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Yet another shooting range suicide--this one was an attempt.

Mitt Romney is too tentative even for a John Wayne stand in.

Republicans Will Save Us

Gaddafi Compound Secret Tunnels: A Look Inside The Libyan Leader's Network Of Hidden Bunkers (VIDEO)

Irene losses start to mount as storm aims at NYC

Describe the photos you've placed in YOUR secret, hidden Condoleezza Rice Photo Worship Album.

Obama: Emergency for NC ahead of Irene

Wife with MS, two children one with Special Needs Child and soon to be out of work: HELP Please!

Cheney Tell-all will be the best thing that ever happened to Obama and the democrats

FHA Announces new loan limits to take effect Oct 1

FHA Announces new loan limits to take effect Oct 1

Total U.S. Cost of Military Action in Libya Confirmed at 3 Days Worth of Afghanistan War

Anonymous to Occupy Wall Street on September 17th, Expect Us

3 Hawaii Marines charged in Afghanistan hazing case

3 Hawaii Marines charged in Afghanistan hazing case

Virginia Earthquakes Sourced

BP Security Guard Kills Polar Bear! Shot her with explosive charge not meant to be aimed at Bears

Guardian UK: The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth

Help deciding on a campaign.

MSNBC reports eight injuries and one possible

Virginia Governor Tramples Democracy to Place Onerous Regs on Abortion Clinics

At face value, I disagree with Richard Trumka, but I think his actions might have a positive effect.

Democracy Now: The One Billion Dollar Question: Who Are the Libyan Rebels?

Bloomberg announced mandatory evacuations for

WikiLeaks publishes tens of thousands more cables

Rachel is reporting how Mitt Romney is sacrificing all his principles to win over the Republicans.


Air Force pulls aircraft from Irene’s path

WikiLeaks cables reveal fears over China's nuclear safety

WikiLeaks cables reveal fears over China's nuclear safety


Robert Scheer: Obama's Wall Street deal would grant the banks blanket immunity from prosecution

Hurricane Irene Looks 'Terrifying' From Space, Astronaut Says

HUD charges New York CO-OP and 2 employess with discriminating against disabled tenant

HUD charges New York CO-OP and 2 employess with discriminating against disabled tenant

Um... Ah... Well... There's... WTF ???

$$$$ Billions of TARP Funds Meant for Struggling Homeowners May Go Toward Paying Down Deficit Instea

Paul Krugman: Bernanke’s Perry Problem

ProPublica: Billions Meant for Struggling Homeowners May Pay Down Deficit Instead

Mitt Romney had ZERO chance of winning the nomination or the Presidency for that matter.

Midlands stables to house coastal horses while Irene hits

NWS wind sims at this point

NWS wind sims at this point

Before Hurricane Irene hits, New York planning to shut down transportation system, evacuate areas

VDOT seeks clear path for Irene evacuation (Virginia Department of Transportation)

If I was in NYC

Please take a moment to post a "get well" message for "Crooks & Liars" contributor Susie Madrak

Please take a moment to post a "get well" message for "Crooks & Liars" contributor Susie Madrak

Martin Luther King Memorial Cancelled due to potential Hurricane Irene

Current watch\warning map for the east coast

The GOP presidential field (funny toon)

Maybe they could use Condi to lure Qadaffi out of hiding?

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Irene is a name derived from a Greek word meaning "peace"

Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL

It's official: rethugs favor tax cuts for the ultra rich, but NOT for poor and middle class American

11 PM official National Hurricane Center discussion on Hurricane Irene

Official Evacuation Zone Map of New York City

I called my congress critter today.

Hurricane survival tip #89

VIDEO: Barbarian Flashmob Converts “Marcus Bachmann” in Glitter Baptism at Clinic

VIDEO: Barbarian Flashmob Converts “Marcus Bachmann” in Glitter Baptism at Clinic

Mother Jones website has Michelle Rhee's petition link posted.

SHHAAAARRRRRKKKKKKK! This is the lead story

Gov. Christie urges Jersey Shore visitors to leave before Irene hits.

Depending On Tides, The Storm Surge Could Be Bad News For Manhattan (It's An Island)

Rep. Joe Wilson hospitalized with viral infection

To all those in NC and NY, along with the eastern states

NYT/Editorial: Why Is That A Secret?

Funny photo from Puerto Rico

Voltaire Network denounces attempt by the "rebels" to arrest Thierry Meyssan

So I've read the threads on...

Winston Churchill via The 43 President of the United States Al Gore

Airlines start canceling flights as Irene nears

Preview of Irene: video yesterday by a professional weather photographer

"If $85 million is not enough...."

National Geographic: America Before Columbus

1858... according to our shit stirrers on our local nooz

New Mexico state jet sold for $2.5M to Alaska couple

Should Jason Bateman be a corporation?

