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Member since: Wed Nov 25, 2015, 11:17 AM
Number of posts: 10,699

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That's my favorite tree 🌲.

Ask every Trumper you know this question.

Iíd like to know more about Trumps policy positions.
Iíve looked at his web site and it only asks for money.
As a supporter of his, I assume you know his position on most policies.
Can you tell me what they are?
They will be stumped other than maybe building the wall which he didnít do.
You can then rattle off all of Bidenís.

OMG. CNN just aired this lie filled anti Biden ad paid for by MAGA PAC.

I only post this for informational purposes. We need to know what lengths they are going to lie.
Canít believe this is actually airing.

A moving billboard with all of Trumps crimes and confessions

Should be put on the side of moving vans/trucks.
Scrolling of his crimes and horrible statements mixed in with videos of his lies and contradictions.
Have these vans roaming the busiest streets in as many swing states and districts as possible.

Would like to start doing this as soon as he clinches the GOP nomination.

What to make of the latest NBC political poll.


Iím not that surprised that Trump has increased his lead over DeSantis.
All of the media coverage of the idiotic Florida Governor has been negative and Trump has reveled in playing the martyr after his indictment.

The head to head of only a four point lead for Biden over Trump is a little disappointing.
Not really surprising though.
Biden is still mainly portrayed as too old for the job by most media.
The good news, though, is that Jack Smith is lingering out there with a Jan 6 indictment and Georgia should announce in July.

Ok America, why not give us a REAL ruling majority in 2024.

Give us back the House with at least a 10 member majority.
Increase our Senate majority to have at least 50 anti filibuster Dems.
Give Biden a huge mandate by winning 40 states and over 10 million in the popular vote.

This way, the DEMS could REALLY run things for four years without GOP obstruction.
America, I think you would like the results.
And, oh yeah, letís find a way to increase SCOTUS to 13 members.

How does the Hunter situation affect the Presidents political attitude?

Just saw a pundit on MSNBC saying the White House staff are worried that Hunters legal problems have really upset and somewhat depressed Joe.
This may be true temporarily.
But I think that will change with the GOP claims of ďsweetheart dealĒ and their promise of more Congressional investigations against his son.
I think this will really personally piss Joe off and give him more motivation to kick their arse in 2024.

I hate the dancing diabetes jardiance pill commercial.

I canít find the remote to change the channel fast enough when it comes on. Which is very often.
Anybody else feel this way?

Does Jack Smith have anything on Kushner and the Saudis?

Did he really get two billion dollars from them?
If so, for what? National secrets?
This must be investigated. (Of course along with Hunter Bidenís laptop, lol).

Would you accept this Trump plea deal?

He agrees to sit down without an attorney and truthfully answer any and all questions by the DOJ to anything that theyíd like to ask him starting in 2015 when he started campaigning until the present.
Any perceived dodging of ANY questions nullifies the deal.
In exchange, all federal charges are dropped. New York and Georgia agrees to do the same.
Trump is stripped of his American citizenship, passport seized, and he is given a one way airline ticket to either Russia, North Korea, or Saudi Arabia. He is barred from life from ever visiting any American state or territory or he will be arrested and jailed.

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