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Mr Vice President, here... careful with the exhaust

Charlie Sheen, dead and buried in the 'Two and A Half Men' season premiere?


Fold, Part II

Did I miss the part of the "crisis" resolution where GOP baggers

Economic Statistics - How can I find the following statistics?

A Right Wing Plot To Delegitimize Democracy?

I keep getting a "private caller" saying they are a "Democratic Organization" and then not leaving a

A Few Thoughts on the Debt Ceiling Deal

Congress going on Vacation....

Until. . .

Congress going on Vacation....

Those who seek RW approval in order to gain wealth and power do so quite cynically.

Those who seek RW approval in order to gain wealth and power do so quite cynically.

Those who seek RW approval in order to gain wealth and power do so quite cynically.

rachel is on now

Smoke and mirrors and defense


Where are the jobs from the Bush tax cuts? The Dems. should be

CNN report on Fukushima coming up right now

CNN report on Fukushima coming up right now

Rick Perry and the Christian right

Third Way Document Proves Democratic Party Supports Permanent Bailouts for Banksters

I'm guessing Rachael Maddow is going to have a LOT to say tonight

Sailors chanting "Allahu Akbar", Pakistani Navy ship tries to ram Indian Warship.- Video

Obama Nominates Judge Adalberto José Jordán to the United States Court of Appeals

The Repugs Used The Tea Party And When Its All Said And Done They....

OK DUers time to start all over again - Wisconsin needs you

Rachel Maddow you have so much class

OK. so Congress is now vowing to talk about jobs, jobs, jobs now that the debt ceiling fight is over

"At least we're all in this together" (Asian markets tanking tonight)

"At least we're all in this together" (Asian markets tanking tonight)

So How EDUCATED Are The REPUBLICAN Candidates?

Restrictive and Inappropriate: How High-stakes Testing & NCLB Abuse Sped Students

I remember it well

Police arrest Los Angeles man suspected of arson spree

Why Voters Tune Out Democrats

It's funny how offended the right gets when someone 'insults' them, like Biden's terrorist jab.

Let's call them what they are: job destroyers.

Boner to CBS News - "I got 98% of what I wanted. I'm pretty happy"

It's really sad to read this article by William Greider...

If no one decides to challenge Obama in a primary, how disappointed will you be?

The outcome of the debt ceiling bill! (humor)

Obama for America wants donations. I have a suggestion.

Greeks fall back on family ties amid debt crisis

Greeks fall back on family ties amid debt crisis

The people selling details of the TRIGGER bill are spreading (witting or unwitting) disinformation.

Over 24,700 people treated for heatstroke in 2 months through July (Japan)

Mark Halperin's BACK On MSNBC!

You don't have to spank a child in order for them to be a good person...

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

Knock knock, Who's there? Virg, Virg who?

Democrats Accept Major Cuts to Their Balls

I want some of the weed that democratic

Piers' Saudi prince (Rupert's friend) is going to, uh, errect world's tallest tower

Wait a minute...the Super Congress is UNELECTED???

Investors Made a Fortune on Treasuries in July (Bloomberg)

The Dark Side of Murdoch's Russian Billboard Business

Julian Assange

Robert Reich's tweets today: We are still held hostage by radical right.. Organize and mobilize!

Did anyone ever hear why Quaker Oats Man and Pickles avoided Betty Ford's funeral?

Did anyone ever hear why Quaker Oats Man and Pickles avoided Betty Ford's funeral?

Did anyone ever hear why Quaker Oats Man and Pickles avoided Betty Ford's funeral?

When tax cuts for the wealthy expire, it will be the BUSH tax increase.

Holy shit - Bernie Sanders, Matt Taibbi and Jon Stewart all under the bus?

Tim Russert's Son presents Profiles in Courage, "Interview with the last Democrats."

So The Senate is NOT going into recess??? Pro-Forma Sessions are scheduled

Zurich: The city that prides itself on being ordinary.

Folks pay attntion to WI again.

Workers find ultra-high radiation levels at Fukushima Daiichi plant

Best Quote of The Day

Oh my fucking god thank god for the Daily Show, Keith Olbermann, and DU!

Which Party is the most weak and inept?

Do you think the rightwingnuts started to visibly attack unions this year to bait

Just because Oasis broke up, doesn't mean that Beady Eye are total flunkies.

Toy store tired of shoplifters, will scan all customers' driver licenses

I got 98% of what I wanted, Speaker Boehner

Leading indicators continue pointing in positive direction

National Man of Mystery

The illusion

Whatever Happened To Presidential Signing Statements A La Junior?

Netroots Radio: Progressive Talk is LIVE on the internets now.

Netroots Radio: Progressive Talk is LIVE on the internets now.

Is it true that Pat Buchanan has to get botox in his arm, just so it won't do the Hitler salute?

favorite tea bagger toons

you didn't like the debt ceiling bill

U.S. Seen as Among the Greatest Nations, But Not Superior to All Others

WI state senator said to have impregnated babysitter

Famine stalks Somali refugees

"The Indoor Palins"

The analogy between climate change and political/economic change

E-mail, call, Pelosi and Reid and remind them that we're still paying

Gaddafi forces launch counter-assault near Zlitan

More bad news...TLC gives Palin's hair salon it's own show!

David Hicks memoir: Australian court freezes proceeds

The Mubarak trial is beginning now, live on CNN.

I do not accept Doug Lamborn's forced, staff-written apology

Norway attacks: Breivik makes 'unrealistic' demands

Court Sanctions CIA to Pay Fees Over Torture Tapes

Beware of dangerous politicians

Wisconsin's next Governor(?) Jon Erpenbach joins Rachel to discuss next week's recall elections

Asian Markets Goin Down Again...

Republicans cave

Cops rush to defuse bomb strapped to teen's neck

Holy Land clerics launch interfaith Earth forum

Before you try to explain Pat Buchanan's use of the term "boy"

Before you try to explain Pat Buchanan's use of the term "boy"

DICK Joke: How many Mark Halperin remarks does it take to get thrown off the air permanently?

The #1 priority of the Republican Party?

Turn Left?

Tribe's new law recognizes gay marriage

Are we looking at a total breakdown of society?

The gay agenda will see you now, By Mark Morford,

Moody’s Affirms U.S. Rating, Warns of Downgrades

Press conference tomorrow, 8/3, live stream: Americans Hurt by ALEC "Model Bills" Speak Out

"Global warming is a litmus test for US Republicans"

Osborne’s austerity gamble is fast being found out

PHOTO of the DAY (JAPAN) Dial up warning

David Korten: To build a new economy, we must work on three fronts

New DU Forum Idea: DU Gambling

Political SOP of the day: Separate your opposition from their base

Given the options, the best deal for America is for the super committee to end up deadlocked

Job Cuts Surge 59% In July, Highest Since March 2010 As Hiring Intentions Plunge

What a drag … Iceland considers prescription-only cigarettes

Burned Out or Energized?