Analysis: Buffett trades off his reputation

8/29 is the anniversary of Katrina


Leading article: Pupils lose out with a system so prone to manipulation {independent uk}

Iraqi officials say rockets land in Iraq, not Kuwait

5 AM EDT update from NHC about Hurricane Irene

5 AM EDT update from NHC about Hurricane Irene

Cheney tried to persuade President Bush to bomb Syria

UK jets bomb Gaddafi hometown bunker

I just saw the video of Marco Rubio saving Nancy Reagan from a fall -

I just saw the video of Marco Rubio saving Nancy Reagan from a fall -

" spend a lot of time talking about how dumb and uncouth the other side is."

OMFG - Jim Cantore is in New York

Bomb hits UN building in Abuja

New Unexpected Apple products from CEO Tim Cook putting a drag on the stock next quarter (Pics)

What is it about Condi Rice that attracts

Hurricane Irene New York: Economic Damage Could Be Huge

Nov. 2010 WikiLeaks FAQ Page Foreshadows Cablegate "Arab Spring" Impact & Possibilities

Cantor, Spending Cuts and Irene. GOP bastids and their one trick phony.

Politico: Perry and Romney seeking Donald Trump's blessing

Politico: Perry and Romney seeking Donald Trump's blessing

Seriously what if Wall Street really floods

So, Goodhair's 'Texas Miracle' included a plan to profit off dead school teachers

The Sweet Smell of Success.....

Joe Conason, Truthdig: Why Perry Hates Regulators: They’re Bad for (His) Business

The Official Republican Creed:

Heard on NPR: "Libyan opposition leaders say securing Libya may take another two months, if ...

Casino attack in Mexico's Monterrey kills 53

China denounces U.S. report, defends military upgrade

Massive Hurricane Irene resumes intensification

Remind me again how much money from the NOAA budget....

IRENE is a killer that can't be bargained with and provision of Fed Disaster Aid will be critical...

Economy in U.S. Grew at 1% Annual Pace in 2Q

IRENE- landfall Atlantic Beach NC 10 AM - *Boston* look out you will get the NE corner of the storm

Apparently... Up To 55 Million People Could Be Effected By Hurricane Irene...

Fed's "Public Rep" Bank Shilling Scandal


Questions the Media has failed to ask in the anniversary of September 11th.

Connecticut joins list of States banning the usage of credit histories as a hiring filter

A sound track for Irene

U.S. Banks Said to Seek Relief From Regulators as Deposits Swell

Aeromexico pilot held in Madrid on suspicion of smuggling cocaine

AFL-CIO and the King Center host national symposium on Jobs, Justice and the American Dream

MN's loser GOP Gov candidate. Emmer attends ALEC meeting as working press

Cheney tried to persuade President Bush to bomb Syria

Did anyone else just see that idiot reporter on ABC GMA standing in a wind tunnel

Could 1,500 Architects and Engineers Be Wrong?‏

Please share: Once again Fresno PD violently assaults suspect. K9 critically injures man

Cheney's Post-it Notes:

Collateral spat sparks new Greek default fears

Collateral spat sparks new Greek default fears

Massive car bomb hits U.N. building in Nigeria, kills at least 16

JetBlue Scrubs 880 Flights as Irene Nears

New York is being bombarded with adds by Mobile telling us how great tar sands and fracking

No QE3 - for now

It is great to see the Unions rebuilding the 9-11 site.

Bernanke proposes no new steps to boost economy

Feds find high levels of salmonella contamination in Mexican papayas and are holding them now

one contact. my son had a cornea ulcer that was really bad, back in june

Are Current TV and “Countdown” going to be available in high-definition (HDTV)?

Wonderful World? Indulge yourself and write the Reprise for Rick Perry's addition

30 Mosques in 30 Days

my dad teaches a lesson at 83

Breaking - Amtrak says train hits car and derails in Nebraska with more

Great blog post by Ritholtz

MARCHA POR LA PAZ/MARCH FOR PEACE in Fresno Ca, 8/27 at 3pm Cindy Sheehan joins Suarez del Solar

Obama stronger vs. Romney with 3rd-party bids

11.00am Warnings/Watches include Martha's Vineyard

American Red Cross site

Can somebody explain to me how/why Paul Ryan's 'pay to speak'

Rick Steves donating $1 million in ‘Bush tax cuts’ to Edmonds arts

From Jeff Masters' WunderBlog - links to storm surge maps, one of them interactive

Investigators Search Josh Powell's Home (missing UT mom case)

The ELENIN Timeline: Road to the EndTime

The ELENIN Timeline: Road to the EndTime

The ELENIN Timeline: Road to the EndTime

Willie Nelson has some hope for you

Ben Bernanke versus Mitch McConnell

If president Obama had injected himself into the Wisconsin

Illinois Medicaid's managed care effort stumbles

Link to webcam at Myrtle Beach:

Can someone point me to a source discussing how the Confederate Flag reappeared as a state symbol?

Tea Party Rage Dies

That D.C. Earthquake? It Was Lincoln Getting Pissed

Are Republicans "unAmerican"?

Report: GOP Congress Directs $30 Billion For Struggling Homeowners Be Used To Pay

Fascinating recent interview with Mikhail Gorbachev

Where's D1? Following one of the Decorah eagles.

