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Relief for those tired of the Ron Paul online propaganda campaign now on Reddit.. EnoughPaulSpam!

For the deficit hawks - the US has negative real interest rates. Your solutions are therefore crazy.

It's time for a Worker's Syndicate or Party

Karl Rove Exposed.!

Nevermind, we should probably just declare old people to be SuperCitizens

Tonight 9/11 stuff; National Geographic Channel

Curiosity tonight - what sank Titanic?

Typhoon shuts down southern Taiwan

Et tu Britain? Et tu?

Kids - they are kind of like cars really....

Kids - they are kind of like cars really....

Who is the nut out there running

MANY dams in danger of failure in New England, New York

George Will Slams Dick Cheney For Not Apologizing For Iraq's "Costly War-Under False Pretenses"

unreliable source. Image may be fake. Please delete.

After the airports have reopened, how long will the media talk about Irene?

Will Tripoli turn into another Bagdad?

Will Tripoli turn into another Bagdad?

Will Tripoli turn into another Bagdad?

I have a problem

Dear Hippy-Punching fanboys, this is BULLSH!T, if you want me to work to re-elect Dems, knock it off

NOM NOM NOM...Rick Perry joins soulmates Lady Batshit & Ricky Man-On-Dog in stomping out TEH GAY.

Breaking nooz out of upper state NY... 26 folks

One of the Jailed ‘Tar Sands 52' Tells His Story

The Great Hurricane of 1938, Hmmm.....

2.5 million of our countrymen and women are back home now :D

A REPUBLICAN talking point emerging

Several fires providing spectacular sky color (DIAL-UP)

The 9/11 decade is now over. The terrorists lost. But who won?- By Frank Rich

FYI CNN is covering VT now

Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

My Bullmastiff smokes. Where can I take him out to eat?

Yes, Kadaffy deserves the worst - CNN video

Has anyone ever seen or heard of Ron Paul's wife?

Leaked-Rove emails

Did you know Caucus is an Algonquin word? It means advisor in that language.

Flood worries rise with water in New England (Montpellier to be evacuated)

The Crimes of Col. Qaddafi - By Christopher Hitchens

Um.. You might be needing a larger dock

Um.. You might be needing a larger dock

Radio Jollies: Last 2-40 minutes'es of Lewis Black & Kathleen Madigan

If You Missed The CNN Piece About The Flooding In Brattleboro Vermont... Video Here:

Just a reminder for when the knives come out for democratic governor of Vermont

Ministers back anti-abortion lobby reforms {britain}

AI: Libya: Prison records at risk of being lost

Wikileaks Statement On 9-Month Anniversary Of Cablegate ("...Responded w/ Intimidation & Threats")

Crass, bad taste is not limited to the USA

The Evolution of Republicans

U.S. Rep. John Lewis: A Poll Tax by Another Name

PSA for anybody in VT who might be online

Democracy now today: connection bet hurricane and global warming

The Archdiocese has worked hard and successfully to resolve these matters outside of court

Link to Ann Telnaes cartoons about Cheney:

When Obama Reveals His Plan For Job Creation after Labor Day

Bush’s Unanswered 9/11 Questions

Just great...Weather-Man friend says to watch out for this one.

Libya: Evidence Suggests Khamis Brigade Killed 45 Detainees (GRAPHIC)

"God is not partial"

"Vamoose, Jose's on his way"

Eric Schmidt: If You Don’t Want To Use Your Real Name, Don’t Use Google+

The US Unemployment Rate January 1948 to July 2011

I understand that FNC has a political bent...

Street Food Provides Economic Freedom: Is Success Just a Tweet Away?

So nice to see Dick Cheney on TV again

Grist: The curse of the exurbs

Most Disturbing Rick Perry Video We've Seen This Week

9 people died in Dallas County, 1 in Tarrant County

Any news from Cali? Sorry, was traveling yesterday...

Libyan rebels ask NATO to keep up pressure

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman

Cheney disconnects his heart pump battery during NBC interview

When Republicans suddenly need government

Jobs, ISM reports may spark more recession talk

Gitmo firm to run UK detention centre

Not that I think it's that big a deal, but yes, of course it was hyped.

MSNBC - there is a movie on MSNBC

Al Qaeda No 2's death not yet confirmed: Pakistan

Did Wikileaks just reveal US blueprint for Libya?