My opinion is after all the treachery is done concerning this super committee,

Mark "THE DICK" Halperin is back...

O'Donnell did a great job supporting teachers tonight

Why is there a sub for Ed Schultz?

Why is there a sub for Ed Schultz?

Police trying to defuse bomb strapped to teen girl in Sydney: reports

fwiw, story about Biden charging Secret Service rent....

Financial Times: "Unless we are missing something the US is one false move away from a recession"

The answer is "TAX CUTS." (What's the question? Who cares?)

Debt Panel Membership to Send Signal on Chances for Tax Overhaul

Debt Panel Membership to Send Signal on Chances for Tax Overhaul

and who was the president that made us the debtor nation

Man detained after jumping White House fence

Man detained after jumping White House fence

Shell accepts liability for two oil spills in Nigeria

UK Appeals Court Agrees That Clicking A Link And Opening A Website... Is Infringing

Internet Explorer story was bogus

BBC only showed Mubarak with Clinton and Obama

This is How this should have been handled:

Messina: "We're going to be very aggressive in trying to find ways to engage the grass roots"

Hey Congress - Ya want to reduce the deficit but NOT touch Defense? WHY?

So, Tea Party economics has cut 1,000 points off the Dow

I see Mark Halperin is back, and Pat Buchcan is repeating his racist meme...Time for M$NBC boycott

The new super congress picks are in.

Progressive radio online. Make your pick from this list:

Danziger- Good News!

how was Al Gore on Countdown tonight?

Quick reminder- how we lost the House. .....VOTE!

Planned Parenthood fire bombed

FDR was called "a tool of Wall St" by Father COUGHLIN. Just saying.

How Did We Miss the World's Largest Cyber Attack?

"think of the children"

Toon- Wait! Vote for Me!

Irish Exodus Resumes Amid Jobs Scarcity

mustard gas leak

in Vt. radioactive strontium-90 found in fish

Social media pathway to USA spring:

Social media pathway to USA spring:

TPM: Colbert Compares Obama To The Three Billy Goats Gruff Troll (VIDEO)

Police try to defuse bomb 'strapped to teenage girl' in Sydney

No such thing as a "Tea Party" - Really. Quit promoting the concept.

Putting an Antebellum Myth to Rest (slavery myth)

John Sinclair: War and memory: Police and prosecutors' abuse of asset forfeiture laws criticized

The "super committe" thing . . . . . do you see it as a ceding of presidential power to the Congress

Toon: Moving the Center

Toon: Moving the Center

Fukushima radiation 1,000 times H-Bomb peak

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Today In Labor History: August 03

Al Sharpton is working for free?

Finally... I Understand the Stock Market.

Cartoonists Respond to the 'deal', Day 2, part 1

U.S. aviation shutdown likely through August: LaHood

Japan radiation 'contaminated rice crop'

Reputed former Klansman convicted in 1964 kidnappings dies in prison

NPR's False Equivalency

NPR's False Equivalency

NPR's False Equivalency

Obama: "Yes, that means making some adjustments to protect health care programs like Medicare"

I think this is the image I'll remember from the debt ceiling trainwreck of 2011. — Josh Marshall

Rick Perry, the "non-candidate", is running ads in Iowa now.

Update: Police save girl after 10 hour bomb ordeal

Ah listening to an Economist on the thom Hartman show

Great Moments in American Political Negotiation and Compromise

Asking the Internal Revenue Service to connect the ends of two different plates of spaghetti.

Government Budget Cutting SLOWS the Economy – That’s Why It’s Called Contractionary F

Wisconsin: Out-of-state groups send in cash to deliver recall message

The Tea Party owns the economy now.

Takes more than a little multi-building fire to stop a determined Cheesehead (LaCrosse HQ fire)

Reminder: 44 Percent of Tea Partiers Are on Medicare

Who should Reid appoint to the SUPER committee, since he's open to anyone?

"Where at least I know I'm free"

How the Navy’s Warship of the Future Ran Aground

AUGUST 1st to Sept. 1st

Watch bed-ridden Mubarak plead not guilty from behind bars

Whooza poker player? Let's discuss the art of the bluff.

It's costing the government $30 million a day because Repukes want to bust the Unions again

Citizen-Led Movement in California Proposes to Outlaw Foreclosures

Food Stamp recipients surge to near 46 million (increase of 1.1 million in 1 month)

"Let them eat cake."

APOD- Asteroid Vesta Full Frame

In the end, the Wisconsin recalls are all about Scott Walker

Today, I heard a comparison of Obama with this Debt Deal and couldn't agree more.

I'm not as partisan as I thought I was.

Analysis finds PA state legislation copied & pasted from D.C. Conservative Group

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose-

DEBT DEAL Is Unconstitutional

DEBT DEAL Is Unconstitutional

The Top 3 Monkey Stock Pickers

The Top 3 Monkey Stock Pickers

April 2010: Confirmed: Obama authorizes assassination of U.S. citizen

"I don't know how anybody could think that this resembles anything that is fair" Bernie Sanders

Larry Summers: 1 in 3 chance of double dip recession--Obama should NOT extend Bush Tax cuts

Greece: The create escape

Who else is losing track of which progressives we are supposed to hate now?

Will DU Ban Mike Malloy & Keith Olbermann?

I have a list if dirty words. First on the list was:

US proposes ammonium nitrate rules

The Legislation That Could Kill Internet Privacy for Good

Reid Calls It Right: FAA Shutdown Is About The GOP And Delta’s ‘Non-Union’ Stance

Cow moose know how to provoke fights among bulls, scientist says

Economy on the brink, without a safety net

67% of the budget goes to defense? That's just sick!

Neighbor hangs sign saying 'Glad you have cancer, so die, stupid'

An economist on the Hartman show going over how this

Welcome To Banana Republic USA:

Welcome To Banana Republic USA:

Mirror journalist admitted to Heather Mills they hack her voicemail, while Piers Morgan was editor

Giant rat kills predators with poisonous hair

More Ridiculous Lying Lies From The Lie-Tastic Liars At Lying NOM

Pelosi w/be on with Andrea Mitchell at 1pm Eastern. nt

After browsing through the Japan/Nuke thread, I wonder how people in all sincerity

Colbert’s solution: Send credit rating agencies to Gitmo

A Multiple Warhead Rant Regarding The FAA and JOHN MOTHERFUCKING MICA

Panetta Critical of 2nd Round of Cuts

What the hell are Republicans planning in Wisconsin?

