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Goldman CEO hires attorney well-versed in defending corporate crooks

Dupe--please delete

FLASHBACK: Facing 9.5 % Unemployment, Reagan Set Off On 25-Day Summer Vacation

Former White House spokesman Bill Burton Rips Karl Rove's Lecture on 'Good Governance'

MLK's "I Have A Dream" Speech First Given In Detroit on 6/23/63

Medical records of 300,000 Californian's sat unsecured on internet

Boeing Forced to Turn Over Docs in NLRB Case

WTF?? It looks like Ohio will miss out on $176 million in federal stimulus money it would have recei

Surfing Dog, Ricochet, Helps Disabled Surf

Jerry Leiber, lyricist of Elvis Presley's Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock has died.

Philadelphia extends youth curfew after flash mobs

They're EVIL BANKERS, not banksters

Lawmaker Quits After Wife Sent Racist Email

Democrat, Republican: Good Cop, Bad Cop

All your holidays are belong to us!

NJ GOP lawmaker's wife sends racist email to Carl Lewis

Words to live by

American sports organization can learn a lot about security from Barcelona.

'Partners' (Clarence & Virginia Thomas v. Obama's Health Care Plan) - Jeffrey Toobin/NewYorker

police investigate mysterious shooting that left man wounded in buttocks

The end of tyranny: "it’s pretty close to being the end of tyranny..."

Eric "No, You-" Cantor's wife is a Bankster!

Am I the only one who is conflicted

Songwriter Nick Ashford Dies; Had Throat Cancer "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Songwriter Nick Ashford Dies; Had Throat Cancer "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

Bill Mckibben on Al Jazeera tonight

So what did the big "I's" steal from the little "you's" today?

Give props where props are due. Osama is dead and Gaddafi is now gone, thanks to President Obama..

Scarah Palin makes brief appearance on Libyan State TV (video)

OK DUers - if Hurricane Irene (as I am reading on several weather

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & a new Kitty gif

Wall Street Fear: What does it all mean? It means we're on the brink of another financial crisis.

You know who I wanna punch in the face lately?

Heads up! Tomorrow is Ride the Wind Day.

Stabenow Leads Hoekstra by Nine

Bill Clinton's Best Friend Terry "McAuliffe Doubts Clinton Will Run in 2016"

Bill Gates, have I got a deal for you!

Perry wants to change the consitution...

Are you better off now than you were two years ago?

Looks like the fat lady hasn't sung yet in Libya.

Looks like the fat lady hasn't sung yet in Libya.

WHEN is CONgress going to CUT SPENDING FOR ALL WARS (INCLUDING THE DRUG 1) if they TRULY want to fix

Rick Perry doesn't believe what's in his book like Scott Walker planned to negotiate w/unions |video

So now what?

Paul Ryan Tries To Create Tax Loopholes For His Biggest Donors

Movie "review" of The Help by a freeper.

Almost 5,200 kids fall from windows in U.S. annually

Michelle Rhee Refuses to Talk...

Al-Jazeera: Turkish Foreign Minister in Bengazi

Alert Carolina: S.C. landfall possible for Irene

Alert Carolina: S.C. landfall possible for Irene

Texas is dying from heat & drought while rick perry DENIES GlobalWarming.

Mother Jones: The Oil Rush is Back on in Libya

Toon: Memorials past present and future

Anti-Immigrant Hate Group: Violence Needed To Stop Obama's War On White America

New word: Denialist

Boner's Congress has full benefits, all, and looking forward to 17 months of the D/A horserace

UBS to Eliminate 3,500 Jobs

My wife just brought me a big plate of soybeans in the pod

Death toll rises to seven after Indiana stage collapse

Mother Jones: The Informants, FBI counter terrorism unit

Paul B. Farrell: A ‘no-growth’ boom will follow 2012 global crash

Cat 3 in the Carolinas Sat. AM, probably. Rated maybe a 4.

George Monbiot: As the dream of economic growth dies, a new plan awaits testing

Hate Crime: 19-Year Old Kicked, Beaten To Death As Anti-Gay Slurs Hurled

Apple's cool is no liberal triumph

Rereading "Pillars of the Earth" and "World Without End."

Should we criticize politicians?

Poor Michael Steele keeps getting his ass handed to him today on Morning Joe.

Katrina Pain Index 2011: Race, Gender, Poverty

3 women own Libya coverage: Sara, Alex, and Arwan

Salon - "GOP: No tax hikes -- except for the poor"

D.C. same-sex couples up 40% in 2010 Census

Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!

George Pataki to jump into the Repuke primary race??

Toon - It's My Planet and I'll Fry If I Want To

CBS' Mark Knoller Whitewashes Bush From 2009 Deficit

Qaddafi’s Defeat Will Test Mettle of Libyan Rebel Alliance United by War

Kansas College Suspends Its Golfers For Dongish Facebook Photo

Kansas College Suspends Its Golfers For Dongish Facebook Photo

From Mass Prosperity to Severe Recession in Fifty Years

Marathon Oil holds preliminary talks with Libyan rebels

Andrew Breitbar, enemy of the American People

Palin and Fox?

Suggestion For A Person For Piers Morgan To Interview.......

Juan Cole: New Libya, Welcomed in Mideast, Rejects NATO Bases

Mayor Emanuel criticizes 'tax scheme'

Americans Elect Bonafide Involvement?

Congress Has an Answer for Public Wrath: Eliminate Town Halls

Congress Has an Answer for Public Wrath: Eliminate Town Halls

Who is the most beatable GOP candidate?

British PM’s top aide was on News Corp. payroll while working for government

New Report: Atlanta Has Worst Transit Coverage for ‘Zero-Vehicle Households’

"Nothing going on there" Radiation concern prompts review of school routes

Florida GOP Senate candidate ducks military questions

Did the Fed Buy the Market to Stop the Collapse?

Gunfire at SW Phila. basketball court injures 6

Bankster of America in trouble?

A brief moment to say- I am so proud of my partner- a Teacher.

Col Gaddafi says he is 'still in Tripoli & will not leave Libya

USA becomes Food Stamp Nation but is it sustainable?

