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(oh, my) "The Big Con" (invoking Goffman)

Job Cuts Surge 60% to 16-Month High

Rep. David Wu makes resignation official for 11:59 p.m. Wednesday

is the big deal just passed the end of the New Deal Legislation ?, and a fast track to Plutocracy

Open Letter to Rep Jim Himes,D, 4th Dist CT

what are YOU thinking?

Child porn case nets local man

Mr. President, IMO

*Thank* you, Rachel (& me) for highlighting the FAA/ hostage situation. I luv you. n/t

I know he's a Pub, but I like him and the way he talks.

Alan Simpson be kicking some Grover butt...

"The shiny balls of millionaires and billionaires"??

Former Kingsport Police officer faces charges after child pornography website found

Pres Obama's 50th Birthday fundraiser speech, from Chicago, on CSPAN now

The banks prefer empty homes

Debt Deal Required Tough Concessions

Iraqi city of Ramadi hit by deadly bombs (BBC)

Hear Melissa H-P on Rachel, explaining benefits of 'deal' to Dems?

An Inconvenient Truth on NOW...

stupid Christian beliefs of Texas Rick Perry's prayer meeting endorsers

Hey Rachel, you are one of them critiques of bad policy



Tony Bennett Releases Amy Winehouse Duet as Charity Single

So WI is no longer a national election since...

*PBS docu on Stress, MD studying baboons, sound like repugs.


Native American tribe legalizes same sex marriage

Stephen Harper's Bush Ambitions: 700 Environment Canada jobs on the chopping block

Is Rupert Murdoch hacking your life?

Is Rupert Murdoch hacking your life?

Just imagine if Obama and more Democratic politicians were as incisive as Rachael Maddow

Bill Maher will be on "The Ed Show" tonight.

FAA Worker Blasts GOP Over Anti-Union Demands: ‘That Doesn’t Pass The Weasel

FAA Worker Blasts GOP Over Anti-Union Demands: ‘That Doesn’t Pass The Weasel

Unsafe to fly in the United States?

Toon- Left Behind

Alan Simpson Calls For Investigation Into Grover Norquist: ‘Who Is He Slave To?’ - VIDEO

Thm Hartmann explained Tuesday that the greatest presidents have not been compromisers

"Round Table of the Left"/ Kinda Kool Discussion amongst University Professors about Obama...

Never Elect Another Republican

Ex-Kingsport officer connected to 'living horror' child porn site

News Outlets Fooled By Internet Explorer Hoax

Bloomberg to Use Own Funds in Plan to Aid Minority Youth

Rick Perry's 'Texas Miracle' Includes Crowded Homeless Shelters, Low-Wage Jobs, Worker Deaths the chessmaster


Every country in the world now worries about judgment&sanity of country with largest nuclear arsenal

45 million people looking for work, in six month

Is doesn't matter if they're not in total control, we're living in Republican Hell

AFRICA: Horn migrants heading south "pushed backwards"

Next: The Gas Tax

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Maybe we should concentrate on Wisconsin?

A conservative friend for decades may de-friend me after my reply to his Facebook tripe:

On the Daily Show: Finally an accountant who's funny!


Interesting email I jus received, and the sender's a Pub.

In case you thought protests don't make a difference

FAA debacle is getting top coverage on MSNBC and CNN - hopefully

Hypocrite Rick Perry had Stem Cell Surgery last month

Twitter Rocks. Listing of Koch Industries Products:

I was cleaning up email and saw this:

MSNBC - Guest Host

Has anyone seen a list of the 13 rural communities that stand to lose

Repub writer putting blame on FAA on the Dems.

Bush tax cuts--->Corps post largest profits ever-->Corps lay off record numbers of people

US borrowing tops 100% of GDP: Treasury

"Repeal The Internet Tax" he said...

What They Deserve - A Fair War Crimes Trial & Jury Verdict

So if North Dakota isn't technically a state,

Unemployment increases in Wisconsin at twice the national rate

Strapped states chop jobless aid: "unprecedented cuts"

Something that does concern me about the elections here next Tuesday...

Tree trunk kills logger

Tell Republicans to Stop Vacationing and End the FAA Partial Shutdown

Japan follows Switzerland in latest currency interventions.

Hardball with Chris Matthews: Them Against Us - full segment VIDEO

Oregon Rep. David Wu officially resigns

Human rights groups and victims abandon ‘toothless’ British torture inquiry

DU Family: Can we please nurture and encourage our own on this?

After visiting, unable to login to Facebook?

Israel Plans to Raise the Famed Altalena

I am not putting 50 years of corporate funded class warfare

Documentary film with Joe Bageant opens

Local firm says economy will not improve before next summer

Toles toon: Find Another Hostage

Germany's War on Facebook

World of Warcraft raises > $1.9 million for Japan Earthquake Relief

Nassau County residents reject NY Islanders' plan to dig into the public trough for a new arena

Miami Beach pays gay man $75,000 to settle false-arrest case

2nd HS football player dies (Georgia)

TAINTED TURKEY: 36 Million Pounds of Ground Turkey RECALLED

New law will limit teachers' communication with students

The Unmaking of a President

The Unmaking of a President

Waukesha Fraud – Deep Throat Speaks.

Too Late For The Fed To Prevent Recession

NATO soldiers killed as Afghan violence flares


The myth of the irrational Murdoch

Gee, the DICK-master is so complimentary to Obama on Morning Schmuck...

KFC leaves Fiji amid crumbs row

Guess What The Fiscal Conservatives DIDN’T Do Before Going on Vacation?

Mr.Gore PLEASE, PLEASE give us a liberal morning news show!!

Toles Sketch - And they say Obama capitulates...

Any bets on how long ...

Alan Simpson making a whole lotta fucking sense on Larry O' tonight!

I Knew Zumwalt-class Destroyers Were Expensive, But

I told you that Obama will display a stunning checkmate in this spectacular game of chess.

Chapped ass in Texas!

Chapped ass in Texas!

To The Barricades: Now What? ORGANIZING DEBATE

Cubans Set for Big Change: Right to Buy Homes

Harold Ford, Jr.: Newt Gingrich stopped sending freshman Congressmen to learn about government..

Huge cuts could imperil recovery, economists say

'Flash robs': How Twitter is being twisted for criminal gain

Imagine living in a country like this

Wow. A dude shot himself in the penis on accident in Surprise AZ.

