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Mount Vernon Mayor Doesn't Like Latinos???? Glen Becks Hometown

Hospital in China fends off angry mob

In seeking trade partners, E.U. seizes an approach disregarded by the U.S.

"Revealed: Former Goldman Sachs VP Turned Issa Staffer Supervised Scheduling Of Elizabeth Warren

Please send money - the perils of Republican governors facing hurricanes

Robert Scheer: Amnesty for the Indefensible

Why we are not like Greece

Another Day, Another Crisis.

Rachel is doing a great job with that NYT report on Teabaggers and

Rachel is doing a great job with that NYT report on Teabaggers and

Fox Business ad on MSNBC

Anyone see Susan Rice on the Colbert Report

edited for duplicate post

edited for duplicate post

Big Government?

Kind of weird as a South Floridian to be calling my NY friends

A Right Wing Guide to the Value(s) of Life:

(Over 100) CEOs Pledge Not to Donate to Politicians

'The Incredible Shrinking Tea Party'

Republicans for Tax Hikes Republicans have finally found a group they want to tax: poor people.

Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez are going to be at a local church this weekend...

Well, At Least Headline Writers Will Have An Easier Time - 'WITHOUT JOBS, APPLE FACES CHALLENGES'

23 Achievments Of The Democratic Party

FYI...for those with Dish, Current TV is moving from Channel 196 to 294 eff. Sept. 7th.

On August 30th, Dick Cheney will take yet another opportunity to tell America to go fuck itself

Federal Reserve could launch 'Operation Twist' instead of QE3

Results of drug testing welfare recipients in Florida? It's an expensive mistake.

This is what it is all about (and yeah, it is video)

With CIA help, NYPD moves covertly in Muslim areas

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Anyone else having persistent logout issues with the new Yahoo! mail?

John O'Brien MA Registry of Deeds: AG Tom Miller Should Step Down

Your best guess. Where is Qadaffi? I say he is in a tripoli sewage or water plant.

The Tea Party moves to ban books

The Tea Party moves to ban books

10 Yrs Later Americans Are Bound To US Government's "9/11 Story" The Foundation Of Open-Ended Wars

goddamn him.....cheney Says He Urged Bush to Bomb Syria in ’07

Do we really have a country or is it nothing more than a hybrid market place,

Could Perry get Rove on board by teaming with Jeb?

What do you do if you're into Apple bigtime?

Conservative governments SUCK: Witness Stephen Harper in Canada

National Zoo Animals React to the Earthquake

Court asked to stop immigrant license checks in NM

Some public employees' health bills may grow

I noticed you boys were kinda late today.

Portland Gay Men's Chorus to perform anti-war cantata in New York on 9/11

Utah DUers what's thedirt on Chaffetz?

Earth (quake), Wind (hurricane), & Fire (Dismal Swamp)

The Red Cross is playing catch up in Tripoli Hospitals - help if you can, plz.

Right-Wing Rabbi Blames Earthquake On Gays

Big Ed is hammering the crap out of Rick Perry and Texas education!

France's rich keen to pay more tax as PM Fillon announces 'rigour package'

Libya's imperial hijacking is a threat to the Arab revolution

1 Billion Cars on the Road

Verizon strikers back to work....Update.

Grandma's Protest of teabagger congressman Chip Cravaack

Dick Cheney's Memoir: In My Time

China military 'closing key gaps', says Pentagon

I raise a practical Question on Rick Perry

So BOA took in, oh, let's just say a hundred billion or two to "even out" their balance

"Matt Taibbi Exposes How SEC Shredded Thousands of Investigations" Have you watched this?? You MUST!

March on Chicago's Magnificent Mile for higher wages

Does Merkel Need a 'Lehman Crisis' to Save Euro?

Why Taxing the Rich Is Good for America

World’s First Plain Tobacco Packaging Laws Passed by Australian Parliament

Big Ed is tearing Rick Perry and TX education a new one tonight.

The biggest Dick on the planet says he'd still torture terror

Almost seems like Bachmann has dropped out of the GOP primary doesn't it?

AAPL opens at $365 and is already bouncing up...

Gold has been absorbed into the new Congressional goldbricks and is receding (pic)

If Corporations are people, they are Sociopaths

Fuck you Gov. Prick Error

Jim Carrey professes love to actress Emma Stone in creepy video

"SEC covering up financial crimes"

In case you missed the latest by The Rude Pundit...

RT: Catherine Austin Fitts on market frauds

Coventry University Hospital 'cut out wrong part of man's brain'

Police Block Entrance To Paul Ryan Office, Deny Constituents Access To Request A Meeting

U.S. Navy orders Second Fleet to sea ahead of hurricane

ABC News Video Story: Going Hungry in America

Today in Labor History: August 25 Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters founded.

It's the first time since 1866 that every island in the Bahamas

Companies that Treat Workers Right Get Good Karma Right Back

Quick question about the "proforma sessions" of the Senate. .

Obama leads Romney by only 5 in WI but stronger in IA

Weekly Jobless Claims Heading Eerily North of 400,000

Weekly Jobless Claims Heading Eerily North of 400,000

Who is this jackass riding out the hurricane on the streets

From 2007

Yellow cake uranium, massive WMD stockpiles...where have we heard this before?

