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Profile Information

Name: Jason Kelly
Gender: Male
Hometown: Marietta Georgia
Home country: US
Current location: Florida
Member since: Mon Aug 29, 2016, 11:04 AM
Number of posts: 413

Journal Archives

Real Gun Control must be done and done fast

We have to act fast and pass meaningful gun control while we have the political will to do it.

While Biden needs to keep his promise to get the weapons of war off of our streets we need to get every handgun out of circulation as that is what is wreaking havoc on our people

No handguns, no high capacity magazines, no assault weapons, no automatic or semi-automatic guns, no bump-stocks, no silencers, no arsenals, no keeping hundreds of rounds of ammo

If you want a gun you should first have to get a license, pass a background check, mental health check, register it, and keep it in a safe and you should only be able to have a musket, hunting gun, or shotgun.

If you want to see why just check out the UK or Australia

The crying will be loud but after a few years people will see the light

Thank you Volunteers

As a life long Democrat I just can't thank all of our amazing volunteers enough.

Today wouldn't be possible without our volunteers and we'd be having a much different discussion right now.

These volunteers worked tirelessly throughout a very exhausting election (especially the past 10 days) and they did it to make America great again!

I'm off to sleep for about a month but just wanted to make sure everyone knows we appreciate every ounce of effort.

2016 Election Review

We're still working on analyzing the mountains of data that have been thrown at us but we've found some interesting trends that escaped our attention.

We are learning what we did right, what we need to improve on, and what we did so wrong we just need to never do it again.

The overwhelming thing that seemed to motivate White Voters like never before was Donald Trump's unabashed racism. I hate to say it but given this it makes perfect sense that the previous two Republican Candidates failed to motivate White Voters because they failed to be racist enough.

We won the vote and lost the election so we're doing almost everything right.

For all of the people saying we need to cater to White Voters more I say we need to do the opposite. We don't need racism to win elections, we just need to sit back and watch Donald Trump steer the Republicans so far to the right that they drive all but the most hardcore racists away from their party.

Our Platform is fine, we won the majority of voters and we will win again if we stay strong.

Have to find a new Barber

I've been going to the same barber for years and have never had a problem with his unabashed support for everyone with an R behind their name but today was too much. He was never enthusiastic about Trump at all (no Trump signs at all and he has the sign of every Republican to run for President since Reagan on his walls)

I was waiting while he finished up with another customer and their conversation turned to how Hillary and Bill are Satan Worshipers and that Trump has to win or God will punish America. I couldn't believe my ears, here is someone that I've known for years and has never bought into any campaign's BS blathering about Wikileaks and Satan Worship.

I got up and left, I'll gladly find another Barber before I give that loon anymore of my money.

Vote in the ballot and vote with your wallets; I'm going to make a conscious effort to only shop Blue from here on out.

How many here work for the Democratic Party?

I know if you're working in a paid position you can't disclose what you're doing but I was just curious as to how many here work for the Democratic Party?

Are you in a paid position or are you a volunteer?

How many are interested but don't know how to get involved?

Can Obama stop all of this

Could Obama come out and force the FBI to announce what "evidence" they have instead of leaving everyone twisting in the wind a week before election day?

Could Obama force them to reveal what they know about Trump?

We have to support Hillary

No matter what else comes out we have to stand behind Hillary.

They've plotted something nasty but we're going to overcome yet another obstacle and make fools out of them.

When the smoke clears and she's elected despite their best efforts we will enjoy watching them squirm.

Bundy set free by jury

Sorry for the Fox News link but I'm on my mobile and got this in a text message.

How did this happen? These terrible people will be allowed to walk amongst us armed with assault weapons after a failed armed insurrection.

I hope Hillary can find a way to get them back behind bars, where they belong.


Today I voted for Trump

's opponent Hillary Clinton
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