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Member since: Fri Sep 23, 2016, 05:13 PM
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Mueller report confirms: News is real, President is fake, and Republicans are dumb..

IMO, this should be the headline from every news outlet.

Trump has done the world a great service and should be thanked!

He has Exposed the illusive "closet deplorable". So everyone, take note of all the people you know that stood by this dude through thick and thin. These are the people to simply avoid and not breed with. Over time their numbers will shrink. Yes, selective breeding will save the human race!

This is the perfect time for Spicy to come out and say..

Fuck it!...I quit....ask me anything.
I wonder how fast he would be dragged off that stage.

To all of the Rethugs that read DU

Surely you realize by now that you have been conned by your dear leader. Con men in practice search for the weakest and most vulnerable people to prey on. If he thought democrats were the weakest and most vulnerable, he would have claimed to be a democrat and pushed for a single payer program to get elected (think about that). You see, this con man does not care about you or me. He could not care less if we lived or died. He doesn't care about our kids education. He doesn't really care or have any interest in anything except money and power for him and his family. Hell, he doesn't even care about your 2nd amendment rights (how does that make you feel?). I wish I could just sit back and laugh while you suffer from your Yuge blunder (and yes you are the very people that will suffer most from this con), but unfortunately your ignorance will cause all of us to suffer in some way. Democrats and the rest of the world tried to warn you. You should have listened to us.
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