"Hunger at Home" - coming up on ABC Nightline

Buffett invests $5 billion in Bank of America -"vote of confidence in the USA and BoA"

Anonymous claims to publish nude photos of BART spokesman

"When tyranny arrives on our shores, it will come with a flag in one hand, and a bible in the other"

Jeff Masters forecast for Irene

Rep. Chabot’s Conspiracy Theory: ThinkProgress Organized Town Hall Protest

Joseph Palermo: Obama's jobs speech "will sound a lot like a tiny mouse trying to make a loud roar"

‘Mushy’ Mitt Romney Takes New Climate Stance: ‘I Don’t Know’

Lewis Black on Stephanie's show now.

Keep Talking About Willingham

Adviser to Romney and Brown Mocks It Gets Better on Twitter

Why did Rick Perry change his party affiliation to Republican?

(Oh never mind I thought it was newsworthy)

MarketWatch: Austerity is making the economy worse

I see batshit nearly every day, sometimes several times a day..

News Corp Set To Air 9/11 Documentary Glorifying Bush; Producer Says He’s Not Interested In ‘Facts’

Some really HOT wedding reception food

Shockingly Few Pharma Ads Comply With FDA Guidelines

Hey NJ dems! Gov. Christie just fucked me out of a job

Current Atlantic water temperature map:

Initial Claims Surge Far Higher Than Consensus,1.2 Million Americans Have Dropped Off Extnd Benefits

President Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal

Virginia's Earthquake History

Irene is going to smash some part of the US coastline

Plans are being made to secure Libyan mustard gas

Why Haven't The Libyian Rebels Taken Control Of The TV & Radio Stations?......

Obama, Earthquake Is a Wakeup Call on Dirty Energy Standards

9/11 victim’s mother: News Corp. hacking claims are ‘disturbing’

International Space Station Resupply Craft Crashes Over Russia

SPLC Hatewatch: Radical Rabbi Blames Gay People for Earthquake

non political question

The rule of three for survival:

What To Do With A Captured Ghaddafi?........

If You Are Flying To The East Coast..Check With Your Airline NOW....

So Rubio thinks that all you seniors on social security and Medicare are weak Nellies

Just noticed NOAA hurricane tracks on Google Maps

Pipe break causes damage at Eagleton courthouse - costing millions

New Yorkers - anyone have any word on whether the SUNY

Most Junior Bankers Feel ‘Disappointment’ With Pay, Aspire to Buyout Jobs

When founders leave: lessons for Apple from Microsoft, Intel, and Sun

2 injured when jet way collapses at LAX

Irene May Require NYC Evacuations

Irene May Require NYC Evacuations

Profit on Wall Street, Recession on Main Street

Unbelievable lightning bust today!


Va. quake appears to have hit churches hard

Va. quake appears to have hit churches hard

In 1999 Apple registered the iPhone domain.

In 1999 Apple registered the iPhone domain.

dupe delete

Woman arrested on child sex charge.

Rodney King charged with DUI in July incident

Photos Reveal Qaddafi Diplo-Crush on Rice

Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad's Nazi ties 'went deeper' (BBC)

How Rick Perry Created His State's $27 Billion Budget Crisis

Illinois Tollway board approves toll hike

Bush on 9/11: 'I Didn't Have a Strategy. I Was Living Day by Day'

New Hampshire voter grills Romney: Your position is a ‘platitude’

New Hampshire voter grills Romney: Your position is a ‘platitude’

Tea Party Congressman Collects Disability From His Union Job

Corporate Green is People

Thursday TOONS part 3 - Congress

Wealthy French Ask To Pay More Tax as President Outlines Budget Measures

MI Schools of Choice bill coming as foes gear up for fight

Ohio Board of Regents moves forward with Enterprise University Plan. Cross post from Education.

Thursday TOONS part 4- Election

Tar Sands, Obama and the New Censorship in Indian Country

Thursday TOONS part 1- Libya

Thursday TOONS part 2- Earthquake

Elmhurst College asks prospective students about sexual orientation

BREAKING NEWS: House Republicans won't accept Gaddafi surrender without cuts to Medicare & Social Se

Bloomberg Weighs Evacuation Ahead of Hurricane Irene (just low-lying parts of NYC)

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Governor for sale

Sorry Libya you can't compete

Warren Buffet to host high-profile fundraiser for Obama

Remember who they are!

Contours of Obama jobs package coming into focus

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird became operational in 1964. What year did you see the first picture of one?

Who's going to DC on Oct 6th?

Breaking: Cheney wanted to bomb Kansas to get the Wicked Witch, called Dorothy "collateral damage"

Elderly rapist fell to floor. His victims refused to help him for 2 days. GOOD!

European Firms Hoping for Big Business in Libya - Der Spiegal/Germany

European Firms Hoping for Big Business in Libya - Der Spiegal/Germany

Bethesda confirms same-sex marriages for Skyrim

Bethesda confirms same-sex marriages for Skyrim

Fallen Soldier's Best Friend Watches Over Casket

FACTBOX-U.S. East Coast energy sites brace for Irene

Feds release first illegal immigrants in Georgia

Fox News cuts off Rove after he calls Palin thin-skinned

A pRick Scott Cartoon

A hurricane does spawn tornadoes for those not aware

Special prosecutor: No charges for Prosser, Bradley in fracas

Teachers are true role models in our society

Thursday TOONS part 5- Economy

Guidelines for emergency supplies

Guidelines for emergency supplies

2012 Tampa Bloodbath

Protestant Church Said Eichmann Was 'Kind-Hearted'

Cracks in Washington Monument and Hurricane Irene coming.

