Street donors now support Romney

Two servicemen charged for poor preparation of Smolensk flight

Spitzer sued for libel

Congressional rookies pose threat to farm programs, U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow tells farmers

Corporations pushing for job-creation tax breaks shield U.S.-vs.-abroad hiring data

Live blog: One of captured Gadhafi sons has escaped, official says

It is high time to describe the Obama Administration by its proper name: corrupt.

Fire damages Kansas house where 'In Cold Blood' killings occurred

No 2020 Olympic Bid For US

$500,000 awarded in wrongful death lawsuit of Marvin Schur, elderly man who froze to death in Bay Ci

Prosecutors Recommend Sexual Assault Charges Against Strauss-Kahn Be Dropped

Judge awards $1 million in Brett Elder wrongful death suit against Bay City, police

Wisconsin's photo ID law for voters to face lawsuit

Jack Layton dies at 61

Large Zone Near Japanese Reactors to Be Off Limits (Declared Uninhabitable, Possibly Decades)

Gaddafi's son Mohammed flees house arrest-Jazeera

Dominique Strauss-Kahn set for return to French politics

Flood-weary area (Omaha, Council Bluffs) swamped again

Libyans Applaud President Obama And International Allies With Large Thank You Sign

Number Of Homeowners At Risk Of Foreclosure Rose In 2Nd Quarter, Likely To Increase Further

Riots: Metropolitan police planned to hold all suspects in custody

Poll: Half of Russians regret the 1991 August Coup

(MI Gov. Rick) Snyder asks Senate to preserve federal heating assistance

Former Editor Says Murdoch Personally Gave Order to Have Someone Tailed

GOP may OK tax increase that Obama hopes to block

Former WikiLeaks Associate (Claims to Have) Destroyed Potentially Explosive Documents

Obama to join unions' Labor Day festivities in Detroit

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2T in Loans

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, August 22, 2011

Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal

Exclusive: Goldman CEO hires high-profile defense attorney

FOIA shows Bush admin. spied on

Venezuela's Chavez condemns US role in Libya

Housekeeper’s Lawyer Says He Will Seek a Special Prosecutor (for Dominique Strauss-Kahn)

Creationists' recurrent nightmare:

Despite his weaknesses and limitations following his open-heart surgery...

King memorial opens to the public today

Hurricane Irene intensifies, on track to become Category 3 storm

Statement from President Obama on Libya

Bachmann hires gay hating, gun toting, convicted terrorist


Clinton Aide In Cairo In Attempt To Defuse Israel-Egypt Tensions

"the French cuff cowboy "

"I have a dream today"

Fantastic 4 (picture)

Donald Trump Wants To Take Libya's Oil

Poll: Stabenow Leads Hoekstra, Michigan On Wrong Track

Michigan Voters Remain Disenchanted With Governor

"Conservatives, Nostalgia, and Racism"

GOP challenge on Libya: Cheer or not to cheer?

Obama to make statement on Libya at 2pm ET.

Serious Question

GOP challenge on Libya: Cheer or not to cheer? (Politico)

"Why Ron Paul is good for America"?

I'm Really Confused. Can someone please explain???

Obama just helped the image of the US quite a bit

Obama takes his case right to the American people

Politico's Ben Smith on Libya: How 'leading from behind' can work

Obama losing Wall Street donors to Romney

Cool Obama's Speech about Libya...Listen and Transcript

TOON: Obama's 2012 campaign strategy: octangulation!

A Twenty Five Percent Tariff On Chinese Goods

Just One Week Into His Campaign, Rick Perry Disavows His Nine-Month-Old Book

Libyan People Thank Obama ! (While Qaddafi Thanks the GOP)

Tracking the Fed's $1.2 trillion Wall Street bailout

Attorney General of N.Y. Is Said to Face Pressure on Bank Foreclosure Deal

Bill Clinton got a statue for saving Kosovo, will Obama...

Mc Cain and Lindsey Graham have no shame

This President is pure magic on remote!

Gaddafi Found!!!... --- running for Republican nomination for President!

Ezra Klein: What could Obama have done?

Foreclosure Talks Snag on Bank Liability

Perry-Gate: The File (categories of potential misdeeds and hotlinks)

According to latest Gallup poll all major GOP candidates competitive with Obama.

Barack Obama: Foreign Policy Ninja Master

"Despite weak economy, history professor's system predicts Obama 'very strong' for reelection"

Obama Administration Pressuring NY AG To Accept Bank Settlement Instead Of Prosecuting

Will Clarence and Virginia Thomas succeed in killing Obama’s health-care plan? - Jeffrey Toobin

James G. Rickards talks to James Turk (macroeconomics and geo-politics)

Gaddafi son in Libyan rebel custody

Libyan presenter waves gun and vows to defend station

Libyans celebrating outside the White House

Tar Sands Action: Come Join Us!

Maxine Waters: Tea Party Can Go Straight To HELL

Making Money Out of Market Crash

Thom Hartmann: Americans, Progressives & Tea Baggers say Go Big on Jobs!

