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Gender: Female
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Pure deflection. You can't refute my opinion that the media reports what gives them ratings

and doesn't investigate the facts so you go with "you're just like Trump". By the way, the media going with their talking points instead of facts and investigations has been documented here time after time.

I knew as AG she supported asset forfeiture before being charged with a crime

and that was a big issue as far as I was concerned but was not aware of her stand on these other issues. Thanks for the information.

As a Latina I can only say... That's the fucking truth!

Best comeback in the history of comebacks.


I'll be waiting till the end of time for you to prove what you and a libertarian hack are trying to

convince people that Bernie has said about immigrants.


I adore that. Mini-Motherfucker it is till the end of time.

Therein lies the problem people, many of them dems, have with AOC.

"The political old guard had been toppled."

Wow, so the narrative is still that she needs to shut up, sit down and learn?

I think she's already stepped up. And talk about tough? She's been throwing the shit thrown at her by the motherfucking Republicans right back in their faces. But I get the sense that in 8 or more years she still wont be good enough. I can't believe her smiles are a problem. You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel on that one.

Curious though. How old must one be to be considered an adult by you? I'm up there in my 60s and I think she's more than adult enough.

I'll say what needs to be said: I don't know what else to say about a person who calls

women, Democrats and immigrants, to name just a few of his targets filthy vile names and is working overtime to destroy everything he can except for "Let's impeach the motherfucker."

You Sir, are flat out wrong.

I looked it up when I saw your post, she was in my top 3 wants. I think that taking money from

people who haven't been charged with crimes is theft. If the gov wants their assets they can do it after a trial. To do it before they are found guilty is just wrong.

There's a Reason Many Voters Have Negative Views of Warren--But the Press Won't Tell You Why

By Peter Beinart in The Atlantic

These observations are factually correct. But they also help create a false narrative. Mentioning the right’s attacks on Warren plus her low approval ratings while citing her “very liberal record” and the controversy surrounding her alleged Native American heritage implies a causal relationship between these facts. Warren is a lefty who has made controversial ancestral claims. Ergo, Republicans attack her, and many Americans don’t like her very much.

But that equation is misleading. The better explanation for why Warren attracts disproportionate conservative criticism, and has disproportionately high disapproval ratings, has nothing to do with her progressive economic views or her dalliance with DNA testing. It’s that she’s a woman.

As I’ve noted before, women’s ambition provokes a far more negative reaction than men’s. For a 2010 article in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, two Yale professors, Victoria Brescoll and Tyler Okimoto, showed identical fictional biographies of two state senators—one male and one female—to participants in a study. When they added quotations to the biographies that characterized each as “ambitious” and possessing “a strong will to power,” the male state senator grew more popular. But the female state senator not only lost support among both women and men, but also provoked “moral outrage.”

The past decade of American politics has illustrated Brescoll and Okimoto’s findings again and again. During the 2012 campaign, Republicans attacked Nancy Pelosi in television commercials seven times as frequently as they attacked her Democratic Senate counterpart, Harry Reid. In 2016, the disparity was three to one. Pelosi’s detractors sometimes chalk up her unpopularity to her liberalism and her hometown of San Francisco. But Reid’s successor as the Democratic Senate leader, Charles Schumer, a liberal from Brooklyn, is far less unpopular than Pelosi—and far less targeted by the GOP.

Thank you Bright.
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