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Armed vigilantes apprehend hundreds of asylum seekers near Mexican border

Armed vigilantes apprehend hundreds of asylum seekers near Mexican border

Members of a heavily-armed group of vigilantes calling themselves the United Constitutional Patriots intercepted and apprehended hundreds of asylum seekers this week, despite having no authority to do so.

One of the men filmed while others took the asylum seekers, including children, into custody on Tuesday night. For the past two months, the group has camped out in the desert near the town of Sunland Park, on the border between New Mexico and the Mexican state of Chihuahua.

A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official told ThinkProgress that while the agency welcomes community assistance, it does not condone vigilante groups taking border enforcement into their own hands.

“We’re just Americans,” Benvie said. “We’re veterans, we’re ex-law enforcement, we’re people who care about the over-strained Border Patrol.” As to why the group was so heavily armed, Benvie contended that there was danger that went along with their patrols, since they were supposedly interfering with cartel-run trafficking.


These groups have been at the border for MONTHS yet “CBP welcomes community assistance, it does not condone vigilante groups taking border enforcement into their own hands.”

Scary shit that this is allowed to transpire with impunity...

We Cannot Let John Deere Destroy the Very Idea of Ownership



TL;DR -if you bought it; you should own it.

Identity Evropa

Identity Evropa is at the forefront of the racist "alt-right's" effort to recruit white, college-aged men and transform them into the fashionable new face of white nationalism. Rather than denigrating people of color, the campus-based organization focuses on raising white racial consciousness, building community based on shared racial identity and intellectualizing white supremacist ideology.


This is your “intellectualizing white supremacy” from one of it’s most vocal ringleaders; Eli Mosley (Elliott Kline) from 2017:

“I work in HR firing niggers and spics all day. Before that, I was in the army and I got to kill Muslims for fun. I’m not sure which one was better: watching niggers and spics cry because they can’t feed their little mud children or watching Muslims brains spray on the wall. Honestly both probably suck compared to listening to a kike’s scream while in the oven.” —Eli Mosley

SLPC dossier on Elliot Kline:


Trump signed an executive order today to ensure that this type of speech is given equal protection on college campuses nationwide today.

Let that sink in for a moment...

John McCain & Donald Trump


Former Fox News reporter named to lead counter-propaganda efforts at State

(CNN) - The State Department on Thursday announced that a former Fox News reporter would lead its agency in charge of efforts to counter foreign propaganda and disinformation.

Lea Gabrielle will become the special envoy and coordinator of the Global Engagement Center, State Department deputy spokesperson Robert Palladino announced during the department press briefing.


Wells Fargo fire disrupts processing of Debit and Credit Cards

Wells Fargo customers may have difficulty using their debit and credit cards Thursday.

KULR-8 received a tip from an employee within Wells Fargo with knowledge of the issue.

According to the employee the outage is a result of a fire at the server farm located in Shoreview, Minnesota.

As a result of the fire the servers had to be shut down.


Superintendent is charged with using her son's insurance to help sick student

Superintendent is charged with using her son's insurance to help sick student, but she'll keep her job

(CNN) An Indiana school superintendent is accused of pretending a sick student was her son so she could get him treatment. She's been arrested and charged with fraud, but the school board says it stands behind her.

According to court documents that detail the charges made Wednesday, Casey Smitherman, the superintendent of the Elwood School District, relied on her son's insurance when she was unable to get a sick 15-year-old treatment because she wasn't his guardian.

She noticed the student was missing from school on January 9 and checked on him at his house, where she decided he needed to see a doctor because of a sore throat.

"Dr. Smitherman has tirelessly worked for the best interests of all students in Elwood Community Schools since she was hired. She made an unfortunate mistake, but we understand that it was out of concern for this child's welfare. We know she understands what she did was wrong, but she continues to have our support."


It’s unfortunate that taking matters to this level is necessary in our horribly corrupt healthcare system...

Three felonies and a misdemeanor.

You’re one of the good ones; Dr. Smitherman.

In the event you needed a pause; a guide to tonight's super moon total eclipse:


The *REAL* National Emergency: Healthcare

Poll: 68 percent of Americans support a national health plan

— There's significant support for a national health care plan, according to a new POLITICO/Harvard poll that found 68 percent of respondents were in favor of an idea like Medicare for All.



Shutdown expected to stretch into 2019 as sides are still "very far apart"

Source: CBS

Washington — Members of the House of Representatives were notified that no votes are expected to take place this week, a congressional aide told CBS News, which virtually guarantees that the partial government shutdown will drag on into the new year. Both the Senate and House reconvened Thursday after the Christmas break, but few lawmakers showed up on Capitol Hill.

Justin Goodman, a spokesperson for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, said Democrats and the White House are still "very far apart" in discussions to broker a deal and reopen the government. "As our office stated immediately following the Saturday meeting, the two sides were 'still very far apart' — and still are today because of the President's insistence on keeping the government closed over his expensive and impractical wall," Goodman wrote in a statement Thursday afternoon.

Rep. James McGovern, D-Massachusetts, said Republican leadership blocked efforts to reopen the government by refusing to allow debate on a spending bill.
"It is outrageous that Republicans once again blocked our attempt to debate a bill to end the Trump Shutdown and reopen the government," McGovern wrote in a statement Thursday. "Federal workers should not be held hostage by the president's demand for a useless and offensive border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for."

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/shutdown-expected-to-stretch-into-2019-as-congress-adjourns-until-next-week/

Both Congress chambers adjourned within minutes without debate to end the shutdown.
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