So . . . . will Strauss-Kahn now return to France and run for President?

Wooing N.J. businesses and millionaires pays off for Christie

DHS Announces Racial Profiling Free-For-All This Sept. 11

Class warfare, Republican style

Col Gaddafi says he is 'still in Tripoli & will not leave Libya

"It's my planet and I'll fry if I want to" (Lukovich)

Private Sector Economists: Lawmakers Should Raise Taxes To Fix Deficit

Qaddafi regime Ends...The Onion

40% is almost half !

Colorado earthquake is largest in four decades

Texas - FBI on hunt for stolen radioactive camera

Uh-oh, CNN just reported that jounalists are being "held" in the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli

The GOP Hates Taxes - Unless They're On The Poor

The GOP Hates Taxes - Unless They're On The Poor

When you look up "delusional" in the dictionary, you get these pictures

al jazeera - Glenn Beck is exploiting Israel

Kick-Ass Article by Len Burman (Forbes Magazine)

Kick-Ass Article by Len Burman (Forbes Magazine)

The World's Largest Pyramid Scheme

I'm going to work like heck to see that Tammy Baldwin is the next Dem Senator from WI

I'm going to work like heck to see that Tammy Baldwin is the next Dem Senator from WI

We're basically recreating Fukushima all over again-Radiation continues across to Pacific NW + more

Could Blankfein Face Prison? (Nomi Prins in TDB)

Could Blankfein Face Prison? (Nomi Prins in TDB)

AP survey: No recession but weakness will endure

AP survey: No recession but weakness will endure

Visualizing What $1.2 Trillion In Secret Fed Bailouts To The Banking Kleptocracy Looks Like

Corporate Cronyism: Perry Rewarded Hundreds Of Top Contributors With Government Jobs

Oh My -More questions for Cameron as NI continued to pay Coulson

Seoul mayor: Reject free lunch for elementary school students or I QUIT!

Minnesota educators tried to form a Republican caucus and the GOP cancelled out

Tacky: Long Island Winery Selling 9/11-Themed Merlot And Chardonnay

Someone explain this to me :

One Of These Marriages Is Not Like The Others

Dwight D. Eisenhower, November 8, 1954

Are we better or worse off today than in....

Are we better or worse off today than in....

Record profit at North Dakota state mill means $11,600 profit-sharing checks for workers

Irene to be a Cat 4!

24 Policies That Repubs Supported BEFORE They Were Against Them

Reagan + Bushes say, "I'm from the govt. and I'm here to help," but don't care.

MSNBC - they cleaned 'em out for a while, but now they're all coming back

Reliance on Uncle Sam hits a record

Republican rep. gets a biblical beat-down at townhall mtg. about Bush tax-cuts creating jobs..

How To Describe Tea Partiers In Less Than 10 Words

Mission Accomplished

GWB's 9/11 interview in 2003 "...we got a laugh out of it."

Why Does GE Hate America So Much?

The need for an 'ECOCIDE' law to make human-made environmental catastrophes illegal

Today was election day (a repub and Democratic primary) for some Board of Supervisor elections

Susan Rice on CNN now. nt

"Their future, our fight" editorial printed in my paper, courtesy of AFT

the Presidential secret service bus...

Over 160 Arrested in Ongoing Civil Disobedience Against Keystone XL Tar Sands Oil Pipeline

CNN basically just streaming AJE - just showed a rebel holding

CNN basically just streaming AJE - just showed a rebel holding

Man Asks Pedestrian for $1, Then Stabs Him

Over 160 Arrested in Front of White House Since Saturday in Ongoing Civil Disobedience

Code Pink: War criminal Dick Cheney's new crime book coming out Aug 30

PPP: Rick Perry leads field in Iowa

Remember this?

Just realized something - Re Bachmann

Target fires pro-union employee

I Guess In Some Ways It Boils Down To This... I Want EVERYBODY Who Screwed My Country To Be Named...

Bloomberg Wants Red-Light Cameras On Every NYC Corner; Threatens Lawmakers That Don’t

Bloomberg Wants Red-Light Cameras On Every NYC Corner; Threatens Lawmakers That Don’t

Increased demand for govt help coming from the fact that people are working more and earning less

“I was wrong to oppose military intervention in Libya – wrong, wrong, wrong”

“I was wrong to oppose military intervention in Libya – wrong, wrong, wrong”

Sudden Debt Redux: Where Are We Now?

Why I Love the "Obama Bashers".

The Netherlands has historically been a very multicultural society, though the right wing

A Republican voter (Former Reagan Solicitor General) seeks answers from Scott Brown

Rick Perry's DEATH PANEL LAW sends Houston teen home to die...but he's improving.

Equating opposition to going to war with supporting the enemy. Is that allowed in this forum?

More projection from Cancervatives: "7 Reasons Why Libruls Are Incapable of Understanding the World"

Hey, I'm like pissed off & stuff too, I wanna like, burn and loot and stuff!

Congressperson McGuire (R-NH) Against Minimum Wage Law: "Young People Not Worth the Minimum

Hard to believe Cheney is still alive.

Took the family to Branson over the weekend,,,,,

How Barack Obama's approval rating among democrats stack up to other Dem presidents...

Stuart man in Jeep fitted with turret, fireworks planned to attack National Mall, police say

Jon Lee Anderson: Five Rules of Thumb for Libya

There is one major problem with ThinkProgress - It is their comment section.

The tide is turning. 4 Oreilly guests school him on taxing the rich.

Thom Hartman is reporting live that they are having an earthquake in DC

Earthquake in D.C.?

Anybody else watching the CNN coverage of Libya?

Thom Hartman is reporting live that they are having an earthquake in DC

As Fighting Continues in Tripoli, A Look at Role of the U.S., NATO and Oil Firms in Libya Uprising

Was there just an earthquake in VA/DC area?

Was there just an earthquake in VA/DC area?

Has anyone else noticed the absence of the word "meltdown" from our media?

