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Name: Mr. Progress
Gender: Do not display
Member since: Fri Nov 5, 2010, 05:09 PM
Number of posts: 391

About Me

I am a progressive who has lost his patience with social conservatives.

Journal Archives

I Will Support the Nominee, Whether it's Hillary or Bernie!

The Democratic Party has a great opportunity dropped into their lap; the GOP is destroying themselves!

We have a great opportunity to show the American People, especially the swing voters, that the Democratic Party is the better party. We must be unified and support our nominee.

Now, I know there is a divide between the Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters. We may not agree on everything, but we agree on most things. We have two very strong candidates who, when polled, would beat Donald Trump and the rest of the republicans in a landslide. We should be ECSTATIC about our situation!

We CANNOT afford to have a civil war and make ourselves look just as weak as the republicans. We need all hands on deck. We should not put ourselves in the mindset of picking the lesser of two evils, but we should choose to get the most of what we need. Cynicism is what helped get Richard Nixon and George W. Bush into the White House. If you plan to stay home on Election Day because your preferred candidate lost the Democratic nomination, you had better get used to saying...

Get ready for it...


(I even made myself vomit by saying that!)

So remember, whether you want to keep your Union card and issue more to others, see action being taken on climate change, restore and protect our civil rights, protect and strengthen our social safety nets, or avoid another quagmire war in another part of the world, we must stand in solidarity behind the Democratic nominee.

Before I get off of my soap box, let me shout this at the top of my lungs:

CLINTON and/or SANDERS 2016!!!

And remember,

Stay alert, stay active.

Tell PBS to Air Citizen Koch!

This is my petition to air Citizen Koch on WTTW 11 in Chicago. Please sign this petition and share it with others.


I'm onboard

With the fascist sweep-in of 2010, I was afraid I would lose my healthcare. I currently rely on the ACA. If it's repealed, I'm fucked.

I always press my friends who refuse to vote or vote third way to vote for progressive dems in primaries and the elections. I'm like a broken record, constantly having to explain how the repukes used the filibuster to halt Obama's agenda.

My home state of Illinois is trying to pass gay marriage and medicinal marijuana. If we don't act now, these things will never happen

I plan to donate, attend call centers, and press the apathetic youth now and in in 2014. Don't sit out, research the candidates and vote in every election!

Keep the Ball Rolling in Illinois!

To my fellow liberals in the land of Lincoln,

Pleas click on the link to join a phone bank, to encourage people to call upon their state representative to vote YES on the Religious Freedom & Marriage Fairness Act. Tell them to vote YES on bill SB10.



This is why we should have voted in 2010.

Everyone needs to vote in EVERY election. If someone says they don't want them to vote or voting doesn't matter, you need to light a fire under them. We need to use the same strategy and effort used in 2006, 2008, and 2012. We especially need to encourage the youth to vote. They tend not to care for midterm elections, but we can change that and we need to!
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