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- Two Pithy LTTEs about Theocratic GOP checks-n-bala... Sun May-01-05 10:29 AM3
- Is there a difference between fundies and evangelists? ailsagirl Sun May-01-05 03:50 AM7
- Americans United Praises Federal Court's Decision In 'Faith-Based' Prison Freedom_from_... Sat Apr-30-05 03:44 PM1
- Opposing the Religious Right Freedom_from_... Fri Apr-29-05 09:31 PM9
- Italians Seek to Close Website Showing Pope as Nazi IanDB1 Fri Apr-29-05 05:40 PM0
- Famous Quotes by a True Religious Right Leader Freedom_from_... Fri Apr-29-05 09:29 AM2
- Instances Of Religious Favoritism At U.S. Air Force Academy Freedom_from_... Thu Apr-28-05 05:49 PM6
- Religious favoritism and hazing at US Air Force Academy IanDB1 Thu Apr-28-05 05:46 PM3
- Holy War: religious crusade against gays reaching Biblical proportions IanDB1 Thu Apr-28-05 02:41 PM4
- Texas school board adds Bible class to high schools Freedom_from_... Thu Apr-28-05 01:28 PM14
- Christian evangelicals are plotting to remake America in their own image IanDB1 Thu Apr-28-05 12:00 PM2
- ACLU: Couch Parties Against Censorship! IanDB1 Thu Apr-28-05 10:50 AM3
- Bush To Buddhists: "Get Right With God!" Freedom_from_... Wed Apr-27-05 02:39 AM6
- "Justice Sunday" coming to a church near you. Pacifist Patr... Tue Apr-26-05 11:56 PM4
- LTTE: Which gods do you serve? Synnical Mon Apr-25-05 08:44 PM2
- Humanists host "Victims of Jihad" conference at UN IanDB1 Mon Apr-25-05 08:32 PM1
- Christian fundies again stab their anti-gay Muslim allies in the back IanDB1 Mon Apr-25-05 08:19 PM4
- Run for the hills! It's the Crusades all over again! ihaveaquestio... Mon Apr-25-05 08:05 PM9
- Wicca Emerging as America's third larget religion by 2012 joefree1 Mon Apr-25-05 07:54 PM19
- Check out this TV Ad the People for the American Way are Amy6627 Mon Apr-25-05 06:13 PM2
- Appeals court rules against Wiccan in Virginia prayer lawsuit flamin lib Thu Apr-21-05 02:52 AM3
- Auschwitz Personalizes Horror That Should Never Be Forgotten IanDB1 Wed Apr-20-05 01:15 PM2
- New Pope is a Disaster for the World and for the Jews IanDB1 Wed Apr-20-05 07:01 AM1
- Movement for the Restoration of The 10 Commandments of God IanDB1 Wed Apr-20-05 06:21 AM0
- Catholics: How will this new pope effect GLBT people? readmoreoften Wed Apr-20-05 06:06 AM2
- Anybody else get a weird feeling - an Ex-Nazi gets elected pope, and [View All] zbdent Wed Apr-20-05 01:22 AM21
- Satire of Pope's upcoming death cost editor job IanDB1 Tue Apr-19-05 06:38 PM2
- Anti-Defamation League Hopeful about new Pope IanDB1 Tue Apr-19-05 04:54 PM0
- Don't turn a blind eye to creeping theocracy IanDB1 Tue Apr-19-05 02:58 PM3
- Evangelical viewpoint on the new pope IanDB1 Tue Apr-19-05 01:15 PM1
- LA Times: Controversial Opus Dei Has Stake in Papal Vote Nothing Witho... Tue Apr-19-05 12:44 PM5
- So, I guess they Found the Pope in the Pizza zbdent Tue Apr-19-05 12:06 PM1
- Why do people fall for 'End of Days' thing over and over again? indianablue Tue Apr-19-05 10:35 AM18
- Religious Education Under Threat in Berlin Kellanved Tue Apr-19-05 07:15 AM3
- Steroid Jesus picks up another win. Alpharetta Mon Apr-18-05 09:14 AM1
- Roger Williams and Separation of Church and State Freedom_from_... Mon Apr-18-05 09:11 AM5
- Brazilians Like Their Catholicism Light dArKeR Mon Apr-18-05 01:37 AM6
- Take the online Separation of Church and State Quiz [View All] IanDB1 Sun Apr-17-05 03:27 PM21