"I depend on myself...'

Iceland to Bankster Uber Allies: Go f**k yourselves....We won't pay !!!

Antigay Group Sends Misleading Absentee Ballots in Wisc. Recall Elections

California judge: trolling with someone else's Facebook is identity theft

Stalemate in Senate Leaves 4,000 Out of Work at F.A.A.

Michelle and Barack Obama, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, Stedman...

I offer, without comment, two pictures of Hosni Mubarak

Kelsey Grammer Launches Tea Party TV

Kelsey Grammer Launches Tea Party TV

It's 1:13pm EST And The Dow is Down 103 Points.


We didn't lose this fight. Barack Obama was in law school when this fight was lost.

Michael Steele distances Republicans from Tea Party.

U.S. sees no credible threats before 9/11 anniversary

Amy Goodman -- War, Debt and the President

What does the “debt deal” mean for homelessness?

Was Georgia Tech fan strip-searched for a chicken sandwich?

'Uncle Pat' Buchanan repeats his racial slur this morning on Morning Jerk.

US debt deal to have positive impact on Indian IT cos: Wipro

Ah here we go again.

We should make a list of all the gifts Congress gave the wealthy in the last ten years

Extra Bonus Quote of the Day: What we did learn is this -- it's a hostage that's worth ransoming

Tightening offshore tax rules

Uganda could be next hit by malnutrition, U.N. warns (we need a war on hunger)

Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood urging Congress to return

The Tea Party, the debt ceiling, and white Southern extremism

How the GOP lost on the debt deal

The Guardian on Tom Watson: 'Phone hacking is only the start. There's a lot more to come out'

A New Republican Treason

Everyone knows that when you laugh at politician the magic is over right?

In These Times: "the jobless have good reason to feel that the White House simply abandoned them"

PIC: what should have been cut in debt ceiling deal

Animal Abuser Ordered to Work at Animal Shelter

Republicans control ONE branch of Government, Republicans control the dialogue

My message to Bernie Sanders

My message to Bernie Sanders

White House 'Violent Extremism' Strategy To Combat Al Qaeda, Other Radical Groups

Maine delegation opposes Congress’ August recess, says there’s more work to do

Why do the republicans hate air traffic in this country....

30 Years After Reagan Busted The Air Traffic Controllers Union, GOP Holds FAA

The FAA non-funding thing is a PERFECT example of how

Hey WalMart! Rich people don't buy the crap you sell in your stores,

Hey WalMart! Rich people don't buy the crap you sell in your stores,

Dog owners flunk AAA's driving survey; Too many are distracted by pets

Thom Hartmann: Has AFP election fraud been exposed in WI?

Tell President Obama that Bernie Sanders MUST be part of the Super Committee

DOW hasn't closed down for 9 straight days in 33 years

Manuel Noriega to be extradited from France back to Panama

U.S. indirectly supplies guns that fuel Somalian conflict

Expiring gas tax may be next battle on the Hill

Administration to Congress: *Return from recess and fund FAA* (The Hill)

Dear Cameraman Who Attacked Teachers In Front Of Matt Damon And His Mom

Dear Cameraman Who Attacked Teachers In Front Of Matt Damon And His Mom

Wyoming, Interior Department announce plan for delisting wolves in the state

Just my daily reminder that we should Impeach Clarence Thomas...

We do not believe there is a danger of a double dip recession...

The Next Birth Control Battle: Religious Exemptions

Freedom Works Tea Party Pouring Money and Manpower into Dismantling Medicare

Aviation Safety is At Risk With FAA Shutdown

Great email from Jim Moran about why he voted no on debt "deal"

UAW leader asks industry to cooperate with labor

Homeless woman couldn't afford the tags for her BMW

Holder is making me sick to my stomach.

Ten Signs The Double-Dip Recession Has Begun

'Cause you need it.....Some FAILblog fun

The Hidden Casualty of the Debt Deal

Cantor the has been

Obama hasn't lost his base

"Balance the budget and balance the tax burden" -- H.W. Bloch

Republicans: A Profile Of The Classic Abuser.

Republicans: A Profile Of The Classic Abuser.

If any planes crash during the next five weeks, the GOP Senators will have committed mass murder

Now for a little Repub Prez 2012 campaign trivia - Rick Santurum jammin' it

MoJo: How Pelosi Saved Boehner's You-Know-What

Mother Jones: Welcome to the United States of Austerity (the end of Obama's 'Winning the Future')

The expert on addiction that bashir had

Black Spider-Man is Michelle Obama's Fault According To Glenn Beck

Some astronomers think the Earth once had TWO moons.

Will there be a second "double dip" recession in the coming months?


There are always unintended consequences, always.

Debt Ceiling Now Permanent Part of Political Arsenal

Pat Buchanan:“to nail the coonskin to the wall”

This SuperCongress was the republicans wet dream delivered on a lovesock made of gold

ALEC was behind multiple bills in the last Minnesota legislative session

'Sarah Palin -- You Betcha!' - The Movie

On the differences between mandatory and discretionary spending

Tea Party, Republicans Plan Renewed Push To Privatize Medicare

DOW hasn't closed down 9 days in a row for 33 years

Are you going to buy Geller's new book?

What was the goal here for Obama and the Democrats?

For my liberal/progressive brothers and sisters

Warning: Conspiracy Theory Inside

Dow up 28 points,

Columbus Democrats — emergency, help!

Republicans "we must cut Social Security", Democrats should say increase Social Security by 25%

Interview with a Japanese Kansai Gaidai Student

Vegas quickie weddings hit by economy

after completing a job destroying deficit deal, both parties promise to focus on jobs

Bigotry & Stupidity: "You Might Be a Liberal If..."

Rep Cantor: Government Promises Aren't Going To Be Kept For Many

Sorry Fred, we've been friends for 30 years but I never thought you'd email me anything like this!

The future is arriving early: Infant malnutrition at staggering levels in Massachusetts

Cut Homeland Security

The President should call the Congress back into session.

The President should call the Congress back into session.

The Progressive: Why a Primary Challenge to Obama Is a Bad Idea

Lost Hitchcock film discovered in New Zealand

AARP has a can you reduce the deficit excersise

£300m of cocaine found on luxury yacht in Southampton, UK

Poll: Democrats are twice as likely to approve of the debt deal as Republicans

Our polity defines Schadenfreude as "glee".

Our polity defines Schadenfreude as "glee".