Teabaggers want to 'educate' us about Medicare

Keep Female Employees Away from Strauss-Khan Was Air France Policy

Last week to get out the Vote in WI recall election

The problem with racism in the workplace is Barack Obama is part of the workplace

A Secret War in 120 Countries - The Pentagon's New Power Elite

Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves

Montana to gather pipeline river crossing data

Official Wants Fullerton Police Chief to Resign After Deadly Beating

Enormous Cuts in Military Spending? Read the Fine Print

Requests for jobless benefits flat at 400,000

Requests for jobless benefits flat at 400,000

"With a Name Like 'Frothy Mix of Lube and Fecal Matter,' It Has To Be Good!"

Dear Wisconsinites

Fox news has become extremely uncomfortable with the African American

Two ridiculous statements posted on my Facebook page re: the ongoing market correction

Tycoons Laughing All the Way to the Bank

The Tea Party: Correlation is not causation, BUT...

Who do YOU think finances Grover Norquist?

Sugar-Coated Satan Sandwich recipe

Whatever happen to the lower oil and gas prices as a result of releasing

Sandblasting jeans causes severe lung problems. Sign petition.

The Line Is Drawn. Where Is The Democratic Party?

Are we more focused on the “here and now” as we get older? IME, yes.

The Beast Is Starved: Welcome to the Next Great Depression

Emerging economies to beat G7 growth

Emerging economies to beat G7 growth

Heard about the next HUGE ripoff of our treasury now in the works on Countdown last night

Bicyclist struck when cop shoots raccoon

MSNBC Report: Man with gun on Virginia Tech Campus

Obama Begs U.S. Not To Embarrass Him In Front Of French (video)

Matt Damon Defends Teachers, Wins Internet Love

Beware Parents: Fox News Thinks Spongebob Is Indoctrinating Your Kids To Be Tree Huggers.

Let's Say We Jettison SS and Medicare/aid 100%. Will That Improve the Nation, Make it Great Again?

Sign Russ Feingold & Progressives United petition for appointments to Super Committee here..

Did you know one of our Senators takes his dog to work everyday?

Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act of 2011 - any thoughts here on DU

Germany authorities says Facebook facial recognition violates European data protection law

Sign Russ Feingold & Progressives United petition for the Super Committee here...

"It takes balls to execute an innocent man"- Rick Perry,a telling glimpse into the Right's worldview

What was the resolution of the "guy with the backpack" who

Washington Watch: CANTORING Through Washington

GOP governor vetoes a TAX CUT!

(Republican) Clay County Auditor William Norris as 'suspect' in nude pic investigation

South Korea regulator fines Apple for collecting iPhone user location information

Broken water main floods NE Portland neighborhood

Seriously this FAA stand off is a disgrace

The OFFICIAL happy birthday President Obama thread

US job cuts hit 16-month high in July

FYI, Congress is in 'Pro Forma' session to prevent the President from making recess appointments

Conservative white males and climate change

Glenn Beck blames Michelle Obama for new bi-racial Spider-Man

Glenn Beck blames Michelle Obama for new bi-racial Spider-Man

Happy 50th birthday Mr. President

Happy 50th birthday Mr. President

Everything you need to know about the FAA shutdown in one post

Anderson Cooper did a good job covering the FAA issue

Requests for donations from Obama for America or the DNC will result in a shipment of

There may ultimately still be some good that comes out of this:

Happy Birthday Mr. Obama

$35B Missile Defense Misses Bullet With Bullet

$35B Missile Defense Misses Bullet With Bullet

Let's keep calling them terrorists.

Her home shot up, witness' mother offered relocation aid

Ugly on Wall Street


will the FAA (republican caused) layoffs wipe out any growth in fridays employment numbers?

A question asked all foreigners going through US Customs...

"What the American People Need" from Toothpaste For Dinner

Massive online pedophile ring busted by cops.

Is Rick Perry crazier than MIchelle Bachmann????

Russ Feingold: "Social Security's Biggest Threat: The Debt Deal Super Committee"

OMIGOD! I knew there was a danger with police departments now in the cyber snooping business.

FAA investigating Murdoch for flying a drone with a camera on it..

Emily is not curving northwards as expected, says Jeff Masters.

Obama: Debt Ceiling Deal Required Tough Concessions By Both Democrats And Democrats Alike

What happened to my post that Super Committee should only be those up for reelection??

Columbia shuttle debris found in drought-stricken lake (BBC)

Thomas Friedman, Private Eye (Tom Tomorrow)

Medicaid cuts force hospitals onto auction block

Toles: "Find ANOTHER Hostage"

Will the super congress hearings be open or closed?

Right-Wing mentality - stabbed in the back (great article)

Right-Wing mentality - stabbed in the back (great article)

Democrats would be (?Fools?) not to approach the next phase with confrontation in mind.

Debt Deal Forces Obama to Wear Casey Anthony Mask to Improve Image

Russia Welcomes UN Stand Against Foreign Involvement In Syria

Russia Welcomes UN Stand Against Foreign Involvement In Syria

To involve people in "Super Committee" all seats must be those up for reelection. NO SAFE SEATS!

Is America In An Irrevocable Decline?

Bernie Sanders probably won't win the primary if 83% of liberal Democrats like President Obama.

Bernie Sanders probably won't win the primary if 83% of liberal Democrats like President Obama.

General Motors quarterly profits almost double (BBC)

Did you hear the recent news story about the whore who was working out of a donut shop?

Toon- Kicking the Can

Er eh don't look now but the market has entered a serious sell-off

Fox News goes easy on Sister Sarah - well no shit Sherlock!

Extreme weather takes $32B toll so far this year

LTTE at MLive: Debt compromise will create jobs -- right?

Dirty hippies needed. Zombie Reagan lives on thru Voodoo Economics.

How do we deal with morans like this?

Seriously when are Americans going to stand up and

WH is fighting back: Myths and Facts About the Debt-Ceiling Compromise

WH is fighting back: Myths and Facts About the Debt-Ceiling Compromise

What happens when food stamps and unemployment insurance are taken away?

Famine spreads to Mogadishu

Tropical Storm Emily is about to make her move

How the GOP lost on the debt deal

It's not that we have not gotten our change.

Hey DU-Bernie Sanders is an INDEPENDENT. He will not be in a primary with Obama, He goes all the way

I used to make fun of the crazy left. I used to call them communists. I used to see them as fringe.