In Support Of Sen. Sanders - A Lift The Cap Campaign......

Ariz. sues feds over Voting Rights Act : claims law is unconstitutional

Should the Congressional Black Caucus copy the Tea Party?

Hehe, the MSNBC host just sang, "Come on Irene"

Might Be A Republican If:

To the people that mock DU on a daily basis.

Irony: Moonie Times columnist warns about the "Kool-Aid"

Presidential quotes

What if DU get's blown away in the Hurricane?

Online web broadcast with Dr. Jeff Masters at 4:30 pm this afternoon...

The Rude Pundit: A Guide for New Yorkers Experiencing Their First Hurricane

Irene's eyewall collapses; further intensification unlikely (storm surge and flooding danger)

Building a Better Mousetrap: Time to "Breitbart" Breitbart

City specific Hurricane tips

Curfews? Mandatory evacuations? The tea baggers must be going nuts.

Hyena's say "no more meat"

John Dean rips Cheney’s memoir: It displays his ‘authoritarian personality’

Cheney on election '00: Who Retracts a Concession?

Cheney on election '00: Who Retracts a Concession?

Now what? Worst-ever Drug Shortage in U.S. History. The economic crisis keeps getting worse.

Words cannot describe

He's Up on a Cross people....All by himself...Pitty him...PRAISE HIM!!!

On how to make a statement on appliances that do not LAST

On how to make a statement on appliances that do not LAST

P&G CEO's pay rises to $16.2 million in 2nd year

PBS documentary sheds light on marijuana’s cancer-killing properties

Airlines warn of in-flight tears, orgasms


Why Austerity Hurts: The Government’s Budget is Not Like Yours

98 Michigan schools cited for low achievement

Man notifies Conn. police that he parked illegally in handicapped space, gets arrested

Man notifies Conn. police that he parked illegally in handicapped space, gets arrested

Interesting conversation at the repair shop

ESPN defends ‘white Michael Vick’ photo

GOP plan to balance budget

Irene storm track moves west; timing, impact still uncertain

Ok the City of El Cajon is now charging for any EMS

Social Security Revisited

Dennis Kucinich Slams Right-Wing 'Health Care Expert'

New Yorkers, how are all of you doing pre-Irene ?

Breaking--Jackpine Radical rejects Presidential draft bid.

A SECOND memoir??? Why does Condi Rice think she's so fascinating?

The Fiercest Union Video We've Seen All Month

Merkel: Markets Won’t ‘Blackmail’ Euro Leaders

There Are Only Two Paths Out of this Economic Mess: (1) Massive Defaults or....

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

Luckovich toon on Cheney

NYC mass transit to stop at noon Saturday

The view from the right (Roy Beck and NumbersUSA) on E-verify and

The GOP has neither a Reagan nor a Clinton

View from the International Space Station: Moon Over Afghanistan

REPORT: $42 Million From Seven Foundations Helped Fuel The Rise Of Islamophobia In America

Church sermons--think back.

Keith Ellison (CPC Co-Chair): U.S. role made the difference in Libya

More info on the Bank of America's EDD coup

Don't Vote.

"Tyranny and oppression are just as possible under democratic forms as under any other"

you KNOW the GOP is preparing their "Irene is Obama's Katrina" talking points

Dear Gov. Perry, between you and Me, let's get one thing straight...

Hurricane Survival Tips:

Napa Greens take on the Tea Party Express

Locks superglued prior to protests of Governor Walker at local school

Corporate feedback loop...


According To The Latest Pew Poll...

So will Govs. Christie, McDonnell and Corbett refuse evil federal aid?

The next big labor brawl: Unions ramping up for showdown over FAA

Muslim community survey planned as rights groups question NYPD’s CIA ties

West now wants Afican Union to fig-leaf "transition in Libya" -- after bombing their peace proposals

Letter to My Representative

Letter to My Representative

After years of delays, Boeing 787 Dreamliner gets FAA certification

East Coasters: (Like you don't have enough on your minds) Have the aftershocks

Goodnight Irene

New WikiLeaks Cables Show US Diplomats Promote Genetically Engineered Crops Worldwide

This might have been brought up already, but Sara Sidner is AWESOME!

This might have been brought up already, but Sara Sidner is AWESOME!

Workers scramble to plug cracks in Washington Monument ahead of Irene

Do you have the time?

PSA: remember

(2nd) Top Walker aide Archer takes leave of absence

New York City Orders Evacuations In Low-Lying Areas

Whoopi Goldberg adopts kitten thrown from car on NYC bridge

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. deserves more than an expensive statue in his honor."

"Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. deserves more than an expensive statue in his honor."

Freepers are delusional

Anti-Pi activists celebrate Tau Day.

Wilmington, Norfolk, Washington, Baltimore, Wilmington, Phildelphia, New York, Hartford, Boston ....

