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Current location: Massachusetts
Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 3,627

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The Tourist, HBOMax mini-series. No spoilers.

This six-episode mystery/thriller/drama had us on the edge of our seats. We missed some dialogue because of Australian accents but we rewound as necessary.

Just a few observations...

If you're claustrophobic, as I can be, just close your eyes and sing la-la-la-la-la at certain points.

The bad guys are brutal.

It's refreshing to have a zaftig heroine.

These people are handing out cash to women and children at the border leaving Ukraine on foot.


I donated.

No need to see Marry Me; the trailer is the whole movie.

My husband suggested we go see it on Valentine's Day, but after watching the trailer, we know who does what and who gets who. I like Jennifer Lopez though.

Cooking a big mess of chicken livers for me myself and I.

With Penzey's freeze-dried shallots and one of their seasoned salts. I'll have to freeze half because nobody else is as smart as I am but that's ok.

TurboTax is like Judge Judy.

"You'll never know where I'm going, so don't try to guess, just answer the questions."

A money-saving tip if you shop Target online and have items shipped.

The price of the item can be different at different stores, and you can choose to order from any store in the country.

My protein shakes cost 22% less if I choose a Target in various other towns and states, rather than the Targets near my home.

Shipping time is the same, so obviously they're shipping from the facility closest to me that has the stock.

I just thought this was interesting enough to share.

(I haven't checked other websites to see if they're similar.)

A short review of the 2021 Showtime movie The Humans. No spoilers.

I wish I had that 107 minutes back. I could have mopped the kitchen floor and read some of my book.

Alexander Vindman on Curb Your Enthusiasm!

Not a bad actor, and the writing was brilliant. Some great subtle ridiculing of TFG.

In a jammed airport, a meeting of masks.

In the long baggage-drop queue at Logan just now, I come face-to-face with a woman wearing a mask with that horrible Brandon slogan. I am wearing my beautiful RBG mask--black with white lace trim. I give her a stare that I wish would cause spontaneous combustion; she pretends not to see me.

Later I'm on the moving sidewalk and she whizs by me in one of those little golf-cart transports.

I don't see her coming onto my flight...yet. I'm imagining that she has the seat next to me.

Update: A man just sat down. Thank goodness.
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