Two items I would like to share. I heard on Thom Hartmann.

So Cornell suggests putting nets under NY bridges to stop suicide jumps!

Krugman Blog- Rates of Wrath

ABC-New & amazing things every day at Fukushima-“Deadly Easter eggs” 10 full sieverts/hr + much more

ABC-New & amazing things every day at Fukushima-“Deadly Easter eggs” 10 full sieverts/hr + much more

Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition

Pelosi Vows Dems Won’t Get Rolled Again

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Declines

When I was a Hot-Blooded Leftist Yute we called it The Establishment.

The reality on the ground....

Tax Rates for Millionaires Have Fallen 25 Percent Since 1995

"God's Blog" - The New Yorker

"God's Blog" - The New Yorker

so apparently Alan Simpson is our ally in this fight?

Mystery company pumps $1million into a Romney PAC and dissolves

The unemployed are causing joblessness!

Happy Birthday, President Obama

Anyone else out there miss Joe Bageant?

The most unpopular Congress ever

The Southern Strategy comes home to roost

The Southern Strategy comes home to roost

Which Congressional Independent will serve on the 12-person panel?

I've just been asked to teach the children's program at my chapter of Ethical Culture!

Rick Scott, Gov. of Florida Working as Doughnut Clerk...

The stock market slump is just more proof that republican economic policies DON'T WORK!

Even Marked Up, Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves

Wis. Dems: Internal Polls Show Us Winning The State Senate

Help please! Need list of PROGRESSIVE Senators running in '12. Who needs help?

Paging Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, Wisconsin protestors!!!

Paging Alan Grayson, Bernie Sanders, Wisconsin protestors!!!

I love a sale as much as the next person, but .....

I think that by now their contempt for the people has grown so great they will spit on us in public.

Teen rescued had tunneled 7 feet under beach sand

Boeing 747-8 Flies In Cross-Country Pattern Spelling Out '747'

AFL-CIO Calls for End to ‘Fake Political Crises’

Partial FAA Shutdown costing 74,000 jobs! Partial Shutdown started on JULY 23.

Definition of 'Reform'.


I want a viral petition/protest to take away the health care benefits of anyone

I want a viral petition/protest to take away the health care benefits of anyone

Do you fire the coach who goes 0-24 in 3 straight seasons?

Unemployment benefits at risk

Lost your home? Rent it back from a Hedge Fund.

Rick Perry's Big Saturday Bomb

Are Smart People Getting Smarter?

Number of Dead Dolphins and Whales in Gulf May Be 50 Times Higher

On patrol with top cop in New Delhi’s red light district""

republicans got added value with the debt ceiling fiasco

Holy Christ! The market is down 312 Points

Holy Christ! The market is down 312 Points

Holy Christ! The market is down 312 Points

Mexican Newspaper Uncovers Systematic Monitoring Plans of Public Online Sources

Political Pundits Got Debt Ceiling Scorecard Wrong

Please keep connecting these dots...

This reminds me of people who vote third-party and then complain about what happens.

Everyone who was so thrilled the DJIA was up 26 yesterday...

Oil is now trading at ~$86 a barrel and gas futures have dropped ~18 cents per gallon

Oil is now trading at ~$86 a barrel and gas futures have dropped ~18 cents per gallon

Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves

Footage of Mass Troop Movements Across U.S. – Are They Getting Ready?

Memphis district aims to disband to force wealthier suburban system to absorb its students

Memphis district aims to disband to force wealthier suburban system to absorb its students

Michael Daly: Tea Partiers refuse to end tax breaks for the wealthy? Let 'em all eat dog food

Sink as it may*, I'd like to call out the mods/admins

Are we willing to accept cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid if some revenues are raised?

BNY Mellon to Slap Fees on Some Big Deposits Amid Global Race to Cash

Brazilian fireman rescuing dog from well (just to make you happy)

O’Reilly Blames Women’s Health Care ‘Breast Feeding Stuff’ For High Unemployment

Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition

MSNBC: 92% of Newt Gingerich's twitter followers are fake.

The problem with organizing protest for what is happening is that most calls are for everybody to go

How to Create a Iron-Clad Progressive 'Super Committee' that will Vote in the Peoples Interest.

Fla. Mayor Weeds Out Entire Police Dept. After Pot-Plant Controversy

If You Need to Actually Say You Didn’t Cave, You Caved

Senate Majority Leader Reid announces agreement to reopen FAA

-473 @ 12:45 ....the dow is getting pummelled

Prince William County files suit over illegal immigration case

Pelosi: No Lines In The Sand On Super Committee Deficit Cuts (TPM)

Stock Market Drops All Gains Made in 2011

California Dem Progressives Explore Primary Challenge to Obama

EXCELLENT!!! Al Gore on Why America Needs a Non-Violent Tahrir Square, Part 1

Anderson Cooper hang your head in shame!!!

They're now reporting a "BIPARTISAN COMPROMISE" has been reached about the FAA situation.

that Huffington Lady makes me sick.

Question about Stock Market--just heard the following:

Question about Stock Market--just heard the following:

Dear President Obama, we are NOT the enemy

Dear President Obama, we are NOT the enemy

FAA deal reached according to CNN.

Truthout: Big Business Woos ALEC Legislators in the Big Easy

The Republican plan is working as intended

This morning I saw my first "Bachmann 2012" bumper sticker.

At least when bush was Prez we had common purpose and a little fun


Think Progress: Tax Rates for Millionaires Have Fallen 25% Since 1995

Petition ready to go up -- legislators who cut M/M should share the sacrifice -- need feedback

Didn't Little Eric Cantor have some SHORT POSITION STOCK

Orbiter spots possible water seepage on surface of Mars

I go to the grocery store and it's Great Depression 2?

"Report: Mysterious company gives pro-Romney group $1M, then dissolves"

"Report: Mysterious company gives pro-Romney group $1M, then dissolves"

Congress debt deal may hit some student borrowers

Palin PAC makes some odd donations

Cartoon from 12/10/2009 Still just as fitting today.

MSNC /Fleckenstein is blaming entitlements for this massive sell off on WS

Slogan: REPEAL the budget deal!

Police Brutality at the Pete Rock Album release party.

Police Brutality at the Pete Rock Album release party.

Sounds like a guy I could throw a few bucks toward

"Buying nice, expensive things is back in vogue..."