Austrian father 'locked daughters in room for 41 years'

Why entitlement is NOT a four-letter word

Why entitlement is NOT a four-letter word

Steve Jobs life in pictures - Link

Rick Perry Pushed Insurance Scheme To Profit From Teacher Deaths

Well f*ing YEAH for my city! Portland's Gay Men's Chorus will close the 9/11 ceremony in NYC...

Don't post an OP when you're pissed.

Army Reservist Told He's Barred From Re-Enlistment for Speaking to Truthout About Guantanamo

Aftershock in DC

Sometimes the captions just write themselves.

republicans do NOT have a philosophy. all they have is institutional corruption.

As NATO bombs began falling NKorea asked Libya "Hows that giving up your nukes working out for you?"

Marcus Bachmann’ gets glitter baptism from 100 gay barbarians

House GOPer: ‘Oil companies pay their fair share’

Ocean City, Md., orders mandatory evacuation starting at midnight


Taibbi in Rolling Stone: Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal

3 Unbelievable Rick Perry Quotes

NRA Telemarketing Uses Conspiracy Theories And Fake School Shootings Compassion To Grab Memberships

"Keep da line movin'. No ordenar auf Español..." CROAK!

Have you guys heard about some GOPers CHARGING constituents to ask questions

Florida Welfare drug-testing yields 2 percent positive results

Have Bachmann, Palin, and Perry chimed in on the earthquake yet? After all ...

Our Nations crumbling infrastructure *Literally LAX Jetway collapses

"North Slope polar bear dies after hazing shot by guard"

Breitbart Trolls, Jehovah's Witnesses and Stalking Ex-Boyfriends

Heat and power costs

As Administration Scrambles to Help Homeowners, Billions Left Unspent

Rep. Chabot Reverses Course, Says ‘Cameras Will Be Allowed’ At Future Town Halls

Earthquake Damage in Virginia: New photos

The Faux mafia is falling apart..

Dean Group Launches New TV Ad In Defense Of The American Dream

Corporations aren't people but Government is.

Cantor's salary & Office budget are forfeit to Irene

Please!! Please!! Americans Stop--A Moment of Silence fefore

Cafferty: Why are GOP voters are ‘allergic to brains?’

Firebaggers Check In! Calling all firebreathing lefty bloggers

Hurricane Irene New York: What's the Worst That Could Happen?

AP source: Strauss-Kahn gets passport back in NYC

DU Case: Judge again suggests Righthaven is practicing law without a license

Freepers believe Congress is an entry-level position so they want Joe the Plumber to run.

Indiana college bans The National Anthem for its violent content!

Here's a great link that shows storm surges for Cat 1 to Cat 5 hurricanes--east coast.

Rick Perry, how serious a threat is he?

New Apple CEO Tim Cook Emails Employees: 'Apple Is Not Going To Change'

Mods Delete Please

"The GOP decides accurate weather forecasting and hurricane tracking are luxuries..."

U.K. Police Charge 22 Year Old in ‘Anonymous’ Hacking Probe

Items that make post-hurricane life more bearable

DO NOT GO INTO THE OCEAN: Tropical storm watch in effect, 6 rescued in Myrtle Beach

Some People Just Are Not Paying Attention...

Florida may not be in the "Irene" cone but let me tell you, the wind

Aug. 25th, 2011. Tina Turner's thought for the day:

Police block entrance to Paul Ryan's office, deny constituents access to request a meeting

Police block entrance to Paul Ryan's office, deny constituents access to request a meeting

Robert Reich: This Labor Day We Need Protest Marches Rather than Parades

Anderson Cooper just announced that it is $2 1/2 million being offered for the capture or

Gadhafi's photo album

Ron Paul suggests spending cuts could lead to riots

Kathleen Madigan gives the spit takes today on The Stephanie Miller Show,

After Gaddafi overthrown, Romney calls for his overthrow

America’s Rampant Inequality Impossible to Deny

Cantor Says No Earthquake Disaster Relief For His Home State Unless Spending Is Cut

MoFo GOODHAIR's Texas: a one-day news round-up

Congressional Control, Congressional approval, and the Presidency in an Eleciton year.

The D.C. Earthquake Makes For an Alarming Case against the Keystone Pipeline

Pay no attention to that stupid Texan

Warnings, watches issued in U.S. ahead of Hurricane Irene

For the good of the company? Five Apple products Steve Jobs killed

The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth - Guardian/UK

The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth - Guardian/UK

For all those who have increasingly wondered how to put food on the table, newlyweds had an idea.

Heck---Boston's expected to get hit with 70 mile per hour winds.

Ships flee Norfolk as Hurricane Irene nears

At Low Tide, Waves Already A Third Of The Way To The Dunes

Rick Perry's Texas - $185 a semester fee to ride school bus - Ed Shultz last night covered

Meteorologist on MSNBC saying latest is Irene may NOT intensify

Am I the only one who thinks that with a little facial hair, Rick Perry

Gov. Christie et. al just remember this ONE point...

Two years ago today....

