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Current location: Massachusetts
Member since: Thu Jun 16, 2016, 06:54 PM
Number of posts: 3,109

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I know it's mostly myth, but once a year I suspend disbelief.

Glaucoma drops that give you purple clown eyes, anybody?

My pressure was up so the dr switched me to Latanoprost, in addition to another drop I've always used, and now my eyes are encircled all around with purplish red coloring. I'll call the dr tomorrow but as I gaze in the mirror, I think I look like a waif on drugs.

They gave me a three-month supply; I was so happy about that. 😕

One Godblessyou over the line...

I go to Zumba classes four times a week. My gym hired a new desk person to take temperatures and greet members. He was very friendly, which was fine.

When I left the desk he'd say Godblessyou. When I passed him on the way out he'd say it again. It started feeling a little creepy. I mentioned it to a couple of class friends and they found it odd but just laughed it off.

One day I asked him, politely, not to say it. He continued. I spoke to a manager, who at first asked me "if I was a person who..." and I stopped him, saying I shouldn't have to explain myself and I'd asked the person not to say it, and it probably wasn't a job requirement. He agreed.

Today when I went in, the desk person apologized and I quickly and happily accepted. When I left, he said have a good afternoon.

Many people would not be bothered by constant Godblessyou's in a secular setting, but I was. I'm glad I made my feelings known.

One of my eight granddaughters got married this evening,

on the New Orleans lakefront, with only the two sets of parents and her 8-year-old son present. Her first wedding. She is six months pregnant, marrying a man with no education who pays child support for four children. He has a job. She lost hers. She owns a house with a mortgage.

My son sent me pictures. It was very casual. She looked beautiful. What can we say, when our loved ones make their choices? We say congratulations, good luck, we wish you the best, we love you.

The rest is up to the fiddler on the roof.

Just got word that my 60th high-school reunion is ON!

It will be in September, so surely all the old people will be fully vaccinated. It's in Louisiana, though, so there might be some anti-vaxxers; I'm not going to hug anybody if I can help it.

Funny how time is the great equalizer. I was never a popular girl, but I'm still here. In a class of hundreds, I am the youngest, at 76.

Sound of Metal (no spoilers)

For me, this movie took a little while to get going. Once it did, I was blown away by Riz Ahmed's performance. He deserves his Oscar nomination.

When a stranger calls you from your husband's phone...

You first think he's been in an accident. Nope, it's just Home Depot letting you know they found his phone on a pile of garden hoses.

The best thing is when he walks in the door and plunks down the timer he bought, and you tell him the news, and he starts patting all his pockets. 🤪

What I don't understand is how they made the call if the phone was locked.

For my 3,000th post, nothing too deep.

There's a 1040-SR form now, TurboTax tells me.

I had no idea until I printed out a copy of our return after e-filing. If you do your taxes by hand, Google says, the print on the forms is larger. Maybe there is some other benefit too, otherwise why would TurboTax bother to use it?

Caution if you use Zelle.

I've never seen a better phishing email than two I got from my bank today regarding my usage of Zelle. (I've used it to send my grandkids money.)

They knew the last four digits of my checking account number and the bank email was spoofed very well. They messed up by sending two, because each gave a different reason for suspending my Zelle access.

I forwarded the emails to the bank's spoof address. I hope these bastards get shut down, but there are always crooks to take their place.
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