Hey, How COOL is it to be watching CURRENT on cable?

Reid announces deal to end FAA furloughs:cuts to rural flight service, LaHood to use his authority

Which is more frustrating during a job search?

Shepard Fairey Copenhagen- Go home you yankee hipster.

Air Force: Bible and nukes don't mix

The talking heads on CNBC are calling the DOW-Debacle "a flight to safety in Treasuries"

Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc.

Not one word about helping homeowners..failed loan mod program

The Next Steps on the Debt Deal: Progressives, Take Heart

A couple of questions: are members of Congress exempt from insider

How about running Al Gore again?


White House Strategy for Countering Violent Extremism in the United States

Mittens is so squeaky clean he even launders his money

Bayside WI in Alberta Darling's Senate district reports

Delete this post Tea Party style.

running lying ads already - Americans for Prosperity - all lies

Another NSS moment: Dems warn long-term jobless could derail recovery

Networks interrupt regular programming to report on 500+ drop in DJIA.

US Health Insurance Exchanges Chief to Step Down

Republican candidates pledge to create a commission to investigate 'harassment' of homophobes

Hehehe..."Obama Copies Palin, Plans Bus Tour"

Fear And Trembling On Wall Street- DOW Closes Down Over Five Hundred Points

Call this the cut, cut, cut no tax the wealthy TPotty Mad Hatter Market

I applied for part time work recently

1000s lining up to have their emails snail mailed to people.

We owe the Republicans a huge apology! 10% in 2 weeks!

So, is this the market telling the GOPTeaParty "you fucked up, we have zero backing for you now?"

I know that I cannot name a poster because of the rules, but there is one whose post are always anti

-500 today. How many tomorrow?

PLEASE post this as your Facebook status...

Dow Jones at -511 nt

The White House: The White House doesn't create jobs," Carney said, adding "the government, together

Truthout: The Koch Spider Web

Jury deliberates in polygamist leader's abuse trial

The message I attached to the petition I signed about the Arkansas valedictorian controversy...

While real incomes for ordinary people fell 15%, 1473 of the $1m + earners paid NO US income tax

While real incomes for ordinary people fell 15%, 1473 of the $1m + earners paid NO US income tax

stocks in freefall now ...dow -508

Is it OK to alert on repetitive OP's?

Is it OK to alert on repetitive OP's?

The Plaid Adder awhile back had posted a subject on Wall Street and magic thinking

Satirical mints poking fun at Obama pulled from UT bookstore

The "stimulus" has expired.

It's all good.

Chris Christie becomes a man. Stands up to the "crazy" anti-muslims racists WAY TO GO GOV.

Don't the Republican (voters) get it? Cuts during recession = FREE FALL

Don't the Republican (voters) get it? Cuts during recession = FREE FALL

Rupert Murdoch and Bradley Manning: Why Isn't Murdoch in Jail and Manning Free?

Obama Still Wall Street’s Honey-Raises More (Raw Amount & Percentage) From Wall Street Than in 2008

What signs of the rich getting super-richer are you seeing in your area?

So 84% disapprove of the job Congress is doing,

So 84% disapprove of the job Congress is doing,

Mission Accomplished!

Unelected, Unaccountable Grover Norquist is Picking the Republicans for the Super Committee

Is it just me, or does Eric Cantor sound really dumb?

Did you hear the Dow dropped over 500?

We need a new Eugene V. Debs

Austerity? Not for Useless Missile Defense systems!

Heat waves pushes Texas power grid into red zone

Is today New Twitter Changeover day?

Is today New Twitter Changeover day?

The perfect button for our times.

Post here if you want yer 401K to tank

Check out NORman Goldman Show! He is on a roll today! Activism is our watchword...Link...

Our Commando War in 120 Countries

Allegations of ILLEGAL ELECTION COLLUSION Fly In Wisconsin Senate RECALL

5 Reasons for the stock market drop.

Ha! My boss who gave me the choice of being laid off or taking a 1/3 cut in pay

WellPoint Is Pure Evil

Quotes from the Walk It Back Chronicles: Obama Aide Says No Threat Seen of 'Double-Dip' Recession

The $1.3 Trillion Black Hole--And The Job Party's Call To Close It

9.0, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5, 9.6 What Will Be Reported...

9.0, 9.2, 9.3, 9.5, 9.6 What Will Be Reported...

What is the People’s Congress? A Call to Unified Action!

For all you Republikkans out there that are concerned about the stock market

The reason the markets are diving By Ezra Klein

Obama will celebrate 5 more birthdays in the White House

Check this out -kinetic sculptures that move on their own - fabulous

Oh dear God, could OR-1st turn red? (cross-posted to Oregon)

KO Countdown "The sobering forecast of Paul Krugman" (Video)

Perry’s Legislative Agenda Bears Strong Resemblance To ALEC’s Corporate-Backed Model Bills

From International Business Times - This on ufos...

Picking Up

Reid Threatens NOT To APPOINT ANYBODY To Super Committee If Republicans Remain INTRANSIGENT

Poll - Re: Gov. Perry Declares August 6th Day of Prayer and Fasting for Our Nation’s Challenges

I 'retire' in 3 years. My next job? Teacher

Santorum Jelly

Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves (NYT)-Need A Pair Of $1,495 Louis Vuitton shoes?

We need more fiscal boost... (translation, lower taxes)

Climate change robbing our Fall color

A Question for my Christian Republican Friends

The Republican Party is offically the political wing of a terrorist network.

Bite me mortimer

Hope Is Not A Plan - by Paul Krugman

Allegations of illegal election collusion fly in Wisconsin Senate recall

This country makes me sick.

We need an FDIC-style program that guarantees public employee pensions.

Senator Klobuchar will co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act

Justice Department: State employees can legally implement medical marijuana programs

DNC Memo: Political Pundits Got Debt Ceiling Scorecard Wrong

"What Everyone Should Know About The Debt Crisis In The United States"

If you want to read a story about a nice baseball player.

Responsible Economic Policy in Our Time

FL taxpayers on hook for lawmakers’ New Orleans ALEC trip

Fear on the Street: Inside the Stock Sell-Off

Norman Goldman is reporting the the rethugs caved on the FAA matter and the

Who was President Obama in a past life

The Koch Spider Web

My response to the "Gray hairs" Michelle Obama email

Fox's drone warfare over the US

Deficit Deal Trigger for Dems? Funding for Health Care Exchanges

"The Dow has lost nearly 1,000 points since the Smurfs rang the opening bell"

Paul McCartney Going To Police Over Hacking Claim

Koch Joins Wellpoint to Help Fight Wisconsin Recalls in Battle With Labor

A Democratic PRIMARY CHALLENGE To Obama?