Bachmann calls to drill the Everglades ‘responsibly’

The wonders of nature. New York's remarkable post hurricane sunset

Chris Swindell: We've lost our way

How Modern Industrial Agriculture Destroyed Our Most Alluring Fruit"

Ongoing Iraqi Violence Almost Makes American Invasion Seem Pointless

Stetson Kennedy is dead. The man who crushed the KKK.

The double-standards of storm coverage

A Letter To My President

Bloomberg: Firefighters Rescued More Than 100 During Irene (Don't tell Cantor...)

Bloomberg: Firefighters Rescued More Than 100 During Irene (Don't tell Cantor...)

Irene cleanup begins as Vermont reels from 'epic' flooding

My Letter To...That Political Shizz

New Zealand's farewell to lost penguin Happy Feet

GOP demands more FEMA funding (and less infrastructure investment)

Cheney Waits Until Last Minute Again To Buy Sept. 11 Gifts

Another storm on its way

Tea Party Unfavorability Jumps In New AP Poll

This is BULLSH!T, if you want me to work to re-elect Dems, knock it off

The Rescue That Missed Main Street

100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican

100 Things You Can Say To Irritate A Republican

Irene Adds to a Bad Year for Insurance Industry

Educating the Obvious

Jim Hightower: Mass-Marketing Goes Platinum

A warning from the future! - byTom Tomorrow

Gallery of pictures of NC after Irene

House GOP’s Faux ‘Jobs Agenda’ Continues Republican Assault On Organized Labor

Fool me once shame on.. shame on you.. Fool me twice..

Meanwhile, in China...

Texas Gov. Perry became a millionaire while serving in office

Greenpeace: Fukushima schools located outside of exclusion zone still unsafe after clean-up

Flooding conditions 'awful' in Vermont due to Irene's rains

Why Obama picked Alan Krueger as next top White House economist

unemployed? no problem, my friend...

What's going on in Vermont: catastrophic flooding

The Rude Pundit - Fucked New Orleans: A Sixth Anniversary Post

First Federal Reserve Audit Reveals 16 Trillion in Secret Bank Bailouts!

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl

GOP logic on disasters

The American Community Survey?

What Really Happened September 11th

Do you think it is OK to extend the Bush taxcuts under some circumstances?

An Irene Update From Augusta, Maine.

School superintendent gives up $800k in pay

Okay, you've all goofed off enough; time to prep for Hurricane Katia...

Barack, Can We Talk?

Article: Our Needs vs. Our Wants

The horror that Gadhafi's staff endured.

Fukushima: Health Canada complicit in radiation cover-up says Liberal MP

Howard Kurtz' Hurricane of Haplessness

Medicaid and Medicare cuts result in bankrupt hospitals

Libya No Model By Matthew Rothschild

Overnight every single road in Vermont except Rts. 89,91 were closed

Taking It To The Streets

I got a suggestion to the it was all hype (tm) crew

delete - dupe

Upcoming Obama-Harper meeting to deal with post-911 border security changes.

Article: Why TV news is addicted to weather porn

Hey turn for some GUVMENT HYPE (tm) on msnbc

Very unpopular governor endorses silly-ass U.S. Rep. to unseat Sen. Debbie Stabenow

Tab on ramp for SF supervisors' chamber adding up


Libya: arms running donkeys


Remember when this Republican apologized to BP after Obama forced BP to pay the oil spill victims?

Collecting madness

FORCED partial drowning is TORTURE, NO matter WHAT name CONS give it!

Heard Ron Paul interviewed on NPR this morning -- how can anybody

Bachmann To America's Youth: We Serve God, Give Your Life Over To Jesus

God To Bachmann - "Stop Helping People, Goddammit"

Cheney's New Memoir: "Eats, Shoots & Leaves"

Get back to work and stop the HYPE!

Cheney getting back into the news is always good for Democrats

Wisconsin union council bans Republicans from Labor Day parade --- YAY!!!!!

Where's Cheney's Apology?

more stories like this, please

Thune: Top Message I Got From Town Halls Is ‘Don’t Cut My Social Security And Medicare’

PSA: Another reason not to venture outside during a hurricane

What is the difference between a democrat and a Democrat ??

There was a Democratic Analyst on MSNBC just now named 'Krystal Ball.'

At least 31 deaths attributed to Hurricane Irene so far

Predicting the new jobs program that Obama will announce.

Predicting the new jobs program that Obama will announce.