Independents WANT Obama to fight GOP harder

NYC orders evacuations, will shut down subway system and other mass transit

C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight

Atlantic City faces first evacuation in history

Atlantic City faces first evacuation in history

Hurricane Irene's Impacts on East Coast Cities

MMA: Right-Wing Media Freak Out Over Decision To Deport Convicted Felons

Mandatory evacuations for low-lying areas of NYC

Current Conditions in Myrtle Beach, SC

The Santorum has picked up and is demagoging on Cameron about England riots

If you don't know, and don't care to find out, about gay issues then STFU

For those in the hurricane path... advice from a vet.

Dick Cheney couldn't touch the level of evil set by Hugo Chavez in a million years

Horror scenes at Tripoli hospital

"Taverner, why the heck are you a Socialist?"

This Land Is Your Land.


the tao of steve (jobs) - LINK

BP Gulf Disaster Revisited: New Report Reveals Carcinogens in Corexit Dispersant


Mitch McConnell should be OK!

7000 immigrant deportation cases in Georgia reviewed for dismissal

7000 immigrant deportation cases in Georgia reviewed for dismissal

'Banks Prepare for Worst' of Irene - Golf outing shorten to 54 holes !

Irene eye wall collapses. Diminished strength but still a heavy duty storm.

Well, I guess I can kiss off that online order I placed with a NH company...

Expect Gas Price To Spike Due to Irene

Sharpton on the importance of government

An insight from the west coast on the east coast earthquake

Just wow. Traditional Values Coalition mocks "Islamists" who say "Allah caused the earthquake"

If you are given an evacuation order, do it!

Oh shit - hurricane warnings up now

When do the Locust get here? Earthquake,Hurricane and now Fire rains down on Virginia

Prick Rerry's our only hope, Obi Peggy Noonan!

PQ (Parti Québécois) on 'edge of abyss' says key member

Liberals are fringe now? The real danger of the right-wing propaganda.

"HISTORIC STORM" says CNN onscreen captions

"HISTORIC STORM" says CNN onscreen captions

State Department to Allow Canadian Pipeline

Welcome To Fringe Underground

Colo. grave digger fired for dancing on grave

So, what do you think of the LIBYA REBEL'S "blast away at any threat" style of revolution??

Hurricane Irene could be a disaster of biblical proportions

Three Cheers for Goshen College!!! "Healing the World, Peace By Peace"

President Obama is nominated for a Nobel prize again!

Gas gouging/profiteering is underway.

Let's make a deal with the Republicans?

Schneiderman Pushes Back, Reiterates Vow to FULLY INVESTIGATE MORTGAGE SCANDEL Top to Bottom

How do you feel about Jerry Lewis being replaced as host of the MDA Telethon?

GOP Congressmen Put Constituents Who Asked Tough Questions On A ‘Watch List’

Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis

A State in Stark Contrast to Irene: My Heart Goes Out to Texas

Rebels Fan Across Libya Dressed as Condoleezza Rice (borowitzreport)

In Search Of the mythical Job Creator™

Independents WANT Obama to fight GOP harder

Do you support "proportional representation" vs winner-take-all?

Will teabaggers be against fixing the Washington Monument?

Glenn Beck: Hurricane Irene is a ‘blessing’ (for his hawking of Food Insurance)

Glenn Beck: Hurricane Irene is a ‘blessing’ (for his hawking of Food Insurance)

I needed a reminder-

Tonight on Countdown: Sen. Bernie Sanders, AFL-CIO Richard Trumka, Sen. Steve Gallardo

President Obama heading back to DC to monitor

East Coast Refineries Shutting Down -

French Socialists fear the return of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Anybody Keeping Track Of Republican Wins Vs. Democratic Wins In The Last Month... Year...

It ate up the new Jersey turnpike

Rick Perry Tried to Sell Corpses of Texas Teachers to Wall Street

An apology from Texas

Syria unrest: Civilians need protection, says UN

Syria unrest: Civilians need protection, says UN

Is it just me or do hurricanes always seem to make landfall on the weekend?

President Obama acted the way he did when it came to the wars and

Romney: Better to Raise Retirement Age, Cut Benefits Than Fair Share Social Security Tax

For anyone not familiar with the abomination that is the Alberta tar's a good recap

I'm Baack..

This nation is about, "We, the People"...

Grover Norquist thinks this is funny. Do you?

Natural Disaster Survivor's Forum on DU, in case you don't know about it

Catholics object to Michigan welfare cuts

Gaddafi's desperate bid to save regime revealed

Here's what I don't get - I am intereviewing for a Scandinavian company

Free Wi-Fi in NYC this weekend

McDonnell declares state of emergency for earthquake damage

Thls looks like a good site with info on Irene

No Lockup prison docs on MSNBC or infomercials CNBC this weekend

Joe The Plumber Might Run For Congress

Rare photo of Gaddafi at his computer

How to stay connected during Hurricane Irene - from the A.P.

Charge: Lakeville dad cites financial collapse for abandoning son, 11

Is it possible that church politics are driving people away?

Check in for all of you in the path of Irene.

