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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 9,405

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What uncomfortable things will We/Me now do to save democracy.

So there can no longer be any doubt about what we are up against and what they will do.
The only question is what WE will do to stop them between now and the midterms.
For me:
I am going to stretch my comfort zone by;
Telling family, friends, and acquaintances why Iím going to work to elect Democrats in November.
I donít like confrontation (in fact, I hate it).
But, if need be, I will state my exact feelings about what voting Republican means to me and how I just can not waste my time right now socializing with those who will vote Republican.
After November, I may well go back to those relationships.
But, for now, my time and disposable income will be spent trying to elect Democrats both in my area and nationally.
I will door knock, phone bank, distribute yard signs, post on social media, bring food to other volunteers. Whatever Iím asked to do. Whether I like the task or not. I will do it.
So I challenge all progressives reading this to double your efforts too.
Our democracy depends on it!

What happened to the cry of "Activist Judges".

What could be more activist than overturning a 50 year precedent?

So the dog finally caught the car. What happens now?

Does this infuriate our side enough that we see massive Democratic turnout in 2022?
Does this embolden the GOP to shoot for more outrageous SCOTUS opinions such as overturning the right to privacy, birth control, gay marriage, interracial marriage?

Remember where you were and how you feel right now and then decide how you will fight back.
They want an Christian Taliban Autocracy America that looks like the fictional Gilead in
The Handmaids Tale.
Thatís no longer a joke or a scare tactic.
We now KNOW this as a fact.

What is the new relationship between MSNBC & Sky News?

MSNBC is now carrying their live programming between midnight and 5am and also running some of their foreign reporting stories at other times.
Is Sky News still owned and operated by Rupert Murdoch?

I'd love to see GOP voters polled on this question.

Would you rather see your candidate lose a fair and honest election or your candidate win a dishonest election rigged in their favor?

DNCC, DSCC, should gather all talking heads for midterm "advice"

If you watch much MSNBC, you will see talking heads all day long giving their brilliant advice on how Democrats should handle their ďmessagingĒ for the midterms.
Usually itís one of two ways:
1. Tie all Republicans to TFG, the big lie, and Jan 6.
2. Ignore TFG and Jan 6 and brag about Biden and Dem accomplishments.
Nobody ever says to do both things. Itís always framed as just an either or choice.

I suggest all these brilliant folks should be invited to a meeting of the Democratic brass and they can give out all of their sage advice.

Hoping the Breyer replacement timing helps November turnout.

If the replacement happens in late summer or early fall, maybe that will energize our base leading to November. At least, I hope it does.

Worst case/Best case now on Voting Rights

So with it looking more and more like SineManchin wonít agree to a filibuster carve out, where are we heading for November 2022?

On the bright side, Marc Elias and other lawyers will fight in state courts.
Dems will try to ramp up registration and GOTV efforts.
Any reduction or elimination of abortion rights by SCOTUS will energize our base.

On the negative side, some states new voting rights suppression and vote counting changes are so difficult to overcome that it may not matter how strong our GOTV efforts are.
We might see apathy set in if we start turning on each other over who is to blame.

I donít know 🤷‍♀️ what to think anymore. I am actually stunned that two ďsupposedĒ Senate Democrats might be the ones to bring down our democracy.
Please talk me off of the ledge.

Childish Repubs think "Let's Go Brandon" is cute

They are trying to get it to go viral as code for ďF#%k Joe BidenĒ.
Isnít that adorable.
This is how it started.

Who agrees with me on SineManchin stick/carrot time is up.

Itís time.
In fact, itís past time.
Biden needs to go to them and say tell me what you need for two things to happen:
1. To get your buy in on both infrastructure bills.
2. To get your buy in on a carve out for voting rights.

If they donít respond with that carrot 🥕 request, then you use the stick.
I donít know what that stick would be.
But, Iím sure they have skeletons and weaknesses.
Time for hardball.
Our democracy is at stake.
We must pull out all of the stops.
Use any and all ammunition that you can find.
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