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Member since: Fri Sep 11, 2020, 12:02 PM
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From Jimmy Kimmel last Night

Time to decide - with your vote!

Possible Headline of the near future

December 24, 2024:

CNN announced today that President-elect Trump unexpectedly passed away from a reported heart attack. The announcement was made by Vice President-elect Elon Musk who will now assume the presidency for the remainder of Trump's term.
Merry Christmas, America!

Has a certain "glow" to it, eh?

Hey Donnie,
Wonder if you ever considered this, however fitting it probably would be?

Place your bets, people.

The DJT Virus hit America in 2017 causing wide-spread pain and suffering.

It was ruthlessly one-sided and caused much strife to our continued lives.

For 4 difficult years many people and labs labored to develop a vaccine. Finally, in 2020 the JRB 2020 Vaccine was successfully developed and distributed to over 80 million Americans and by early November had reduced the DJT Virus by almost 90%.

However, more virulent strains began appearing a few weeks prior to Jan 6th 2021. Symptoms of these new strains of the old 2017 DJT Virus include lower abdominal and stomach pains, severe headaches, trouble sleeping, anxiety and tension, nightmares and sometimes, hallucinogenic visions. So, to stop a re-infection, we all need a Booster for 2022.

Fortunately, one has been modified from the older JRB 2020 vaccine and is being provided free of charge to Americans. It is the GOTV 2022 vaccine. Get the Booster at your local voting place, today. It’s painless.

However, there may be indications we may need another vaccine for 2024. We would need an updated JRB 2024 variant or possibly a KDH 2024 version. Maybe both. Keep in mind, new strains and/or a variant of the old 2017 DJT Virus may still be festering throughout America ready to wreak havoc and probably create major life changes among those who didn’t take advantage of a Booster. And that could affect the rest of us!

Remember, vaccines are only effective when used. Not getting vaccinated may easily result in the return of a mutated, more virulent version of the 2017 DJT Virus. Do it for yourself and future generations.

Let’s wipe out the 2017 DJT Virus and its strains once and for all!

Let’s GOTV!

It may be a little early for Time to choose, but...

I think their "Man of the Year" has no competition for 2022!

Zelenskyy - Time's "Man of the Year"

An Instrumental Oldie From 1962 - Midnight in Moscow

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

Russian Magats?

More like Russian Magovs!

(People from Western Pa. will understand that play on words.)


If the sanctions work better than expected

and things get disastrously bad in Russia an dpeople starve and die and the outlook for him is os badthinking he lost, it may be time for him to do something insanely fanatic.

When someone has nothing to lose, you can never tell what they might do.

Here's hoping there are some level-headed Military people close enough to Vlad to bring him dowm in that event.

Give Peace a Chance!


What would happen if blue states did to their red districts

what red states are doing to minority areas?

Close voting in more affluent white areas to a couple hours between midnight and 2 AM or have only one open voting place in a city of 90% white or move voting places miles out of town or...

Maybe tweet this to some congress people in blue states?

How many more

are there?

For nearly 50 years, the orange bull-shitter, along with his family, has been lying, cheating and stealing pretty much at will and in plain sight while no one paid attention.

Which begs the question:

WHO is the next trump out there right now that none of us is seeing?

Because you can bet your ass whoever it is, they saw him get away with almost everything and I’d put big bucks that those today are much more devious, intelligent and are sure THEY can get away with more than the POS at Mor-a-Lardass. And “THEY” will have “only the best” working for them.

If his shit, or worse, can be pulled off today by someone under the radar who makes tfg look like a 1st grader, wonder what’s in store for us in the future?

Remember when we had a press that asked real questions and did real investigative journalism?

Somewhere, trump 2.0 is out there right now just waiting for his or her chance.

Is Gitmo still a viable site?
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