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Member since: Wed Mar 24, 2010, 07:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,822

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Proud mom, grandma, and Democrat! I work for the government, am a member of our Union, and I volunteer for President Obama. My interests are spirituality, alternative healing, politics, cooking and reading. I'm single and looking - my dream would be to find a mate who shared my life views... My website: www.youngliving.com/achaffee - ask me about Essential Oils and Energy!

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VA workers - we were called WHAT?

i'm sickened and stunned. I'm also in a position where I could be seriously hurt if someone who was mentally ill decided to take those words seriously. And i'm disabled, so I wouldn't be able to get away fast enough.

I'm going to try to chalk this up to another day, another .. wtf?, but this could really get caregivers hurt.

I love my job and I love my Veterans. We do the very best we can.

I just can't say anymore, I'm too brokenhearted about ... well, about everything

2017- The Year of the Shadow

It used to be that we presented our light and hid our shadow side, however 45 has empowered those who live in hate and fear. We now are faced with meeting people and immediately seeing who they are at their core, their "shadow side" or their "light side". Lately, the shadow side seems to be rising. There are people who I worked with for many years and who really were reasonable people. I see them now on social media, fully "out and proud" to be a Nazi, or a white supremacist, bigot, racist, and/or masochist. They called themselves "Independent", which to me is like calling yourself bisexual - you may identify with both sides, but in your heart of hearts, when its time to embrace your fantasy, it is one side that rings your bell (so to speak) - that is who you really are, and when its time to vote - most independents tend to vote republican (when given a choice of D or R). I always felt that most "Independents" were really republicans who could not bring themselves to publicly embrace the negative principles that the republican party is based on, stating the infamous "both sides, blah blah blah" - another thing that to me is completely ethically and factually fraudulent. The United States we live in now, unfortunately, has very little middle ground.

Those "independents" - and let me clarify that I am not saying that this applies to everyone, but it does apply to a majority of them) and the republicans, have finally found their leader, someone who has given them permission to live in the shadow side of their true selves and show it publicly - no longer do they need to hide behind a computer monitor. They are encouraged to be bigots, to fantasize out loud the harm that they would love to see inflicted on those who they JUDGE to be inferior or different. The leaders of churches can now live in their shadows!!! This gives an extra level of permission for the hypocrites and bigots to embrace their shadows cloaked in "Christianity" - they are being told that the representative of their higher power said it was okay!! They are even bringing voting machines into churches and being told to vote their shadow's will from the pulpit.

The good news is that things are escalating very quickly. By embracing their shadows, everyone can now see their true selves. They no longer have to hide, and so we now know who they are, what they are and where they are. It is our responsibility as those who choose to show our light, to find a way to block the darkness from altering our lives in ways that will damage our lives for generations to come. The republicans and especially the rich republicans, know how to manipulate the public, the media, the law and the politicians and they have planned this takeover very carefully with the help of our enemies/their friends. They are stumbling now because they didn't expect their opportunity to present itself so quickly and as everyone knows, republicans are not very good at governing, coming up with good ideas, or compromising. Shadows block; they don't light the path, shadows block the path. They also didn't anticipate that their opportunity would come with a president that they could not control, and a woken up population of people who are identifying the shadow workers and standing up against the harm they are trying to inflict by shining their light on them.

I'm sorry this is so long - I've suffered emotionally since November, I feel like every day is some kind of horrific dream that I cannot wake up from. i'm heartened by the fact that time is moving quickly and whether circumstances will save us from the destruction that the shadows have planned for us, or whether it happens and we are destroyed by their hands -through war, another great depression, or climate change disasters, it appears that it is going to happen sooner rather than later.

The sooner it happens, the sooner we can begin to rebuild. We better be ready and that means that Democratic leaders and future US and world leaders need to be putting together a plan that we can support so that we can move forward and rebuild the dream that we were so close to achieving. We will also need to consider that once the light wins (and it will), we have to find a way to bring a little light out of the shadows. Nobody can live in this kind of negativity and not be affected by it. Things need to be healed, people need to be healed, and we need to try to become a strong and united states again.

I only hope its not too late. Nothing says Forever, Shadow, like a nuclear bomb.


Barack Obamas Photographer Shares His Favorite Candid Photos Of 2016

Amazing pics of our leadership - well worth viewing.

Let's remember and honor our President as we end this most difficult year and begin one that is filled with uncertainty.


Peace in 17,
Annette in Orlando

Post a Link to your area Democratic Voter Guide - ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA

Please post your local democratic voter guide - its very helpful!


Shine on,

Post a Link to your area Democratic Voter Guide - ORANGE COUNTY, FLORIDA

Good morning,

If you feel so inclined to help others who may not have the time to investigate every candidate running for some kind of office in the November elections, please post a link to your State's/county democratic voter guide. I find it helps tremendously for those charter, supreme court, and other local choices since I plan to vote for the Democrat in every case.

Orange County, FL


Shine on and GOTV! I'm doing mail in right now!!

Annette in Orlando

OMG the emails!!

For cripes sake - I work for the government - our inboxes are amazingly small for the amount of incoming and outgoing email we receive DAILY. I get over 300 incoming emails per day - IF WE DO NOT DELETE, OUR MAILBOXES FREEZE. and I said 300 incoming - that does not count my outgoing, responding to the emails, meetings, etc. People have NO IDEA. Say someone sets up a meeting for you and invites 50 people - your email will receive 50 responses for ONE MEETING. of course you have to mass delete!

I also have experience with the encrypted blackberries/iphones. Nothing can come through our federal email system when encrypted without you putting in your code. If anything even LOOKS like the last four of a social, it is blocked by the system and we are reported to our security team for trying to send it without encrypting it. We have to change that code every 90 days - the SOS probably had to change her code much more often than that.

When i continue to read about the goddamned emails it makes me furious - i bet i delete easily over a thousand emails a week. Someone like the Secretary of State - who may be out of the country for weeks at a time - who knows how many emails come through, and personal emails - well, since I have begun this high stress job I have, who has time for personal emails on my personal account? it has thousands of emails that I have to delete on a regular basis.

I get very riled up about these deleted emails. It is a stupid, ignorant argument. He has nothing else.
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