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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 20,787

Journal Archives

taj mahal & keb mo - don't leave me here (studio-2017) couple blues pros tearing it up

this a killer track from 4 years back folks!

Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Wed Apr 14, 2021, 04:10 PM (4 replies)

jackie green - honey i've been thinking about you (live-2014) some great roots rock friends :)

It needs to be turned up though

Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Tue Apr 13, 2021, 05:59 PM (0 replies)

So I argued with a RWNJ a bit ago who claimed that 'Socialism Is On The March/On Our Doorstep'

Thought I'd share the contents of my reply. I think I put him in his place. Feel free to correct me if I was wrong anywhere though so I can be prepared if he figures it out.

I should add that he equated progressivism with socialism, in case that's not obvious.

My Reply:

I'm going to make a rare exception on this occasion and argue with a right-winger.

I've constructed a list of signs the US has either become LESS progressive, and/or longtime progressive goals that were never met.

But before I go on to this list ... let me ask a 30,000 ft question. Wouldn't 'the theoretical goal' of 'Socialism' be ... to reduce income and wealth disparity to essentially ZERO? I mean, is there a more fundamental definition of the concept? I don't really think you can reasonably argue against that assertion.

HOWEVER ... and conversely ... Income and Wealth Disparity is at absolutely record levels. So how can you argue with a straight face that 'Socialism' is 'on a march' and 'at our doorstep'? Existence of extreme income and wealth disparity is LITERALLY THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF SOCIALISM 'WINNING'. Socialism has in fact been losing, massively, for Decades.

1) Labor Unions are decimated vs their historic highs and have much less political power, and the right has successfully pushed laws that force Unions to represent members even though they pay no dues
2) Taxes on the Rich and Corporations are WAY down vs. their highs in the 1940's-70's
3) The Assault Weapons ban expired and was never replaced
4) Employment and Housing Discrimination for being LGBTQ is still not banned on the federal level
5) Federal Agencies involved with Public Health are still not allowed to gather statistics on gun violence
6) It's next to impossible to get abortions in many states, far MORE than was the case 20 years ago
7) The efforts of the Right have notably hobbled Planned Parenthood in general
8) LGBTQ people are still discriminated against with adoption of children
9) Churches remain tax-exempt even though they violate the terms of this status via political activism from the pulpit
10) The number of colleges with Affirmative Action programs has gone way down over the years
11) The amount that State Governments contribute to Higher Education per student has drastically gone down, leading to exorbitant costs for college even at State colleges and Universities vs. what us old fogeys had to pay. In large part, this is as a result of the actions of Republican lawmakers and Governors
11) Safety nets have been shot through: the average amount of both food aid and financial help that people in legitimate need receive from the government is significantly lower, per capita, than was the case before the mid 1990's when Clinton and the GOP Congress together passed Welfare reform
12) People still go to jail for simple drug possession
13) No Federal Gun Control regulation other than banning bump-stocks (under Trump) in many, many years
14) State-level Gun Control has been a give/take esp. since Heller, various small victories for both sides, with no clear trend towards increased gun control
15) No national gun-owner registry
16) 'Stand Your Ground' i.e. 'I can shoot you cause you're scary to me' Laws have proliferated to many states.
17) Numerous states have passed Voter ID and other vote-suppression laws, a favorite thing of conservatives.
Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Tue Apr 13, 2021, 04:55 PM (8 replies)

fruition - mountain annie (live at red rocks-2017) my roots rock fan friends will dig :)

Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Mon Apr 12, 2021, 08:13 PM (0 replies)

the strokes - the adults are talking (studio-2020) great rock is still being made

I don't care what anyone says ... this is a freaking great song ... and the whole damn album is excellent.

Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Mon Apr 12, 2021, 12:34 AM (4 replies)

marilyn manson - 3rd day of a 7 day binge (studio-2015) if bowie, u2 & sisters of mercy collaborated

I imagine it would've come out sounding something like this.

man I wish he hadn't turned out to be an abusive asshole, cause I always liked his freaky ass before the news came out about how he treated ERW. Whom I love, which really makes it worse.

That being said ... I love this song anyway, and actually the whole album THE PALE EMPEROR is outstanding. Just sayin'.

Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Sat Apr 10, 2021, 06:46 PM (0 replies)

awake on my airplane my skin is bare awake on my airplane my skin is theirs

instant trip back to the 90's baby ... one of my faves of a decade full of amazing bands and songs ...

who says you need more than 3 chords? not me. fact, this might even only be 2 chords the whole way, I'd have to pick up the guitar to figure it out

Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Sat Apr 10, 2021, 05:16 PM (0 replies)

SNL: The Hero (cut for time, apparently ... which was a mistake cause it's pretty good!)

Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Sun Apr 4, 2021, 04:51 AM (5 replies)

Been almost 24 hours, so have claims of 'False Flag' started up on the right re: killing of CP

Officer Evans yet?

Some nonsense about how Pelosi ordered the hit to justify the security around the Capitol, or make the reich-wing insurrectionists look bad, or some such, or how it never even actually happened?

Usually it starts up very quickly over in the RWNJ stick-boy-fantasy-world.

If it hasn't yet, I got 100 internets saying it does, and even gets entertained somewhere on Faux, even if it's just an interview with MJG who suggests this may've happened.

Billy Evans
Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Sat Apr 3, 2021, 06:34 PM (1 replies)

I think I may have just figured out the 'Fake ID's' thing ... it was bugging me

So I gave it some thought, and this is what I came up with.

Normally I'd think ... all that a fake ID does is get you into bars/clubs, or let's you buy liquor or cigarettes, that kind of thing.

So I was thinking there's not really any practical value to fake ID's when it comes to having sex with minors. The age is all that actually matters.

But after some thought, I have another explanation. Granted, it would involve an incredibly stupid scheme. However, it's one I could imagine these assholes trying.

You give the 17 year old's fake ID's saying that they're of age.

The john then asks to see ID to make sure (wink wink) that the girls are 'legal' before the sex.

Maybe some john's are 'in the know' and some aren't.

But regardless, if the johns then get busted, they turn around and go 'Hey, I asked her for ID, and she showed me she was 18, you can't blame ME!?!' Maybe they even take a picture of it for safekeeping.

Now, for normal people, you'd still be in deep shit.

However, if you're rich and white and powerful, and can afford good lawyers? This just might be enough to get you out of trouble.

Would G & G actually be SO STUPID as to think this to be a viable plan, and make ID's to use in this fashion?

Another option is that they were using the ID's as 'payment for services'. A decent fake ID is worth some money. And they'd have value to anyone under 21.
Posted by Hugh_Lebowski | Sat Apr 3, 2021, 05:40 PM (50 replies)
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