Rush Limbaugh Wants To Know Who President Obama Dated Before Michelle

Halliburton exec takes a swig of fracking fluid

Right Wing attempt to take out Gabby Giffords backfires

MSM bias at work, decks loaded. Loves Huntsman, but Ignores Ron Paul

I can assume that whatever being is cried out to in agony just sent an earthquake to

Feeling the ground shake here in upstate NY.

Watch the rise and fall of the nearly 30 years of the CD in 30 seconds.

Earthquake Aspen Hill Md


Newark De just appeared to have an earthquake.

The Virginia Seismic Zone

MSNBC "Politics Nation" (Sharpton) - new show

Covering Up Wall Street Crimes: Matt Taibbi Exposes How SEC Shredded Thousands of Investigations

This avid Obama fan knows its 50/50 - if we lose we are fucked for 12 years

USGS map for country

Keith Olbermann: Rep. Eric Cantor ‘an idiot tool of the rich’

Pentagon, Capital Hill evacuation?

Earthquake on the East Coast??

Earthquake on the East Coast??

Has FOX news ever been right about anything?!

We had an earthquake in Colorado last night....

Warning of aftershocks, but very, very minor according to teevee. nt

Warning of aftershocks, but very, very minor according to teevee. nt

Dallas' Parkland Hospital has submitted an action plan.

Dallas' Parkland Hospital has submitted an action plan.

Holy sheep shit Margo the grouwnd is shakkkkkkkkkin'

Holy sheep shit Margo the grouwnd is shakkkkkkkkkin'

FDIC ‘Problem’ Banks Shrink, First Time Since ’06

There was just an earthquake here

Tea Party Gas-Tax Fix Is Bad Economics, Worse History

2.2 quake in Albany county NY. 4 minutes before the Virginia

Businessmen and Macroeconomics

Businessmen and Macroeconomics

Undocumented immigrants face checks on Amtrak, Greyhound

PPP: Special election for GOP congressional seat in NV--Dem within a point

PPP: Special election for GOP congressional seat in NV--Dem within a point

Idiotic comment on CNN

Perfect Opportunity For A Jobs Program - Earthquake Resistant Infrastructure........


MSNBC: 5.8 quake in Mineral, VA.

It's always darkest just before it goes pitch black

OMG...Delaware just had an earthquake...

Holy shit. And earthquake in Maryland that we could actually FEEL

anyone in lower manhattan just feel an earthquake?

Pentagon being evacuated due to quake - MSNBC. nt

Even Teen Birth Rates Are Bigger in Texas - w/video - Mother Jones

War Trumps Our Social Contracts

Tremor in Philly...

I never felt an earthquake before... I DO NOT LIKE IT!

Daddy JimRob coming home drunk on FR and beating up the kids

6 East Coast Nuclear Power Plants declare "an unsual event" due to earthquake. One plant shutdown!

Why Is the Military Spending Millions on Christian Contractors Bent on Evangelizing US Soldiers?

Raw Data: Real-time list of US earthquakes, magnitudes, etc:

5.8 earthquake in virginia

I felt the quake here in Pittsburgh...........

Earthquake in southwestern, VA

Anyone hear from Earl or Skinner - they are in DC

Could HAARP have something to do with this east coast earthquake?

Instead of having a zillion earthquake threads in GD, could we please keep it to 1 or 2 big threads?

HuffPost: : Libya -- Are Western Journalists just the Propaganda Arm of the Insurgency?

I knew something bad would happen because Obama went on vacation!

Here's something DU CAN do. If you felt it, check in with your location and any damage

Judiciary Committee Chairman Admits He’s Using Anti-Immigrant Hearings To ‘Embarrass The President'

BREAKING: 'I'm Still In Charge Of Libya,' Mumbles Qaddafi From Inside Compound's Air Vent

Don't panic! Every body proceed to Rick Perry's prayer service, nt

damn Wiki is fast:

Police State: If You Build It They Will Use It

Cause of earthquake possibly confirmed.

Cause of earthquake possibly confirmed.

I don't know about you, but I love the Instant Information

Perry Compares Civil Rights Movement to Fight For Corporate Taxes

5.8 earthquake here in D.C., potentially a hurricane on the way this weekend.

If you're interestd, list of earthquakes in the United States:

$100,000 price tag for treatment with new cancer drug ......fucking obscene

Amy's body: 'No illegal substances'

Thom Hartmann Caller Suggests That Earthquakes Could Be Due to Fracking

I was at Rockefeller Center when it hit

Hello Wall Street - We Are Anonymous

Happy 11th Anniversary Newt Gingrich!

I just posted an e-mail from my former Wisconsnin Senator, and

Two reactors taken off line: NO DAMAGE

Previous quake record in DC area 3.6.

A Cult of Killing

BREAKING: Republicans blame the President for taking a vacation during the earthquake and


What will you be thinking if there is a 3rd quake in an unusual location?

It's not a Misery Contest.

It's not a Misery Contest.

Relax! Indian Point Nuke Plant is designed to withstand a 6.0 quake. This was only 5.9!

Earthquake in MD DC suburb!

Seismicity of the Eastern US. (just for info purposes/Map)

I'm Sorry... But I Didn't Fight Or Die In A War, Yet I Honor Veterans & Memorial Day

Where were you when the Great DC/NY Quake of 2011 hit?

And please don't post a zillion threads complaining about the zillion threads about the Earthquake.

For those in the Path of Hurricane Irene - here's a handy checklist from the NHC

" We can have leverage with the Democrats on the super committee, but we need to build it."

BorowitzReport on Republicans

BorowitzReport on Republicans

Earthquake in Virginia Shakes New York City

Breaking: Mitch McConnell and John Boehner blame quake on Obama.

PPP: Romney and Obama tied nationally, Perry down six

Cutting the Crap on "Both Parties Are The Same" BS - Campaign Finance Edition

Key comment from a seismologist on CNN

This earthquake was clearly Virginia's fault!

Medical Personnel - a Question

EaRThQuAKe epicenter next to NUKE PLANT!

Iowa student dies after brutal beating in which attackers shouted gay slurs

The sky is falling!!! The sky is falling!!!

Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Teabaggers - who's to blame?

