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Member since: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 03:29 PM
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Kanye West--or Ye-- just cannot keep his fucking pie hole shut. . . .

And what exactly is this goddamned moron's claim to fame? Why do his loony statements even make the news? Oh yeah, he's a fucking rapper. . . . That deems him "fit" to make public statements.

I guess on a brighter note, at least he says what he thinks and doesn't leave us any doubts.


I have waited YEARS for these fucking repigs to be held accountable. . . .

And yes, I am including Reagan, Bush Sr., and Bush Jr. as well. . . They all skated through every fucking scandal and never had to really answer for any of their goddamned lies. Of course, #45 is the absolute worst, and I'll get the greatest satisfaction in seeing him subpoenaed. Goddamn, I want to see his swollen tick-like body struggling to get out of handcuffs. . . . I'll probably never see that, but I would actually pay a LOT of money to witness it. . .!


Quite frankly, I think life in prison would be worse than the death penalty for this

slimy motherfucker. . .

Prison is no fun at all for sure, and I don't imagine the FL penal system has too many frills.


I'm anti-death penalty 100%, but Sirhan Sirhan can go straight to hell.

All I need to do is think how different things could have been had that fucker not killed Bobby Kennedy. . . .

And what irks me more is that Sirhan Sirhan is supposed to be in prison for life. . . . As far as I can tell, that motherfucker has plenty of life still left in him. . .


So FUCKING tired of "religious rights" trampling everyone else's other rights. . .

I fucking HATE these people.


I deeply loathe Susan Collins and find her quite repulsive.

I haven't seen hide nor hair of that fool since Kavenaugh & company proved to be exactly what we knew they were. . . .

I'm just wondering how Susan explained it all. She is so disgusting & fucking stupid.

White woman not indicted for Emmett Till's murder. . . .

I am so disappointed about this. . . This woman is DIRECTLY responsible for this young man's torture and execution at the hands of her redneck husband and (I think) brother-in-law?

Germany goes after concentration camp guards, and I don't see why this woman cannot be asked to answer for her lies that killed Emmett Till.

I am more than disgusted.


I didn't even like religious fanatics (particularly the conservative Christian variety)

as a small child. . . . The other kids who came from fundamentalist families yacked about their Sunday school and argued about the temperature in hell. . . I was always mystified by all their reasons for one being consigned to hell.

Of course these small children turned into judgmental teenagers who whined that we needed to have "non-denominational" prayers at school. OF COURSE "non-denominational" ALWAYS means fundie prayers; I learned that lesson very early.

And lastly, these same folks cannot even fathom that there are other people who aren't Christian. . . As a non-practicing, secular Jew, I actually had TWO teachers who tried to tell me that Jews were "Christian." Yeah. . . They did.

I found this interesting--These idiots cannot understand the concept of separation of state. . . God, I fucking hate them.


101-Year-Old Ex-Guard at Nazi Camp Is Convicted by German Court

Source: New York Times

101-year-old convicted in German court for Nazi crimes.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/06/28/world/europe/ex-nazi-guard-convicted-germany.html

While I am happy to see Germany taking the initiative to chase down Nazis, this should have been done immediately after the war. I am glad this individual had to answer for his actions, but I'm not 100% sure how I feel should he have to serve time.

It isn't that I doubt or belittle the suffering people endured; I just haven't decided (or don't know) whether sending such old people to prison serves a point or not. Maybe it does? I truly don't know.

Susan Sarandon protesting at AOC's office for not meeting all her promises on healthcare?

This is rich considering the source. What an idiot.

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