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Member since: Fri Jun 9, 2017, 07:14 AM
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Rube logic

One of the themes I have noticed lately that the Trump Rubes like to toss into any of their forum or facebook discussions is the 2016 election polls that had Hillary ahead and a near shoe in to win. Of course we all remember it, remember them and of course those polls and predictions where wrong.

Yup. They were wrong. We all concede that. Mistakes happen....pollsters didn't lift up enough rocks or shine their spotlights into enough dark corners to fully understand how strong rube-nation was. Anyway....because of that incorrect polling and predictions what I see a lot now is that ANYTIME a legit news outlet reports on tRump's poll numbers, his historic unpopular numbers, that Hillary and Obama beat him out in this most recent "Admired" pole....guess what the rubes say? "Fake". "Lefty poll run by lefties" "haha...just like the 2016 poll, don't believe it"

This bubble they live in is strong and the lack of logic and critical thinking with these people just continues to astonish me. I still can't get over it and never will.
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