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Jeb Bush and the 1986 Murder of CIA Drug Smuggler Barry Seal

I am sure there are quite a few people at Democratic Underground who have heard about the 1986 murder of CIA Drug Smuggler in Baton Rouge on Feb. 19, 1986. This was before Iran-Contra affair blew wide open in the fall of 1986 with the downing of the plane that Eugene Hasenfus was aboard in Nicaragua

The murder of Barry Seal is a topic that Jeb Bush really, really, really does not want to talk about. And that is because there is an excellent possibility that the Bushes (VP GHW Bush & Jeb Bush) & Oliver North were behind the assassination of Barry Seal.

The 3 Colombians who were convicted of the Barry Seal murder were convinced that they were working for Lt. Col. Oliver North (whose code name in the 1980's was "John Cathey". GHW Bush's personal phone number was found in the possession of Barry Seal. Later it turned out that Governor of Texas George W. Bush was being flown around in Barry Seal's former and favorite plane.

Here is my blog post on this topic: http://barrysealmurder1986jebbusholivernorth.blogspot.com/

Here are some nuggets on Jeb Bush from Al Martin who worked closely with Jeb Bush and Oliver North on Iran-contra related (criminal) activities.

Al Martin conversation with Jeb Bush just days after the Feb, 1986 Murder of Barry Seal in Baton Rouge. Jeb Bush had been at a meeting in Sept, 1985, where the assassination of Barry Seal had been discussed

Al Martin: "In this discussion, I had mentioned the recent assassination, only a few days before, of Barry Seal Feb, 1986, outside his halfway house in New Orleans].

I said to Jeb, "Isn't it convenient that Barry Seal was assassinated when he was? And now suddenly all the information and documents he had are gone missing?"

Jeb had a rather broad smile on his face, and he concurred that it was convenient. He added a little snicker - as he often had a tendency of doing. Also little beads of sweat formed on his forehead, as when he gets nervous. It's something you can notice when he's on television. He still has a tendency to have little beads of sweat around his forehead, when he is either lying about something, or he's nervous about what someone is saying."
My conversations with Jeb at this meeting were overheard by the two Secret Service agents who were always assigned to Jeb when he was in his office at 1390 Brickell Avenue in Miami.
I had intimated that if certain parties in Washington were not prepared to come to my aid pursuant to my grand jury testimony, that it would be entirely possible that certain details of a certain meeting occurring in September of the year [Sept., 1985] before might be leaked out to the press.
Jeb asked me what I was talking about.
I specifically mentioned a September meeting of the Dade County Latin America Chamber of Commerce, which Jeb chaired, and which, of course, was not used as a Chamber of Commerce meeting at all. It was essentially used as a political meeting for covert operational planning pursuant to Iran-Contra.
As I've said before, Oliver North, Richard Secord or Dewey Clarridge or, in a few cases, even Sam Watson and Fred Ikley himself, would show up at these meetings.
Anyway, I had recounted to Jeb, as if he didn't know what the text of that meeting was that he chaired - the conversations he had with Oliver North and Richard Secord and Dewey Clarridge, all of whom attended that meeting.
Dewey seldom attended the meetings, but this time the four of them were discussing the assassination of Barry Seal and how it was to be carried out, since Barry was becoming an increasing liability.
I had told Jeb that I had substantial corroboration of that meeting. And I think Jeb understood what I meant.
It would certainly place him into a conspiracy to assassinate a CIA drug runner for the sake of political expediency.
When I was through speaking, Jeb became quiet and his demeanor became serious and changed. He became flushed, as he often does when he's frightened.
Jeb responded by telling me that it would be most unfortunate if I were to do that, since I might wind up like George Morales or Johnny Molina.
( Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider," p. 194-195)

Oliver North speaking to Jeb Bush and Dewey Clarridge in the 1980's: "Well, we haven't decided how we will rule his demise yet - whether it will be accident, natural causes, or suicide."

(Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Confessions of an Iran-Contra Insider," p.201)
"As I am a middle-aged man, I have worked or been involved in illegal covert operation of government all my adult life.
How many others in my age group can say they have personally known in their adult lifetimes almost 400 people who have died under clouded circumstances?
The common thread among the deaths of these 400 people was not anything they did - but what they knew.
I wonder how many others can make the same comment about their lives.
It's an indication of the type of life I've led.
Even what I have revealed thus far - it isn't a tenth of what I know. And it is such a task. That's the type of life I've led and what I know. I hope that the flavor of this comes out of what has happened to my friends, those I've known, who became inconvenient to their superiors and who died to maintain the deniability of others.
The egregious nature of the conspiracy surrounding their death goes to a level that is virtually humorous.
When Jeb Bush, Oliver North and Dewey Clarridge once spoke about an individual, North laughed and said, "Well, we haven't decided how we will rule his demise yet - whether it will be accident, natural causes, or suicide.""

(Al Martin, "The Conspirators: Confessions of an Iran-Contra Insider," p.201)

Robert Caro's "Passage of Power" about Lyndon Johnson

Amazon should be delivering this book to me very soon. I think I know what Robert Caro is going to say about Lyndon Johnson's "Passage TO Power."

NEW YORK — Robert Caro receives the most interesting mail.
"I get letters, constantly, saying, `I see your book's coming. I hope you're going to prove in this book that LBJ did it,'" the award-winning and ongoing biographer of Lyndon Johnson says during a recent interview at his midtown Manhattan office. "Did it," as in killed President Kennedy.
"When I talk at colleges, you can hardly have a lecture or a speech without one of the first questions being, "Are you going to prove that Johnson did it? Or, are you going to show that Johnson was involved in it?' And when you say Johnson had nothing to with it. You can feel the audience doesn't accept it. You lose your audience."
Believers in Oliver Stone's "JFK" and other conspiracy theorists who hoped that Caro, the most hard-working of historians, would finally nail Johnson will have to look elsewhere. In "The Passage of Power," the fourth of five planned volumes on Johnson, Caro devotes more than 100 pages to the events immediately before, during and after Nov. 22, 1963. Nothing in his many years of research made him suspect Johnson.
"I never came across a single hint, in anything I did – in interviews or all the documents – that would lead you to make such a conclusion," he says.

I suggest reading Caro's book "Passage of Power," then comparing it to the following. If you want to get quickly “up to speed” on the JFK assassination, here is what to read:

1) LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination by Phillip Nelson
2) JFK and the Unspeakable:Why He Died and Why it Matters by James Douglass
3) Brothers: the Hidden History of the Kennedy Years by David Talbot
4) The Dark Side of Camelot by Seymour Hersh
5) Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty by Russ Baker
6) Power Beyond Reason: The Mental Collapse of Lyndon Johnson by Jablow Hershman
7) Google the essay “LBJ-CIA Assassination of JFK” by Robert Morrow
8) Google “National Security State and the Assassination of JFK by Andrew Gavin Marshall.”
9) Google “Chip Tatum Pegasus.” Intimidation of Ross Perot 1992
10) Google “Vincent Salandria False Mystery Speech.” Read everything Vincent Salandria ever wrote.
11) Google "Unanswered Questions as Obama Annoints HW Bush" by Russ Baker
12) Google "Did the Bushes Help to Kill JFK" by Wim Dankbaar
13) Google "The Holy Grail of the JFK story" by Jefferson Morley
14) Google "The CIA and the Media" by Carl Bernstein
15) Google "CIA Instruction to Media Assets 4/1/67"
16) Google "Limit CIA Role to Intelligence" Harry Truman on 12/22/63
17) Google "Dwight Eisenhower Farewell Address" on 1/17/61
18) Google "Jerry Policoff NY Times." Read everything Jerry Policoff ever wrote about the CIA media cover up of the JFK assassination.
19) Google "CBS News and the Lone Assassin Story" by Roger Feinman"
20) Google "Reasoning about Assassinations" by James Fetzer
21) Google “Murray Rothbard the JFK Flap”
22) Google “Preserving the Legacy by Mat Wilson”
23) Google “Bertrand Russell 16 Questions on the Assassination”

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