Hurricane? New Yorkers Soak Up The Beach

Astronomers discover planet made of diamond

What people are so concerned about re Irene is a repeat of 1938

WAY PAST time to bring cheney&rumDUMMY&bushCO to JUSTICE for WAR CRIMES & TORTURE NOW ADMITTED by

Eating the seed corn

Guess who Moamar had a crush on? Not sure what it means but there you have it.

LOL! - Rick Perry Fan Club toon

Mystery of the Nazca Lines - Smithsonian Channel

Toon: GOD Becomes President.

GOP Congressmen Put Constituents Who Asked Tough Questions On A ‘Watch List’

Tea Party Congressman Collects Disability From His Union Job

Does Irene have a silver lining?

The Milky Way As the Earth Spins

ice, water, batteries, chlorine, pictures

CNN's Chad Myers says hurricane hunter aircraft reporting Irene is strengthening

Good Question - seen on facebook re: goober Perry

DUers in Irene's way: Be safe, take care and let us know you are safe

More Orwellian laws coming from a Democrat

Why don't those Dems who attack progressives for breaking with the administration

Some more hurricane advice. If you need to hire help to clean careful.

Pat Robertson: Crack In Washington Monument A Sign From God

My Personal Hurricane Story

Looks like Freeperville has gone dark

Boo Hoo Hoo - U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland Dismisses His $174,000 Salary As-Not So High

Hurricane Irene: Nothing Can Stop It Now

Remember when the US bombed Libya and killed Muammar Gadafy's daughter in 1986?

WHY is Obama staying on Martha's Vineyard??

So has the US Open tennis tournament ever been postponed or

I'd be embarassed if anyone I called for OFA in 08 kept my number and called me now.

I'm worried about coastal DUers from NC to Maine. Can we have a check in thread?

Long live socialism: The great right-wing swindle has hoodwinked too many

What's fueling Bible Belt divorces?

What's fueling Bible Belt divorces?

Contessa just announced today was her last daily gig at MSNBC --

Your bucket of excuses doesn't hold water.

The key failing of the psychopathy construct in psychology--

Glenn Greenwald: Obama upheld ‘evisceration of the rule of law for political elites’

Important Discovery! Scientists Find Skeleton of Earth's First Republican!

My politcal science professor made an interesting point about Citizens United.

Three Foot Rat Was Killed At A Brooklyn Housing Project

Sen Gillibrand: We've created a Hurricane Irene resource Twitter list

She Comes Ashore...

Eric Cantor To America "DROP DEAD"

Deepwater is leaking again (or still) in the Gulf of Death

OH HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

Jim Hightower on jobs: "The people are waiting. Do they have a president or not?"

President Obama campaigned on "healing the planet" - Authorize the pipeline = losing my vote

I don't know about you but $174,000 a year doesn't even buy me a pair of shoes.

Southerland (R/natch-FL) struggling to get by on $174k

Everyone's a socialist who's done this...

Coming up on my avatar's ten year anniversary

Rick Perry & the New Apostolic Reformation

The Medical Cartel: Why are MD Salaries So High?

Looks like Obama approved the pipeline

The Best Reason To Pay Off And Then Cut Up Your Credit Cards

A list I made during the TWO WEEKS that I was without electricity after Hurricane Ike hit Texas

Half of hospitals buy back-door drugs, new survey shows

I am the latest reluctant recruit.

Shouldn't we be protected under the Endangered Species Act?

Holy Crap! Evangelicals find themselves forced to face facts... and seem to accept them

CNN shows reporter Brian Todd over reacting to the storm

Obama approves oil pipeline from Alberta tar sands to Texas coast

Teamsters Joins AFL-CIO to Blast Obama as Timid

Why Finland's schools are among the best in the world, and U.S.'s are among the worst

Hey old timers, has there ever been another president this disappointing?

Pat Buchanan: There's An "Overrepresentation Of White Men In The Body Bags & Caskets Coming Home"

45 dead in attack on casino in northern Mexico

45 dead in attack on casino in northern Mexico

Your Friday Afternoon Challenge: American life in art!

Ron Reagan? Sitting for Chris Matthews, of all people? What did I miss??

Vaccine Cleared Again as Autism Culprit

Crude Analysis of Libyan Liberation (by Chris Floyd)

In Their Eyes, We are the Damned

Cornel West: Dr. King Weeps From His Grave

A follow-up story on the dog of the fallen Navy SEAL

New York Nightmare Scenario Re: Irene...

Essential hurricane supplies - bananas?

Two Dick Cheney Questions

Libyan Revolution Week 27 part 7

Question about vibration

Don Siegelman is still serving a 7 year sentence. Is that F'd up or what?

Marine Corps bans audible farting in Afghanistan

How come anytime NYC is remotely involved in a weather issue, the story becomes NYC centric....

"Kill the Gays" Bill Isn't Dead, No Matter What Uganda's Cabinet Says

What are O "haters" angry about? Another "list" to ponder...

Obama Administration Fights to Halt Bank Investigations by States

Mona the cat doing "LIKE A PURRGIN" ... Take off on Madonna's hit sone

Under the bridge...