Dallas police say boy dies after water denied

Dallas police say boy dies after water denied

idle question: Constitution identifies the requirements

“Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” ·

Maybe we all could learn to get along. I just took this photo,

POST #6 :: On the Early Iconography of Certain of the 2012 Presidential Campaign Logos

Serious FL flooding Saturday that the media basically overlooked.

Can Bush or Cheney ever visit Europe without taking the risk of being arrested?

Bachmann's Irene comments just a joke: spokeswoman

What title would YOU have chosen for Cheney's recent memoir?

TD 12 - soon to be Katia

Syrian army defections reported on the rise

Syrian army defections reported on the rise

Marco Rubio Calls Greatest Gen. Weak

Marco Rubio Calls Greatest Gen. Weak

After Katrina, under Bush, GOP Congress approved $81.5 billion in relief funds w/o spending cuts

Next up for The Flaming Nostrils of Justice? DANCING WITH THE STARS!!!!

Keystone Pipeline Approval Likely, Says Former State Department Official

Romney's Plan to Beat Perry Is Just Like Obama's

new at this

Any hurricane experts out there?

At the daily presser, Carney just introduced FEMA head Fugate. WHY is it necessary to give . . . .

Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law

Is it a just war or is it just war....

Windfalls of War: Pentagon's No-Bid Contracts Triple in 10 Years of War

Swiss union launches pro-immigration campaign to counter RW populist xenophobia.

It's 109 Degrees in Austin: Douglas Brinkley

I can't believe what I'm seeing here.

I can't believe what I'm seeing here.

$27 BILLION Texas Deficit

GOP demands more FEMA funding (and less infrastructure investment)

23 people died and 4 million are without power. "overhyped"? really??

OK - is there anything sillier and/or more counterproductive

Someone at MSNBC should have Erik Larson on to discuss the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 ...

Take a look at this poll.

Matt Stoller: Elizabeth Warren should be ashamed of helping set up CFPB

b*sh just said on his 9/11 interview

Ever notice how the media NEVER mentions that unemployment hit 10.8% under Reagan?

Toon: Rick Perry's Prayer Rally was a Success

The Big Choice

There's a fountain flowing deep and wide and stinky...

Man accused of tossing son, 7, off tour boat (boy was rescued by another boat)

Time Warner profits from Guy Fawkes masks worn at ‘Anonymous’ protests

Michele Bachmann: Natural Disasters Are God's Way Of Trying To Get Politicians' Attention

Fatal bear attack in Yellowstone is the second this summer

Since 9/11, nearly half of all Pentagon contracts awarded without competition

The big picture of Irene, droughts, tornadoes, and yes snowmogedon...

The big picture of Irene, droughts, tornadoes, and yes snowmogedon...

Insurance Companies: "Since Irene was far weaker than expected, we're going to raise your rates anyw

Here's my proposal to Repub Candidates: I will leave your God

If Obama has ONE IOTA of political sense.....

Hurricane Irene's death toll climbs to 38; Vermont towns battle floods

Hurricane Irene's death toll climbs to 38; Vermont towns battle floods

When being the "dumb" candidate is a problem (Not for repub presidents lately)

Bush...who ignored "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S."...doesn't want to "finger-point."

Gov. Christie: No Regrets About Going on National TV before Local Radio

After 63 days of 100+ degree temps, this picture is looking like a mirage

The USPS- fund it right

In this case, "overhyped" means the government took proper precautions.

Judge blocks Alabama immigration law to buy time

Tonight on Countdown

Should The United States Help Canada Develop Their Oil Sands


DOJ Has More Questions About South Carolina's Voter ID Law

Someday, Mika will strangle Joe to death on camera...

Paul Krugman: Alan Krueger for CEA

Bullying drove Rebecca Black to enter homeschooling

Top NASA climate scientist arrested at White HouseTop NASA climate scientist arrested at White House

Top NASA climate scientist arrested at White HouseTop NASA climate scientist arrested at White House

Rush: Colin Powell will vote for Obama again because melanin is thicker than water

US 'wasted $30bn on Afghanistan and Iraq' over decade (BBC)

Does your post office display a picture of the President of the United States? Do other federal

Megyn Kelly On Presidential Elections: "Does It Matter -- Should It Matter -- If Somebody Is Dumb?

thank you

charts to email to right wing nut jobs

5 Reasons Progressives Should Treat Ron Paul with Extreme Caution

Video shows rafters before fatal ride in Croton, NY

A town in NY disappeared in floods from Irene

Rush Limbaugh: Obama was hoping that Irene would be his Katrina

Bachman Campaign: She was just kidding about God, Hurricanes and Earthquakes.