Weatherundergroud's Jeff Masters cautions NE about Irenes' storm surge

Tonight on the news...

Polar bear shot and killed at BP Alaska oil field (she was in agony for 2 weeks)

Polar bear shot and killed at BP Alaska oil field (she was in agony for 2 weeks)

To my American Cousins - be safe tonight

How do some school districts in TX feel about Perry?

The non stop coverage of McCain, Lberman, & Graham's ....

Mixed feelings about how POTUS' people are now focusing on TX

Nation's Largest Environmental Organizations Stand Together To Oppose Oil Pipeline

Why I am not a supporter of bombing things in Libya.

tiny reminder- Hurricane Katrina was a category 3 hurricane.

Ironic... That Norman Rockwell Is Associated With Americana...

Pat Robertson - Still a douchebag after all these years

Gadhafi's Compound Included Pics of his "Darling" Condi Rice

August 25th and our first Termination Dust

How many of you folks have seen this old political flow chart?

My whole family are in the direct predicted path of Irene.

**Huntsman interviewed on PBS NewsHour tonight,

Anyone else a military spouse?

Tonight on Countdown

19-year-old faces five years in prison for streaming sporting events


I have a suspicion about Gaddafi

Earthquake/Tsunami Earthquake/Hurricane Mother Nature says "Don't fool with nukes."

Hurricane Irene pictured from space by ISS

earthquake virgin?

Out, damned spot! FCC kills Fairness Doctrine again

Thank you South Africa

Thank you South Africa

No charges for Justice Prosser in (WI) high court ruckus

No charges for Justice Prosser in (WI) high court ruckus

Rick Perry signs sweeping anti-abortion pledge promising to appt anti-abortion judges

If the admin thinks Qadaffi fell because of their intervention, we need to be watchful...and scared.

Inconvenient Americans

Defendant Rumsfeld

Thread for listing evacuations along the East Coast for Hurricane Irene.

Have You Seen Anything This Beautiful Today?

AFL-CIO leader distances labor movement from Democrats

AFL-CIO leader distances labor movement from Democrats

Great Chris Christy has nevertheless told all to "not ride it out"

On the evac orders...

East coasters, you better brace yourselves. Hurricane Irene looks like she's gonna be a real bitch.

Feds' Secret Disbursements to Bankers: $19.9 Trillion & Counting

Norman Rockwell painting sends rare White House message on race

Rick Perry Sought State Profits From Teacher Life Insurance Scheme

If You're Going to Leave, Leave Now

Bachmann has love-hate affair with government (she has taken a lot of Government help)

The 8 AM track projection is not getting any better. This will affect *many* people

Eric Scheiderman basically tells the guys who ousted him where they can file their briefs.

Seriously , Irene may hit NYC ?????

It's rare for me to unfriend someone on facebook.

New Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I'm Thinking Printers'

Amnesty International sets up Twitter account mocking Dick Cheney

History Channel Puts The Strongest UFO Evidence Under The Microscope

"Obama has not cut a single tax anywhere. Period. And it is the Dums who refused to extend the Bush

Just to be clear: "robo-signing" is technically called "lying under oath"

This is what will happen if we allow them to take away our rights bit by bit by "little bit":

It's time for Long Islanders and others in the Northeast to buckle up

Chris Christie has already declared a state of emergency

Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's Disease.

Picture at fallen Navy SEAL's funeral.

This is an excellent Hurricane tracker link.

This is an excellent Hurricane tracker link.

Is it possible to be racially insensitive toward WHITE PEOPLE?

NYC is beginning to staff evacuation centers

'You lie' congressman Wilson in hospital for fever

‘Haunted Collector’ Steals Valuables From Vulnerable People

"I HATE the Government! Government is EVIL!"

Weather Channel Link

Weather Channel Link

Poll: What is your feeling about the differences in opinion regarding the President's job approval.

The Rude Pundit: Someone Should Smack Marco Rubio with a History Stick

Teaparty Congressman Collects Disability From His Union Job

For the first time, astronomers say they've witnessed a black hole consuming a star

Lily Tomlin Joins Effort To Stop Hope, Maine Elephant Facility

Libyan Revolution Week 27 part 6

9 arrested for sex trafficking ring involving girls as young as 12

Teaparty Congressman Collects Disability From His Union Job $92,273 in 2010 (x post )

They are beyond bat shit insane

PSA for the East Coast

This Labor Day We Need Protest Marches Rather than Parades - Reich

Sanders: Strengthen Social Security by taxing large incomes

Idea for cutting the defense budget...

Ghadaffi had a crush on Condi Rice!

How to Build a Free Libya

Emergency Declared-Aftershock causes quake-hit Virginia nuke plant to report an Unusual Event + more

Emergency Declared-Aftershock causes quake-hit Virginia nuke plant to report an Unusual Event + more

"Evangelicals Engaged in Spiritual Warfare" on NPR - some SCARY crap. These people are nuts

In Case You Missed This... Matt Taibbi, On The Guy That Fired Schneiderman

Sanders Proposes Bill to Strengthen Social Security

Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL

Meet The Workers Who Make Your iPad:

If the AFL-CIO does not endorse Obama, but other unions do, how do you vote to support labor?

