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Member since: Thu Apr 7, 2016, 05:56 PM
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People lighting political signs on fire in NH

This came across the Twitter feed that I follow that covers emergency services in my area (Nashua, NH and several nearby Massachusetts towns). Tyngsboro is between me and Nashua. About 8:30 last night.



The engines referenced cover two residential areas in south Nashua, just north of the Mass border. I don't care whose signs they are burning, this is extremely irresponsible. This whole area is in an extreme drought, with some private wells failing and most towns banning outside water use altogether, to preserve water for drinking and firefighting. Fortunately, it rained heavily this morning, but really, this is NOT cool.

This election cannot be over soon enough.

That fictitious 400lb hacker..

From the first Presidential debate.

That crazy comment Trump made about who might be hacking the DNC, saying we don't know that it's the Russians, etc....could be some 400lb person sitting on their bed.

It just occurred to me that Kim Dotcom, who is pretty tight with Assange, weighs in at somewhere near 400 lbs.

Maybe I'm getting sucked into the conspiracy theory abyss, but was Trump not just imagining the "400lb hacker"?

How do you protect your political yard signs?

Or, what's really fair in love and war .

This only seems to apply to Presidential elections, my signs for local elections stay put as few pay attention to those. Someone stole our initial Obama/Biden signs in 2008 and 2012, but I had a backup for them. Our house was close to the road back then and one neighbor told me who took them and threw them in the lake each time...I had a chat with the offender (another neighbor), put up my "backup sign" and that was it.

I just ordered my Clinton/Kaine signs. Our house now is very far from the road and we have no real neighbors. We're on a major commuting cut through, though, so plenty of people pass by.

There is a lot of poison ivy down there, I'm considering putting my sign up IN the poison ivy, rather than the grassy mowed part. That should discourage impulsive theft or defacement. Is that too mean? Or, is there any liability for me doing that? If someone wants to steal my sign, and doesn't know what poison ivy looks like, or it's dark and they don't see it, and they get a rash all over from stealing it....who is the bad guy?

So, with 10 posts, I'm supposed to introduce myself...

I live in Massachusetts, 40 miles NW of Boston, near the NH border.

I'm female, early 50s, married, mother of two boys and one step boy. Two grown and out of the house and one teen still at home. I've worked in IT for most of my career, but have previously been a veterinary technician and a horseback riding instructor. My spare time is spent with dogs, horses and my small orchard of 40 apple trees.

I've been registered "unenrolled" here in Mass forever, but usually vote Democrat. My undergrad degree is in Political Science and graduate degree is an MBA. Husband is an electrical engineer, former farm boy and Navy brat from the Midwest.
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