Shameless ploy to get people to vote

Amerigo "Wadd" Vespucci -- growing bigger n' bigger n' HUMONGOUSER...

Something you made that turned out better than expected. I once sewed myself a black swimsuit.

From the 1994 film "Timecop," it's the Smithereens' version of the IMMORTAL "Time Won't Let Me."

Sweet dreams

Ducky convention

Young love

1994 was a special year

I just watched "Clinton-The Final Days" on YouTube

In elementary school, MiddleFingerMom was no stranger the the occasional "F Minus."

PHOTO: OK, no more coffee for the cockatiel.

I have Hurricane PTSD

MFM was a little shocked when he first saw his in-home nurse.

Do you feel me inside of you?

Looked at the senior yearbook today and am a little down

It's fuzzy, it's cute, it's...

"Here comes the story of a Hurricane..."

Mishka are you stupid? "NOOOOOOOOOO!"


Iceland: Land and Water

Ever been part of a medical study? When I was in grade 8 they did a study on scoliosis.

What? You don't get paid for being a Mod?

How do you like your portobello?

Bacon Camp

Hey, ya know it's drummer week again on Letterman!

This should make you losers all happy-happy. All tolls in DE have been suspended!

Do you have the time?

Bacon or Beercan?

Ever wonder just how 'old flat top' had 'hair down to his knees?'

It's getting serious on the Outer Banks

Double elimination on Big Brother

Cat vs. Dog Showdown

PHOTO: If the magic really WORKED, you wouldn't need the CLASS...WOULD YOU?

We had a very small plague of two dead frogs in/on the foundation of the new house. Not

Inter net


Hurricane Irene is named after my Mother.

Video Proof of Karma in Action


Well we may have to evacuate NYC

Sandy Eggo weather - 7 Day - It's actually a warm weekend!

What's the best way to deal with jetlag and driving on the otherside of the road for a while

I read jmowreader's Kindle book last weekend.

On the crappy timing of hurricanes..

Han Solo in carbonite ice cube tray

On how to make a statement on appliances that do not LAST

PHOTO: You ALWAYS know when you're driving behind a FREEPER.

The geniuses in Scheduling strike again: I have THIRTY appointments tomorrow.

The cool thing about Irene

Post your favorite 'AMERICAN GOTHIC'

The phrase of the day is "audible farting". Modify any thread title to include "audible farting".

What was the best rainstorm you ever got caught in? We were at a wedding at a cottage

What's your dream job?

Is it just me, or is there a fine line between being a hard-core biking enthusiast...

If you were Dorothy Lamour who would you rather be on the road with...

I am watching the old Dennis the Menace show, it is funny.

So Loungers, advise me about a DU-lemma I'm struggling with.

I feel like I'm living in a picture.

Best way to send a large file (e-mail has a size limit)

They're fighting again in GD

Went to the Mexican restaurant for today's photo shoot. The owner was a no-show...

People who are actively drinking alcoholics and addicts often have

How do you like your steak?

What is your favourite type of restaurant. I like italian but can't find a good one right now. You?

The single WORST Jerry Lewis movie ever made. Even the French won't fuckin' touch it.

I think I've HAD these "special brownies:".

In The Godfather, Vito Corleone DID refer to it as "The Littrle Death".

MiddleFingerMom got a job crushing cans at the local Coca-Cola recycling plant.

MiddleFingerMom was an EXCELLENT medic - but never quite got a good grasp of the soldierin' stuff.

**Skinner Appreciation Thread**

Yes. YES!!! Come to the Dark Side, Mr. Pickles!!!!

Peru's Mining Society, Economists, Praise Deal For New Tax

Ex-DPS accountant to go to prison in embezzlement case

Libyan rebels move base (from Benghazi) to Tripoli

Rick Perry on Romney's health care law: It's a "huge problem" for him

Hurricane Irene Killed Two in Haiti and Flooded Farmland

Carmakers' rebound is driving jobs in U.S.

Pinochet’s updated victim figures, a staggering 40,018

FCC to investigate cell phone logjam after earthquake

Blast in Pakistan hotel kills 10

Japan's PM Kan confirms he will quit

Salmonella fears spur ban of Mexican papayas in U.S.

Gulf of Mexico Bubbling Oil Again at Deepwater Disaster

Coast Guard, BP return to scene of Gulf of Mexico spill after reports of oil blobs

Arson Fire Kills 40 in a Casino in Mexico

Carmakers' rebound is driving jobs in U.S.