Rick Perry uses this States Rights Dog Whistle everywhere he goes (video)

Bush wondered after 9/11, ‘Why didn’t we know this?’

Perry’s Anti-Abortion Law Takes Effect This Week, Requiring Women To Get A Sonogram 24 Hours Before

If you've ever wondered what an unconscious, evil fuck dreams about post-surgery...

I'm about to turn 60. And I am lucky to be a Boomer. And to have found DU.

Abraham Lincoln Quote --

Orginalism is bullshit, but am I the only one who finds Pragmatism just as troubling..

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl

I have figured out when it all took a turn.

So do DUers now understand why ReTHUGS destroyed ACORN

The "Age of Soyuz"? How's that workin' out for you, Vlad?

Watching the evil that is Dick Cheney, on his promo book tour....

Should cheney be allowed to profit from book sales of his ADMITTED WAR CRIMES?

Rick Steves on America's "false austerity"

Charles Hill Was My Patient – I Am Joining the BART Protest in his Honor Source: The Bay Citizen

Afghanistan has been called the place empires go to die...

Whoop, There It Is !!! - 'The Bogus Crisis' - Jay Mandle/HuffPo

BANNED George W. Bush Interview That Makes Him Look INCREDIBLY Dumb

Tea Party, at Harvard, will explore constitutional convention

Stiglitz: Obama administration & Fed have demonstrated an "inability to make economic judgements"

This is why people hate the police


Tropical Depression Twelve

Best Republican Town Hall Takedown We've Seen Today

Just how unprepared was the Northeast for a storm like this?

Just how unprepared was the Northeast for a storm like this?

Watch This Space (Story) !!! - 'NLRB Chairwoman Departs; Political Fights Loom For Labor Panel''

Watch This Space (Story) !!! - 'NLRB Chairwoman Departs; Political Fights Loom For Labor Panel''

DU is a great place to learn and think.

Strange. Eerie. Weird. NYT is subjecting the ED "reform" movement to scrutiny.

Anti-Teacher Union “Reformers” Hoisted on Own Petard

Convicted Chiild Raper Warren Jeffs In Coma, May Not Survive.

Tea Party Congressman Joe Walsh Owes 9 Years Of Child Support

You Cannot Criticize The Govt's Response to Katrina And Then Complain About the Over-Hyping of Irene

C.H.U.M.P. Wants to "Take Back 'Merica!"

President Obama’s Uncle Arrested And Held As An Illegal Immigrant

Did you hear that it is bad for the economy to pay off your credit card bills and save money?!

Court Rules Republicans Who Confiscate Cameras At Town Halls Are Violating 1st Amendment

Court Rules Republicans Who Confiscate Cameras At Town Halls Are Violating 1st Amendment

Top NASA climate scientist arrested at White House

Rick Perry calls Social Security a "monstrous lie" and a "Ponzi scheme"

anti-fascist film produced by US Military in the wake of WWII

How al-Qaeda got to rule in Tripoli

Why Are The U.S. Wars Being Fought?

mourning joe is having dick cheney on the show on thursday

Polygamist leader Jeffs in critical condition after fast, authorities say

Libyan Revolution Week 28

I just found out that I lost a family member to Irene in South Jersey.

Va. Quake May Have Exceeded Nuke Plant Design: NRC

TD 12 is building quickly and is following the same

I just came from the post office where

My First Vid To Reach 1 Million Hits

OMG OMG OMG I am so very happy right now.......

Should Evolutionists Be Allowed to Vote?

Al Gore compares today's global warming skeptics to racists of the past

Cozy Beach Avenue, houses destroyed

Calling all DU PhotoShoppers! A big fat juicy target here! (Bachmann)

One in four Democrats wants to dump Obama

Comments on this photo please

Dean Baker: President Obama Discovers How Serious the Recession Is

Perry-Gate: THE FILE! Illustrated Edition.

"Eric Cantor's Bitch Face"

New History Channel Documetary on UFO's Gets It Right

What I learned from Hurricane Irene - just because you think 'it's nothing' doesn't mean others do

Oh jeez, it's started

Oh jeez, it's started

Proud to be American bumper sticker? Really? How about

You Want DRUG TESTING For Welfare Recipients? WHY STOP THERE?