Demonstration and clashes in Hamburg

Forum: Introduction to Socialism and Democracy - Part 1

Forum: Introduction to Socialism and Democracy - Part 2

Forum: Introduction to Socialism and Democracy - Part 3

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Jeff Shesol on Supreme Power, Pt 1

Thom Hartmann: Conversations with Great Minds - Jeff Shesol on Supreme Power, Pt 2

Protester Urges Ryan Sit-in to go national

Debt Debate, Social Security and Medicare Q&A Part 1

Papantonio: ALEC Using Your Taxes To Kill Government

Young Turks: Life Sentence For Marijuana? (No Parole)

Independent journalist in Libya feels threatened by CNN "journalist"

Toy Story on "Texas Miracle"

Hugo Chavez: Crash JP Morgan - Gimme Gold!

Young Turks: Dominionism - Bachmann, Perry Share Radical Religion Ties

Trump Warns Libyan Rebels Will Be ‘Richer’ Than Americans If We Don’t Steal Their Oil

Rick Perry And The Bank Of America Connection

Sam Seder: The Decline of American Journalism

Dennis Kucinich At HEMPFEST 2011

After UN envoy left Homs , kid sniped in the head (Graphic , but not overly)

Tank (?) randomly shelling cars (apparently as revenge for protesters showing up for UN envoy )

AP Raw Video: Rebels Seizing Control in Tripoli

Matt Taibbi On The SEC Covering Up Wall Street Crimes

Alex Crawford of Sky News as rebels enter heart of Tripoli

Threat of Democracy: 'West wants new Libya to pay back'

Fmr Treasury Official Bruce Bartlett - "Rick Perry is an idiot"

Jack Layton Letter to Canadians

Al Sharpton Confronts A Rick Perry Apologist With Facts About Texas

More Than 70 Arrested At White House Tar Sands Protest

This Trade Agreement Gives The Greedy Bastards Leverage So It's Never Taken Away! - Dylan Ratigan

TYT: Senator: Obama Creating Government Dependence

Why The Economy Sucks - An Incomplete Explanation

Escobar: Libya is Iraq 2.0

More Indian students seek admission in US

Jake Colvin writes home

President Obama: Go big, long and global

The PhD standard

3 Questions for Justice Alito About Native American Concerns

How California Law Shields Violent Police Officers

US Tortures Pregnant Immigrant with Nazi Concentration Camp Procedure – Obama Covers it Up

Time for the jobless to march on Washington

5 Reasons Capitalism Has Failed

Top Ten Myths About the Libya War

'Monetizing' Electoral Politics: TV Networks Are Out to Sell, Not Tell

Para-Business Gone Bananas: Chiquita Brands in Columbia

As GOPers talk about making taxes even more regressive ( create, seriously)

Oracle of Omaha educates elephants: Warren Buffett wants to pay more in taxes

Learned Helplessness and the Imperial Mind

10 Faux Progressive Companies ... With Some Dirty Secrets

Counting the cost of the 9/11 wars

Counting the cost of the 9/11 wars

What’s the Big Idea? I want your best ideas for growing the economy.

Spend Now, Save Later, Bond Fund Leaders Say

Jake learns about spins, stalls, and landing

The Big Gaddafi by Pepe Escobar

Drop in Church Attendance Bad News for Tea Party Faithful

A major win for Obama's Libya policy

Jake flies solo

The Kids Are Not All Right

When you hear M$M talk about an disfunctional Congress, consider the GOP's endless filibustering

GOP Decries Class Warfare on the Tragically Rich

Dreaming the Digital Future

It is high time to describe the Obama Administration by its proper name: corrupt.

Drumbeat from the weekend and today...

Lithium batteries with silicon anodes could hold twice as much energy

Nuclear protesters celebrate 35 years of activism with Seabrook march

Keystone/Tar Sands Pipeline: 740,000 Acres of Canada's Boreal Forest At Stake

Radical overhaul of farming could be 'game-changer' for global food security

Newly Discovered Icelandic Current Could Change North Atlantic Climate Picture

Ancient clams yield new information about greenhouse effect on climate

Humans May Be to Blame for Shark Attacks

Environmental Benefits of Using Wind Generation to Power Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Deepwater Horizon Rig Owner Trying To Blame Victims For Gulf Oil Disaster?

Rising from meter-reader to CEO, Xcel's Dick Kelly has sound perspective on environment

Here's a new one - "Windfarms prevent detection of secret nuclear weapon tests, says MoD"

US photovoltaic installations forecast to soar 166% in 2011

More Disaster in Solar Sector

(We need to start) Breeding Ozone-Tolerant Crops

Lulz from Neven: How thick is your ice?

Man-Made Mountain Closer to Reality in Netherlands

Can Old Coal Plants Be Replaced With Energy Efficiency?

Energy storage: Batteries, capacitors, and now "surface-mediated cells"

Nano bundles pack a powerful punch—Solid-state energy storage takes a leap forward at Rice Univers…

Polarstern reaches North Pole

A day without Glory—A critical climate mission a decade in the making fails catastrophically

Chinese plan to use solar to save the world in 2036

Rotterdam to Expand Port Terminals as More Coal Flows to Europe