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Member since: Tue Sep 18, 2018, 02:16 PM
Number of posts: 444

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Nader killed the Corvair

The Corvair was no more dangerous than any other car in its time. The original was vindicated by a NHTSA report in '72 and the later version 65-69 was a magnificent car. The closest the U.S. came to building a Porsche. Here is the NHTSA report and the Yenko Stinger which was a race car.



Thank you Donald Trump

for exposing the republican party for being everything we knew they were. It is because of you there is no more pretending. Now it is out in the open that your party is filled with racist, bigots, sexists, xenophobes, fascists, sadists,perverts and traitors.
Your party is cruel and it sides with pedophiles.

So Donald you did a service to the country. THANK YOU

Our system of government is breaking

It has reached its end. It no longer represents the people. Its structure is compromised probably beyond repair. Within 15 years 15 states will have 70% of the population and 35 states will control 15 states. The supreme court is politicized beyond repair. The electoral college is a disaster and the house is gerrymandered has hampered any reasonable representation of the people.

There are major changes that have to take place or we will eventually have a civil war.

Night game Chicago 12/9

Who was the moron who scheduled that?

A song for you

how tall is Trump

I just saw him on TV with Trudeau who is 6'2" He is no ,ore that 67'0 and probably 5'11.

Why does love have to be so sad

Too much scoring in College footbal and the NFL

rules are too tilted to offense. It is out of whack.

Mark Sanchez signed by Redskins

he was way better than Kapernick.

States running elections

has got to stop. This is to the point of criminal. This is ridiculous
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