Alberta, Darling, you can't recall a single job created by your votes?

A biowarfare scientist with a link to Dr. David Kelly died unexpectedly at home last Sunday.

Peter DeFazio is on Rachel re the FAA ReTHUG madness

Excellent rant Tweety

Famine's devastation: 4 dead children, 1 family

Famine's devastation: 4 dead children, 1 family

Susan Collins (Teabagger Terrorist Enabler) has a Ruh-Roh moment regarding the budget agreement

Reenergizing science and math education in the U.S. has to begin with the teachers

Harry Reid announced he made a DEAL with the Pukes to reopen the FAA

Goodhair had adult stem cell (not FDA approved) procedure "as advertised"

On CNN this evening: Fareed Zakaria Compares Tea Party to Terrorists, 'Un-American'

MOTEL HELL ...... the 10 dirtiest hotels in America

Dallas Elderly Woman Dies From Heat After A/C Stolen

Dallas Elderly Woman Dies From Heat After A/C Stolen

Warren Jeffs found guilty of sexual assault

Naked man accused in cat's death

So the mearkets are dropping, and there is concern

Cable worried about poverty, not Netflix


All the charts are broken....

All the charts are broken....

How The Right Flipped Out On Clinton's Tax Raise... By Quoting What FDR Did And The Reaction !!!

The stock-market precipitous drop today is mostly a reaction to the deficit cuts

Thanks you Tweety, let's see if people listen

Thanks you Tweety, let's see if people listen

Sen. Franken calls on FCC to enforce merger conditions on Comcast

Gulf fisher Lorrie Williams on facebook:August 3, 2011 aLL WE CAUGHT WAS death TODAY

Krugman: (re: even worse Bond Market plunge): Washington's Deficit Obsession Utterly, Totally Wrong

I may be wrong about this, but I remember vaguely that Obama during his campaigning

Vintage Veggies Were Better

“Republicans originally thought that Fox worked for us, and now we’re discovering we work for Fox.”

A simple reason to focus on failings of Obama & Congress Dems more than GOP:

The budget deal signed makes it impossible for Obama and Democrats to launch any major jobs program

Oil goes up, gas goes up instantly. Oil goes down, gas stays high.

Oil goes up, gas goes up instantly. Oil goes down, gas stays high.

Enough with the HEAT!

Politics of Change

Pawn shop owner battles A&E for name

Protesters greet Walker on Wisconsin State Fair's opening day

Welcome to the Next Great Depression

Attention DU FB users > FB Security Issues > Viruses and Bullying

John Kerry plans re-election run for 2014, calls secretary of state ambitions, rumors

I Just Donated $25 to Jessica King for Wisconsin State Senate

According to your ethics, is violence against civilians ever justified?

Let the President and Congress know big cuts to Defense ARE ACCEPTABLE!

Union of Concerned Scientists: Farmers' Markets Could Generate 10,000s New Jobs W/ Modest Fed Suppor

Americans can't even afford Big Lots these days

ol·i·gar·chy and A.L.E.C. Maybe this is all we need to share with Republican Voters

WI GOP Senator Alberta Darling accused of criminal felonies

Market Craters: Dow Falls 512 Points

512 points in one day!

just wait till the jobs report tomorrow....

No Legal Way to Fight a US Coup

No Legal Way to Fight a US Coup

I just got into trouble for turning this up so loud by my teenager.

I just got into trouble for turning this up so loud by my teenager.

Could you please sign this damn thing!

Ughhh...this corporate dumpster on Hardball from CNBC

The human is an amazing animal

PLEASE REC: If you think we need more progressives in congress at this point in history.

March on Washington or March to the Glue Factory

Is it possible to have a discussion without insults or snark?

Is it possible to have a discussion without insults or snark?

According to Faux News - THIS is the new face of evil LIBERALISM!!!

The Rude Pundit: Learning the Wrong Lesson

The Rude Pundit: Learning the Wrong Lesson

Caterpillar CEO’s Business Strategy: “Bluster While You Plunder”

Boehner: "I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I'm pretty happy."

Orly Taitz is STILL at it!

Good Sixties versus Bad Sixties: The use and abuse of a decade

The White House: We Don't Create Jobs

Home finally found for Kitler, the abandoned cat who looks (a bit ) like Hitler

Interesting day today. Had to go buy tires and overheard (well I was really eavesdropping)

Santorum To Give Out Free Jelly At Ames

What do you think about Seller's Feedback on E-Bay?

Marvel Comics responds to Glenn Beck's Spider-Man/Michelle Obama conspiracy lunacy

Happy Anniversary! 10 Years Ago This Weekend - Aug. 6, 2001 PDB: 'Bin Ladin Determined To Strike...'

"Americans Must "Come To Grips With The Fact That Promises Have Been Made That Frankly Are Not... "

Norway Spreading: Luxembourg Under Bomb Alert Lock Down

Debt Ceiling Deal: The Devil Is In The Details

The 20 most Dangerous Conservatives (contact info included)

Murdoch Minion arrested-Piers Morgan is in the hot Hot HOT seat-Today's hacking headlines

What would the economy be like if the consumer was sitting on

Wanna know why the Dow dropped 500 points today?

For all of you wishing the DOW crashes to punish the rich

From Elder Law: The debt limit deal will affect seniors. This did not need to happen.


Elizabeth Warren with Alan Grayson standing beside her; a bold move in the right direction.

Americans tax burden lowest since 1965 as % of GDP (Graph)

36% of Alabama's residents are now receiving food stamps

Potential Medicare payment cuts alarm doctors, hospitals

Potential Medicare payment cuts alarm doctors, hospitals

Ok 500 points sounds like a dang correction UNTIL

The LIst

Fukushima: Now THIS is REALLY frightening:


READ IT AND WEEP! Bernie Sanders email:

We need a challenger from the left at this point in history.

A primary challenger for Obama in 2012? Nonsense--it's far too late for that

For those who might be making preparations to become homeless:

Did you just hear Melissa Harris Perry's analysis of America just now?

