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Profile Information

Name: Mindy
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: TX
Home country: United States
Current location: Plano
Member since: Thu Nov 5, 2015, 11:04 PM
Number of posts: 872

Journal Archives

Thank you very much for the heart!

I have been fighting a cold all week, but your gesture of kindness has brightened my week. Thank you.

The idiot is tweeting

Says the Democrats owe him and the US an apology. Then tweeted in all caps that the impeachment inquiry is dead!

Sounds as if someone has gotten some bad news.

Jim Jordan yelling

Does Jordan think yelling makes what he is lying about more believable? In my opinion, he looks desperate.

Stay safe my fellow North Texans

Severe storms and tornadoes reported on the ground in Dallas and Richardson. Headed for Garland, Sachse, and Murphy. Sirens are going off.

Thank you for the heart!

You brightened my day


Steve Schmidt on MSNBC

Just now. He said:

"He sat there with slobbering servility, on bended knee, at the feet of Vladimir Putin the Russian autocrat. Again, it was an extraordinary scene the likes of which we have never seen in the history of the United States ."

What an apt description

Chump will be livid.

Check out President Obama's hands.

Thanks for the heart, you brought a tear to my eye.

You all here at DU help me keep my sanity with all the craziness going on around us. So whoever gave me the heart, thank you so much. You made me feel like a part of the DU community. And that warms my heart on this cold winter night.

He thinks his administration

Has made tremendous progress in the first 100 or so days. He has got to be doing some really hard drugs.

How can McMaster stand up

With a straight face and say all this about trump? He is not capable of accomplishing even one of the things he has mentioned.
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