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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 9,953

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The boog

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They want to arm teachers

These are the same fools that do not trust teachers to teach cuz they’ll teach CRT actual American history and pasty white murica jaysus wouldn’t want that.
At bus stop listening to repig parents talking uvalde massacre no mention of the murdered just how to stop it all and libs wanting them weapons gonna have pry them shit. 3 boys have keystone exams makeup so they have to attend in person and no parking permits so they’re on the bus.

I gave my little meat heads cash for breakfast and lunch.

Humor had all three dogs in car

14 year old golden 12 year old chocolate lab menace of universe 2 year old golden junior apprentice menace of universe.

Go through credit union drive through dogs think ok cheeseburgers they received a biscuit at drive through credit union then they were disappointed fuck I felt bad for them. I went to Wendy’s to get them plain bacon cheeseburgers man is a soft shit.

2A ass and trash a question I ask

In America we lose maybe 50 people day to murder with gun violence, maybe another 100 wounded that’s a war waged on us by NRA.

Fortifying the schools what a bunch of freaks

Yea sure let’s let’s string razor wire and claymore mines, These people are just evil anything to earn that NRA cash.

Golden pup dunk has ear infection the drama of man torturing him

So the vets gave us ear drops twice a day to put in his ears. I went to put his ear drops in this morning and he took off under bed he saw me filling the syringes with antibiotics.

So after I had to drag him out from under the bed and hold him down second day in row I called our vets and asked do you have this ear medication in pill form, thankfully they do it will be much easier just using crunchy jiff peanut butter as we use that to give our 14 year old golden retriever and 12 year old boog arthritis meds.

Dunk is like man we love each other he’s out now on couch I’m forgiven cuddling me , he says man just stop with the murderer ear drops yea Golden drama I love dogs.

I read when you lose a sock in the dryer.

It comes back as a lid that won’t fit any of your Tupperware.

Never laughs at the choices your wife makes

Remember you’re one of them.


We both said I do and haven’t agreed on a single thing since.

What do you call a cougar with a hearing aid

Def leopard

Primary day in Pennsylvania I'm ready to my duty so are the three dogs

And this is our oldest son first time voting, I was going to train as Poll worker yet then I thought after my wife’s bronchitis in March she is unfortunately immune compromised i thought maybe no on Poll worker.

I have bacon in oven and will put in the frozen pillsbury butter biscuits later, so yes the three furry domestic woofs are ready for their civic duties to for democracy mooching.

Yet I tell the furry boys that egg bacon sandwiches are not written into the constitution by the way Du community the kitchen floor is wet from woof drool.

Vote furry boys get bacon
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