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Hometown: Louisiana
Member since: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 07:34 PM
Number of posts: 15

About Me

I am an aspiring economist scheduled to finish my doctorate in about a year and a half (currently have a masters and a couple bachelors degrees). I am interested in many areas of field, but my primary interest is in energy economics. Aside from economics, a few areas that I am particularly concerned with are Education Reform (at all levels), the War on Drugs, and Environmental Protection. On a more personal note, I am originally from Louisiana and love my homeland immensely. But unfortunately it\'s difficult to find many people to have an intelligent political conversation with back there. I come from a large family of hardcore conservatives, so my holiday trips home are always interesting. In the future, I\'d love nothing more than to use my degrees/knowledge to help Louisiana move forward, which we desperately need. One last personal not about myself: I love to argue. And a step beyond that, I find very little motivation to participate in conversations that are just affirming the words of others. This can tire even my best of friends at times, so I hope I don\'t rub anyone the wrong way. I just can\'t help pointing out logical fallacies when I see them, so please don\'t be offended if the majority of my post history is centered around disagreements. Debating is just too much fun! Cheers all!

Journal Archives

Legalized Marijuana in the South?

Hi all, new poster here. Got a topic of personal interest here.

Being from Louisiana, I'm constantly disappointed in my home state's lack of progress in moving forward, but this might be a bit of good news...


Looks like a state House Committee will be discussing legalization on the 21st. And with poles trending strongly in favor of ending oppressive laws, maybe there is some outside chance that some real progress can be made here?

Knowing the political attitudes of so many people down there, I see it as highly unlikely that anything substantial happens quickly. But at least the conversation is being had and hopefully Louisiana can find a way to be a leader for something positive for once in our history.

And as a more fun/interesting thought as opposed to simply wishful thinking (which I admit, this probably is), anyone want to make guesses on which southern state is the first/last to legalize marijuana? I'm personally going Kentucky first, Texas last.
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