Virginia officials prepare to release draft abortion regulations

Ex-chief of National Hurricane Center: Irene scenario 'one of my greatest nightmares'

Weather cycles cause a drop in global sea level, scientists find

Tea Party Rage Dies

KC City Council won’t put nuclear weapons plant measure on ballot

Meant to Ease Fears of Deportation Program, Federal Hearings Draw Anger (Secure Communities)

Source: Pataki Won't Seek 2012 Presidential Run

Less-educated Americans dropping out of church fastest -- study

Danish PM calls September vote as opposition leads polls

Japan PM Naoto Kan announces resignation amid criticism

Colo. grave digger fired for dancing on grave

Over 100,000 acres illegally acquired in northwest Colombia

Puerto Rico-Cuba flights resume after decades

Before Hurricane Irene hits, New York to shut down entire transportation system, plan evacuations

Man arrested for hate crime in Ore. mosque fire

FDA warns about massage machine after strangulation

Husband of Ohio corporate fraud ex-fugitive to plead guilty to lying to investigators

U.S. Widens Role in Mexican Fight

Low rates squeeze savers and may hold back economy

How David Li Screwed the Economy

Pat Robertson: Crack In Washington Monument A Sign From God

(Canada) BC rejects HST in landmark referendum

Train With 175 Passengers Derails In SW Nebraska

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday, August 26, 2011

Half of hospitals buy back-door drugs, new survey shows

Chile doesn't include US prof as Pinochet victim

Syrian protesters chant "Bye Gaddafi, Bashar next"

On Eve of Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, Arizona Sues to Overturn Voting Rights Act

AP-GfK Poll: Most Republicans happy with GOP field

LePage declares state of emergency in Maine before Irene strikes

Arizona sues over key provision of Civil Rights Act

Thirty Gaddafi fighters found dead at Tripoli camp

Obama: (declares) Emergency for NC ahead of Irene

Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, condemns British education system

Name someone you really liked until you discovered he/she was an (R).

U.S. May Buy Looted Libyan Missiles Sold in Mali’s Black Market

MN Republicans Literally Auctioning Off GOP Congressmen And State Lawmakers To Highest Bidder

Bomb at UN building in Nigerian capital Abuja

AP-GfK Poll: 87% in US disapprove of Congress

(CA) Sen. Loni Hancock acts to thwart Amazon referendum (online sales tax)

Missouri judge blocks Facebook limits for teachers

Romney questions whether global warming manmade

Scientists discover massive underground river 13,000 feet beneath the Amazon

Syrian protesters demand UN help to oust Bashar al-Assad

Joplin man pleads guilty to not paying IRS $5 million

Gaddafi's desperate bid to save regime revealed

New York Evacuating

CIA denies helping police spy on New York Muslims

California workers wasted state funds, audit says

SEC Bears Down on Fracking

Senate candidate Mike McCalister breaks Army rules, wears uniform to fundraiser

Despite ‘streamlining’ plan, Boehner chides Obama for ‘job-crushing’ regulations

Plan for Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline moves forward after environmental review

BIDEN: We Need More Stimulus Now, And S&P Management Change Was Because Of Their Stupid Downgrade

White House: Obama Ending Vacation Due To Irene

Half of U.S. adults will be obese by 2030, report says

President Obama: Emergency for NC ahead of Irene

White House Rural Council Roundtables on Job Growth

"Trumka dismissed Obama's recent job creation proposals" & contradicted an earlier statement.

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Posting of Labor Rights

The Leading Rpeublican candidates through the eyes of the Simpsons

Lifeline for Homeowners, Families & Communities in Bank Deal Being Negotiated by "Evil" Obama Admin

On jobs, go with ‘all of the above’

Perry toons

Pataki decides against White House run (and the world weeps)

Rick Perry doesnt speak for all military

Krugman: Bernanke’s Perry Problem

Rick Perry refuses to take Federal money Texans hunters

"Bernanke is arguing strongly for more fiscal stimulus in the short term..."

Did anyone else watch Romney's melt down on Countdown just now?

Perry Pivots, Signs Anti-Gay-Marriage Pledge

How confident are you that Obama is going to win in 2012

Obama faces uncomfortable questions from black community, lawmakers

Breaking MSNBC.... OBAMA Leaving the Vineyard Tonight

Who here thinks Huntsman is a moderate?

Ezra Klein: How Congress Could Help You Refinance Your Mortgage

Improve quality healthcare and lower costs? It can be done

Intrade: Obama back up over 50% regarding re-election.

Obama faces uncomfortable questions from black community, lawmakers

Can Dems corner GOP over payroll tax cut?

The Obama admin is all over this hurricane; nice to see

Adults are back in charge ..... Hurricane Irene

Dear Teabaggers: This is how a president acts when the country is faced with a natural disaster

Just one more of these miserable summers and the Pres. will be in his second term

Wall Street crashed October 1929 and FDR was elected in 1930,

Obama ignored two questions

Is Ed Schultz now a part time radio host ?

Teamsters Joins AFL-CIO to Blast Obama as Timid

It’s a good thing Obama saved the auto industry

Bachmann, In Fla., Says She Won't Rule Out Minimum Wage Changes As Overall Plan To Create Jobs

Perry-Gate: The File (Weekend Edition) Categories of transgressions with hot links & toons!!!

Flashback: "GOP tricks split Democrats"

With Hurricane Irene ready to strike, Ron Paul says we don't need FEMA

Perry: "I dislike Washington; I think it's a seedy place."

