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Member since: Mon Mar 6, 2017, 02:39 AM
Number of posts: 2,231

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I'm not a new member, I was actually a member for several years during George W's administration as well.

Journal Archives

America First Legal

I play a couple of word games on my phone, but I have to get through some ads in order to play. I was so glad when the election was over and the ads highlighting the endless right wing lies stopped, at least for a while. But there was a new one today, about racism towards white people, to include job hiring, college admissions, medical treatment and even funding after a disaster.

The ad was paid for by America First Legal. I googled it, and itís sponsored by none other than our favorite orange balloon man, Donald Trump. Itís headed by Stephen Miller. It looks like Trumpís platform is to further push the racism card.

If you scroll down on the site, you can subscribe, donate and request legal assistance.

Trump really needs to be put behind bars, where he belongs. Heís not going to stop.

Trumpian coworker

Weíre not allowed to discuss politics in the office where I work. There are a couple of far right wingers who are Trumpians in a big way. Iím somewhat friendly with one of them and was hoping she would have watched the hearing last night, so I asked her this am if she watched it, and she said no.

Probably didnít want to miss Tucker, but Iím really disappointed her mind is so closed.

I really liked the Rachel Maddow show tonight.

She spent a lot of time urging Democrats to move forward with their agenda, as best they can. I liked her suggestion to cancel the August Congressional shutdown, or at least shorten it to a week, to continue working on important legislation and to confirm more federal judges. Democrats donít have a lot of time to waste trying to appeal to Repubs, who wonít vote with them anyway. Manchin may be slowly moving forward to realizing that the filibuster will need to be altered for any Democratic legislation to pass.

I'm no longer undeclared, I voted for Amy Klobuchar in NH primary today!

My daughter voted for Bernie, husband voted for Tom Steyer, son not sure.
Busy day today at the NH polls!

The reason for this Trump speech is so hollow.

Heís thanking every person who helped him in his impeachment acquittal, nothing more. Heís praising each one individually for the record. I wonder if these public accolades are code for others to offer them certain protections, if needed, in the future.

How do I post an article from a magazine to start a new discussion?

The article is from Sierra.

Just went to protest in Concord to oppose immigration policies and concentration camps.

Good turnout, at least 100 people, and good speakers. Jewish and Episcopalian religions represented, NH state reps, community members, etc. We need to contact our Democratic Congress people and put pressure on them to oppose these policies. Doing nothing is being complicit.

Trump and his family should only be allowed to fly on Aircraft One from now on.

It would save our country a lot of money.


His entire speech is bullshit and crap.

His statements are so ridiculous, he and the Repubs have to be laughing at and making fun of the average American.

Talking about lowering drug prices, how much wages have increased, committing to end childhood cancer, cutting crime by stopping the massive illegal immigration problem by building a very good and effective wall (and I know how to build it!), stopping nuclear expansion in North Korea (and I prevented a USA-North Korea war), etc. itís all bullshit, and the Repubs know it but theyíre all clapping like trained monkeys.

I feel like Iím watching a Twilight Zone episode, with a fake leader giving a ridiculously contrived speech to a roomful of nonthinking zombies.
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