- Vatican history reveals bloody, corrupt battles for church power dArKeR Fri Apr-15-05 08:11 PM2
- U.S. Catholics, Vatican have different views of sex-abuse scandal dArKeR Thu Apr-14-05 10:47 AM0
- Ok, I am going to acknowledge God. usregimechang... Tue Apr-12-05 09:58 PM6
- Calling ALL Christian DUers! We must stand up and denounce the [View All] Amy6627 Mon Apr-11-05 11:25 PM23
- I'm a minister of The Universal Life Church- Can I convert Brigham Young? IanDB1 Mon Apr-11-05 05:55 PM12
- Revoking the Corporate Charter of the Boston Archdiocese IanDB1 Sat Apr-09-05 03:52 AM4
- When did the Bible get banned in the U.S.? indianablue Wed Apr-06-05 01:03 PM12
- Families pay homage to their ancestors dArKeR Tue Apr-05-05 11:22 PM0
- Schiavo Tragedy Revealed True Agenda Freedom_from_... Tue Apr-05-05 03:11 PM10
- Heart of the Beholder---Need DUer help. Q3JR4 Mon Apr-04-05 04:31 PM3
- Go to church. Receive insurance discount. CornField Mon Apr-04-05 02:06 PM9
- Death sentence by jury that discussed Bible thrown out Freedom_from_... Sat Apr-02-05 06:07 PM16
- Could someone please answer a serious question? I am not at all grannylib Thu Mar-31-05 04:56 PM11
- What Are Christian Values? Radicalman Wed Mar-30-05 09:12 PM14
- Texas Congressman calls church/state separation his top issue Synnical Tue Mar-29-05 09:57 PM5
- News Flash: Now only Nine Commandments! jmcon007 Sun Mar-27-05 01:18 PM2
- Take an Online Bible Quiz IanDB1 Sun Mar-27-05 01:41 AM3
- When did the bible get banned in the U.S. ? indianablue Sun Mar-27-05 12:54 AM8
- Something that bugs me about religious films... everythingsxe... Sat Mar-26-05 06:51 PM19
- Hope for religious pluralism Tux Sat Mar-26-05 06:43 PM8
- What Jesus Wouldn't Do, By Jim Wallis, AlterNet. Posted March 9, 2005. IanDB1 Sat Mar-26-05 06:34 PM12
- American Wahabbis and the Ten Commandments IanDB1 Sat Mar-26-05 06:23 PM5
- Judge Greer forced out of his church dwickham Sat Mar-26-05 05:17 PM11
- My sister knows me too well. She called from the road to.. Pacifist Patr... Fri Mar-25-05 02:37 PM2
- A possible good side-effect of the Religious Right freaking out about zbdent Fri Mar-25-05 11:21 AM1
- Utah BANS ALL Internet Porn (NOT A joke) JamboGuide Thu Mar-24-05 09:34 PM14
- Constitutional angle highlonesome Thu Mar-24-05 05:32 PM1
- Posted my first political cartoon in GC, thought it may interest you. dhinojosa Thu Mar-24-05 02:04 PM0
- 1796 Senate: U.S. "is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion" expatriot Thu Mar-24-05 01:44 PM6
- Hey, since the Supreme Court decided not to take the Schiavo case zbdent Thu Mar-24-05 12:12 PM5
- The Draft Internet Rules - Online Newspaper OK -Are Bloggers Journalist - papau Thu Mar-24-05 11:18 AM0
- YAY! Theocracy at work. Tux Thu Mar-24-05 09:39 AM9
- Does anyone know of information demonstrating Heaven and Ea... Wed Mar-23-05 03:30 PM1
- Vatican plots against 'Da Vinci Code' dwickham Tue Mar-22-05 04:17 PM11
- Religious Right vs Religious Left liberal N pro... Sun Mar-20-05 09:34 PM5
- Larry Lessig's new blog eridani Fri Mar-18-05 11:11 PM0
- Evangelical forum on theocracy Tux Thu Mar-17-05 12:45 PM4
- The truth about the Ten Commandments IanDB1 Mon Mar-14-05 10:30 PM3
- National Conference for Media Reform AnnInLa Mon Mar-14-05 02:27 PM1
- New York City, E. 63rd St. , March 15: Impact of religion on human rights IanDB1 Mon Mar-14-05 11:48 AM1
- Tom Fenton on C-SPAN2 6pm Eastern Viva_La_Revol... Sun Mar-13-05 12:00 PM0
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