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Imagine for a moment, a straight woman gave a speech...

...at a LGBT conference when suddenly LGBT protestors set upon her to air their legitimate grievances about the abuses inflicted upon their community and demanding she respond to them, only to shout over her as she attempts to do so.

That woman was Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King, Jr. That conference was the Creating Change Conference, organized by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, in November 2003. That speech was the one wherein she linked the struggles of the LGBT community to the Civil Rights movement and to her husband's dream.

Can you imagine the shitstorm and condemnation that would have fallen upon the protestors had that happened? Personally, I would have found it difficult to imagine such an unfair ambush ever happening to someone with a long history of supporting the rights of minority communities...

...but it did just happen. And you're OK with it? You'd be rightfully furious if it happened to Mrs. King, but how many of you are cheering and verbally patting the #BlackLivesMatter protestors on the back for a job well done ambushing Sanders and O'Malley? To say nothing of the smears against the candidates that came afterwards or even before. Sanders isn't new to the struggle for justice and equality. He's been at this for 50+ years. These protestors weren't even born yet when Sanders was organizing sit-ins in college. Before the Civil Rights Act. He saw the injustice and racism and violence that befell the black community before #BlackLivesMatter became a trending hashtag on Twitter. Before Eric Garner was felled by an illegal chokehold for a petty violation with racist enforcement policies. Before Rodney King was beaten to within an inch of his life by out-of-control, racist cops. Before racist economic and educational policies destroyed inner-city communities made too poor by said policies to move out of those inner-cities. Before MLK Jr. was assassinated for demanding an end to all of this.

But because he's white, you think Sanders is incapable of knowing what he has known for decades. Incapable of seeing what he has seen for decades. Incapable of fighting for what he has fought for for decades. He's just some old, ignorant white guy and #BlackLivesMatter needs to be yelled into his old, ignorant white guy face until he stops being an old, ignorant white guy.
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