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Flo Mingo

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Member since: Tue Nov 30, 2010, 03:14 PM
Number of posts: 484

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Jeff Tiedrich on Spoutible

I will no longer link to Twitter. Luckily many of my favorites are on Spoutible.


hey everyone, the AR in AR-15 actually stands for who gives a fuck what it stands for, no civilian needs to have one
~jeff tiedrich

Deja Pew

Kevin again. Let's see if he had anything left of his soul to sell.

Elise Stefanik claims no quorom present

Count reveals there is.


Woke up today thinking about Lindsey Graham


If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed.......and we will deserve it.
~Lindsey Graham

I haven't listened to every second of coverage

But I keep waiting to hear anyone mention Chuck Grassley's claim that he would be presiding over the count on J6 cause they didn't expect Pence to be there. Even in MSNBC's post hearing covering when showing J. Raskin discussing Pence not getting in the car and how chilling his words, "I'm not getting in that car" were. Maddow, "only chilling if understood to be part of the larger plot".

Perfect time to mention Grassley's statement from J5. Why isn't this coming up?

Prez just gave John Stewart major props

While preparing to sign the toxic burn legislation into law. So glad to hear his praise and to hear the thundering applause that followed.

My dream pic for what's in the safe

All the kompromat held against Rs in the House and Senate.

Lil Marco is sure spouting off a bunch of trash about the raid.


The FBI isnít doing anything about the groups vandalizing Catholic Churches, firebombing Pro-Life groups or threatening Supreme Court justices

But they find time to raid Mar A Lago

Did I understand this correctly?

The car that Pence wouldn't get into was being driven by Bobby Engel, the same SS agent in the car when Trump allegedly attacked the driver for not going to the Capitol

If that is correct, what was the timeline?

The plot to remove Pence was already in play as we know from Grassley's mouth fart the day before. Was Engel planning on driving Trump to the Capitol and removing Pence in the same trip but that was thwarted by the lawyers? How soon after moving Trump to the White House did they drive to the Capitol to get Pence?

The tentacles of this story will be slow dripping for years to come.

OMG You just know

You just know how pissed off he was to miss the opportunity for all that glory. All those people chanting his name. Chanting Hang Mike Pence.

This might be my favorite moment of this entire nightmare. Him having a toddler's fit in the limo when he didn't get his way.

Dear god, this is humiliating for America

So, seriously, about these pardons

There was an actual fucking list of names for pardon.
Kushner said it in his testimony. "blah blah blah, wasn't paying much attention, working on pardons".

And today we learn Eastman sends a text, "better put me on the pardon list."

Please, please, please, let there be someone who leaked that fucking list.
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