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Member since: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 1,527

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I'm confused about the rules of congress and looking for clarification

Would it be possible for the Dems to remain while republicans leave and get on with the role of governing? Something along the lines of having a quorum or some such thing. There were some times during the Bush and Trump eras about which I heard members of one of the houses staying ‘in session’ to prevent the president from doing an action that normally requires congress. I think this was in the senate and probably was to prevent appointments of judges. Just wondering if a scenario existed in the house along a similar vein. I have no idea. Pretty that if I thought about it the smarter people in congress have already considered the same. Thanks

I find Tony Romo very annoying

Just not a fan of him being a game announcer. Unless he’s doing a Raven’s I change the channel or turn the sound off

A question that needs answering; why did Saudi Arabia give $2b to Jared Kushner?

I wonder about this a lot. We know there are missing documents and that some of what was recovered are copies.

Where are the missing documents and where are the originals of the copies? Again, why did Saudi Arabia give $2,000,000,000 to Jared Kushner?

Are you still proudly defiant or contrarian or whatever fuckshit excuse you use to sleep at night?


Stop the immature practice of letting perfection get in the way of good enough. YOU fucking emboldened the right wing. YOU had to cast your vote in a way that insured prejudice and misogyny ruled the roost. YOU fucking paved the way for those motherfuckers to take down the American flag and replace it with a Trump flag ON THE FUCKING CAPITOL BUILDING OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.


Yes I know the blame lies squarely in the laps of republicans. We should still recognize just how big a role fuckheaded baby thinking selfish assholes helped them.

If you look at what TN has done and STILL don't fucking believe this is a war

that only one side can win. You are completely delusional. The only thing repukes understand is power. We need to take power and wield it unre-fucking-lentlessly until this iteration of racist repukes is dead and fucking gone.

Thinking about time zones

When I look at the time stamps for posts they all correlate with Eastern Standard which is where I am. Is that true for everyone? Do all DUers see the same time as me or does it revert to your local time?

Thank you for my hearts

I love them.


I have so far been able to avoid it. That is very purposeful on my part. I have seen more than enough in my lifetime.

It is a monumental example of short sightedness by EVERYONE

that 6-20 people can shut down a third of the US gov't.

Simply due to the fact that someone isn't holding a wooden mallet our country is exemplified as a total charlie foxtrot (CF).

The rule should be the old congress shall remain in place until the new one is up and running. Simple. If democrats were going to be in charge until a new speaker was selected a new speaker would've been selected toot sweet.

Fuck you Jill Stein and protest voters. Fuck you

once again your TOTALLY selfish decision has further eroded America I hope you sleep like shit you sanctimonious fuckers
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