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Gender: Male
Hometown: Illinois
Current location: Oregon
Member since: Fri Jul 23, 2004, 10:38 AM
Number of posts: 9,791

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Pound falls as Parliament to be suspended in September

The value of the pound has fallen following news that Parliament is to be suspended just days after MPs return to work on 3 September.


The Republicans don't want to Govern. They want to Rule

There's a difference. Good morning, that is all.

I have to vent. I have a big problem.

Yesterday my wife and I had to go to a meeting some two and half hours away, so we carpooled with two friends. We're in the back seat on the way home, and our friends are up front talking. My wife is checking her Facebook feed on her phone. She hands the phone to me and what do I see; a post about a Survey for Donald Trump, and there's sits my brother's name and my niece's name.

Now my niece, I can and have written off. She's racist. No if ands or buts, so I cut connection to her. Goodbye. She lives 2000 miles away.

My brother is another story. We lost our older and only brother earlier this year to Parkinsons, so it's just me and him left, our parents are long gone. He is 3 years older than me. We were at college together for a year. He is very, very different from me, but I have always loved and supported him, even when he made dumb-ass life decisions. I helped him with his kids' tuition in high school and college, because that's what family does and he's always broke. He recently retired but was what I'd call working poor. Or at least working broke. But what the hell, kids can do that, right? He always been a nice, simple, likable guy, dealing with life on a day to day basis.

But this? He's a Trump supporter. I woke up at 3am thinking about this. He's NEVER been interested in politics. Even when he was about to get his ass drafted, he was against the war in a mild sort of way; I was out in the streets. I'd call him a-political, but he voted, as far as I knew, for Democrats, for as long as I can remember. We don't talk politics because I know he's totally uninterested. So this a.m. I get up and go to his Facebook page because this put a maggot in my brain and I look at his likes; Donald Trump. Melania Trump. Ivanka Trump. Shit. I think his kids would kill him if they knew.

How fucked up is this. Now, you have to understand, he has been living with a black woman for over twenty years. He has two children, 23 and 20 (really bright, nice kids and very liberal) who consider themselves as black. He gets along well with his kids' black aunts and cousins. He lives in a majority black neighborhood. By every measure I can see, he doesn't have a racist bone in his body. In fact, quite the opposite. He has Hispanic friends and co-workers whom he likes and talks about. I been with him in south Texas and seen how he acts around people who speak Spanish. He totally enjoys the culture and people. He never rants and raves about immigrants, or anything, for that matter. He sometimes mildly bitches about how corrupt Illinois state government is, but shit, it is and has been our whole lives (I left at age 31). There's no sign. None. If someone told me he was a MAGA I'd laugh. But I saw it.

Folks, I just can't square this circle. Now I can get past someone who voted for Trump the first time around. You got duped. You got conned. You were pissed about something and you took it out in the ballot box. Whatever. But after two and a half years of this shit, you still support this racist, fascist, lying, thieving, hate monger, then frankly I want nothing whatsoever to do with you.

On top of all this, his birthday is in early August and he's coming out for a visit. For a week. How the hell am I going to deal with this. How do I get past this? I'm trying and failing to pretend I didn't see what I saw. I do not want to lose my last remaining close family. Should I confront him? If he acknowledges it, I swear I don't want him in my house. Should I pretend I didn't see it and just talk sports like we usually do? Is this too circumstantial?

Friends, I cannot fucking deal this this. I need a shrink. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I know others at DU have been in this fifth circle of hell. Thanks for listening. Rant temporarily over.

17 Jewish organizations send open letter demanding Stephen Millers dismissal

Last week, seventeen Jewish organizations penned an open letter and sent it to the White House calling for a dismissal of the far-right Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller. The letter claims Miller is guilty of “extreme viewpoints and advocacy of racist policies.” The protest was led by the National Council of Jewish Women.


Which of these outcomes do you think more likely

Question: What do we do if tomorrow morning, Trump pardons everyone.

Unconditionally. His idiot son, Kushner, Manafort, Flynn. The whole lot, top to bottom, even the Russians.

I posed this question in response to an O/P, and got very little in the way of response. But we all know Trump as no moral scruples whatsoever, so why wouldn't he pardon everyone? Game over, investigation done. Does he give a shit how it would look? All that would be left possible is his own impeachment, and the GOP has shown no inclination to go there.

So what would we do? I think we'd better consider this as a real possibility.

Love to hear everyone's thoughts. As far as I know, the President's pardon authority is total and cannot be overridden.

I was thinking of Trump's supporters and how they'll react at the end of this road we're on.

No matter how Trump goes down, and I believe he's going down, they will never accept it. If he resigns, if he's forced from office under the 25th amendment, if he's impeached, if he just has a heart attack and keels over on the 8th hole at Mar a Lago, they'll never believe it or accept it. It will be a liberal/Clinton/Obama conspiracy and we will have a severe internal fight, possibly even civil war, on our hands. His supporters have shown themselves to be able to believe anything, to be convinced of anything, and that anything is acceptable if it furthers their cause. I'm afraid I don't see this ending well. Comments?