There is a significant loss of generational memory in this country.

"White House Urges End To Programs That Can Make Dangerous Jobs Safer"

Times are tough.

Leaked Wal-Mart Memo Reveals America's Not Buying Their Stuff

Depression has set in......

The Democratic Party has been infiltrated.

Social Security was created as a Retirement for

San Francisco Bay Area DUers May I Have Your Attention Please

Why should I vote for Obama next year?

The Shock Doctrine is at work here.

President Obama: "I've never believed that government's role is to create jobs or prosperity"

Obama exerts "intense pressure" for Geithner to stay on as Treasury secretary

Today, he eats cake.

Record 44.7 Million People on Food Stamps

Restaurant billboards in the Great Recession Era

The local drugstore here

Signing off...

Signing off...

Try this sammich combo: BBT

I am no longer a Mall Cop ( yippee!!! )

anybody like old Mexican music?


Anyone seen the tv series "the Unit"? How is it?

Okay, now for some better news

10 drugs not to use or have while driving.

I am helping (doing 90%) to write a 501(c)3 for an animal charity

Now that I know how Toaster Strudel is made, I will never eat Toaster Strudel again

Talking Heads Stay Up Late

After visiting, unable to login to Facebook?

Movie "Move"

Has anyone here ever attempted reincarnation?

IMSD - Internet Movie Script Database

Has anyone here ever attempted reanimation?

Damned ponies

Temptations. POWERFUL Temptations. (poss NSFW)

Remember those 10 questions I posted 2 days ago - here's Skinner's answers

TAKE THE QUIZ: Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Hold fast to dreams - Langston Hughes

The OFFICIAL happy birthday President Obama thread

What's The Best European Nation for an American to Emigrate To?

Have you ever been to the Big Rock Candy Mountains?

Help me remember the name of a cad

Crochet hooks and lavatory faucet popup

Nina and Jimmy

RIP Cha Cha

Black Coffee

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


Lonely Girl

The Detroit Lions are undefeated so far!

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA Making Appearances in Southern California

Guys & Ladies - want that special romantic gift for the woman in your life?

don't forget -- today is Oh Yeah Day

10 Business Fakes Made in China


Cooking disaster that you managed to save. I was once making trifle. I forgot the Sherry.

Shih Tzu vs. stairs (Video)

Help me remember the name of a cod

PHOTO: Thought you could handle the KFC "Double Down?" How about the ELVIS "Double Down?"

I feel a need to mix it up a bit. That often means cutting my hair (I don't know how it ever got

Reid Park Zoo's (Tucson) New Lion Cubs

Steelers coach sells Mercedes to team cafeteria worker for $20

4D: Aroma-Scope

Electric Daisy Electronic Dance Raver Orgy Leaves 100s Sodomized, Drugged in Hollywood

Any DUers have ancestors who fought in the American Civil War?

Hate Fads: Celebrities who are cool to hate

Holy Grail - Killer Bunny

Canto de Ossanha

Canto de Ossanha

Really? Green Day? Are you kidding me? Rolling Stone readers pick best Punk Bands of all Time

WTF! My gf was just in fender bender caused by some kid

What items are on your computer desk right now? Half full bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce?

"The unit" is the phrase for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "the unit".

Have you ever had Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Good vegetarian / vegan cookbooks? Ones that don't require 20+ ingredients?

Duers under 30 - have you ever seen a caboose?

Tomato plants & hornworms & tall salvias

I'm looking for recipes easy and quick to throw together, that you can make

Beware the Maoists, they're fucking nuts

Is it just me or do the folks in GD seem -- I don't know - agitated

The latest True Blood was the best of the season so far.

Static doggy has spiky fur (video)

Spencer and Heidi are broke as hell

Give me 17 double bacon cheeseburgers QUICK, please!

What would you name George Washington's Beer Recipe?

For teh dudes: you has ever fall in teh toilet bowl cuz you leave up teh seat?

Whew! Tough day in clinic. I held a lot of hands today.

So, Design on a Dime has just left your house - -

Iraq to Open Talks With U.S. on Troop Presence Past 2011

Debt-limit deal triggers lobbying campaign from health-care and defense industries

Pentagon Sounds Alarm on Threat of Budget Cuts

VA awards grants to prevent homelessness among vets

Pressured by White House, Treasury Secretary Is Expected to Stay at Post

Japan to fire top nuclear officials over Fukushima crisis

Japan follows Switzerland in latest currency interventions.

SEC charges William Marovitz, spouse of Playboy’s Christie Hefner, with insider trading

Football Games are almost upon us. State your allegiances: College and/or Pro.

Haitian tent cities brace for huge tropical storm

Man convicted in 1964 KKK slayings dies in prison

To Fight Radical Islam, U.S. Wants Muslim Allies

Bahrain admits raid on international medical group

Judge allows American to sue Rumsfeld over torture

Miami mayor asks feds to investigate fatal police shootings

Va. Tech campus on lockdown after report of person with gun

Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves

Study: Healthy eating a privilege of the rich

Missouri Makes Teach-Student Facebook 'Friending' Illegal

Campaigners to Shun UK Inquiry Into Detainee 'Torture'

U.S.D.A. Recalls 36 Million Pounds of Turkey

Unemployment Insurance Weekly Claims Report (08/04/2011)

Report: No gunman found on Va. Tech campus

Virginia Tech Alert: Person with gun spotted on campus

Oregon Rep. David Wu officially resigns

Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves

Interpol denies Colombia request to issue arrest warrant to spy chief

U.S. stocks fall hard as economy weighs

Death penalty could be debated in Commons after e-petition calls (in UK)

Syria condemned by UN security council as tanks storm Hama

(WI) Capitol balloon popper charged with disorderly conduct while armed

Even Marked Up, Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves

On patrol with top cop in New Delhi’s red light district""

Obama calls on Congress to end FAA impasse

Wisconsin Dems file complaints on Multiple Felonies against Alberta Darling

Deal reached to end FAA shutdown


Somalia famine relief effort hit harder by food aid delays than by rebels


Obama urges Geithner to stay as Treasury chief

Long After Natural Disasters, the Cleanup Grinds On (in Alabama and Missouri)

Obama, on Verge of 50, Returns to Fund-Raising

FTA not enough for Colombian development: AFL-CIO .

