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Member since: Sun May 21, 2017, 05:21 AM
Number of posts: 1,107

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Holy moly!

Thanks for the hearts. The crispy ember of my shriveled soul grew two sizes!

Seriously, I am absolutely touched. Shocked even. Thank you very much.

Supper time!

Winter cabbage, 2 bite red and gold potatoes, and 3lbs of polish sausage. Boiled and simmered to perfection. I recently stopped drinking so I figure I have about 2k calories a day to pig out on. It is nice to eat again. Peace! Love y'all!

I sneezed into my mask today. It was a mucousy wet sneeze

I persevered.

It was a disgusting ordeal.

There is no lesson here.

That is all.

Watching Major Payne on the Peacock app

I love this stupid movie.

Well, the beard goes tonight

I look too much like a treasonous scumbag.

The goal of January 6th

Okay. I am better now. I have no anger or hate, only indifference for the nazis. Here is my take.

The attack on the Capitol was supposed to be coordinated with attacks on the Capitols of Democratic and swing states. Most of these secondary attacks didn't materialize. MAGAts are overwhelmingly old, fat, stupid or cowardly. So it failed, as everything Trump tries fails. It is difficult to see the end goal when the overall plot didn't thicken. There weren't enough true believers to execute the mission. Given Trump's megalomania and penchant for exaggeration this is not surprising.

Indifference is worse than rage for the enemy. Narcissists get nothing from indifference.

Now is the Republicans chance to scrape off these neo Confederate parasites

As the Democrats did during the civil rights era. I won't hold my breath.

Well Hell

Definitely got exposed to covid yesterday. Can't get tested yet. Guess I will just sit here and pound sand for a bit.

FFS! We are 10 months into this shit and there is no standard operating procedure on what to do!

I am glad I have DU because I know I can get good instruction here.
I don't trust my Trumper employers who took 5 months to supply masks and even longer to supply sanitizer. They will not allow us to enforce mask wearing at our location. But you can bet that they enforce it in the home store where they stay. We don't even have those plexiglass barriers up on our countertops.

How can something be avoidable and inevitable at the same time? Life in Trumpland.
It sucks.


I am pissed. I have not seen my grandchildren for 8 months and now Christmas is probably out.

These fascist ass clowns think they are pissed about the election? Nonono. They are nothing. If pissed was people, I'd be China.

I really hope you all are having a better day than I am.

Counting Crows Great inclusive HGBLT+ Song and video

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