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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,883

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I apologize in advance if this has been covered but I still wonder

I apologize in advance if this has been covered but I still wonder What is still out there it would seem to me that they (NARA DOJ FBI) should know exactly what is still out there that trump stole and which documents they are still pursuing it just gives me an uneasy feeling that There might be a question of what is missing

Sorry for punctuation Iím voice texting while walking my dog

Haven't been here much in awhile but got to

wondering if any of you have thoughts on why We arenít seeing more of Kamala Harris.

My daughter was scheduled to have her pregnancy

induced October 1 which is two weeks before her due date. Due to the nursing shortage as well as shortage of hospital ďroomsĒ she may or may not have the procedure done on the 1st.

She has had high blood pressure throughout the pregnancy hence the need for inducement.

Currently her blood pressure is lower and we arenít too concerned but thought I would share this instance of how the overcrowding of hospitals is affecting our family.

My friend who is vaccinated and also is pro mask

Is taking advice from a group called FLCCC Alliance and will begin taking ivermectin as a precautionary therapeutic.

Does anyone offhand have information on this organization? I was pretty surprised that she has been sold on ivermectin.

Thanks for any information or insight you could share.

Regarding Ashli Babbitt breaking into the Capitol

and getting shot and killed. I keep thinking of the many many stories of gun owners shooting and killing people on their property maybe in their yards maybe in their homes and one of the defenses is the ďcastleĒ defense. People have the right to defend their property. Itís always like this with Republicans. Whatís good for the goose is never good for the gander with them. So they are all up in arms over this woman being shot and killed who was among armed insurrections crawling through a broken window to attack OUR castle. I just canít with them.

Nanci Griffith passed away age 68

Just so sad. Amazing singer songwriter from Austin TX. Rest easy lovely lady.

Got some relatives coming in from Austin

We are going to say no to visiting with them. He and his 16 year old son are not vaccinated. Here in Albuquerque I have a daughter 6 months pregnant and nieces age 10 and 6 not vaccinated.
Itís really tough because we havenít seen my nephew for going on two years now.

I wonder if Collins would have had the deciding

Vote ... the 67th vote essentially... if she would have voted for conviction. I think she would not have voted for conviction in that instance.

I don't ask for this kind of help often but a high school buddy

On FB is claiming that yesterday (inauguration day and subsequent activities) was a super spreader event. I asked for clips and he responded that Garth Brooks did not follow safety measures. I said I would review his appearance. Then he says politicians and celebrities were piling in and out of limos for the ďeventsĒ? And I said pls show me the video give me a link.

Unbelievable. The guy pretends to be in the middle politically. Iím very curious where he gets his news from.

I wouldnít normally pursue such a thing on fb. But I think where I can itís important to call people to account.

I might be in the minority but I appreciate Wolf Blitzer

he has been so heartbroken the last week as he views the changes in the capitol (militarization). Yes he can be a bit repetitive but he gives me security. In a strange way I guess Iíve grown up with him.
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