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Ka-Dinh Oy

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Gender: Female
Hometown: Wa
Home country: U.S.A
Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 08:36 PM
Number of posts: 11,686

Journal Archives

WHOOO!!!! HOOO!!!!

I have had a very bad emotional day from the moment I woke up. I just got home and sat down and turned the tv on. The very first thing I see is about MAR-A-LAGO being raided by the FBI!!! My day is closing on a good note. Isn't it good to end a day on a good note?

back for real this time

I know I came back for a little while some months ago but still was not ready. I am ready now to reconnect with everybody again. I hope everybody is well. I am well and am excited to be back.

Hello DU friends.

I am going through a depression and have been hiding from news for a few weeks. I finally decided to go back to watch news and where the fuck is Rachel and Lawrence??? I realize what is going on in the Ukraine and a few other major things but for most of it I am clueless. I went to watch Rachel and Lawrence the day before yesterday and tried last night but they were not there. I am working on catching up here but I have not seen anything talking about Rachel and Lawrence. It looks and feels like everything has gotten worse in the past few weeks I have been gone.

Yay!!! Another heart!!

Thanks you so much.

And yet another heart.

Again, thank you.

I got some hearts!!

Thank you.



stay safe.

Got my booster today!!!

My mother and I went together so she could get her booster also. I got my flu shot also.

My arm from the COVID vaccine hurts when I lift my arm.

Can side effects include sudden sharp muscular pains?

This is very strange.

My friend and I were just out in my parking lot when we heard a noise. We looked up and saw this flock of geese flying over.

The strange part was that these geese were big and they were glowing....yes...I said glowing!! At night you hear them and sometimes can make out the line of them but these geese were glowing. As I said they were huge to.

Is there a new species of geese? A nuclear reactor nearby ( SW Washington?) Did they escape from a lab? Are they Russian spies?

We were able to watch them fly away for a long time. When they got far away it was like looking at a nebula on Star Trek.

Anybody here have an explanation?
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