Progressive cool

Millionaire Owner Of H&R Block Wants To Pay His Fair Share To America

I just got an emergency storm warning from my town government

Halliburton to hire 11,000 people

Buy time with your MN rep through on-line auction

The harvest gifts I've received this summer, by the grace of my Garden

The Democratic Ticket 1940-2008

something Frank Lloyd Wright said

Did Fracking Cause the Virginia Earthquake?

Found on the Allen West for President Facebook page:

What Economic Democracy Wrought: The Italian Communist Party Spawned Robust Export-Led Growth

I have a cousin who lives at the beach, and she won't leave if a hurricane is coming because

National Geographic Channel presents: George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

Parts of Obama jobs package coming into focus

Pics of 'darling' Condoleezza Rice found in Gadhafi compound

There goes Apple, bye Steve, and I am sure your shareholders appreciate the loss....

Is It Time For ‘Dining Time Limit’ In Busy Restaurants?

Irene an extremely dangerous storm surge threat to the mid-Atlantic and New England

For those who are debating support of President Obama, I recommend reading "The Shock Doctrine"

End game is to pay us less and for the rich to take more...

Qaddafi's "deeply creepy" crush on the Condoleeza Rice

"Redwoods versus Red Wine" in Northern California -

AP Poll: 51% blame Bush for economy 31% Obama & more blame congressional GOP

AP Poll: 51% blame Bush for economy 31% Obama & more blame congressional GOP

Jack Cafferty Carries Water for AstroTurf 'Tea Party'

AFL-CIO Union President Trumka: Obama Aligned Himself With Tea Party To Cut Middle Class Programs

Message from a Clan Mother

Herbert Hoover: Winning

So Kinky Friedman supports Perry for Prezzeldink--

Asheville, NC, Go Topless Event Child Abuse?

Signing Employment Contract and negotiating with current employer.

Which President in the last 50 years do you admire most?

Tea Party Patriots at our county fair

This... right here... is how it is done.

NY AG Eric Schneiderman doubles down after being kicked off of AG committee on bank fines

NY AG Eric Schneiderman doubles down after being kicked off of AG committee on bank fines

They're getting ready to evacuate the prisons in Southern NJ.

The 10 top paying degrees (HINT - They are all science/math based)

For Many Seniors, There May Be No Retirement

Ron Reagan called dick cheney a war criminal... twice...on hardball

I know that MSNBC will never fire Tweety Matthews but...

I know that MSNBC will never fire Tweety Matthews but...

All of this is totally unnecessary.

War: Too Big To Fail

So... Does The 2012 Election Come Down To The Flavor And Intensity Of Corruption We Prefer ???

Hollywood Republicans

Gulf of Mexico Bubbling Oil Again at Deepwater Disaster

Hurricane survival tips for those who want to ride it out

98% of Florida Welfare Applicants Pass Drug Test, Discredit Tea Party Gov

"rebels" without uniform, "loyalists" without uniform and "british elite troops" without uniform

My Son Made Me INCREDIBLY Proud Last Night.

Why are right wingers blind to hypocrisy?

Elizabeth Warren Receives Major Union Endorsement Before Launching Senate Candidacy

Elizabeth Warren Receives Major Union Endorsement Before Launching Senate Candidacy

DLC Wasserman-Schultz dares liberal democrats to vote against internet data capturing bill

"Quinn ‘disappointed’ in Michael Madigan for attending John Boehner fund-raiser "

Dick Cheney - In my time

Fox "news" host admits man-made global warming is real, but also says this fact doesn't matter

***** Church Sign Contest *****

***** Church Sign Contest *****

Black hole caught in act of swallowing a star

Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL

Cheney, if only....

American Terrorists: 'Violence May be Needed to Save ‘White America’


Where 30 Years of Real Class Warfare Has Left America

I stand with labor. If the AFL-CIO does not endorse Obama in 2012

So...Do you evacuate NYC? Is it ever possible (or advisable) to evacuate NYC?

Arne Duncan tried to meet with Matt Damon before the SOS rally in D. C. last month.

Dennis Kucinich: Calls on Obama's Jobs Council Head, Jeffrey Immelt, to resign or be fired.

Obama Campaign giving out **FREE** 2012 bumper stickers!

Special Forces

What activity would you like to try or try again, and why? Went white water canoeing.

Mission Impossible Music ala Gamelan from Indonesia

Irrigate me, baby.......

The gods are with me. I walked right down the street and into the first shoe store I saw. They not

This is so kewl..... check this page, select get your globe at the top and wait.....

Why does David Muir have to show us so much cleavage?

Since Taverner's thread about Scotch Eggs, I've had a Jones on for them. Just finished two with

I'll be in one of my favorite saloons next week, the Midnight Star.

PHOTO: MiddleFingerGrandmom INVENTED the "drop and give me 50" challenge...

PHOTO: MiddleFingerGrandmom INVENTED the "drop and give me 50" challenge...

PHOTO: "It was EASY to kill... didn't put up a fight at all... it but tasted TERRIBLE."

B¥tch, you don't have a future!

Weird experience with High Blood Pressure

This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok!

Anyone else here play League of Legends

Most people don't realize that it's not all that easy to accept one's new "zombie status".

What is the difference between "barbecue" and "true southern barbecue," and more

Please delete, Mods. Thanks. NT

MiddleFingerMom "outed" one of his GF's once... but PHEW BOY, did he EVER have good reason!!!

