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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Mon Jan 30, 2017, 04:00 PM
Number of posts: 8,305

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The boog

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Have you ever found yourself singing RHCP to the dog , then I wanna know you.

Having coffee on the back porch, our one son is warning up on guitar playing along with RHCP snow and their bee gees cover how deep is your love. Boog is on the swing next to me and well Duncan is in yard digging a new hole , drops his ball in hole barks in the hole at the ball , grabs ball runs around the yard then repeats. I told boog he definitely gets that from the ladies side of the family I get a wag wag keep rubbing my ears man.

So my neighbor spray painted out mike pence name on his trumpig 2020 sign

Iíll have to ask why when I see him.

I just changed our ten week old granddaughter diaper, she is plump well fed unlike kids in Yemen.

And our dogs are fed better than these children as I give the furry boys peanut butter bread then I see or read a mothers dried up no breast milk to feed their children. Itís so obscene I feel as a human it destroys me these children babies ribs showing I am so sad for these children that are hungry.

77 years ago on this day operation overlord

Fine Americans and our allies to those who lost their lives or were wounded or who made it through the war we remember you and the sacrifices , the women and men that put their lives on hold either willingly or unwillingly to save our world.

The greatest generation.

Humor we Ordered pizzas all three dogs working the room like ushers at a evangelical tent revival

These furry boys a thirteen year old golden retriever a ten year old chocolate lab and year old golden retriever pup working the room. They immediately hit me as they understand man is always very giving and sharing, then they go and work the rest of their people pack.

My wife or the human boys they hit knowing they will score itís the eyes were weak , look hoomam family weíre sitting so well rules is automatically feed us cuz weíre sitting so well. Good boys best boys we rock goodest bestest boys out the park so share pizza just drop it on floor or feed us no collection plate needed or dog bowl.

Question has anyone been asked to present their proof of vaccine to employer.

Iím pinch hitting as a Union steward as our one steward is out on fmla reason his wife is unfortunately a Covid long haul suffer but she survived and thatís awesome. On proof of vax i did so voluntarily a picture of my cdc card by email to safety director.

Yet we have fear of big brother amongst the Union ranks that it will become company policy down the road and if you are not vaccinated you do not work, what started this fear is somebody posted on the information board a article that companies should Allow employees vaccination on company time and the Q platoon members interpreted the article into a shit house rumor , the article actually read workplace vaccinations, to allow employees to get it on company time and we do.

So I been trying to calm the Qanon branch fears at my local terminal , and playing Union steward I take care of my people always my mantra Iím with the worker. Yet this one Iím really pro vax in my response to the friends coworkers, I try to be rational in talking I point out the reason Iím pinch hitting as Union steward, is that our regular stew is out due to his dear wife and Covid. Or Iíll point out after my first vaccine I caught the shit and for about twelve days I felt like I had a terrible hangover.

So in my thought if it comes to mandatory vaccines to work. If it comes down to it I will represent these people in a fight not to receive the vaccine and still work I know it makes no sense to those of us yet Iím Union never side with the company, yet Iím dealing with individuals who believe in conspiracy theories and Qanon is their church and trumpig is the messiah , I told business agent if this happens Iím kicking every single Qanon grievance to you so you can earn your cash. Iím sitting in on grievance today , nothing major just the usual Union / company fight, yet afterwards going to sit with business agent and I think one Union lawyer who we have to start putting together a argument of fools if it comes down to mandatory vaccination , gonna be long day take care and have good day to Du community and those that you love.

My wife just caught Duncan pup digging new best hole

From back porch my wife says Duncan what are you doing digging. He immediately laid his head over the top of the new best hole , it was visible heís like nothing to see here lady. My wife went back inside he started digging again as I sat on back porch. Itís kind of like thanks man you donít bust my golden retriever ass for digging, and you appreciate a new best hole. This is why weíre soulmates man we understand the value of doing stuff , yup I can understand my dog. Glad my wife is the adult in this marriage.

If anybody wants to write secretary of defense , over scumbag Flynn

Loyd j Austin secretary of defense
1000 defense pentagon
Washington , DC 20301- 1000

I fired off letter just put it in the mailbox ,I now know spell check is my spirit guide.

Anybody want three smart ass boys ages 11-16-17

Warning they can kick your ass if you start shit with them. One trigger is pulling the hair you see on their butt cheeks as they are bent over looking in the fridge.

34 years married Boog and Duncan, I feel betrayed my wife chocolate mint ice cream.

She loves it the flavor , yet I feel betrayed boog the chocolate lab and Duncan pup are mooching off my wife for bites. Iím like ok guys what happened to traditional flavors vanilla chocolate that man shares with you both , the bros before ladies I thought we were a brotherhood. Chocolate mint ice cream is like instant coffee it just evil fellas 😂😉 the furry boys are like get a grip man you are on your own on this fight we love the lady.
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