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Member since: Fri Nov 27, 2015, 08:45 PM
Number of posts: 5,096

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LOTSA LIBTARDS with guns....

I don't know what all this talk about "Civil War" is........but

There are lotsa "libtards" with guns.

....just sayin"....

Hey Elon!!

Here is one of the consequences of your support for Russia:

How's it working out for you, so far?



Regarding his penis size:

What an EMBARRASSMENT to our Great State of Arizona!!

Did she lick his boots as well???

"Tan, rested, and ready".....

Some Reich wing nincompoop said this about Doturd.
Does this look like "tan, rested, and ready"????

Looks more like scared shitless to me....

Florida Panthers move on to Stanley Cup final

Once again, the refs made a BS penalty call with 57 seconds left that decided the series.

I suppose all sports leagues upper management are just so happy now that gambling is now allowed.
It couldn't possibly affect the outcomes, right??

This is the least of my concerns, but...

Why hasn't the Biden White House restored the Rose Garden to it's previous splendor??

After that illegal immigrant POS destroyed it??

..just wondering...

This guy has some serious skills.

I could not figure out how these 2 pieces fit together. Until the end:

Medvedev threatens Russia will arm North Korea if South Korea supplies arms to Ukraine


I doubt even North Korea would want 70 year old T-54s....

Challenger 2 vs T-55

YouTube rolls out Sunday Ticket package for $249 bucks...


I'll still stream the Giants games for $0 dollars.
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