My tribute to Google Voice:

Tales of brave Ulysses

The other forums

need job interview vibes

This Town

Magical World


MiddleFingerMom has had a STELLAR academic career... starting right from the very beginning.

Is our children learning?

Think "Samuel L, Jackson as Jules Winnfield" in Pulp Fiction:

Free steak from Outback if you hurry for the meat eaters.

Oh baby, oh baby, OH. I have an appointment with ANOTHER potential client tomorrow at 3 PM.

Pillow Fight!!

So, You Want to Stop a Baby from Crying?

Geico ad/w keyboard playing dog singing backup to cockatoo in 80's tune

Quique The Head

I took a nap this afternoon and I missed our little rain advent, it rained.

i'm getting over a kidney infection and strep throat...ask me anything!

The greatest key for success is sincerity...

Am I an East Coast Guy, who somehow got born on the West Coast?

Anyone heard of the musician/composer Johann Johannsson?

Why do some people just "get on your nerves?" And sometimes you really don't know why,

Wait...are those storm clouds...


Yikes!!! Irene is giving me the hairy eye! I'm in Southwestern

At risk? What the heck does that mean?

I'm fed up with Skinner's authoritaran rule!

Now taking applications to take applications

Pen is broken please pull finger.

Pen is broken please give finger

Pen is broken please use finger

First Tornados, then Earthquakes and now a Hurricane. When will the Volcano erupt?

MFM gives solicitors a fair warning.

Penis broken. Please use snake.

Penis Amputee Receives No Damages in Kentucky Trial

Penis broken. Please use imagination.

# # # # # # HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TK421 ! ! # # # # # #

Best hurricane-related FB post so far

What is your favourite small town and why? Post a picture/link of a small town where you'd

I actually had earthquake damage here on Long Island.

WOOHOO! Hurricane Irene hype on 'thuh nooze'.

Ever hang around someone who says they quit smoking but in fact just quit buying them?

Anyone else looking forward to Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy?

Back from self-imposed exile as the former DeposeTheBoyKing

Anyone seen the new Jane Eyre? Is it any good?

Found this on Youtube.

One of the most strangely beautiful places I've ever seen (pic heavy)

You know what sucks?

Jim Carrey's YouTube video to Emma Stone. Sweet and romantic, or stalker-level creepy?

The Sweet Smell of Success ?? boy, did they ever give that move the wrong title

Anyone know by what year was it common for most U.S. homes to have phones?

Boy am I in trouble now!

Sending Best Wishes To AlienGirl (I hope this is okay with the mods)

For the first time since June 30

Gary Sinese is a nice guy. See what he did for his Uncle jack.

Thanks to all who wrote. Heart attacks--do NOT try this at home, boys and girls:

The farthest you have hitchhiked in a single trip? From/To? When? How long did it take?

My Dog Is A Goof Ball

Should I stop beating my wife?

Look at the size of this freaking RAT!


Rudolphensis girls really knock me out

Where is the "FAIL" in this geography item from CNN?

I talked with my brother today about my SIL

ANOTHER new client today...that's TWO Mexican Restaurants in one week.

Hubby asked me, "What, you don't think I can grill in 100 mph winds?"

Just watched "Dr. Strangelove" for the first time

Allergy season in the Great Lakes region.......

What song would you like to have playing when you enter a crowded room?

What is the collective noun for "teabaggers?" You know how you have a pride of

Ever eating at a buffet style chain restaurant? I did. I didn't know it

Style or fashion trends you like or despise?

MiddleFingerMom has often been confused by/about the simplest things in life.

Kali is STILLL struggling when it comes to setting personal Intertubes boundaries.

This is good shit. I mean... this is REALLY good shit!!!

Penis broken. Please use finger. n/t

Back in the day, MiddleFingerMom considered drinking to excess to be performance art.

MiddleFingerMom gives Vin Diesel a fucking attitude adjustment.

China still focused on Taiwan, Pentagon report finds

Student uprising leader brings charisma to a Chilean winter

Syrian cartoonist beaten up: Activists

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (08/25/2011)

Lotter's appeal rejected (1999 film "Boys Don't Cry.")

State Department review to find pipeline impact ‘limited,’ sources say

Right-wing general poised to win Guatemalan presidency

Discovered in transition e-mails, advice from Jeb Bush to Gov. Rick Scott

Rebels claim to have Muammar Gaddafi surrounded

DOJ probes alleged News Corp. 9/11 victim hacking

U.S. Checks Conditions for Workers in Walkout

Apple (AAPL) Sell-Off Only Muted After Steve Jobs’ Resignation

Attorney general to investigate NoW 9/11 phone-hacking allegations

More Than 100 Business Leaders Sign Schultz's No Campaign Donations Pledge

WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Fears Over China's Nuclear Safety ('Building Reactors on the Cheap')

BART to limit shutdowns of wireless service

Facebook and Twitter riot clampdown opposed by human rights groups

3.4 Magnitude Quake Recorded in Northern New York

Buffett Invests $5 Billion in Bank of America

Chinese TV programme shows apparent cyber-attack on US website

Cheney Says He Urged Bush to Bomb Syria in ’07

Court reverses 10 army murder sentences

Chilean judge probing death under Pinochet of Gen. Alberto Bachelet, future president’s father

Elizabeth Warren Receives Major Union Endorsement Before Launching Senate Candidacy