Shining Light On Obama’s Tar Sands Pipeline Decision - GreenPeace

New republican e-mail on Social Security

Drought, high demand makes hay hard to find

I KNOW I Should Know This... BUT I Don't. My Question Is About SS

Triathlon Rahm Emanuel: ‘You can never say I’m an unfit mayor’

Triathlon Rahm Emanuel: ‘You can never say I’m an unfit mayor’

The 3 Most Bizarre Republicans Ever

The 3 Most Bizarre Republicans Ever

History will never absolve Bush and Cheney

Is anyone else having trouble withe the DU mail system?

Damn... Is The FDIC Siding With NYAG Schneiderman ???

Why does school start so early now? When I went to school, we didn't start

New York Times Smacks Down Rep. Darrell Issa’s Demand For A Retraction

School superintendent gives up $800k in pay

The Impending Student Loan Crisis

So, I've been busy for the past 48 hours -- what are we criticizing President Obama for today?

Pat Robertson 1984: "It is all going to be ours...the news, the television, the radio.

"Teachers Get Little Say In Book About Them"

Toon:Food Stamps

Ben Goldacre: Vitamin Pills Can Lead You To Take Health Risks

Misrata rebels defy Libya's new regime

So, What's With The Additional Meds

Instead of a pipeline from Canada to Texas...

Have you ever noticed how quickly DU is "googled"

Irene pics...

When conjoined twins don't want to remain conjoined ...

Has anyone been noticing a decrease in bird sounds lately?

"Firemen are grossly overpaid"

The Bilingual Brain (Report On New Study Regarding Infant Language Development)

Ron Paul dumps on FEMA (again) using Irene

Obama's Approval/Disapproval at -17%

"Social Security is Welfare"--- My response.

Indiana vouchers prompt thousands to change schools

"It was all hype" is a right wing meme.

'Gold medal forecast' of Irene's path saved lives, expert says

'Gold medal forecast' of Irene's path saved lives, expert says

I’d like to get a few things straight. I’ll try to be concise.

Did you Know There Were No Terrorist Attacks in the U.S. during George W. Bush’s Presidency?

I think people tend to forget that Vietnam was a "just war".

Revolution without Violence - Please say is possible, yes?

"Cheap, cheap, cheap, uptown, cheap, cheap, uptown garbage..."

Hands-on bookstore

I'm new again!

So what kind of "Men's Quest" Should exist on the Sea of Cortez

I *actually* watched a Tom CRUISE movie in a HappyHr: "Vallkeire"

Don Hertzfeldt

Anybody else watch "Top Gear" on History?

I your dreams, what kind of pet would you like to own. I'd like Bouviers

Does anyone else ever get "wrong number" texts, and then...

I have the best dog ever

But they had WiFi.......

Has anyone heard from Fleabert recently?

HUGH-mongous PHOTO THREAD from my photoshoot @ today's 2011 Italian American Festa in San Jose

HELP!! What to make for dinner? I got nothing good in the fridge.

Microchip cat door keeps intruder kitties out

Signs of fall. What signs have you seen that summer is over? I had

Would I be remiss to suggest a trade to Mexico?: South Texas for Baja California?

Concerning MFM, as a gay person I'm not offended at all

About MiddleFingerMom...

All this hagiography for an annoying bigot sucks.

Am I crazy or do I love '30s movies - WmPOWEL Myrna LOY, JmCAGNEY, whatever

OK....Everybody: Skinner says

Just my 2 cents reegarding MFM for what it's worth.


Quiet support for return

What the hell is going on here?

Best pay-as-you-go phone service?

My wife has started selling children's dresses on Etsy...Take a look and tell a friend...Thanks!

What holiday is this?

TSA on the dangers of smoking marijuana

One of my weird dogs wrote out an algebra problem: L + 4

Mayor Bloomberg: And for the surfers: We all know that it’s a lot of fun to catch a big wave.

Today I don't want to talk about Social Security, the wars, Medicare,

How to piss off your best friend (with ponies)

Time to check your oil.

Thank you! Somebody here donated and gave me a star.

My Bullmastiff smokes. Where can I take him out to eat?

Selfish, self-centered

A question about sea birds...

anybody know any trails through the state of Kansas to Colorado?

