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Member since: Tue Apr 7, 2020, 08:14 PM
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Not a Michigander any more. Now a Floridan.

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Thank you for the heart. It's gloomy and cold here today. Hearts make me smile.

They are NOT mentally ill. But what are they? What do you call them?

More and more I keep seeing and hearing people referring to people they disagree with or who are doing things they think are crazy as mentally ill. I do it myself. But mostly they aren't mentally ill and we do a real disservice to those that are mentally ill when we use that label indiscriminately. But I don't know what else to call them. The things they do are "crazy" in my eyes and I can't for the life of me figure out why any sane person would do or say those things. I honestly don't know what else to call them. Bully, jerk, stupid, etc just don't work. Those words don't cover the degree of what I think of as crazy or worse.

Mourning Cow Boy Hats. Bear with me, this isn't trivial.

I was a kid in the 50s. The TV Cow Boys of that era taught me everything I needed to know about responsibility, bravery, good citizenship, community, leaderships, and, I suspect a whole lot more. From Lash Larue to Sky King, from The Lawman to Cheyenne, from The Big Valley to the Ponderosa, from Wagon Train to Rawhide I was taught to trust The Hat to take care of whatever was needed to be done (except for the bad guys, of course, life was simpler then.)

Then life happened and that trust began to have a few dents. Nothing serious, but over the years a few nicks and chips. Walker, Texas Ranger was probably the first time I allowed true, deep distrust to creep into my faith in the hat. Ammon Bundy and his crew did a pretty good job of making me think twice about the myths, but still, I could persist in holding onto the basics.

I seriously needed those beliefs that churned around The Cow Boy Hat. They were foundational philosophy. Everything sort of sat on top of them.

Those hats are shot full of holes now. The philosophy and beliefs that went with them are like like horse shit on a dusty dirt street. Just something to step around.

How I will fill those empty spaces I'm not sure. They are very old and very deep in my psyche as they are for many, many others.

The children killed I will mourn today and tomorrow and beyond. The Cow Boy Hat myths I will probably still be mourning on my death bed. Deep in my psyche there are some very large, empty holes.

I hate growing up, but I hate it even more when I'm in my mid 70s. I will need to fill in those empty holes. I just know it won't be with cow boy hats.

I know I'm not the only one. Over the years I've found myself time and again being the voice of ordinary people. So I'll suck it up once again and speak about what I fear are unpopular topics. These feelings need a voice.

These signs keep making me smile and feel good inside.

I recently moved from Michigan to Florida. Yes, well it's 32 and snowing in Michigan and 70 and sunny here in Florida. What can I say. Being Florida I find myself passing several 'Biden's not my president' signs. The first time I found myself smiling and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside because Joe Biden IS my President. I've found that I still do that every time I see one of those signs. I suspect they are suppose to have the opposite effect on me, but I guess I'm just contrary. Every time I see one of those signs I smile. Joe Biden IS my President. Thank Heavens.

God, I really love Michigan.

Yesterday was about as perfect a day as can happen. The air was so clean that it stung my nose and the leaves were stunning in their shininess. This morning was cold, dark and dreadful. I turned the furnace on. This afternoon turned into another perfect day with a lovely breeze that set the leaves to singing. How could you not love this? My best friends moved to Florida a few years ago. They have had the same temperature range, 75-90, for the last 3 months. They love it. Me, I love Michigan's unpredictability and glorious changes. Every morning is exciting to wake up to.

Since we're talking about Shakespearean films I'd like to recommend 2.

Henry V with Laurence Olivier and Henry V with Kenneth Brangh. The interesting thing is how this same story was presented. Olivier's film was 1944 and made to assist the war effort. Brangh's film was 1968 and definitely anti-war. Same play different emphasis and presentation. I saw Olivier's film in Junior High and was instantly a fan. Never looked back. And I loved Brangh's film just as much.

2CELLOS are back!!

I'm an idiot online so I can't post the address. However, if you go to 2Cellos Official Website they have up their latest collaboration. It is wonderful. This is their first collaborative video in a couple of years since one of the guys took time off to get married and have a baby and then the pandemic came along. They play everything from classical to hard rock on their cellos and their performances are always awesome. This latest is a cover of Living on a Prayer. This is truly the beginning of spring as far as I'm concerned.

Oh, good grief. Another heart and I feel so undeserving compared to those

of you who bring so many articles and such for the rest of us to see. But I still really appreciate the hearts. Thanks.

Oh, my. I go away and come back and more hearts are waiting for me.

Thank you so much. The day just keeps getting better and better.

Thanks for the heart, I actually could use it today. Appreciate it.

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