UK's secret policy on torture revealed

Weprin distances himself from Obama

Cha Cha from ‘Grease,’ Annette Charles, Dies at 63

Arctic sea ice hits record low for July: satellite data

Shell Gets Tentative Approval to Drill in Arctic

Jerry Lewis No Longer MDA's National Chairman

Nato accused of killing family in botched bombing raid

Romney signs marriage pledge

Dow plunges 350 points on fears about global economy

Deal could endanger health care law

Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves

Six California police officers placed on leave in homeless man's death

Stock markets have terrible day; Dow drops 500 points

Two Republicans rethink racially tinged remarks

Syrian city of Hama blacked out

Defense Chief Calls Threat Of Across-The-Board Cuts A 'Doomsday' Device In Debt Ceiling Bill

Republicans Set Sights on Balanced Budget Amendment

American Psychological Association Supports Marriage Equality

Citing new research, psychology group supports gay marriage

ACLU takes aim at debtors’ prisons in Michigan

HIV infections in U.S. stable but disparities exist

Judge allows American to sue Rumsfeld over torture

Fox analysts: just kidding about pampering Palin

Bank of New York Mellon adds fee to (very large) deposits

Medicare prescription premiums won't rise in 2012

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday, August 4, 2011

Reid announces deal on FAA funding

Paul McCartney Says He Was 'Apparently' Hacked, Will Talk To UK Police

NASA Spacecraft Data Suggest Water Flowing on Mars

Army prepares to cut thousands of civilian jobs

OIL FUTURES: Crude At Lowest Level Since February In Broad Sell-Off

Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs convicted of child sex abuse

Documents: Feds allegedly allowed Sinaloa cartel to move cocaine into U.S. for information

CA Dem Party progressives explore primary challenge to Obama

Kraft to Split Snacks and Grocery Businesses

Study: Healthy eating is privilege of the rich

Self-deleted by member

Gallup: 58% of Democrats support debt deal, but more opposition than support from general populace

A modest proposal to the hardcore defenders of this no-compromise compromise

81% of the media have acted like pompous jackasses.

Is Dodd-Frank Overdue or Overkill? 2 Dueling Views

Speaker of the House John Boehner says he “got 98 percent of what I wanted”. But did he?

Political efficacy in the Obama era

Responding To Representative Ryan (White House Blog)

Budget brinkmanship in a conservative America - Only 21% of public is "liberal" (The Ecnonomist)

Governor Good Hair Was Al Gore's TX Campaign Manager In 88

Stock Market continues its downward spiral. -350.00+ so far for today.

Mittens is so squeaky clean he even launders his money

Fox And Friends: Spongebob Squarepants Is ‘Pushing A Global Warming Agenda’

Cantor intends to break America’s promises

Can someone help me find the quote, I think it was Boehner's about his goal to get Obama out of

Obama and the famine - I just caught a few minutes of Diane Rehm,

If yo want someone other than Obama to be the nominee now is the time to get behind another Democrat

The President On Turning 5-0

Don't Look Now But The Dow Is Down More Than Four Hundred Points

From Rachel Maddow show /Mellisa Perry 7/26

WE NEED TO ACT FAST. We need to shape this supercongress!!

Get Used to Being a Hostage

Reaction to Buchanan "your boy" and Lamborn "tarbaby" comments illustrates an important point

LOL@this headline: 'U.S. will continue to grow, add jobs: White House' - No story attached.

Pelosi: Republicans Aren’t Interested In Deficit Reduction, They Are Interested In Destroying Govern

"Hardball" guest today said that "they" never accepted Obama -- or Clinton

"No matter how tough a week I had in Washington, I know you’ve got my back"

I'm sure Pres Obama is a great chess player, but as a poker player

Serious Question.....what did the GOP give up in this debt deal?

The Map of Shame: Voter Suppression in the United States

I like Austan Goolsbee.he is a real honest fellow. I wish him luck.

Let's privatize Social Security!


From Michelle Obama: Gray Hairs -- Sign the Birthday Card for Barack

October 1987 the market crashed. A year later, Reagan's VP won in a landslide.

MSNBC Contributor Pat Buchanan’s New Book Includes Chapter Entitled ‘The End of White America’

Happy 50th Birthday, President Obama (Photo Diary)

How about everyone that receives less than $250k in income

I didn't appreciate the President's quip last night about AARP.

Obama jokes about turning 50 - tells crowd he expects an email from AARP (VIDEO)

She Has A Plan: Pelosi Says There’ll Be No More Hostage Crises

Most people still don't get why Republicans are obsessed with defeating Obama

US Drawdown From Iraq Moving Swiftly

A study should be done on Social Security and investment.

Coming to a bumper near you.

Obama To Supporters: Don't Get 'Bogged Down' On War, Taxes

Losing Faith In Obama's Pledge To End Taxpayer Funded Discrimination

EVERYBODY! Please stop letting them get away with saying that top 1% are paying 40% of the taxes

We are headed for a Mitt Romney presidency, I fear.

Why should I vote against the Tea Party next year?

Obama Turns 50 Despite Republican Opposition

"more seniors receiving free preventive care, discounts in the donut hole"

Dylan Ratigan never blames the Repukes for damaging our country

Senator Sherrod Brown calls for action on currency manipulation after deal reached to extend TAA

WH: Myths and Facts About the Debt-Ceiling Compromise

The working people - poor & middle income are the job creators

50 years ago today, in the mountains of Kenya...

What Will Tomorrow's Official Unemployment Rate Be?

The Republicans essentially suckered Obama into tanking the economy

Halperin Calls the President a d*ck: 1-month suspension. Buchanan calls President "boy": crickets

I wish Lloyd Doggett was president.

Tweety and MSNBC has been BASHING!! the President for two straight days

NYT/CBS poll: Disapproval of Congress at Historic Level, Poll Finds

Hey Romney who gave you that million bucks?

VT (Democratic Primary) POLL: Obama 52, Sanders 33. Obama 61, Dean 24.

Presidential Power

MotherJones:in 2 years Obama has done more to enact liberal agenda than Bush did 4 conserv agenda

They try and ric roll this President like they have done every other Democratic Presdient

Check in if you have ever compromised.


Pretentious Pricks Only. Post a Pic of a Pretentious Prick.