Cartoon sums up the bank bailout

The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein .... Earthquake East Coast !!

National Review attacks Obama's Summer reading list.

Several things about this quake, and why we west coasters should NOT make fun

I speculate that Muammar Qaddafi has been spirited away to another nearby

North Anna Nuclear plant did a REACTOR SCRAM

Massive post-quake looting underway in Manhattan! (Wall St traders allowed back into their offices)

CNN anchor asking whether Obama should cut short his trip

New Home Sales On Track To Finish As Worst Year On Record

Lower Merion School District--4th Settlement on SpyCam Cases.

Let's play "Believe It -- or Not!"

There was no earthquake

CNN International is covering Libya

Earthquake question from an East Coast no-nothing.

re: Libyan revolution, Allahu Akbar?


The downside of an East Coast earthquake

Fault responsible for quake to named "Ronald Reagan Fault" .

Fault responsible for quake to named "Ronald Reagan Fault" .

Rut Rho - There may be a problem arising in Libya

Rut Rho - There may be a problem arising in Libya

Cutting Medicare Will Cost U.S. More in Overall Poverty, Emerg Hospitalization

Best Earthquake Tweet: Was that Chris Christie jumping into the Presidential race? :-) nt

Sprint reportedly to get iPhone in October

The media just got themselves a new chew toy to toss around

Greenpeace finds toxic chemicals in top brand name clothes

Where are the Peace Activists?

With a False Tale, the Strauss-Kahn Case Falls Apart

Where does the tea party come from? Activist Republicans, study shows.

An astounding post showing the devastation from the quake

As a guy who has been in plenty of Earthquakes...

GOP Primary - Romney/Perry breakdown to mirror general election patterns?

DC earthquake pic

Flashback: Virginia Nuclear Plant Had Quake Sensors Removed Due To Budget Cuts

delete...pic didn't post

damage at Mineral VA seems quite extenstive

'Most feared' pest found in shipment at O'Hare

CO and VA quakes both on 37N latitude... any significance?

Oil, Tripoli, etc (urbsurvival)

White House Statement On Earthquake (and Hurricane Irene)

Hmmm - my china closet picked up the earthquake, but the 3 nuke plants 10 miles

Mother Jones: You Have the Right to Remain Silent…After Questioning

Earthquake Centered in VA... Hmmm....

I've always wanted a post on the greatest page.

Top Romney adviser campaigned for Marxist Islamic terrorist group

Some are determined to be Kanye West while Obama recieves his honors.

Libya's Deadliest Weapons Not Yet Corralled

Perspective view of quake - Virginia Seismic Zone | Wikipedia

Why isn't this on the news?

Pat Summitt suffering from dementia (UT Womens' Basketball Coach)

East Coast Bias.... "All of this over a 5.9 EarthQuake?"

East Coast Bias.... "All of this over a 5.9 EarthQuake?"

East-coasters had an earthquake. Just to keep up, LA had first murder on the subway.

DC Metro has huge post-earthquake delays

While some may be amused by the damage of the east coast earthquake as shown below...

Top 10 Ways Republicans Show They Hate Americans

Let's talk building code REGULATION. Is it a bad time?

There are TWO significant earthquakes today in places where they are very rare

Moonie Times: FNC reported Washington Monument may be tilting from quake jolt

Sugar Daddy Gopper refuses to resign.

If you are on the board of a nonprofit, check this cool link!

Most House members will skip town hall meetings this summer

Want to know why nuke plants didn't feel that quake?

Good thing the Verizon strike is over. My son went back to work

On the East Coast, there should be slight construction/repair boom

The Invisible Army

Toles: The Republican Response to Obama's Jobs Plan

Let's All Play "My Natural Disaster Is Better Than Your Natural Disaster" >

Michelle Bachmann Revealed To Be Elaborate Joaquin Phoenix Performance Piece

Judge rules warrant required to obtain cell phone location data

Which currently running Republican represents the biggest threat to a 2nd Obama term?

Conservatives Can't Decide If Obama Was Too Busy Golfing Or Biking To Stop The Earthquake

Oops Pentagon pipes burst

Rep. Cravaack Agrees To Hold Town Hall Meeting In Response To Demands From Protesters

Venezuela's Chavez says Gaddafi still Libya's leader

Education "reformers" experimenting with your children in Kansas City

Earthquake devastation photo

Earthquake devastation photo

Perry Vaults to Frontrunner Status in South Carolina

Kirsten Gillibrand: Off The Sidelines (Women)! Aug 17, 2011

While people make fun of the quake...

Turn on MSNBC!! Coming up..Perry comparing the African American Civil Rights struggle to GOP TAX CUT

Tonight on Countdown

It will be VERY interesting to see how the insurance companies handle the quake damage in DC

Which GOP candidate will be the first to use the earthquake in a speech?

For those interested, researchers are LIVE with exploration of Axial Undersea Volcano

New student enrollment plunges at For-Profit colleges


WikiLeaks: Leak Domscheit-Berg Says Destroyed Included Videos of Major U.S. Atrocity in Afghanistan

I think there is a good chance Gaddafi is already out of Libya

Went to the VA today!

You Say Earthquake...I Say JOBS

Mitt Romney’s $12M mansion “is inadequate”

If aliens attacked, how would Tea Baggers react

Hurricane Irene, the earthquake and teabaggers

I just figured out why there was an East Coast earthquake today:

It's all cracking open!

How would you feel if the majority of Americans voted to form a Christian Republica.

Breaking more of the Earth's crust through fracking, is the last thing this country needs.

So, the earthquake was centered just to the south and east of here

Quake sensors removed from around Virginia nuke plant due to budget cuts

Sullivan & Cromwell's biggest star

Meanwhile, Irene's forecast track is looking more and more worrisome


What?! An earthquake? East Coast reacts with shock

How much do you know about your Hershey's chocolate? (video)

What scares you the most?

The thorough method:

Anger is Growing Strong in America

Look....none of these schmucks from the other side have a shot at winning the Presidency.

Is there any fracking in the Virginia quake area?