Just there any organized effort for PO'd liberals to scream

Think you are tough? This gal took the Bar Exam while in labor

Layoffs Surge As Recovery Shows Little Sign Of Momentum

Unemployment rose in nearly all US cities

The Perfect Candidate to Challenge Obama

Boy fighters of Somalia warn of Shabab cruelty

I've never seen this before -- local McDonald's just closes outright

Hey Mr. & Ms. Big Pockets - looking for work?

Hey Mr. & Ms. Big Pockets - looking for work?

How To Lie With Figures

Schumer: GOP is ‘Holding A Gun To Our Heads’ In FAA Fight

Wait! Ben Nelson voted NO? I just noticed that.

Norway Terror Shines Spotlight on Right-Wing Online Networks

Activists put pressure on McGraw-Hill

Wow... Normally When The President Signs A Bill, There's Lots Of Presidential Pens Handed Out...

Franken: "The deal does protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries"

Krystal Ball: Why Obama Is So Bad at Negotiations

David Vitter Introduces Bill To Make Super Congress Campaign Contributions Transparent

You cannot make this up!

Sam Brownback downplays his involvement in creepy prayer rally

"Republicans finally have a jobs bill.

Buffett Says 'Bet Heavily' Against Double Recession

Couldn't they do the study with 1,800,000 job losses BEFORE the vote?

Couldn't they do the study with 1,800,000 job losses BEFORE the vote?

New 35W bridge memorial vandalized

Anyone downtown Chicago protesting the president's fundraiser?

Biden’s Admission on the 14th Amendment Actually a BFD - FDL

Lower sulfur fuel tests in Gulf of Mexico results in 87%+ reduction of sulfur oxide/particulates

Attorney General Holder Reaffirms Commitment to Indian Country at Wounded Knee Memorial Site

Buchanan: No slur intended with Obama 'boy' quip

Government wants to keep secrets in FBI lawsuit

Rigged Republican Crisis Basically Over, Now, Where are the Jobs and or Jobs bills? Or even a

6th Graders Pummel 'Old Turtle-Faced Mitch McConnell' On Debt Ceiling (video)

UAW says in talks with foreign automakers in U.S.

sick, just sick

My Teabagger, lawn-obsessed neighbor sees drought restrictions as govt. control

Cartoonists Respond to the 'deal', Day 2, part 2

'Miracle turtle' released as crowd cheers in Fla.

Heather Mills claims Mirror Group journalist admitted hacking her phone

Time to give the Tea Party back to little girls all dressed up playing big girl..

Judge says American defense contractor can sue Rumsfeld personally over torture allegations

When the left sleeps the right wins

Why Democrats Lose: The Super Committee Appointees

I don't understand Independent voters.

Debt Crisis?

U.S. law bans plasticizer, limits lead levels (with exemptions)

So... I've Been Trying For Sometime Now, To "Formulate" This Question... So Here Goes...

New Florida law forces cities and counties to repeal local gun laws

New Florida law forces cities and counties to repeal local gun laws

New Florida law forces cities and counties to repeal local gun laws

Keeping Track of Walton $$$

Keeping Track of Walton $$$

By next year, more people will realize the fight isn't just about

Rep. Donna Edwards on Why She Voted Against Debt Deal: (+ Dean Baker)

the thugs learn quick. they are doing to the FAA what they just did with debt ceiling.

Go Joe Madison - tear them a new one

So The Congress-Creeps Are Gone For The Next Five Weeks, And The FAA Is Unfunded This Whole Time...

ABC News doing a story on how Mormons are working on PR to protect their beliefs.

France to extradite Manuel Noriega to Panama

Former Democratic State Representative Holds Fundraiser For Obama. DU'ers Attack Him.

I would hope when they pick the "Super Congress"

If I'm not to be represented, should I work, donate and vote for someone that I know will

Al Gore Kicking ASS On Countdown w/ Keith...

Delta's Greed Helps Shut Down The FAA

Bad Turkey

In one month John Boehner will get up and say:

So the story so far.

Santorum To Give Out Free Jelly At Ames

Computer officiates Texas couple’s wedding

Actor Matt Damon defends teacher tenure in testy exchange

Fox News Compares Helping Battered Women To Getting a Manicure

Toronto Star: NDP vows to wean Ontario off nuclear power

Toronto Star: NDP vows to wean Ontario off nuclear power

Toronto Star: NDP vows to wean Ontario off nuclear power

The debt limit deal and the social counterrevolution in America

It's time to forget about Obama's re-election.

It is time to start thinking in the long term.

PUMA Peter Daou this time last year

After all this talk about Medicare reform I still don't know if it needs to be reformed

dupe, sorry; mods, pls delete

dupe, sorry; mods, pls delete


Republicans classic abusers

Website dedicated to Colonel Sanders tells story of his legacy

A Core Issue that BOTH parties ignore -- Monopoly Capitalism

Palin's hairdresser gets reality show

An outsourcing that would be great for the economy

Canada silences a salmon expert

Anyone else noticed the anti senior citizen articles in the last few days?

Will 10 Billion People Use Up the Planet's Resources?

Anti-contraception being pushed to top military leaders

Teabagger ideas in more "free rides" on the school bus for you!

Our surprise ally, Eric Cantor, making the Progressive case for Corporate taxes

I've been puzzled by one thing in our recent political history....

Dollar’s Reserve Status Is Waning, U.S. Treasury Borrowing Committee Says

China Joins Russia in Blasting U.S. Borrowing

Pretty pretty pretty pretty prettty pretty please Al?

ABC News: Heat wave story w/ no mention of global warming balanced by story on woman held by God.

EPA enters into agreement with Chevron to investigate soil contamination Navajo Reservation

Jury rests in Warren Jeffs(FLDS) trial after hearing sex tape with 12 "wives"including a 12 year old

"Competing Parasites" "The Takings Coalition" & "The Leave Us Alone Coalition". Guess who wrote that

Right Wing, James O'Keefe-Style Nude Photo Sting Forces New Jersey Democrat to Resign

ABC News abOut to run story about "the Garden of Eden in Missouri"

Help me feel okay about this. The ends never justify the means.

LaHood: “Get off the beach, get out of your mobile homes,” Get back here to pass FAA funds.

There is a revolution brewing...

Eric Cantor Defends Airlines Pocketing Taxes During FAA Shutdown: ‘That’s What Business

OMG this is Priceless. Tea Party thinks they elected reps to cut taxes, but only for the tea party.

More trouble for US: China now downgrades its ratings

Here's a Facebook page you're going to love! You're probably in the Tea Party if

Tonight on Countdown: Paul Krugman, Matt Taibbi, Ron Wyden

No matter what you may think of President Obama...