TYT University: Debt Deal Screws Grad Students

Chinese Newspaper Breaks Censorship With Letter To Train Crash Survivor Yiyi

Human Rights First: Obama Praised for Action Plan to Prevent Mass Atrocities, Genocide

Table of Brotherhood | Chevrolet Honors MLK | FULL Ad

GOP is the Big Baby Party

My own take on the Satan Sandwich

Senator Boxer Speaks on Supporting Jobs by Ending the FAA Shutdown

Countdown with Keith Olbermann: Drone-Gate -FAA investigating Murdoch for flying drones with cameras

Thom Hartmann: FDR has advice for Pres. Obama

Terry O'Neill: Women Are Hurt Most By Debt Deal Cuts to Medicare, Social Security, Tuition

Cargill Recalls 36Million Pounds of Ground Turkey

"Keiser Report" Apple more cash-rich than US govt

Papantonio: Religious Right Gearing Up For 2012 Presidential Battle

Vilnius Mayor A.Zuokas Fights Illegally Parked Cars with Tank

TYT: Corporate Tax Holiday Coming

Wisconsin TV ad

Thom Hartmann & Rep. Donna Edwards - What's next?

Thom Hartmann: Mormons, Polygamy, Sex Tapes & Pedophiles

PBS NewsHour: Caged Mubarak Begins Corruption Trial by Denying All Charges

Thom Hartmann: The Mystery of Crop Circles Revealed!

Papantonio: The Republican Assault on Labor Reaches New Lows

Senator Wyden Demands To Know How Many Americans Are Under Surveillance Under The Patriot

Internationale - For those of us who need e Cheer-Me-Up about now

Thom Hartmann: The Mystery of the Concord Project you need to know

George W. Bush on a Milk Carton

TYT: Al Jazeera English Challenges Rep. Ryan

Martin Bashir. The profile of the Tea Party

Chris Christie body slams anti-Muslim bigots

Stop Koch. Stop Walker. Save Wisconsin.

Editor-in-Chief Insights: Liberals Sticking With Obama


The Outsiders (The Rise of 'Isolated Incidents' of Right-Wing Violence)

Fox News Get Krabby With Spongebob

Dynasphere Renewable Wind Power (Verticle Axis Windmills Made From Thrown-Away Material)

Countdown with Keith Olberman: Paul Krugman On What's Next For The American Economy

1,000 TONS of Radioactive Material from GERMANY to be Shipped to Tennessee and Burned - July 2011

Keiser Report: Exorbitant Privilege

E-Trade Baby Loses Everything.

Foxconn To Replace Half A Million Employees With Robots

Obama's 50 birthday (cool tribute!)

Why The GOP Could Make This The Worst Double-Dip Recession Ever

Judge: American Can Sue Rumsfeld Over Torture

The Hidden History of ALEC and Prison Labor-Think Scott Walker

The Jawdropping Cost of Unwanted Hotel Newspapers

Somalia famine spreads to 3 new regions, U.N. says

The writing on Kabul's walls

Why Wasn't Bible-based Air Force Class Shut Down Sooner?

Is the world’s largest democracy yielding to politicians before its citizens?

US business guru loses Afghan battle

Murdoch's Sins Go Way Beyond the Hacking Scandal (Grist)

If Reagan Fired PATCO Workers, Shouldn't GOP House Members Be Terminated?

The Hidden Casualty of the Debt Deal

Who's the radical?

Dozens of Florida Republicans at ALEC legislative conference courtesy of taxpayers, lobbyists

Our Biggest Security Threat Is Global Warming-Induced Extreme Weather

Balance this, my tea party friend

What's behind stocks' slide?

Stocks pricing in a new recession

Fukushima disaster: worse than Hiroshima

GOP Super PACs Outraise Democratic Ones 2-1

The Koch Spider Web

Debt Ceiling debacle provide 3rd-party opening? - USA Today

The mere threat of a liberal 3rd-party movement

Italy probing rating agencies

Air Force: Bible and nukes don't mix

Gabrielle Giffords returns to House - gets standing ovation - even the GOPers were applauding!

Closing Hedge Fund Manager Tax Loophole Would Raise $4 Billion Annually From The 25 Richest Managers

How The Supercommittee Will Succeed By Failing

Recession Seen Looming as Jobless Benefits End

The Flagship Drama Continues

Geithner stays and the market tanks

Obama has to fight the system

A Secret War in 120 Countries: The Pentagon’s New Power Elite

Funniest Obama Quotes of All Time – in honor of his 50th birthday

Former GOP state Sen. Nancy Argenziano to run for Congress as a Democrat

A 4th-grade curriculum lies through omission

No Legal Way to Fight a US Coup

Iranian terrorist group has close US allies

Even Marked Up, Luxury Goods Fly Off Shelves

Duncan's DOE has a secret Ravitch Group??

Pelosi: Unlike GOP, Democrats will focus on jobs - USA Today

Perry's Political Predicament: Response to The Response

Cantor Suggests Entitlement Promises Will Be Broken .

"First They Came for the Lightbulbs..." - Mother Jones on Bachmann

from GD..the coal industry and Scholastic

CBO Report Finds Dept. of Energy Undercharging Energy Companies for Nuclear Loan Guarantees (xpost)

British reprocessing plant to close, after Fukushima

Evacuation orders to be lifted in late August (Japan)

Save the Earth—Eat a Conservative White Guy

Radiation limit for children will be lowered (Japan)

Tepco Reports Second Deadly Radiation Reading at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

A Tainted Water Well, and Concern There May Be More (Fracking)

Watch the MUSE concert live online - August 7th

Japan to fire 3 senior nuclear officials over Fukushima crisis

Turmoil at nuclear regulatory agencies in Japan and U.S.

Nigeria Ogoniland oil clean-up 'could take 30 years' (BBC)

Fukushima Radiation, getting better or worse or the same? Gross Negligence.

In Your Backyard: Climate Change Will Worsen Extreme Heat, Flood and Drought Frequency, Air Pollut…

China’s rail disaster – a prelude to nuclear disaster?

Even when deniers are right about something, they're wrong.

Poll - Re: Gov. Perry Declares August 6th Day of Prayer and Fasting for Our Nation’s Challenges

Toon Finally cutting worthless expenditures

Rare and beautiful bird very near extinction.

106-110 Degrees in Texas today...50+ days of triple digits with no relief in sight.

The Sustainable Mushroom Death-Suit

Can Planting Vegetables in Vacant Lots Save Cleveland?

Fukushima radioactive emissions reduced by a factor of 2 million