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Green Forest

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Gender: Female
Hometown: NYC
Home country: USA
Current location: NY
Member since: Fri Oct 23, 2015, 06:16 PM
Number of posts: 232

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Hillary and her minions think politics is a game to be win at any cost. It is all about that.

They don't care if she lies like a rug. They could care less what she stands for, as long as she wins. I am disgusted that some of my fellow Obama supporters have gone to that Dark Side.

Wow. Disgusting. She is still defending Bill's repeal of Glass-Steagall and refusing to reinstate it

I can't understand how any Obama supporter from 2007-2008 could support her now. Their memories must be much shorter than mine, their bullshit tolerance for opportunistic, amoral politicking much higher.

Nonsense. President Obama is the reason Obamacare & Dodd-Frank was pushed through Congress.

I am an Obama Mama and Woman For Bernie. About 70% of Barack's donors are exclusively Bernie's small donors now. President Obama is far from a friend of corporations. His Wall Street donations were down significantly in 2012 versus 2008 (they weren't that big to begin with, anyway, compared with true corporatist Hillary) because of the passing of Dodd-Frank and his Justice Department getting (and continuing to prosecute) historically high fines from Wall Street corruption cases.

My own state of NY has benefitted tremendously because of the Obama Justice Department's prosecuting Wall Street firms and various hedge fund owners yielded so many billions that a $3 billion state deficit turned into a $3 billion SURPLUS that has allowed for the fixing of infrastructure long delayed throughout the state and around NYC that had idled after Congressional Republicans shut off funding after the American people voted in a GOP House majority in 2010.

Because Hillary Is The Perfect Queen of All She Surveys and Bernie is a peasant w/a pitchfork.


That is false. Hillary was a Young Republican & attended the 1968 Republican convention.

Hillary is unelectable in the GE because the large majority of independents (which make up 42%-43% of the electorate) feel she is unlikeable and untrustworthy while she is so detested ny Republicans that they'll crawl out of the woodwork to vote against her.

Bernie has crossover appeal for independents and moderate Republicans while Hillary has close to nil.

Bernie has the highest likeability factor of anyone in the race for the presidency while Hillary is tied with Trump for most unlikeable.

Nobody has ever been elected with such high negatives. For this reason, Hillary would poison down-ticket races and depress voter turnout in the Obama coalition.

Fortunately, Bernie will be the nominee.

That 3 am phone call bullshit line of attack did not work in 2008 against Barack. It won't work now.

Bernie has more experience than Barack did in 2008. More important, he has the right policy outlook and temperament.

Thanks for the welcome!

I volunteered for Obama in Des Moines from 2007-2008 and in doing so, I gained a healthy respect for the caucus process -- it's the closest thing to the Athenian concept of pure democracy we have in the U.S. when done correctly -- and "Iowa Nice" Iowans.

I'd ask you more but do not want to put you on the spot. Thanks again for the welcome!

National polls using only likely Dem voters don't determine GE results. Independent voters do.

Bernie is winning independent voters in a landslide over Hillary in head-to-head GE matchups against the Republican candidates. His point spread over the GOP front runners is better than Hillary's, too.

Ignore the daily Hillary-name -recognition-national polls of likely Democratic voters which do not recognize inspired first-time voters or the millenial voter or the energized Gen-X voter or the exclusively mobile phone demographic. They did the same thing in 2007-2008.

Did not work then, will not work now.

We will not be deterred.



Bernie Puts Boots On The Ground In Iowa

Video and Tweet here: http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/jan/16/bernie-sanders-iowa-hillary-clinton

“The Clinton people are acting like they were caught by surprise this week,” says Robert Becker, state director for Sanders. “The kitchen sink is being thrown at us. It screams desperation.” Becker says the “onslaught of attacks” are “mind boggling”.

There is more than a whiff of vindication among older figures like Becker – one of several veteran Sanders operatives who provide a gruff contrast to the starry-eyed young volunteers. He recalls the galvanising effect of seeing the campaign’s early popularity over the summer dismissed by leaders in the local Democratic party establishment.

“We were told that Sanders does not know how to organise, so we printed that out and put it up on a wall,” he says, before rattling off the statistics that prove otherwise.

Becker’s team now has 27 field offices across the state; 101 paid staff; 12,000 volunteers who have done at least some work for the campaign; and 2,200 precinct captains who are trained to help turn out the vote on caucus day.


GO TEAM BERNIE! That means us because we are all contributing to his success TOO!!


How Bernie Is Preparing For The Debate

The debate moderator looked at the woman in a dark pantsuit standing beside Senator Bernie Sanders and said, “Secretary Clinton, we’ll give you one minute for an opening statement.”

“I have a lot of experience in leadership,” the woman said Saturday from behind a music stand in a room overlooking Lake Champlain. “We need someone who is going to be able to stand up to the terrorists, who has really been tested in this way, and no one else on the stage can make that claim.”

The woman, Michaeleen Crowell, 41, is a policy wonk whose day job is chief of staff in Mr. Sanders’s Senate office. But in her off hours these days, she is the senator’s practice Hillary.

“She’s keeping me on my toes,” Mr. Sanders said.

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