My mother used to call it manners

I'm getting old (66 this year), but we didn't have political correctness when I was growing up. It was called basic manners. You didn't say mean things about people's skin color. You didn't say bad things about religion. You didn't know or want to know what they did in the privacy of their homes. It was simply none of your business, so keep your mouth shut. Now, in an over-reaction to what they deem "political correctness" Trump's followers are emboldened to say any damn thing that pops into their decaying heads. My mom would say they don't have any manners. And she'd be right.

So what do we do now, post Russian coup?

This morning I have been reading the astonishing story of Russian government interference in the election of our next President, and the complicit actions by the head of our FBI. As a political science major and lifelong political junkie, I am profoundly shocked on many levels. I believe that this is the greatest crises in the Obama administration, and perhaps the greatest crises to the nation since the Civil War. Our very fate as a democratic nation is in jeopardy.

When a people loses faith in their electoral processes, they have lost faith in their government; it is illegitimate. We are there. The current results of this election are worthless.

I do not know what President Obama is going to do, but he must do something, and quickly. It cannot be business as usual, ho hum, lets just swear him in and see what happens. That gives legitimacy to what is essentially a bloodless Russian sponsored coup.

I think we need to go back and re-count every single vote in every precinct in the country, even if it takes a year and costs 10 billion. What could be more important than our democracy? We also need to hold public hearings on exactly what the Russians did, and how they did it, find out who was complicit and charge them with crimes if necessary, and take steps to see it can never happen again. Perhaps fundamental changes to the way we hold elections, e.g. federal control of the Presidential vote? Perhaps we even need to vote again after having done all this. I don't know and I do not know who runs the country in the meantime. Obama? Some triumvirate? No one? I'm floundering in a sea of questions, and I do not envy our President.

If he takes actions, will the Republicans back him? They never have, but we have never faced a crises of this magnitude. It's time for people to put country ahead of politics. If this goes badly, we may never see free, fair elections in our lifetimes.

This is a constitutional crises of monumental proportions.

My Nephew's Epic Facebook Rant

My nephew posted this yesterday. I've never posted here, but had to share, as it's going viral, apparently.

I am a millennial. I am not soft. And I support Bernie Sanders.
A while back, an acquaintance of mine posted a meme that in addition to likening Bernie Sanders supporters to Nazis, claimed that young people only like Bernie because "the old guy is going to make the government give them free stuff."
I'll leave the Nazi shit alone, it's just stupid, but as for soft young people supporting Bernie cause they want free shit, I'll hit back on that score.
I support Bernie Sanders. I have worked damn near my entire adult life in power plants, hydrogen methane reformers, biomass plants, and waste incinerators. I've made my living by flying pretty much all over the world and venturing into places approaching, and sometimes exceeding, 200 degrees, putting in 70 hour work weeks, and then flying home. I've worked and had prolonged stays on 3 continents, I sweat, I bleed, and I have hands that would make your mechanic uncle look like a Country Crock hand model. I'm a working dude.
I am a millennial. I'm not soft. And I support Bernie Sanders. Not because he'll give me free shit, but because I legitimately believe that he's best for our country, and further, humanity in general.
I support Bernie because in traveling all over the world, I've learned that people are people, I don't care if you're Japanese, German, Czech, or American; Muslim, Christian or agnostic, you're a person; you want a job, security, a meal on your plate, and you probably wanna get laid every now an then. Period. We're all in this together. Jingoism, Nationalism and Racism serve only to smear the fact that we're all HUMAN.
I support Bernie Sanders because I don't feel it's right that damn near everyone my age who went out and got a degree is still paying for it 10 years later. I've also learned 1st hand how important education is. As a 24-year-old working in Rome, Georgia, I was floored when my waitress asked me how many kids I had, not whether or not I had any (shit you not, the next time I went to that little town, I heard that waitress was in jail for possession of meth). Took a while to wrap my mind around the fact that among the less privileged, having kids that young, and single-parenthood in general, is pretty normal. Further, as a younger dude working in heavy industry, I'm always floored, that even now, at 31, I'm almost always the youngest person around. Free, or deeply discounted 2 year degrees, would be the best thing that's happened to our society in years, we are running out of electricians and plumbers and technicians. An accessible 2 year degree would open many doors for many people, and would only help our aging infrastructure.
I support Bernie Sanders because after my time in Europe, it's easy to see how screwed up the American health care system really is. I broke my foot in Europe. A visit to the ER, crutches, a walking boot, and a couple prescriptions set me back $125. 125 bucks, and 3 weeks later I was back at work, no debt, no bullshit.
I support Bernie Sanders because he wants to address health care, the skyrocketing costs of education, and the ridiculous gap between the haves and the have nots. I support Bernie because he acknowledges that climate change is an existential threat, and that muslims in general are anything but.
I'm a millennial, I'm not soft, and I support Bernie Sanders. Not because I want free shit, but because he supports what I believe in.

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