“Allah didn’t put you here to work at Walmart”: How an FBI informant coaxes his target toward a bomb

When Republicans refer to the members of the Democratic party

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

A little fact about east coast vs west coast earthquakes.

Why is Bank of America’s Stock Cratering Yet Again? It’s the Extend and Pretend Endgame - Yves Smith

Workman's Compensation: "I'm scared sh*tless..."

And Virginia's nuclear plant at Lake Anna loses offsite power

Can Anybody Here... Answer This Question ??? - "WHY Have The Crooks Who Crashed The System...

Can Anybody Here... Answer This Question ??? - "WHY Have The Crooks Who Crashed The System...

Can't we just be grateful no one was killed in a near 6.0 earthquake

The Corporate Media is sensationalizing and dramatizing this earthquake today!!

Indulge my silly theory for a minute...

President Obama on Shaky Ground with Teachers: Can He Firm Up Support?

Revealed: Former Goldman Sachs VP Turned Issa Staffer Supervised Scheduling Of Elizabeth

Earthquake on East Coast due to MGMM

Debt deal threatens lives. Write your Congressperson.

7 Drastic Changes To Elementary School

I think DC just had an earthquake?

good god, prick perry compares civil rights struggle with freedom from corporate taxes

Lesson 1 from the Earthquake - the cell companies can't handle heavy traffic

"Fifteen Silliest Uses of Taxpayer Money"

Newsmodel Megyn Kelly reports unsubstantiated 'news' that the Washington Monument 'tilted.'

Living, breathing, furry earthquake detector

Even though I'm critical of Obama 95% of the time, I find myself defending him constantly

BREAKING: Markets Rally as Earthquake Rocks DC Area

DC Metro - huge delays after eartrhquake

Hugo Chavez Doubles Down on Dictatorship....

Why Liberals Sit At The Kiddies Table at Democratic Party Events

KBR Wants Former Employee Who Sued Over Rape To Pay Them $2M

I've heard rumors that Libya may turn into an Islamic Republic. I just have something to say on this

Virginia Earthquake 2011: USGS Warns it May be a Foreshock

Hurricane Irene is now a Cat 2

When was the last time the Dow closed down 300pts without a single "OMG Doom!" thread an hour later

The ghost of Tom Joad pretty much sums it up today "I am human life has value"

Libyan Revolution Week 27 part 4

Strongest quake on the east coast in 100 years

The quake was felt in Cleveland.....

Another Democrat kicks ass on Fox News - This time Rove's butt is the target

‘Pro-Life’ Republican Kansas Governor Guts Funding For Dying Infants

That Al Jazeera reporter is in danger of taking a bullet to his head...

Run for President - Give up Senate or House Seat.

The Washington Monument closed indefinitely

More seriously, East Coast DUers, check your local news

Republicans: We're not sure how yet, but the earthquake was Obama's fault.Some progressives agree nt

Republicans: We're not sure how yet, but the earthquake was Obama's fault.Some progressives agree nt

Popcorn’s Dark Secret

After Campaigning On Transparency, GOP Freshman Now Refuses To Hold Town Halls By Falsely Claiming..

After Campaigning On Transparency, GOP Freshman Now Refuses To Hold Town Halls By Falsely Claiming..

Anybody else couldn't even tell there was an earthquake, even if others in your area did?

Texas. The perfect storm where weather crisis meets financial crisis=Dirty Thirties all over again

Nivea's Racist “Re-Civilize Yourself” Afro Ad (picture)

Battleship New Jersey facing tough times after state aid cut to zero

Folks...It was just a 5.8 Earthquake..Out West We....

I think we should all watch this one again.

Be prepared for after shocks...

Abuse of foreign workers at Hershey (Chocolate Factory) PA - Laying off 500 local workers!

Daily Kos: Looking to criticize Democrats, New York Times columnist misses the facts on Boeing

BREAING NEWS from the UK...

A Radical New Definition of Addiction Creates a Big Storm

LOL...friend in Texas sent me this picture of Perry!!!! "Texas does not like him either"

Why does the U.S. still have "unincorporated territories"?

National Cathedral damaged

5.3 Quake Colorado

GREAT Website helps you find "help" numbers / email for Websites that bury or do not post it....

At what age did you attend your first rally/protest/demonstration?

And John Kerry was called a 'flip-flopper'?

Texas is

Kucinich to Obama: Free Trade = Fewer US Jobs

President Obama deserves credit for Libya

From Russ Feingold to all Progressives

"Shepard Smith just told Fox News viewers to switch channels if they want more Earthquake coverage."

Obama sides with banks (corrupt loans, foreclosures); pressures NY Atty. General for settlement.

Where were you when the Great DC/NY Quake of 2011 hit?

Can someone translate Teabagger?

So, here's a few earthquake prep/safety tips

Why Did Capitalism Fail?

Earthquake Does Less Damage to Washington than Eric Cantor

How could a 5.9 quake be felt from the triangle NC to NYC?

As With All Things, How Will This Earthquake be Spun Politically?

As With All Things, How Will This Earthquake be Spun Politically?

Climate Science References for the Campaign Trail (from Union of Concerned Scientists)

To the Conservative belief that the founding fathers were conservative

Do you think humans will go extinct?


I stand with the Chicago gay bar Sidetracks against the likes of Rush Limbaugh

(Elderly) Couple face foreclosure for paying a week early

Scary: Up to 18% of LAUSD Students May Be Attending Charter Schools (some funded by Wallmart)

"Fringe Festival: Why We Must Take ‘Dominionists’ Seriously"

11,000 Square Feet. Mitt Romney will have an 11,000 sf CA beach house.

Michael Moore covers the 40th anniversary of the Powell Memorandum

My kid got a JOB!

Disgraced Christian Right leader and self-described prophet say they predicted the 9/11 attacks

Disgraced Christian Right leader and self-described prophet say they predicted the 9/11 attacks

Republican unable to answer ? on bush tax cuts & jobs

In California, we fart bigger than 5.8.

Meanwhile Irene is pounding the Turks and Caicos islands

Shared Sacifice My Ass!

