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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Home country: United States
Current location: Killeen, TX
Member since: Mon Sep 4, 2006, 10:39 AM
Number of posts: 826

About Me

Chicago liberal who moved to Central Texas to be near my grandchildren and to let them see something besides Texas Republicans. Winning!

Journal Archives

John Carter...

of District 31 is so sure of his re-election that he basically has not campaigned. There are many Democrats in Williamson and Bell Counties who would gladly see him gone and replaced by Louis Minor who at least has a feel for ordinary people.

So sure is Carter that he sent this committed Democrat a You Tube video of him qualifying for an open carry permit. His townhalls always require a $25 dollar fee. And he is backed by the Koch Brothers. No room for democracy here.

Killeen, TX....

A police officer was killed yesterday by a man threatening to kill his neighbors with an AK-47. Another officer was seriously wounded. Both were responding to a call about the armed man who was killed after he shot the first officers to respond.

We all know that there are rogue officers but most of them are conscientious and caring human beings trying to do an increasingly dangerous job. Keep them in mind whenever you read about some "cop" with power issues.

Both officers were married and had young children.

Allegedly the shooter was a soldier but no facts about him have been released yet.

Not that....

Cardinal Rogoglio is Pope I wonder if the U. S. will consider him Hispanic because he is from Argentina or Italian because of his parentage? I learned long ago that Hispanic means nothing. Mostly now the term is used to mean Mexicans and Puerto Ricans (those with Native American or Black ancestry) and then only extended to others from Spanish speaking countries but of European origin when it is politically useful.

Those "Hispanic" Europeans are usually from a countries 1%.

Are we guilty?...

Yesterday, in a conversation with my very conservative son, he and his wife made comments about why they hate my involvement with politics. I had a sudden shot of clarity and realized that they had conflated government, politics, and partisanship.

Are we all guilty of that? Have we let the media and the plutocrats back us into that corner so that when we talk about issues and policies it is only for the purpose of politics as a partisan endeavor rather than a matter of how to have a government? I am afraid so and this is the paradigm that must be changed to change everything else.

Government is the structure. Politics is the operating system. Partisanship is way we look at the other two and should be the least important. For too long partisanship has been the whole deal and it is time to make it the least. We will be liberal here and there will be conservatives but we have spent too long tearing down the structure and fouling up the operating system. I think I know where it started but now it is time to forget the genesis and who to blame and fix it.


without representation.
It seems that the current rush to privatize schools is a form of coercing money with no possibility of controlling how it is spent. Didn't we once fight a Revolution over such a premise?

They have....

no shame. If this isn't anti-American I don't know what is. And yet we are expected to give them tax money when they ask for it. SHAME!

I find...

the media/news personalities exceptionally under-educated for their jobs. Their level of historical and cultural illiteracy astounds me.
K&R if you agree.

I heard that...

letter and was white with rage. I have mostly stopped going to Mass since the Catholic Church has veered away from Vatican II but do go sporadically to please my husband and grandchildren. Sunday was such a day and I felt assaulted by the letter. I walked out and only came back at the end. Basically the Church is saying that its dogma trumps everything else. This was an issue some 40-50 years ago and seemed to have been resolved. The Church can have its opinions but the attack on Obama and the federal government was egregious and I think wrong when we are already so divided and assaulted.

I really don't....

believe that Nature will allow us to destroy her. There is major blowback coming from the eco-system and it will re-balance the human population to a sustainable level. What it will be I don't know but it will be horrendous and very frightening.

I am sick...

and tired of these 19th century fantascists.
Newt Gingrich, if he worked as a kid, only had a paper route not the onerous job of janitor in a school (or anywhere else). He is a modern day Scrooge and Dickens had the character pegged perfectly 170 years ago.
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