I am a moran, can anybody tell me if it is remotely possible for a monitor

Have you ever had to wash your cats? I did once. They had some

My wife is thinking about starting an internet business in Japanese calligraphy

If two robots had a conversation, how would it go?

What is the freakiest accident (serious or mild) you've been involved in?

I guess I'll go hang out in GD for awhile - seems a bit safer there

For those of you who disregard the value of church just haven't found the right one....

Favorite Brandenburg Concerto

Want to feel old? (this year's Mindset list, Class of 2015)

Do you follow what your doctor wants you to do or do you make your own decisions

I'm going to the doctor to have something in my armpit looked at.

Anybody know how to get rid of undereye bags and circles?

What is the best thing you could take on a 1,000+ mile hike?

Can I get a book recommendation? Literary Fiction edition

Best Susan Sarandon film?

Fill in the blank: "The SF Giants __________"

Oh Jesus H. Christ in a broken wheelbarrow

Taiwan braced as Tropical Storm Nanmadol sweeps in

Flood worries rise with water in New England

WRAPUP 2-Last throes of Libya war focus on Sirte

A few Catholics still insist Galileo was wrong

Phone hacking inquiry might not be complete in 12 months after PM expanded its scope, Lord Justice L

Somali pirates' Pakistan link confirmed

Cesium In Incinerator Dust Across East Japan

AP EXCLUSIVE: Afghans scuttle US-Taliban talks

(CA Sup Ct Chief Justice) Tani Cantil-Sakauye backs off camera push

Bachmann: Irene is God's message for Washington

Taking It To The Streets

Seems Gadhafi and his wife and sons have escaped to Algeria.

RBS helped bankroll Europe's last dictator

Police Lineups Start to Face Fact: Eyes Can Lie

Why the Fukushima disaster is worse than Chernobyl

Federal judge to consider unsealing videos of landmark trial on California gay marriage ban (Prop 8)

CNN/ORC Poll (Republican Primary)

Windfalls of War: Pentagon's No-Bid Contracts Triple in 10 Years of War

AU (African Union) grants conditional recognition to Libyan rebels

Afghan Taliban victory predicted in letter

(UK) University staff asked to inform on 'vulnerable' Muslim students

Alabama immigration law blocked by judge

Federal judge blocks Ala. illegal immigration law

FEMA, to pay for Irene damage, delays funds for rebuilding in tornado-ravaged areas

Amid Syrian Raids, Reports of Desertions

New Orleans levees get a near-failing grade in new corps rating system

(NRC) Virginia quake may have exceeded nuclear plant design

Greece forced to tap emergency fund

Thousands in Quebec without power after Irene

BART protest organizers: Stay off the platforms

Irene cleanup begins as Vermont reels from 'epic' flooding

Calls In Syria For Weapons, NATO Intervention

Cantor Jobs Memo Calls For Repeal Of Health, Environment, Labor Rules — And For More Tax Cuts

Hurricane Lost Steam as Experts Misjudged Structure and Next Move

Qaddafi’s Wife and 3 of His Children Flee to Algeria

NATO warplane flies over Tripoli

Libya war leaves Tripoli short of water and cash, but residents say: 'We'll cope'

Rick Perry distances himself from George W. Bush in GOP presidential race

Puerto Rico senator resigns after Weiner-esque photo scandal (Republican)

83 died in Guatemala 1940s US experiments: panel(named by President Obama)

Pentagon pays $720M in late fees for storage containers

Bachmann's Irene comments just a joke: spokeswoman

Wiretapping Scandal Shakes Colombia

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset al-Megrahi 'at death's door'

School superintendent gives up $800k in pay

Federal Appeals Court Suggests Rep. Chabot’s Town Hall Camera Ban Violated The Constitution

Labor Economist to Fill Key Post

Consumer Spending Sees Biggest Gain in 5 Months

Jorge Vinicio Orantes Sosa, Accused Guatemala War Criminal, Used Sledgehammer To Kill Unarmed Villag

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday, August 29, 2011

Ex-MI5 Boss: 'Iraq Posed No Threat To UK'

Astronauts May Have to Abandon Space Station

BART warns protests may force closures

48.8% youth employment/population ratio in July (alltime low for the series)

Top NASA climate scientist arrested at White House

Witness backs allegations US funded illegal wiretapping (Colombia)