Something else to DU. Be compassionate towards other Duers

BILL MOYERS IS BACK!-“There’s an audience there that missed the campfire,” he said.

Why Is President Obama So Anxious to Cut Social Security?

Ryan Rhodes of an Iowa Tea Party: Obama Admin. Cost Me My Job

Marx was right.(Not about Roublini)

Jon Huntsman will be the nominee....Guaranteed

Gold hits $1,900 and Silver hits $44

what else can be given away free society $$$$ (besides birth control)

what else can be given away free society $$$$ (besides birth control)

So once again we were "successful",

President Obama's approval rating amongst liberal Democrats rose 1% to 82% for August 15th-21st.

Some DU Googling needed - RW pols with Qadhafi

Nigeria Breaks Africa Ranks on Libya, Sparking Criticism

Andrew Breitbart, enemy of the American People

For Jesus... It Was 30 Pieces Of Silver... For America... 20 Billion Dollars

Anybody see these guys on McNeil Lehrer tonight? "Americans Elect" trying to derail us in 2012?

Where have you gone Vice President Albert Gore, a Nation turns it's lonely eyes to you

Creators of "Going Rouge" Palin coloring book now offering "mAlice in Wonderland: A Tea Party Fable"

Arizona man sentenced for destroyed petroglyphs

4 Desperate Ways the Hardest Hit Are Coping with Economic Crisis

Report: Bank of America may need another $100-$200 billion

Did anyone else's pets freak out?

I wonder if Olbermann will do a mea culpa tonight about Ben Stein and Wayne Rogers

How many military suicides are you willing to accept as "normal"?

The 50 Richest Members of Congress (2011)

Union types, debunk this BS

My exposure to some really dumb Americans

Looking for the President of “Not Gonna Lay Down and Die”

I continue to see Obama as a shoe-in for a second term.

The Fairness Doctrine Debate

"Ok. Explain how raising taxes on the rich will improve the economy. I am missing something."

How does high school produce dumbed-down people? Easy: Republican censorship of textbooks

Libyan Revolution Week 27 part 5

To all you trash-talking West-Coasters with your earthquake savvy:

God whips up surprise windstorm & knocks hat off of Pope's smarmy head during anti-gay speech

Gonna stay out of GD today.. and just play my music for you..

What happens if you tickle the hump?

Guys and Gals , can you please recommend this video

Listening to Definitely Maybe

Two of the people I most admired as an activist are dead.

This GD thread

Well THIS is not how I expected to spend my Monday (but beat the Reaper, at least today)

Lieber and Stoller Thread. RIP, Jerry.

Never piss off a turtle. They live a long time. They never forget. And worst, they NEVER forgive.

I just heard that Nick Ashford of Ashford and Simpson fame has just passed away

I haven't killed any braincells in nearly a month. I don't know how sober people do it.

My wife just brought me a big plate of soybeans in the pod

A walk through DU History: 2001 - EarlG's first call for Mods was not a rousing success....

HP Lovecrafts' birthday was two days ago...

thought for the (my) day

Palin Campaign Announcement Ad: "I am not a bitch."

The immortal MiddleFingerMom reveals the secret of life:

I dreamt last night I was a waitress at an Airport bar and that Stephen Colbert was my boss

Talk about a hotel with lots of amenities !!!!

Anyone have a writer in mind who they just can't read though everybody else seems to be able to?

When I put my jeans on these days . . .

In the "If I had not seen it, I would not have believed it" catagory......

My sister just gave me a recipe for tomato salad. Sliced tomatoes, chopped fresh mozzarella, basil

saw the "Conan" and "Fright Night" remakes (spoilers)

Question for parents

When Star Trek actors troll each other

How to make a Hot Brown

What do you think of this story? As told to me:

Any one here have Chrohns or UC?

If I had a laptop, and went to somewhere where there's free wireless access,

Earthquake strikes DC area.

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together

Spongebob Hotpants

Who felt the earthquake - it was a 5.8 out of Virginia

A couple of other things: Hopefully it was the earthquake and not a foreshock. Also be prepared for

Amazon's Prime Membership seems to have more films available to streaming than Netflix.

I rear ended a car this morning...what a great start of a bad day.

This thread is directed toward everyone born after 1986


It's time for the Animaniacs Earthquake Song!

What were you about to buy, that you didn't, and you regret it? I once worked

Does anyone have the guitar tabs for Fleetwood Mac's "She's Changing Me"?

A song for my friends on the east coast

I Threw it on the Ground

Sorry about that quake, was just getting my swerve on

Post a pic of a blues legend.

This is how Amerigo's lucky (well, SOMEWHAT) day went...


Me fail English? That's unpossible!

I will bury myself in music

WOW! I am CONFIDENT that if I purchase this video, I'll NEVER have COMPUTER problems AGAIN, EVER!

Helping Kitty

MSNBC causes earthquake with Sharpton show announcement.

Where can I buy Mexican style chorizo?

Best Fleetwood Mac

I'm toast, aren't I?

Model Congress

Guitar Hobbyist Question: Why spend money on an expensive guitar?

Amazing Sapporo beer commercial:

What was your favourite course in public school, high school and university?

What States have you been in?

PHOTO: The SCALLYWAG who left the bag of flaming dog poo on my doorstep REVEALS HIMSELF.

I need a list of movies that will have no emotional impact whatsoever on me.

A couple new kitteh pics

DU Guitarists: Is there a pedal that can simulate the Rotary or Leslie Speaker sound?

I apologize for the dearth of sunflower pics.

Relax everyone ... I'm okay

Why isn't this on the news?

Wine tasting.

That new math......

10 Things to do when you're unemployed and bored

My father had to go to the hospital for a bad stomach ache

Glen Campbell Playing The William Tell Overture

My most unique birthday gift...EVER.

What oceans have you swum in? I swam at Long Beach, vancouver island (brrrr) and

OK - here's what I don't get. The 28 Club. All dead.

DU Guitarists: Standard Pick v Thumb Pick

It's now a week and a half before the house modules arrive, so it was a relief to go to the site and

'Nazi anthem' played at canoe championship

Anybody else annoyed by people that "talk with their hands"?

