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CanonRay's Journal
CanonRay's Journal
November 22, 2023

Just finished a disturbing documentary on Netflix: Ordinary Men

About the Nazi execution squads on the Eastern Front in WWII. It focused on a particular unit, the 101st Police Battalion from Hamburg and how utterly ordinary they were, most weren't party members, just average people. A look at the psychology of mass killing and how they justify it to themselves. What is terrifying is I can imagine the MAGAts doing this if Shitler gets back in.

June 23, 2023

Wagner troops have allegedly entered Rostov-on-Don

according to Prigozin's Telegram channel. I am watching Inside Russia with Konstantin. The conscript troops send out to stop Wagner allegedly stepped aside and let them in. A second report stated that National Guard troops fired on Wagner but were overwhelmed and fled, dropping their weapons.

Konstantin says that we'll know more in 24 hours, lots of bits and pieces coming in.

June 15, 2023

Why we can't cut a deal with Trump.

The short answer? He can't be trusted.

Bandied amongst the talking head set, I hear speculation about Jack Smith cutting a plea deal with Trump, along the lines that he agrees never to run for office in his life and wears an ankle monitor or some such shit.

Imagine if this was done. Along comes the Iowa primary and the liar-in-chief decides he's just what the country needs. He cuts the ankle monitor and off he goes to his first rally and announces his candidacy for President. . Now the government is in the position of having to arrest him for a parole violation solely because he's running for elected office. Exactly what the Magats are screaming.

So please, cut the fairy tales of dealing with this psycho. A hard fought trial and life in prison is the only option.

May 26, 2023

Fearing for their trans daughter's safety, a Texas family flees to Oregon

“I would always say, ‘Well, I’m going to stay here and fight until they try and take my kids away.’ And I would say it as, like a, well, you know, that’s never going to happen. But then it did,” Karen said.

“We were advised to leave before we couldn’t leave.”


I'm glad I live in a free state.

January 3, 2023

What we are witnessing today in the House

is the result of winning elections through gerrymandering.

August 26, 2022

My brother was found dead yesterday

I was out of town, and just about to jump in the car to begin a long drive home, when I got the call.

He was 74 and lived alone, and he'd apparently had been dead at least several days. His ex found him while on the phone with me, asking if I'd heard from him.

I'd talked to him about two weeks prior, but I should have known something was up when he didn't call on my birthday. The alarm just didn't ring...

Not much of the family left now, parents long gone, both brothers gone. Just some elderly 1st cousins and a few nieces and nephews.

I keep having the feeling that I should call him and tell him about this, 'cause that's what I do when someone in the family dies...

February 13, 2021

I feel like the occupation of the Capitol and the impeachment

are an opportunity to literally crush the right wing crazies and their white supremacist leaders. We could snuff this out right now, but are failing and will fail to do so. We will rue this missed opportunity in the months and years to come as the violence escalates.

I can forsee a time when you would fear to enter some ares of the country as there will be road blocks and ID checks, and woe be to the Liberal who gets caught.

I think we're blowing it as a country, like the Weimar Republic did in the 1920s and 30s.

Talk me down.

June 5, 2020

This was written by my 24 year old niece

The past few days I've been trying to handle my own emotional and mental state as I bounce between overwhelming despair and the need to act. Over the past several years of senseless killings at the hands of police, I believed I had experienced nearly every emotion possible confronting the reality that this country views black people's very existence, my existence, as something to abuse, control, and ultimately eradicate .

At this point I'm left so heartbroken and weary for my people, for this country, and for the world at large. And, I do not have the energy to argue for my right to exist anymore. There are no more words I can say and no more conversations I can have that won't feel like another layer of trauma placed on my shoulders to carry.

Black people are done waiting for justice to be afforded to us. End of the conversation.

If after 400 years you still do not get why, I'm here to tell you that you probably never will. And, I am opting out of continually trying to explain it to people who refuse to listen, acknowledge, or try to understand.

Real justice and long-standing change does not happen silently. What I am seeing right now in the world is an unflinching scream by black people in the face of an abyss that is cold, hard, and stone-faced in it's refusal to see and protect us . But, it is a scream that once released, cannot be silenced and forgotten no matter how hard they will try.There is no going back because it does NOT work and there is no staying stagnant because we can almost all agree 2020 is a living nightmare.

I'm joining my voice in this collective scream - hoping against my own cautious heart and hundreds of years of precedent - that this country will truly move forward for the better because that is the only option worth any of this.

To friends and true allies on the front lines, I do see and appreciate your efforts. As we all probably realize by now, this is just the beginning and we have a long way to go.

December 31, 2019

Is anyone else feeling apprehension about the coming New Year?

For some reason, probably for many reasons, I'm just dreading 2020. First, it just sounds apocalyptic, like some far off future after "the bomb". That probably comes from being born in 1951.

But I'm terribly worried about what will happen both if Trump is convicted and removed, and if he is not. I think either way we could all wind up in a terrible mess...retribution and violence from his nutjob supporters if he is removed, and he'll be totally out of control and out for revenge if he is not.

The environment continues to crash at an ever accelerating rate. The insects are dying off, the birds are dying off, every summer is worse than the previous one, nothing seems to be done to check this downward spiral.

My country is seemingly hopelessly divided, and disgraced on the world stage, humiliated by our adversaries, and probably at the weakest point geopolitically since the 1930s.

The economy seems like a house of cards, running faster and faster on ever thinner fumes. Propped up by market manipulation and deficit Treasury spending. Half the country is living meal to meal. When that egg finally splats, it's going to get messy.

Lastly, what if by some combination of luck and thievery, Trump is re-elected. It will make 2019 seem like a walk in the park.

I'm worried. Really worried like I haven't been since the Cuban Missile Crisis, when we had actual leadership.

Anybody out there feeling the same?

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