Judge says boy can live with child-killer for now

Bachmann says she'd consider Everglades drilling

Iowa Pol Stands Firm Against Antigay Amendment

Justice Department Won’t Release Full Memos On George W. Bush’s Warrantless Surveillance

Hurricane Irene's death toll climbs to 38; Vermont towns battle floods

Republicans Against Science

During the 9/11 patriot fest how many times will we hear that the US

Hows that small Gov't and small budgets doing for the Nation lately?? Irene reminded all to see that

Teddy Roosevelt's "The Man In The Arena"

Take a look back at the 2008 GOP primaries, and then think about 2012

David Ignatius: Another Al-Qaeda Leader Falls

A Letter To My President

The Hill: House GOP announces jobs plan focused on cutting regs, taxes

Bachmann blames hurricane, quake on government spending!

Obama Picks New Chief Economist

Eric Cantors jobs bill

Bachmann: Irene is God's message for Washington

How about some credit for the President

Rick Perry's Jobs Plan: 'Let there be jobs!'

Is Rick Perry a Crook? The Evidence is Mounting…

"Want to hear about a great jobs bill that Republicans won’t even consider?"

Breaking news out of upper state NY... 23 folks

Labor Economist to Fill Key Post - Alan Krueger as Chair of WH Council of Economic Advisers

Tonight 9/11 stuff; National Geographic Channel

Candidate Bachmann brushes off hurricane joke

Were we fooled into thinking we're a movement?

Deepak Chopra: In 2012, the issue won't just be the economy

Bush wondered after 9/11, ‘Why didn’t we know this?’ (NatGeo did show screenshot 8/6/01 PDB)

Obama has a golden opportunity to stand up to big oil and protect the environment

Political Wire: CNN Poll Shows Perry Way Ahead of Republican Field

How best to describe Rubio's upbringing???

Three charts to expose right-wing lies

Is Rick Perry dumb? (Politico)

Perry-Gate, a file for research and understanding (illustrated):

Both Bachmann and Perry will implode from "foot in mouth" disease. We just have to wait for it.

John Lewis: What would Martin Luther King Jr. say to President Obama?

73% of Democratic supporters do not want to primary President Obama

"This is a knife-fight."

One in Four Democrats Want to Primary Obama

Is Texas Governor Rick Perry Gay?

North Koreans Forced to Mourn Passing of Leader Under Threat of Death?

ISS Lifeline Vulnerable After Progress Burns Up

Hello Wall Street - We Are Anonymous

Rick Perry and Friends: Meet The Supporters Of The Governor's Prayer Rally

Sarah Palin meets Teddy Roosevelt

Thom Hartmann - Tired of the free loaders in the US economy?

Flooding in my hometown

War for Africa: 'Libya key to new US bases, cheap labor & resources'

TYT: Taxpayer $ To Christianize U.S. Troops

Thom Hartmann - Conversations w/ Great Minds - Bill McKibben, P 1

Cantor: No Hurricane Emergency Funding W/O Spending Cuts

Secret Exemptions Allowed Speculators to Distort Futures Markets

GRAPHIC: Wife of Gaddafi's Son Tortured Nanny and Kept From Hospital

Historic (1870s) Covered Bridge in Bartonsville Vermont swept away by Irene flooding


Rick Perry on Evolution: GOP Story

Papantonio: Rick Perry – The French Cuff Cowboy

Thom Hartmann - Conversations w/ Great Minds - Bill McKibben, P 2

Thom Hartmann vs. Ron Paul-supporting caller

Thom Hartmann vs. Gretchen Hamel (Public Notice) - Tax cuts for Main St or just billionaires?

Papantonio: GOP Embracing “Sovereign Citizen” Extremists

Banks Got Free Money From Fed

Secret Access: UFOs On The Record: History Channel documentary broadcast on 8/25/2011.

TYT: Right Wing Extremists On The Rise In America - DHS Not Taking Action

If Barack Obama was a republican

Gary Hart, " it would help a lot if President Obama started sounding like FDR and Harry Truman."

Rep Gibson (NY-20) Challenged by Constituents

We Shall Not Be Moved

Hey, hey O-B-A-M-A how many kids did you kill today?

Fukushima radiation impact all of humanity Michio Kaku

New War Rationale: ‘Protect Civilians’

Will We Sacrifice Democracy Upon the Altar of Monotheism?

Jake sends telegrams with crew particulars

Guardian UK: Ministers back anti-abortion lobby reforms

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