Life Without Left Turns

Regarding the Tea Party and these Social Security/Medicare Cuts

I just paid $3600 to a rehab facility for my 92-year-old father because Medicare wouldn't cover it.

Hey Tea Party Veterans "How's It Working for you?" Military Retirement & TRICARE Benefits Cuts

Welcome to the United States of Austerity

Tea Party To Push Paul Ryan Medicare Plan In Town Halls

War and Debt -- The Debt Ceiling Debate That Didn't Happen

War and Debt -- The Debt Ceiling Debate That Didn't Happen

Our "backs" are breaking...

Money Still Owed In Federal Bailout: $1.5 Trillion Still Owed to Treasury, Federal Reserve

40,000 expected to line up for free school supplies at Dallas mayor’s fair

This idea and then the manifestation of a Super Committee to solve all the

Posted As A Reminder... And If You Quibble About The "Inaccuracies", You Miss The Point, And...

In my long lifetime, I held my nose and always voted Democrat for President

I kinda wonder why the Republicans want to get rid of Obama so badly.

McConnell admits taking the world economy 'hostage', and promises to demand more 'ronsons'

Unenthusiastic About Voting for Obama Next Year?

What needs to happen is impossible now

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Services firms expand at slowest pace in 17 months

Gallup has Obama's support by liberal Democrats up 2% to 83%.

Great the FAA are not getting paid one month before the 10 anniversary of 9/11. Brilliant! Just

AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION new tv ad to thwart Congressional attacks on the Clean Air Act - Video

Nothing frightens me more than this fact...

Dan Froomkin: Has DC Disconnect Ever Been Worse? As Americans Suffer, Elite Celebrate Austerity

Caption this photo of Biden, Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Durbin...

At what point does ignoring the effects of crazy congress on Obama's decisions become Obama Bashing?

tweety starts show demonstrating how the thugs have been out to destroy Obama from beginning

Tax cuts do not create jobs, they create profits.

Only Six TRVE DEMOCRATS™ Left - We're Well and Truly Doomed!

Little Rock temp.....114

They came back from recess for Terry Schiavo's cortex . . . .

Swedish man caught trying to split atoms at home

Repug Cantor Goes after the "Boomer Loafers" with Slurs about Medicare for All!" /TPM

A Trillion Dollar Tax Robbery Looms: Numbers Shenanigans or Ignorance?

If Obama and Dems want to portray GOP as crazy hostage takers, why do they agree and listen to them

I heard a statistic this morning that really disheartened me. The number was sixty six thousand.

Cargill recalls 36 million pounds of turkey on FDA order - salmonella

Suicides/Homicides Climb To - Epidemic - Levels Following Election Of A Republican President (study)

Suicides/Homicides Climb To - Epidemic - Levels Following Election Of A Republican President (study)

Judge allows American to sue Rumsfeld over torture

Coworker: "I'm not worried: We can always volunteer to feed the poor and elderly"

FAA Inspectors should refuse to inspect...

When Clinton Stared Down The Republican Terrorists

Has everyone thanked their "no" voting representatives already?

We're Spending Over $7 Trillion A Decade on Defense. So, What Nation Is Threatening Us?

Rep. Paul introduces bill to cancel $1.6T in debt

And this is how you do propaganda

In the Sun Newspaper they advertise for Sun Tv (faux news north). They always

Checking in here

What is your opinion about the state of the state of the economy?

We boomers will die earlier in larger numbers

Do Obama supporters realize this was the perfect opportunity to take the rich hostage.

Has anybody here watched "Current TV" lately?

The IRS has revoked the tax-exempt status of Americans for the Truth About Homosexuality

"Democrats Also Need a Presidential Primary in 2012"

Child Porn Ring Bust, 72 Charged, 50 Arrested

Top ten crazy sh*t Pat Buchanan says

Obama For America called tonight asking for $200!

Choices....Choices: "A" Who is Unelectable OR "B" Who Won't Execute??

Poll: Muslims, atheists most likely to reject violence

Wal-Mart Visits Drop as Products Fail to Draw

Anyone ever heard about Flash Mob Robberies? Really scary new thing.

Anyone ever heard about Flash Mob Robberies? Really scary new thing.

“I am pleased to nominate David Barlow to serve the people of Utah as a United States Attorney.”

Larry King, other celebs lobby Obama to Evolve Already

I for one feel it's time to quit bashing Obama. It is what it is.

I would freally be interested in the defense of this latest Obama nomination: David Barlow

I would freally be interested in the defense of this latest Obama nomination: David Barlow

I would freally be interested in the defense of this latest Obama nomination: David Barlow

The money you put into social security isn't yours.

Draft Matt Damon!

False centrism and the rush to "bipartisanship". They are failing our party. Some quotes.

You must vote for Obama or you will be eaten by cannibals

Debt-hit students urged to sell their kidneys

Remembering Obama's August 2008 Convention Speech regarding US jobs and corporate taxes:

Check out this MADE IN USA certificate of authticity :-)

The Rude Pundit: A "Dear Barack" Letter

All this handwringing about how the thugs are out to "destroy" Obama. Why aren't WE out to "destroy"

Obama: Debt Ceiling Deal Required Tough Concessions By Both Democrats And Democrats Alike

Bush v Gore lead attorney throwing fundraising reception for Obama. Special guest Wasserman Schultz.

'Rs lay out their ideas and then Ds try to fight back' IMO the WH needs to push a 'Win the Future' Budget.

Drunken Ben Bernanke Tells Everyone At Neighborhood Bar How Screwed U.S. Economy Really Is

The stimulus DID work. Gov't spending DOES work.

Every time a senator says GOP has gun to their head, ask why they didn't take out filibuster bullet

This is only the beginning. We have seen the first step of a coup.

Thank God it passed! Gallup poll shows thumbs down on debt deal two-to-one.

Seniors Stage Bank 'Knit-Ins' To Protest Threat Of Medicare, Social Security Cuts

It's all BULLSHIT. Retirement should be 55, Min Wage should be $20, Workweek 4 days

Village Idiot: Home sweet homeschooling

Steve King Strikes Again, Says Birth Control Coverage Will End Civilization

Steve King Strikes Again, Says Birth Control Coverage Will End Civilization

MSNBC Says: We Want Cenk Back!

Yo Obama! I want my $1,000 back!

To Speaker Pelosi & Maj. Leader Reid: These are the MOST IMPORTANT appointments you will EVER MAKE:

Anyone going to townhalls

Has anyone else noticed CNN more interested in the facts in their coverage. I've been

You Don't Get a Day Off When Your Dog Dies

'Multiverse' theory suggested by microwave background

Black Alumna Sues High School Over 'Wednesday Wigger Day'

Peter Daou: How The Dem Establishment Shunned The Left, Spawned The Tea Party & Moved America Right

Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch call public schools a government monopoly. Consider the irony.

Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch call public schools a government monopoly. Consider the irony.

What will President Obama be running on in 2012?

"Obama Says He'll Really Fight For The People...Next Time" Jim Hightower

Stupid question about World War II:

Meet the Right-Wing Hatemongers Who Inspired the Norway Killer

Boston's Logan Airport will be the test case for "Israeli-style" security

Boston's Logan Airport will be the test case for "Israeli-style" security

Now he going to "fight" for jobs?

Obama NOMINATES top advisor of Republican Sen. Mike Lee as US Attorney

Obama nominates Mike Lee advisor as US attorney

Fort Bragg approves on-post atheist festival, Rock Beyond Belief

BOYCOTT DELTA AIRLINES...I'm so mad I cannot even see straight.

Questions for all of you about unions, from a FORMER TEACHER.

If I applied for a job at McDonalds and they asked me

Can we focus on getting who we want on the debt committee Please?

How much effort and money are you planning to give to Obama?

"Obama welcomes the opportunity to jettison the legacy of FDR as outmoded political baggage"

STUNNING Al Jazeera documentary on American Income Inequality NAILS IT---Its The OLIGARCHY, Stupid

Thought experiment about entitlements

In my last article, I made the point that the GOP will pull this hostage-taking crap again

oh shit, we "liberals" made the WH mad again

I think I'm finally understanding the right wing brain. This, from personal experience.

I need to send some money to DU

Brotherhood of Man


Tonight on Shark Week

Mumford And Sons - Little Lion Man

They will have functional MRIs that can tell if someone is lying. I can't wait for that day.

I used to hate 'rap music." Then, wait a minute, I still hate 'rap music.' Never mind.

What if a square in every city, and a video feed, were present?

I guess I picked the wrong day to stop smoking Morphine....

Music Depreciation with Les Paul

"Dress up in You" by Belle and Sebastian. Greatest twee song ever. Discuss...

Just saw a spectacular show by Los Straitjackets!

Summer foods unique to your region

Use flash (possibly nsfw, but funny anyway)!

Top Gear dissed my car.

Just because Oasis broke up, doesn't mean that Beady Eye are total flunkies.

Rain Rain Beautiful Rain

Have you ever had YOUR people call THEIR people and then done lunch?

Who Will The Next Fool Be?

Abe Vigoda's Dead

Think I'll have fried shrimp on Thursday. I usually good it with garlic and butter. Does anyone have

Dancing the Night Away

Ground Control to Major Tom...


Just drove across Alligator Alley and saw a HUGE snake on the road.

Blind guitarist from the audience joins U2 on stage.

"Jeremiah was a bullfrog." What the fuck is THAT, you sandal-wearing, drug smoking HIPPIE?

My friend was at the movies with her 7 year old son, and a woman wearing a burka entered the theatre

Johnny Depp after a lifetime on drugs

Apocalypto is on IFC 9 ET!1 Incredibly, after our discussion th'other day.

Mañana's phrase is "98% of what I wanted." Modify a thread title to include "98% of what I wanted".

Graveyard Train - Ballad for Beelzebub

HELP I dropped my new iphone in the tub

My striking wallpaper: Wm BLAKE's "The Ancient of Days"

"Did you know that race car spelled backwards still spells “race car”? and....

The Hardees chicken sandwich ad is making me hungry

Danziger 'toons, Wedding Announcements!

Question: What time, on average, do you eat dinner?


Sometimes Facebook can be a beautiful thing.

Water sports. What swimtime games did you play as a kid? We used to go swimming

Delete, duplicate post

New Lounge Emissions Policies?

Obama’s Budget Treat: Some Red Meat

More Airline BS - Paying for a Seat Assignment!

HELP ! I have had a tuna snack in my head for days and I can't think of the name

Has anyone here ever attempted reanimation?

A New Satan Sandwich video!

When I call "Inky", the cat formerly known as "Twilight" responds. She's

Ukraine to save bears from forced vodka drinking

Casey McFuckingGehee! Three homers in one game!!!

Help! Do I need to fix my computer? I was doing a bunch of different stuff, some of this

The new house, Part 2. (Pics inside.)

is it true that CG is marrying FS?

6-year-old’s growing convictions regarding reincarnation

Play BBC Mastermind!

Damn, I hate those ASPCA ads on TV.

What happened to Eugene Murphy Landeau from america's got talent?

I took a neighbor to Walgreen's today and I found this kit to train your cat to use the toilet.

I just closed on my new condo in Indy today!


I am making a Rachael Ray recipe for dinner tonight, and YES...I believe it will be YUM-O.

Melonbots, be tasty and roll out!

MFM made his caprese salad with balsamic vinegar dressing today.

If you could transport your whole life to another city to live out your life in where would it be?

That special ingredient to give it some kick......

Comic Flowchart on How To Deal With Internet Arguments

Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!

Has anyone here ever attempted animation?

HELP ! I have had a tune stuck in my headfor days and I can't think of the name

Need ideas: Philadelphia long-weekend...

Find out how many vicious little Biebers you could take at once.

Remember the dildo ads? Somebody found a use for one!

I Read a Hard Copy Newspaper Today


Shit's getting depressing. Let's talk about Scotch Eggs

My big, fat Zucchini

Why aren't you a politician?

"My big, fat Zucchini" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread to include "My big, fat Zucchini

I am utterly freaked out. This is hands down the strangest thing I've ever experienced.

If you have not seen Hyperbole and a Half, go there. Now!

Rant - Woman friend has to pay sposal support for a man too lazy to work for years

What is your favourite video game. I like tetris. Started playing when I housesat for someone.

Do you guys like Craig Ferguson?