Board issues Final Rule to require posting of NLRA (employee union) rights

Rick Perry Sought State Profits From Teacher Life Insurance Scheme

Libya: SAS leads hunt for Gaddafi

Police investigate complaint that janitor impregnated 11-year-old schoolgirl

Gov. Christie conditionally vetoes ban on fracking

Group asks FBI to investigate Vern Buchanan

Thousands flee NC coast as governor declares state of emergency

Gulf of Mexico at Deepwater Disaster Bubbling Oil Again

RIP Mike Flanagan: Former MLB Pitcher with Orioles and Jays Passes Away at 59

Sen. Scott Brown aide caught using Twitter ‘sock puppet’ to mock opponent

Dedication Of MLK Memorial Postponed By Hurricane

Peace Now rally calls on Glenn Beck to ‘go home’

(California) Health care measure seeks public option, rollbacks

Muslim coalition calls for investigation of alleged NYPD surveillance

Libyan rebels, allies implement plans to prevent anarchy in Tripoli

Labor Agency to Require Posting Unionization Rights

Found at Gadhafi compound: photos of Condoleezza Rice

No charge for justice accused in choking

Evidence of 'mass execution' in Tripoli

(FL) Welfare drug-testing yields 2% positive results

Libyan rebels won't reveal identities of Younes' killers

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, August 25, 2011

Contours of Obama jobs package coming into focus

Nurofen Plus alert: painkiller packs mistakenly contain anti-psychotic drugs

Board finds Texas scaffolding company unlawfully fired striking workers

NYPD Reviews Unsolved Rapes for Ties to Officer

NYPD commissioner confirms CIA officer works at department, but in advisory role

S&P Downgrade Prompts $1 Trillion Stock Loss

Jerry Brown unveils his job creation plan

Irene May Require NYC Evacuations

Fukushima caesium leaks 'equal 168 Hiroshimas'

Motown executive and museum founder Esther Gordy Edwards dies at 91

Tucson Democrat wants to challenge Giffords

Salvadoran Supreme Court refuses to detain men charged in 1989 killings of Jesuit priests

Austrian father 'locked daughters in room for 41 years'

Austrian father 'locked daughters in room for 41 years'

Colombia Supreme Court decriminalizes drugs for personal use

AFL-CIO president: Obama is aligned with tea party, not fixing jobs

Poll: Obama, GOP disapproval ratings hit record highs

Bolivia accuses United States of promoting protests

S.F. poll worker sentenced for stealing ballots

Child Pornography Bill Makes Privacy Experts Skittish

Sen Sanders Introduces Bill To Lift Payroll Tax Cap-Ensuring Full Social Security Funding For 75 yr

Layoffs and Cutbacks: Rick Perry's 2011 Education Record

In Campaign Events, Bachmann Controls Image

Mitt Romney Backs Away From Climate Change

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: Obama Can’t Win for Winning

Bush still losing the blame game

Perry to Join September 7 GOP Debate at Reagan Presidential Library

Another tea fuck hypocrite

Budget agency projects slow growth, high joblessness

Obama Campaign Works to Update Database With Giveaway

"Will Obama continue to work with the Tea Party?"

The Republican front runners as imagined by The Simpsons

Gallup polling in 2007 rethug primary

Santorum smacks Bloomberg over 9/11

Kid Reporters Interview President Obama

Perry sucks.

AFL-CIO Threatens Obama's Re-Election Over Jobs

Perry-Gate: The Record (Aug. 25). Categories of transgressions and hot links.

Cheney's book will make heads explode?? Really??

PPP: Third-party bids would help Obama

Pew: Obama Leadership Image Takes a Hit, GOP Ratings Decline (82% Dems want Obama reelected)

Romney: I’d Like To Repeal Wall Street Reform

Gawker sums it all up: "This is going to be the most racist election ever."

Kinky Friedman officially jumps shark, endorses Perry

Top Lawmakers Say Proposed NLRB Election Rule Ensures ‘Greater Fairness’

Nearly half of N.J. voters don't think President Obama deserves a second term, poll says


Stephen King launches leftwing radio show

2012 is going to be a clear choice of ideology. So let's cut through the bullshit.

Good analysis of why Scott Brown is defeatable

We Could Have Had Lee Mercer

When did Obama's solution for everything become tax cuts?

Are you waking up? If you continue to bash and not support

Does "Washington" Give A Damn About The Jobless?

Gene Lyons: The problem is Texanism--not Texans

TYT: Dominique Strauss-Kahn Charges Dropped

Glenn Beck, Will You Be a Martyr?

Threw It On The Ground

CIA behind the protests in Libya?

Christoph from NO JUSTICE NO BART speaks to BART BOARD

The Alternate Reality of the Tea Party Express

The Politics of Confirming the President's Judicial Nominees

The Mess In Texas — Debunking Rick Perry’s ‘Texas Miracle'

Inside Gaddafi's compound

TYT: Obama: Cut Regulations On Food Safety, Business, Fairness Doctrine

Alabama's Immigration Law: Radical or Within Reason?

Little House on the Prairie-- Centennial

Free Online Class on Artificial Intelligence

Thom Hartmann - Social Security Means Test

Roseanne owns state rep on fair wages, taxes, labor rights, and the plight of the middle class

Thom Hartmann vs Ken Klukowski - Balanced Budget Amendments ?