You Think Obama’s Been a Bad President? Prove It: Jonathan Alter

If Obama loses the general election, who will you blame?

Obama's MLK Problem

Countdown with Keith Olbermann - Worst Persons

Standing Ovation!: Steve Jobs introduces the world to Macintosh in 1984

Updates on Fukushima Fairewinds Associates - Arnie Gundersen - August 21, 2011

Sanger_Convocation.m4v (Sanger, TX ISD Convocation song about Rick Perry)

How Stupid is Eric Cantor?

Kitchen Table Summit: 'The Tea Party Can Go To Hell,' We Are Living In Hell

People and Power - Germany's records of repression

O'Reilly Smears Buffett Buying BofA Stock To Reelect Obama

Hurricane Irene: Where is the Storm Headed? ABC News 3D Model Projections

TYT: Bernie Sanders Vs Marco Rubio - Social Security Battle

TDPS: French Millionaires are More Patriotic Than American Millionaires

Thom Hartmann - Why is Paul Ryan's using the police to avoid constituents?

Gadhafi Loves Condoleezza Rice

Irene Doesn't Love NY

How NOT to create jobs

Thom Hartmann - Are the Koch bros playing into the hands of terrorists?

Thom Hartmann - Geeky Science - Remember Kirlian photography?

Papantonio: The Ugly Life of Dick Cheney

Florida forecasters explain why to take Irene seriously.

A look inside Gaddafi's thug HQ, and former regime detainees tell their stories

Police State-Female Beaten,Stripped, Left Naked in Cell for 6 Hours by Thug Cops, Evidence Withheld

TYT: CIA, NYPD Spied On Muslims After 9/11

Eric Cantor Oughta Be Ashamed of Himself

Study: Half of UK adults could be obese by 2030

Libya / Incredible media lies - BBC shows "Green Square" in INDIA, 24 August 2011


Thom Hartmann - Do French billionaires love their country more than US Billionaires?

Thom Hartmann: Get out of the way of Eric Schneiderman!

Atwood is a prize in library union’s contest

Steve Jobs to Seek The Ultimate Challenge, with the iAmish

SENATOR Wurzelbacher?

Robert Parry: Orange Jumpsuits/Double Standards

Eugene Robinson: A dream still out of reach

Brazil's Rousseff vows not to fire ministers: report

A Special City Loses Its Voice

Independent UK: Your products were very good. But they were also overpriced – and overhyped

The internet: when the frontier closes

A Cooperative Economy: The Time Is Now

Jake sends Mother's Day wish as graduation nears

Guardian UK: The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth

Jake begins advanced training

The Bush Tax Cuts and the Deficit

Arab Spring's cruel truth

Seismic evidence reveals underground nuclear detonation south of Washington DC.

Crew Congratulates August's Scoundrel of the Month: Gov. Rick Perry

Self-deleted by member

How to Sell our National Birthright

The dead end of globalisation looms before our youth

3 Things That Must Happen for Us To Rise Up and Defeat the Corporatocracy

Evangelicals Demand Jesus in Prayers at Military Funerals

Bernanke Offers No Plan for New Stimulus.

"The former V.P. prepares to be feted, enriched for his crimes rather than investigated, indicted"

How David Li Screwed the Economy

David Sirota: Race and the Church of Denialism

18 Reasons to Thank a Liberal: A Partial List of Liberal Achievements; 1935-2010

Refuting Juan Cole: The Myth of Libyan Liberation

Weekend Economists Look At Everything August 26-28, 2011

Paul Krugman: Bernake's Perry Problem, NYT

C.I.A. Demands Cuts in Book About 9/11 and Terror Fight

Harper says Artic is undefensible

13% of Iodine, 22% of Cesium from Fukushima Landed in Central/Northern Japan

Drumbeat: August 26, 2011

8/23 Drought Monitor; Pasture 90%, 96% Poor/Very Poor In OK, TX; D2-D4 Conditions Span Southern KS

Solar cells could get quantum boost

New power wave heads out to sea

Low Carbon and Economic Growth: Are Both Compatible in Developing Economies?

Global Mean Sea Level went down last year

US State Dept. Assessment Of Keystone Pipeline Imminent - Gee, I Wonder If They'll Approve It?

North Anna Nuclear Plant Cooling Effort is Draining Lake

Wine vs. Salmon: Water Wars Hit Sonoma County

Japan Solar Shipments May Jump 10-Fold, Industry Group Says

Good News for Frogs

WikiLeaks reveals China's failure to measure dangerous pollution

Radioactive Sludge by Children's Swimming Pool, Again, in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa

Radioactive Rice in Chiba and Ibaraki, but Not in Fukushima

NRC, Entergy reach agreement on qa, retaliation against workers who raise safety concerns at 11 reac

Sun Strikes It Hot: What's Happening in the Global Solar Thermal Markets?

Tepco to try core cooling system (unit #3 shift from feedwater to core spray)

Status of Proposed Nuclear Power Projects – January 2011 (PreFukushima obviously)