Homeless man jumps fence at White House

U.S. weighs Syria sanctions, boosts opposition contact

Drought exposes Columbia debris in Lake Nacogdoches

Secret Service apprehends White House fence jumper

Guatemalan soldiers sentenced in Indians' massacre

China's central bank governor 'welcomes' US debt deal

Poll: American Muslims upbeat about life in US

Japan's parliament approves Tepco compensation plan

(former Guantanamo detainee) David Hicks memoir: Australia opens case to seize cash

Report on ‘Operation Shady RAT’ identifies widespread cyber-spying (from China)

Mubarak to Share Cage in Courtroom With His Sons as Trial Begins

MK Ben-Eliezer: Israel offered political asylum to Mubarak

Judge Lets Charges Stand in Arms Trafficking Case (Viktor Bout)

(UK) Government scraps plan to block illegal filesharing websites

Giant rat kills predators with poisonous hair

Government drops website blocking - UK

ADP Estimates U.S. Companies Added 114,000 Employees in July

Widely used PTSD drug fails test in combat veterans

N.R.A. to Sue Over Bulk Gun Sales Rule

Berlusconi Vows Not to Resign

US Job Cuts Surge 60% In July On Month - Challenger Report

Labor tells politicians not to take workers for granted

EPA in 1987 found fracking fouled well water in W.Va

Biggest series of cyber-attacks in history uncovered

Troubled to End, USW Union Ratifies US Honeywell Contract (ends 13 month lockout at uranium plant)

US gun industry sues to block rifle sales reporting

Critics blast Brownback for attending prayer day hosted by ‘inhumane’ anti-gay groups

RNC Chair: Pay No Attention To The Wisconsin Recalls, National Reporters

10 Illinois companies tell state they'll cut 1,100 jobs by year-end

Italy approves draft law to ban burqa

Colombia ranks 10th worst on terrorism risk index .

Libya Allying With Islamists, Qaddafi Son Says

Iran Revolutionary Guards Commander Becomes New President Of OPEC

Obama to name Carter to No. 2 Pentagon post

Caterpillar plans new facility in China

9 pollsters now reported missing in western Mexico

N.H. officer charged with DWI erupted after arrest

ACLU seeks info on how police use cellphone data

Obama Nominates Top Mike Lee Advisor as U.S. Attorney

Police may not charge drivers stopped just to obtain information, Maine court rules

HELP ! I have had a tuna stuck in my head for days and I can't think of the name

Construction jobs reach 11-year high in (Detroit) metro area

G.O.P. Looks to Rebuild Bush Fund-Raising Machine

Tea Party's tough tactics on debt alienating moderate voters, polls show

U.S. seriously probing News Corp 9/11 hacking report

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Prosecutors play tapes of polygamist leader instructing 14-year-old 'spiritual wife' on sex

Perry prayerfest shaping up to be a flop

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients Clears First Hurdle in Pennsylvania

New Process Could Make Canadian Oil Cheaper, Cleaner

Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans win PTSD settlement

Steve King: Covering Birth Control Will Make Us ‘A Dying Civilization’

Cubans Set for Big Change: Right to Buy Homes

Senator's aide faces Prison on fish violation

Norway: War Games and Toys Pulled From Shelves

Creepy Android malware records your phone calls

TOM THE DANCING BUG: Great Moments in American Political Negotiation and Compromise

Iraq and US to negotiate troop extension

Behind-The-Scenes Images From White House Debt Negotiations - PHOTOS

Can the President call a special session on Congress to resolve the FAA crisis?

Here's a LINK to the VIDEO: Pat Buchanan Refers To Obama As ‘Your Boy’ To Al Sharpton - VIDEO

Hypothetical hostage situation

How the GOP lost on the debt deal - LA Times

''Super Congress'' amounts to affirmative action quota for dying GOP

I didn't vote in the Democratic primary today....only the 2nd time I've missed a race since 1972

Mr President

Debt deal sets stage for epic ideological clash in 2012

Sarah Palin Proves Tea Party Not Terrorists, ‘Or Obama Would Pal Around With Us’

The Presidential Planner: Obama’s Birthday Bash

The 14th amendment, the debt ceiling, and the President

Rachel Maddow reporting that the debt ceiling agreement means losses of 300+ thousand jobs

President Obama & the Five "E's": Getting "KIds" to do what you want

President Obama & the Five "E's": Getting "KIds" to do what you want

Obama Plans Mid-August Bus Tour of Midwest to Focus on Jobs

One shot on taxes: Don't blow it, Democrats (Ezra Klein)

Josh Marshall: "the image I'll remember from the debt ceiling trainwreck of 2011."

If there were only more like Matt Damon

Becoming the target of international mockery

Have You Noticed That Obama Has Really Bad Summers?

New photo evidence in the Palin babygate saga...

Debt Ceiling Deal: The Devil Is In The Details


Obama on FAA shutdown: "'Congress' is playing politics"

Ya wanna tax them Millionaires? VOTE BLUE in 2012...fassest easiest way...

Schumer: GOP is ‘Holding A Gun To Our Heads’ In FAA Fight

it appears congress is in recess; will Obama make some recess appointments?

The case I wish Obama would make

Republicans Attack Obama For Having A Birthday Party

Palin says she has no respect for Romney's debt-ceiling stance - "Bless his heart..."

Mr. President: Get us out of of Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq NOW.

Senator Leahy's Statement Regarding President Obama's Federal Judicial Nominations

Senator Leahy's Statement Regarding President Obama's Federal Judicial Nominations

Obama presses Congress to end FAA shutdown

What 10th Amendment? Perry supports federal abortion amendment, too

Well I guess I got my blood pressure up for nothing! And

Since we obviously can't afford it, how many billions are we giving to Israel?

Pelosi Pushes Back Against Obama-Backed Free-Trade Agreements

Rep. Donna Edwards on Why She Voted Against Debt Deal: “A Bad Framework for the Future”

Can someone list all the progressive legislation Obama has vetoed?

Compared to 2008,

On the Liberal Bitterness About the Deal

Kerry called deal "extortion," but voted against default

Tell me again why you will work to reelect this guy

No recess appointments for you

An observation about Buchanan, "boy" and false equivalence

Al Gore: U.S. Needs An ‘American Spring’

GALLUP: Only 38% (58% of Dems, 33% of Inds, 26% of Repugs) support debt ceiling agreement

Why Has Obama Never Recognized the Tea Party?

I think Obama may have just flim-flammed the Republicans;

I'm going to chill on my criticisms of Obama

What's up with President Obama? Voices From Around The Internet

Stock market tanking again. Millions more jobs will be lost. We will go back into Recession.

Obama's record.

Can someone list all the progressive legislation Obama has TABLED before it even got to a vote?

Know Your Enemies

Happy Birthday, President Obama

Do you think President Obama will win the 2012 election?

Bubba Smith dies at 66: No signs of foul play, police say

Susie Sampson interviews people on the street about debt ceiling, what to do about all the Mexicans

Fake Progressives

PBS NewsHour: Utah's Health Insurance Experiment Built Around Small Businesses

World Premiere of "Outlaws of Love" - Adam Lambert - HD Live - Sainte Agathe


Celente: Dollar not worth its paper, Greatest Depression up ahead

Pat Buchanan Calls President Obama a Racist Name: Sharpton points it out

Thom Hartmann: Is it safe to fly with Boehner & Republicans in charge?