Ruby Bridges visits with the President and her portrait

Israel Not Buying Beck's BullS#it

TDPS: Michele Bachmann Promises $2 Gas and Recommends a Pro-Slavery Book. Uhoh


Steve Jobs: People can Change The World for the Better

Coming out- DADT

Thom Hartmann - Paul Ryan...legislation for sale?

US involvement in Libya hypocritical?

'Foreign boots in Libya will trigger Afghan-like Islamic surge'

Shame this Obama wasn't elected instead of the warmongering impostor we now have

Papantonio: Prosecute US Credit Agencies

You know they won't win...... HEY KNOW

The Progressive Magazine: Cheney Makes Me Sick

Thom Hartmann - Going to jail over the Keystone XL Pipeline?

Obama Admin Protecting Criminal Banks

Thank You Steve Jobs

Missouri woman's rant at state troopers caught on video

Enough is Enough Rally 10/29/11 call 2 (rough cut)

Thom Hartmann - A tax cut Republicans don't like?

Young Turks: Rep. Ryan's Tax Loopholes For Donors

Rachel Maddow disproves Rick Scott's LIES about drug use & welfare recipients

Town Hallers Embarrass Rep. Over Bush Tax Cuts

Papantonio: Republicans Stoking Economic Fears for Personal Gain

Keiser Report: Myotonic Markets (E176)

Thom Hartmann - Why the VI nuke plant had its quake sensors removed?

Why the Sioux Are Refusing $1.3 Billion

O'Reilly Upset Stein and Trapper Kicked His Butt

Gay barbarian horde dances to Lady GaGa outside Marcus Bachmann's clinic

How High Tax Rates REALLY Create 'Uncertain­ty'

Bachmann has love-hate affair with government

Robert Fisk: History repeats itself, with mistakes of Iraq rehearsed afresh

Teacher Uses First Amendment Selectively in Facebook Case

How an Ethiopian slave became a South African teacher

Inventive warfare

The fast and the curious {Indian protests}

Pakistan, China ties are unique: Hina Rabbani Khar

The Only Sane Republican in America?

How Rick Perry Created His State's $27 Billion Budget Crisis

Jake reads the newspaper and pays his taxes

Jake moves north

What's wrong with this picture

The Hidden Life of a Forger

Mark Fiore - Dogged Daze

Please delete. Duplicate post.

New Report: Religion, not Racism, Maintains Southern Distinctiveness; Democrats Could Make Inroads

America's Sweatshop Diplomacy

Russia Likely To Suspend Space Deliveries Over Loss Of Progress Freighter

Bushehr Nuclear Plant Reactors Gather Pace (at 40 percent of its capacity)

To catch a terrorist: The FBI hunts for the enemy within

New Drug Tests Target the Poor

How an Ethiopian slave became a South African teacher

Census Figures a Victory for Civil Rights, Setback for Bullies

In Their Own Words: The Fight to Save Tucson’s Ethnic Studies Program

After Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans Community Groups Are Winning Progressive Victories

Will the 2012 Political Campaign be the Most Violent in This Countries History?

Out of Control: The Destructive Power of the Financial Markets - SPIEGEL ONLINE

USA Could Be Just 3 States Away from ERA

GOP decides accurate weather forecasting and hurricane tracking are luxuries America can’t afford

US, India win from outsourcing of services

Approaching the Collapse: Don’t Panic, Go Organic

Irene Aims at U.S. States Suffering Budget Cuts for Emergencies

Marriage, Divorce Rates Highest In Same U.S. Regions

Over the Cliff

NATO nations set to reap spoils of Libya war

Can Communities Reclaim the Right to Say “No”?

Pinochet’s updated victim figures, a staggering 40,018

It has not loaded yet

Nunavut’s future is underground, says Harper

Peak oil notes - August 25

Ckimate Progress restores commenting system and all past 5 years of comments

Fuel Found in Old Newspapers (cellulosic butanol)

Making Tomorrow's Bioenergy Yeasts Strong (cellulosic ethanol)

Huntsman & Perry Mirror Growing Split W/I GOP Over Rationality, Science, Educational Background

Nation's weather extremes may be the new normal

Irene an extremely dangerous storm surge threat to the mid-Atlantic and New England

Wow, What A Shocker - Inhofe To Endorse Rick Perry!

Arctic sea routes open as ice melts (BBC)

Energy Department Applauds Nation’s First Large-Scale Industrial Carbon Capture and Storage Facility

TX Dept. Of Agriculture - Drought Damages Since Last October Now Stand At $5.2 Billion And Counting

Michele Bachmann - Petroleum Geologist!

Tanker Truck Spills (Fracking) Chemicals in Marion County Stream

24 governors (from both “major” parties) ask President to focus on wind energy deployment

Govt (Japan) announces lifting of beef cattle shipment ban

"Return me to a simpler time of clean air, good food and good health"

CERN: 'Climate models will need to be substantially revised'

Worst 1-Yr Drought Ever For Austin - 70 Days @ 100+ - Residents Changing What They Plant

Geologists Sharply Cut Estimate of Shale Gas

TEPCO executive knew about tsunami predictions

It's Time To Kill The Electric Car, Drive A Stake Through Its Heart And Burn The Corpse