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Profile Information

Name: Matt
Gender: Male
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Member since: Sun Jan 17, 2016, 11:36 PM
Number of posts: 251

Journal Archives

Recovering alcoholics opinion

From my long struggles with alcoholism and the therapy that followed I see clear signs from Kavanaugh today. Clear signs of an angry drunk wether it be dry or wet. His jitteryness to his confrontational attitude and the need to always have a glass going to his lips are clear signs that I've learned through the countless hours spent in rehab. And when you have an angry drunk all rational and normal thought processes go out the window. In my mind he did the things alleged against him. No doubt about it.

Heads up: Steve Schmidt coming up

On Msnbc next segment

Defining moment so far!


What Patriotism! Beautiful video I stumbled upon!!


Re: When will Bernie release the transcripts of his Bank of America speech?

Here's the entire speech!! He didn't take any money either!!


Re: Ohio Sec. on Cnn post

I'm assuming the person who posted this isn't from Ohio and has no idea of John Husteds past history's as Sec of State. The fact that your bragging about him is ridiculous! This same man limited early voting prior to 2012 and wants voter ID restrictions. He has played politics with voting ever since he got in office! This man is a coward, who is slowly disenfranchising thousands of poor and minorities. I can't believe part of our party is supporting anything this man says!!!

Bernie Radio Ad in Ohio

I live in the Dayton, Ohio area and we have a 80s and 90's country Radio Station in town. Their airwaves have been filled with local republican primary candidates ad for the last month. Today I was driving to the store and was jamming out to some Vince Gill and next thing I know I heard Bernies voice. I was so confused as if the radio channel had switched. But no, he is playing and ad a minute long talking about the banks and how free trade has hurt jobs!!! I'm damn impressed because not a channel a Democrat would target but it's the blue collar workers who vote against their own interests that listen. I have a good feeling about Ohio as long as he is close in Michigan!!

Bernie in South Carolina...

I have yet to hear anyone talk about Bernie Sanders advantage with veterans in South Carolina. As a veteran myself I deeply appreciate his work in the Senate for our benefits and I think he has an ability to pick off quite a few moderate republican veterans in South Carolina.
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