'Depoliticizing' Home Ownership

Democracy is Dead

TYT: GOP: Obama Our Hostage, Entitlement Cuts Coming

Thom Hartmann: Is this debt deal the Herbert Hoover approach?

Matt Damon defends teachers

TYT: Fund War, Cut Social Security & Medicare - Senator Lieberman

Chris Hayes, subbing for Rachel, discusses government by CRISIS!

Papantonio: How Obama Let Rove Off The Hook

Empty Walls (Serj Tankian Song on 911, Iraq, and Anitterrorism)

Austerity and the Destruction of Democracy

Thom Hartmann: Has AFP election fraud been exposed in WI?

PBS interview with Robert Reich, John Taylor on debt ceiling bill

Fault Lines: The Top 1%...Al Jazeera English MUST SEE TV. The HAVES and the HAVE NOTS. Miss him yet?

Huckabee's informative, entertaining 9/11 Bush bullhorn moment fucking CARTOON

TYT: FAA Shutdown Dangerous & Expensive?

Papantonio: Rove’s Plan to Win Back The White House in 2012

Thom Hartmann: the Tea Party take over you didn't know about (plus strategy for Democrats)

Eric Cantor Defends Airlines Pocketing Taxes During FAA Shutdown: ‘That’s What Business Does’

Jiffy Lube Is Investigated (Service Scams)

CNN: Man Jumps White House Fence 8/2/11

Paul Krugman Presidency?

The Most Aggressive Defense Of Teachers You’ll Hear This Year

Thom Hartmann: What's the next hostage scenario?

Bernie Sanders "This Is A Huge Win For Right-Wing Republicans"

Mike Malloy - Barack Obama Is A Chump (incredible rant)

Al Gore calls for a New American Spring Movement

TDPS: Oslo Shooter Bought Bullets from the United States...Problem?

Matt Damon speaks before SOS March

For lesson in shared sacrifice, send Congress to boot camp

After Months of Partisan Wrangling, Wall Street & Pentagon Emerge Victorious on Debt Deal

GOP 'Lowers the Ceiling' on FAA Flights

Mother Jones - Forget the Debt Ceiling. Lower America's War Ceiling

Maine Republicans Attacking Child Labor, Heading Toward 'Oliver Twist' Conditions

MSNBC - Goldman's new money machine: warehouses

"TV Shows Teach Children Fame Is Most Important Value..."

Obama Bonds Proved World Beaters in Game of Chicken on Debt

Greeks fall back on family ties amid debt crisis

Amy Goodman: War, Debt and the President

How Recession Is Hastening the Wal-Martization of America

Italy begins crisis talks with EU

P-G Columnist: America's curse: a mushy, malleable middle

Maria Cardona: No More GOP and/or Teahadist Tyrants!

Governor Quinn Signs Bill to Protect Homeowners form Contractor Scams

What If?

Costly Drone is Poised to Replace U-2 Spy Plane. NYT

Robert Scheer: The Recovery Is Dead, Long Live the Recovery

The strike that busted unions

In an Oslo mosque, a 'special' Ramzan begins after attacks

Man, That Debt Ceiling Fight Sucked! Let's Do It Again! - Mother Jones

Guardian UK: Are we heading for a second global financial crisis?

U.S. reputation suffers in Asia

Teenager’s Path and a Killing Put Spotlight on Mental Care

T(errorist) Party Governor steps on his Dick, Big Time.

How your URLs help power Gadhafi's regime

Al Jazeera English Reports Overwhelmingly Positive Response In New York City

Stupid is as stupid does with IE user hoax 'study'

GOP Job Killing Mission Continues

Bank of America, The Bank of Coal

Weimar Meets Waterloo (James Howard Kunstler)

The Save Our Schools March and the Lessons of History

Washington Court Upholds Religious Slaughter

Try as he might, Obama can't shake Bush tax cuts

Best Cartoons Mocking the Tea Party

"Stuff white people like: denying climate change" (Note they're specifying white conservative men)

Rare Speech for Jonathan Pollard from Floor of Congress

6 days left in campaign to recall 6 GOPer Wisconsin State Senators - request for help

CBO Report Finds Dept. of Energy Undercharging Energy Companies for Nuclear Loan Guarantees

Do You Speak Christian?

The Herd Mentality

Ready for a Revolution?

Eagle deaths investigated at LADWP wind power generation site

World's driest desert hit by snow, rain

2011 sets new record July lows for Arctic sea ice area and extent

Shell accepts liability for two oil spills in Nigeria

Community-owned wind powers up

Spatially heterogeneous wastage of Himalayan glaciers

Dow Expands Production of ENLIGHT™ Polyolefin Encapsulant Films Used in Solar Panels

Petrovietnam's new power plant to buy Indonesia, Australia coal

Department of Energy to Invest $50 Million to Advance Domestic Solar Manufacturing Market, Achieve …

Insurance Industry Grapples With Impact Of Climate Change

Drumbeat: August 3, 2011

Peak oil review - August 1

BrightSource Energy Launches SolarPLUS™ – High-Efficiency Solar Thermal Power Plants with Storage

A San Francisco plant once thought extinct is still hanging on

NOAA study: Slowing climate change by targeting gases other than carbon dioxide

Calcifying microalgae are witnesses of increasing ocean acidification

Federal Government Asks Judge To Dismiss New York State Fracking Lawsuit

Web surfing, email and memory downloads take an environmental toll

US government department criticised for failing to collect oil revenues

PIOMAS update showing a slight rebound against the trend in Arctic ice volume

(Eminent scientist) Elon Musk sees hope for humans - on Mars

An abrupt increase of intense typhoons over the western North Pacific in early summer

Scientists invent heat-regulating building material

Feds intervene in NY suit against frackers

Hebrew University student turns paper mill waste into ‘green’ material for industrial applications

Prehistoric glacial melting similar to concerns about Antarctica

A simple slice of energy storage—Rice University lab uses lasers to write supercapacitors on sheets…

Here's an interesting article about testimony given about gas prices and speculation

News Release : WHOI Study Reports Microbes Consumed Oil in Gulf Slick at Unexpected Rates

Protected areas not enough to save life on Earth

Crop breeding could ‘slash CO2 levels’ (Deeper roots sequester more carbon below ground)

Heat wave takes toll on Iowa crops, livestock

Nuclear energy - world's most expensive pig-in-a-poke

G24 Innovations Celebrates The Realisation Of ‘Green From Green’ Sustainability Dream …

The mayor of Vilnius doesn't like it when you block his bike lanes.

Radioactivity (90-Sr) found in fish upstream from Vermont Yankee