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Member since: Fri Oct 10, 2003, 12:47 AM
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You're assuming that we actually have a voice.

Do you honestly believe The Powers That Be, those who actually run this country (CIA, Wall Street) are going to hand over the reins to a Socialist, or Donald Trump? At least Marco Rubio could be manipulated and played like a cheap fiddle (like W), but nobody gets the nuclear codes without being vetted by the people who actually make all the decisions. We don't actually vote for the candidate we want. We vote for the candidate they provide for us. It's always just two, and more and more the two are virtually indistinguishable. So this time around, it will be Jeb! (CIA daddy) or Hillary (already part of the game). That's just the way it is.

Here is what I meant by that, and why it relates...

...to Zuckerberg. Sure, there is a vast difference in scale; a $4mil company as opposed to a $104bil company. But the same bullshit applies. My company had virtually no assets. We performed a miracle, according the Wall Street people, by raising half a million bucks in "angel funding" in six months in a podunk Western New England town. The lawyers and brokers at certain big Wall Street firms who shall go unnamed until my own lawyer clears this, said we were "going places."

We used our first check to rent a big booth at Art Expo in NYC, right next to Sotheby's and a couple of other big players. We bought the entire back cover of the Art Expo program, something like 50,000 copies, for cheap. Wicked cheap...because we were supposedly so hot. The first morning of the show, four guys in $5,000 suits walked up to our booth and said they wanted in. They bought in, they valued the company at $4,000,000, they used that to raise more money, they fired me from my own company, they all made fortunes, and I walked away with some worthless paper and some valuable lessons. I was about Zuckerberg's age at the time.

My point is/was -- these Wall Street fuckers, just like Mittens, they DON'T CARE. When I was fired from my own company, a la Steve Jobs at Apple, they couldn't understand why I was upset. "It's only business," they told me. If you can't afford to play, don't get into the game. They ALL made fortunes, and every single principal in the company is now working on something else, with barely a dime to show for our efforts.

The lesson is simple...the people with money, like Mittens and the people who fucked me, don't care and will NOT -- WILL NOT -- help make you rich. There is no "level playing field" in America. If you're rich, you work to stay rich. If you're not rich, the rich will fuck you out of every good idea you ever come up with.

I hope Zuckerberg at least bought some tangible assets he can sell off after his board of directors fucks him over for a profit.

Kid, don't ever, EVER, let anyone tell you can make it America. The people that already made it will make sure you can't...they're covering their own asses. If you want to "make it," become a cut throat slimy soulless asshole like they are. Like Mitt Romney is. Then at least you'll have a shot.

Whoa! Just because I "don't understand"...

...what's going on in YOUR head, that means I don't understand the larger issue? Really? Get a fucking grip.
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