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Member since: Sat Apr 25, 2020, 10:36 PM
Number of posts: 1,406

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I really am concerned about that nagging cough that Joe has on the stump,

Good he went to GA but I think he needs some rest now. He should rest until Jan 20. or at least until just before the runoff voting date. I think we have this. Joe can continues to do virtual messaging for a while. Kamala can hit the stumps if necessary but she should get some rest also.

All we need is TWO (2) GOP patriotic Senators to switch parties right now, BEFORE the GA runoff.

Then we could have a thriving economy once again, a really good chance to know COVID out, a surge in good paying jobs, worker protections, and dismantling of CITIZENS UNITED. The GA runoff would just be icing on the cake and the two GOP Senators changing parties would be heroes who save our country from fascism.

Time to focus on winning the State Houses and governorships and local Councils.

That is actually where the power is planted for voting rights and other policies. Voter education about state and local elections is where we need to focus not. Take a clue from Stacey Abrams.

Beginning right now, the media needs to report only on the dereliction of duty by Trump. No other

of his events or those of his partners in treason like Pompeo should be covered. Just report on the hacks to our financial institutions and energy systems. Report on it day and night and ignore Trump and his personal agent completely.

Proud Boys need to b e labeled as a terrorist organization...just like the black panthers were back

in the 60s. And much more needs to be demanded of law enforcement to lock them up. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It should not go unnoticed that one main reason for Mitch and GOP to deny state

support and relief is that state governments employ huge numbers of women and minorities. They just don't want to help them. But they do want to give relief to the businesses that employ the same mix of employees when their employers screw over them.

It's all about the messaging, The Democrats need to learn how to use the truth in better messaging. Mitch and the GOP need to be called out at the state and local levels in radio and TV ads. Money spent in radio ads, especially over the holidays is worth more than the TV ads. People are still in their automobiles driving. And the money needs to be spent putting those ads on RW radio talk shows.

Hunter Biden saga: Why worry?

If is found guilty of anything, his dad can always pardon him. The bar has been set ...if Stone can be pardoned and Flynn can be pardoned for selling out the nation, if Hunter is guilty of tax evasion...I'm down with a pardon for him.

After January 20, the first media outlet to cover Trump and Trumpers will be on my s-list.

There should be no more free air time for these scum balls.

Why would anyone want to take credit for a vaccine for a fake virus that was a Dem hoax?

Why would anyone believe any of it? Shows you how deranged Trump and his GOP supporters really are.
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