My Argument: Fleetwood Mac, in terms of total history, was the greatest Rock Band of all time

I need a list of movies that will drive me over the edge of depression

Speaking of earthquakes, what natural disasters have you been in? I was in both the Sylmar

Why hasn't anyone made a movie from the old Magnus,

Come on. Be honest. What horrid series of books did you read as a young adult? I read all of

Nothing funny,,, just the absolute COOLEST photo of a dandelion that you'll ever see.

There's a VERY good reason why Scotsmen are always so enthusiastic about life:

(Canada)Layton to be honored with rare state funeral

Sarkozy Seen as Baiting Socialists With Budget Rule

One of Ghadafi's sons, Saif, whom rebels claimed had been arrested, shows up at Tripoli hotel, says

US calls for release of Vietnam protesters

Editor Said to Receive Pay After He Took Tory Post

UN: Syria death toll tops 2,200

Fire destroys private-island home of Virgin head Richard Branson

Russia won't recognize National Transitional Council - Lavrov

Workers Back NLRB’s Proposed Union Election Rule (21,000 comments)

Wash. couple sentenced in forced labor case

Mitt Romney’s $12M mansion “is inadequate”

Qaddafi’s Defeat Will Test Mettle of Libyan Rebel Alliance United by War

Rep. Bill Owens won’t endorse President Obama right away

Reports: Head of rating agency Standard & Poor’s stepping down, to leave company at year’s end

UN votes to demand Syria end bloody crackdown

Libya: Nato plans final onslaught on Gaddafi's forces (& rebels are being advised by SAS soldiers)

Rebel forces have entered Gadhaffi's compound in Tripoli

Nick Ashford, of Motown Writing Duo, Dies at 70

VA spent $717 million on a drug deemed as effective as a placebo

Nigeria urges Gaddafi to quit

Amy's body: 'No illegal substances'

Japan PM on way out, leadership race wide open

Jerry Leiber, Prolific Writer of 1950s Hits, Dies at 78 (wrote Hound Dog, Stand By Me)

U.S. Issues New Deportation Policy’s First Reprieves

Final Regulatory Reform Plans Will Save Money, Reduce Waste

First Drop in Number of Problem U.S. Banks Since 2006

Human rights court to review 3 Colombian cases

Magnitude 5.9 - VIRGINIA (official USGS report)

Brazilian ranchers accused of illegally clearing land

Virginia Nuclear Plant Loses Power After Quake

Man pleads guilty to assassinating Iranian nuclear scientist

L’Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt and French high earners call for more tax

Turkey says it had killed up to 100 Kurdish fighters in Iraq air strikes

After Campaigning On Transparency, GOP Freshman Now Refuses To Hold Town Halls By Falsely Claiming..

WikiLeaks: Leak Domscheit-Berg Says Destroyed Included Videos of Major U.S. Atrocity in Afghanistan

China Tops U.S. As The World's Largest PC Market

Perry holds record on executions: report

KBR Wants Former Employee Who Sued Over Rape To Pay Them $2M

Florida Supreme Court: Execution is on

US should raise taxes to help fix deficits, say business economists

Philadelphia's juvenile curfew is extended through Labor Day

Man linked to priest slayings in El Salvador arrested

ICE Drops Gay Spouse's Deportation Case

Toyota and Ford to collaborate on hybrid SUVs

Dominion’s North Anna Nuclear Plant Lost All Offsite Power

Rebels capture Gaddafi’s compound in Tripoli

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sprint to start selling iPhone 5 mid-Oct: report

New rules for airlines kick in this week to protect fliers

Chile's Supreme Court orders police protection for student leader after tweeted death threats

Brazil's military opened file on Pele in 1970

US, NATO were crucial, unseen hands in Libya fight

Battle for Libya: Rebel Forces Loot Gadhafi's Armory

British troops may act as peacekeepers if Libya descends into chaos

Chavez: Venezuela recognizes only Gadhafi gov't

Gadhafi's downfall revives bitter dispute over Lockerbie bomber

BREAKING: 6.0 Quake Hits East Coast (Felt in D.C., New York City, North Carolina)

FEMA Chief: Irene Could Affect Entire East Coast

Director of Venezuelan weekly accused of slander

France's rich ask to be taxed more

Gaddafi's son Saif al-Islam is free

DOJ's Suit Against Alabama Immigration Law Headed To Court

Syrian activists form a 'national council'

Labor power AFL-CIO to form super PAC to engage beyond unions

United Airlines Launches Paperless Flight Deck With iPad (1,900 trees/326k gal of fuel saved a year)

Rev. Al Sharpton Officially Tapped as MSNBC Host.

National Cathedral damaged in earthquake

US Military Intervention in Libya Cost At Least $896 Million

French writer to press on with Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegations

Feingold To Press Dems To Abandon Any Unbalanced Super Committee Deal

Revealed: Former Goldman Sachs VP Turned Issa Staffer Supervised Scheduling Of Elizabeth Warren Inci

Strauss-Kahn New York sexual assault case dismissed

White House to Scale Back Regulations on Businesses

Colombia demands answers from US about Washington Post .

Activist, wife, slain in Honduras

Way too early to put too much stock in polls

Monday August 22 - President Obama's Statement on Libya


Obama - Wise in not counting the eggs before they hatch.....

David Frum: "The president of the United States never gets a vacation..."

John McCain's lasting legacy--Introducing Sarah Palin to the world

The GOP has a great candidate!

White Announces Changes to Business Regulation

Eugene Robinson: The GOP is fed up with its choices

Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion From Fed, now Grandma's gotta give it back!

Second hand report on TV: President Obama felt the Earthquake in Martha's Vineyard. nt

There seems to be some infrastructural damage in some places will the rethugs continue to say no

John McCain's bitter Libya spin

Poor Mitts, gets heat for pumping his own Stimulus in Calif

White House Statement On Earthquake

VP Joe Biden meets with survivors of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan - pics

Politico: The New Iowa Frontrunner?

The Righteous Man

Gallup poll: Obama at all time low

Jackasses in NJ Star Ledger office laughing about the earthquake

GOP criticisms of Obama say more about them than about him

Yves Smith: Corrupt Obama Admin pressuring NY AG To Support Mortgage Whitewash

PPP: Obama Tops Perry, Ties Romney. Perry has double-digit lead in race for Republican nomination.

Memo to the GOP: Independent Voters Are Required to Win the General Election

Libya Is Another Victory For The Obama Doctrine

Remember the guy who knew where Bin Laden was hiding......?

South Carolina Tea Party Chair Posts "Joke" About Killing The Obamas On Facebook

Perry-Gate: The Record, Tues 23 Aug., with easy-to-see categories and hot links to stories!

Follow-up poll - basic spectrum of Obama disapproval causes

Should Obama cut short his vacation at Martha's Vineyard and survey the earthquake damage?

Nine (Not Very) Shocking Photos from the DC Earthquake

Huffpo: Al Sharpton Officially Named MSNBC Host Of 'PoliticsNation'

The National Cathedral is DAMAGED!!! from earthquake

Wall Street firms donated $11.2 million to members of debt ‘super committee’

Twenty years from now.. the Obama (he is not a liberal or Democrat crew)

Paul Ryan Rules Out White House Run

Why Another Democrat Wouldn’t Do Better than Obama in 2012 (Nate)

Will the President sign Tar Sands Pipeline deal?

FADs and Long-lines: Two of the Tuna Industry's Dirty Little Secrets

SEIU Cope:

Boots on the Ground in Libya?

NATO Tries to Control Libyan Revolution

TYT: Republicans Oppose Payroll Tax Cut - Why?

'CIA, MI6 'journos' in Tripoli Rixos hotel, outside NATO loses ground'

The Heritage Foundation AND Bill Whittle can kiss my ass...

Thom Hartmann: The J Curve & Libya

Thom Hartmann - AT&T & T-Mobile - The end of competition

Countdown with KO Exclusive: Matt Taibbi On SEC COVERING UP Wall Street CRIMES

Thom Hartmann: Tarp was the tip of the iceberg for the Banksters

Michele Bachmann and Her Debt Ceiling Vote.

Barrel per Bomb: Libya 'winners' & oil majors launch black gold grab

Jamie Kilstein on gay marriage (humor. NSFW language)

Keiser Report: Bankers & Aliens (E175)

On Broadway-The Drifters(In Memory of Jerry Leiber, 1933-2011)

TDPS: The Only "Pro-Science" Republican Candidate Has NO CHANCE of Winning

CNN: Sneak Peek - MLK National Memorial in Washington D.C.

Libya and the GOP

TYT: Obama Extending Iraq, Afghanistan Wars?

Paul Ryan Day 4 Office Conflict

TYT: Obama Admin Blocks Bank Investigations?

Preview for Martin Scorsese's George Harrison: Living in the Material World

Papantonio: Tripoli – Republicans Humiliated Again

Ben Stein & Trapper John Destroy Billo the Clown

Dr. Michio Kaku America Has A Secret Weapon

Thom Hartmann: Koch vs Buffet - Who's right and why?

Rick Perry's 'Fed Up' Even Worse Than Ya' Think

Chinese economy to grow 9.28% in 2011

Same-Sex Rights Don't Depend on Nature vs. Nurture Debate

George Monbiot: As the dream of economic growth dies, a new plan awaits testing

Jake barely passed his 45 hour check-ride

Libya: secret role played by Britain creating path to the fall of Tripoli

Jake wishes his mother happy birthday and a roommate washes out

Rewrite, Sugarcoat, Ignore: 8 Ways Conservatives Misremember American History—for Partisan Gain

Schools Nationwide Cutting Down to 4 Days a Week, Because Wealthy Refuse to Pay Fair Share

Gadhafi’s fall: A victory for NATO, but not for Obama

Goodbye to Fostoria, Ohio: A Small Town in the Middle of Everywhere

Norway’s Terror as Systemic Destabilization: Breivik, the Arms-for-Drugs Milieu, and Global Shadow E

Gallup poll says Ohioans, Kentuckians are among nation's unhappiest

Cut Medicare, Help Patients - NYT

STIGLITZ: America's Recent College Grads Face A Bleak Future

Donald Trump shows how bad off the wealthy have it

Bill Moyers returning to weekly TV in January

A Roundhouse Kick To Chuck Norris' Gun Trafficking Myths

Reuters/Yahoo - USA becomes Food Stamp Nation but is it sustainable?

The Rich Are Now Richer Than Before The 2008 Credit Meltdown

Euro-crisis fuels European resentments

Gillibrand: Earthquake Exposes Cellphone Problems

Noam Chomsky: Drug Cartels and the Growing Border War

"Rick Perry Too Coked-Up to Perform Sexually!"

GOP FINALLY Agrees to Raise Taxes – As Long As Middle Class Bears the Brunt

Libya Now Needs Boots on the Ground


D.C. wants streetcars to roll by mid-2013

Gardeners: changing hardiness map

Peak oil review - August 22

Controlling magnetism with electric fields

Summer Drought limits the positive effects of CO2 and heat on plant growth in future climate

Trains That Run Like, and on, the Wind

Japan lowers Fukushima contamination estimate

Electric policy wonk corner: Everything you need to know about "Feed In Tariffs" (FITs)

Thawing Permafrost Could Release Vast Amounts of Carbon and Accelerate Climate Change by … (2100)

The right wing never sleeps - Japan: Government, industry refocus on nuclear plant exports

Amory Lovins: Soft Energy Paths for the 21st Century

North Anna NPS, both units trip due to Earthquake. N/T

Quake rattled nuke loses off-site power in Virginia, is operating on generators now.

Hundreds of thousands of fish killed in paper mill spill

New Data Supports Previous Fairewinds Analysis, as Contamination Spreads in Japan and Worldwide

Human gait could soon power portable electronics

Fracking wells in an Earthquake

German upper house endorses nuclear power phase-out (less nuclear = more coal)

John Rowe: "My Last Nuclear Speech" - August 15, 2011